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I Became A Zompirewolf
Chapter 651 Regret

Everybody seemed to hold their breaths as Mera and Donovan faced each other, their eyes locked in a fierce gaze. The air was tense as they prepared to engage in a battle that had been a long time coming.

Her stance fluid and confident, Mera dodged Donovan's erratic strike. But that wasn't all. 

With a sudden burst of speed, she closed the distance between them, aiming a lightning-quick punch at Donovan's chest. Donovan, quick on his feet, deftly sidestepped the attack, narrowly avoiding Mera's strike.

"It didn't have to be like this, Donovan," Mera mumbled as Donovan gathered his footing. 

"It didn't have to be like this?" Donovan said, his fists clenched as he stared at Ashton, enjoying their fight from afar. "What were you expecting when you chose him over me?"

"I didn't choose anyone, you moron!"

"Enough, I'm not here to talk. But to end this farce once and for all."

Having said that, Donovan retaliated with a powerful kick aimed at Mera's midsection. She blocked the blow with her forearm, feeling the force behind it reverberate through her bones. The impact sent her staggering backwards, but she quickly regained her footing.

The battle continued with a flurry of punches and kicks, each move calculated and precise. They circled each other, testing the waters, searching for an opening. Donovan's once-familiar face was now etched with calm rage, his eyes locked onto Mera.

Mera, knowing Donovan's fighting style well, anticipated his strikes. She ducked under a roundhouse kick and countered with a low sweep, aiming to take Donovan off his feet. 

But he leapt over her, landing gracefully behind her, and attempted a quick jab to her back. Mera twisted in mid-air, narrowly avoiding the attack.

Their human forms were moving all around the floor with skill and strategy, a remembrance of the years they had spent training together. 

Each strike and parry was a reflection of their shared history, the memories of their time as allies and friends mingling with the fierce determination of enemies.

As the human confrontation continued, Donovan realised he was at a disadvantage. Mera's skill and agility in her human form proved challenging to overcome. 

With a fierce growl, he made a bold decision. His transformation into a werewolf would level the playing field. 

In a sudden burst of power, Donovan's body contorted and shifted. Bones cracked, fur sprouted as he transformed into a massive, formidable werewolf. His size increased, and his muscles bulged with newfound strength. The entire floor trembled with the force of his transformation.

"You have grown stronger, I'll give you that..." Mera mumbled as a sad smile appeared on her face. "But don't forget who I am!"

Unfazed by Donovan's transformation, Mera allowed her werewolf form to emerge. Her body shifted and expanded, her bones changing shape as she embraced her true nature. She stood tall and powerful in her werewolf form, her golden eyes locked onto Donovan's.

The battle now took on a new level of intensity. The two werewolves circled each other, their growls filling the air. Donovan lunged first, his jaws snapping in an attempt to bite Mera's throat. She dodged the attack with a swift step to the side, her fangs bared in response.

Mera retaliated with a series of slashing strikes, her claws leaving deep gashes in Donovan's fur. He howled in pain but refused to yield, launching a barrage of powerful swipes and bites. Mera matched his ferocity with her own, their bodies clashing in a storm of fur and snarls.

The battle raged on, the moonlight filtering through the forest canopy above and into the destroyed base, casting eerie shadows on the combatants. Each of them stood determined to prove their dominance, to settle old scores and unresolved conflicts once and for all.

Mera's agility and precision were pitted against Donovan's raw power and resilience. They exchanged brutal blows, neither willing to relent. The entire area echoed with the sounds of their battle, a symphony of snarls and the clashing of fangs and claws.

After what felt like an eternity, Mera found her opening. With a lightning-quick manoeuvre, she lunged at Donovan, her jaws clamping down on his throat. Donovan let out a final, guttural growl, his resistance fading as he recognised his defeat.

Tears welled in Mera's eyes as she watched Donovan struggling beneath her claws. For a moment, she recognised the man he had once been and thought he would change if given another chance, but Donovan was having none of it. 

"Argh... finish this already!" he barked at Mera, who closed her eyes as she didn't want to see what happened next... but she forced herself to do the opposite. 

Mera held her grip momentarily, her golden eyes locked onto Donovan's. Then, with a powerful shake, she released her grip, letting his lifeless body slump to the forest floor. The battle was over.

Her werewolf form didn't fade away as Mera let out a mournful howl, a mix of victory and regret. She had won the duel to the death, but it had come at a heavy cost. 

Donovan's lifeless form lay before her, a reminder of their shared history and the choices that had led them down different paths. 

Donovan would never know how many times Mera had wished she could turn back time and change the choices that led them to this moment, but she knew it was wishful thinking and nothing else. 

The forest above them remained silent as if holding its breath to let Mera mourn as she stood over Donovan's body. The moonlight bathed the scene in an eerie glow, casting long shadows that only reminded Mera of the old days when Donovan had always been like her shadow. 

As the moon hung high in the sky, Mera, now back in her human form, stood alone in the clearing where the battle had taken place.

"It didn't have to end this way, Donovan," She spoke softly to Donovan's lifeless form. "You were like a brother to me once."

The forest offered no response, and Mera turned away, her heart heavy with the weight of their shared history and the choices that had led them to this point.

"I'll... take my leave," Mera mumbled, and Ashton nodded in response. 

With that, Mera disappeared into the forest's shadows, leaving behind the memory of the fierce battle and the fallen friend who had once been her closest ally.

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I Became A Zompirewolf Chapter 651 Regret