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Chapter 587: Xuanxi branch (1)

“Snakeskin, snakeskin, she actually doesn’t want such good snakeskin.

But she clearly liked that snakeskin, and still wanted to pay for it from the teacher. However, she didn’t want it when I gave it to her.

I wanted to stay and leave, but she threw the snakeskin out of the yard.

Didn’t she like that snakeskin? why did I give it to her and throw it away like trash?

She’s looking down on me, looking down on me, Chu luoxiang. There’s no hope, there’s no hope in this life ...

“I’m just a good-for-nothing, a useless person ...” Chu luoxiang’s tears kept flowing as she lay on the ground and started wailing.

“You’ve decided to just throw everything away like this?” Tang Wen asked with a sullen face.

“What else can I do? I’m a useless piece of trash!” Chu luoxiang sobbed.

“Luo Daimei looks down on you, so you should respect yourself more.

You have to stand up, you have to be strong for her to see. Of course, I don’t approve of you hanging yourself on a single tree.

‘This world is huge. If Luo Daimei doesn’t like you, why must you keep your eyes on her?

If you change your mood, there are plenty of other fish in the sea. ” Tang Wen said.

“Teacher, if you make me stronger and let me step into the spiritual perception realm, I will stand up.


I want Luo Daimei to see that I, Chu luoxiang, am not a coward! I, Chu luoxiang, am also a man of indomitable spirit. I’m a man, not a woman!

I don’t like her, and I’ll find someone more suitable than her. ” Chu luoxiang suddenly jumped up from the ground, hugged Tang Wen’s thigh, and started crying.

“You said that?” Tang Wen asked coldly.

“Of course, it’s as I said, I, Chu luoxiang, always keep my word! State Duke and Chu Cong can be witnesses. Heaven and earth are watching!” Chu luoxiang wiped her tears away and stood up.

“If you agree to fight for the position of Crown Prince, I will agree to it.” Tang Wen said.

“But I don’t want to rule the country and bring peace to the world. I like to be free and at ease.” Chu luoxiang said.

“If you can’t even do such a small thing, how can I believe that you can become stronger?

Could it be that you want to watch the Chu clan’s Empire fall in your big brother’s hands? Don’t you know what kind of person your big brother is?

If the Chu clan’s territory falls into his hands, I bet that great Chu will be annihilated in less than 30 years. ” Tang Wen said.

“Seventh Prince, my senior brother is right! If you go and Exchange for the position of Crown Prince.

First of all, you have to be stronger than the first Prince. Once you’re stronger than the first Prince by quite a bit, we’ll all support you.

The first Prince was arrogant, suspicious, and had no courage or strength.

He’s not suitable to be a King, all because of the vile characters around him. ” Chu Guang said.

“Recently, I suspect that the first Prince is in cahoots with Lord of Mobei.” Tang Wen said.

“If my big brother really has a deep relationship with Lord Mobei, then I won’t be polite!” Chu luoxiang said.

“I’m secretly investigating this matter and haven’t found any evidence yet. Speaking of which, it’s related to my father-in-law ...” Tang Wen said.

“There are some signs. No wonder he was so cruel to the regional King back then.” Chu Guang nodded.

“Teacher, how are you going to help me increase my merit? I want to become stronger. ” Chu luoxiang seemed to have changed into a different person.

“Come with me to the basement. All three of you, come here. At that time, I will use a secret technique to pass on some of my power to you.” Tang Wen said.

Thus, the four of them went down to the basement.

Tang Wen injected the star fantasy Empire’s muscle enhancement needle into the three of them. This needle could temporarily increase the strength of their muscles by ten times, which was just enough to resist the powerful destructive force of human qi.

Once this hurdle was overcome, the person being cast could break through continuously and enjoy the benefits of being popular.

Of course, this was the second time the three of them were enjoying the popularity bonus.

Indeed, there was not much suspense. Although the process was very painful, he managed to enjoy the popularity bonus until midnight.

“Father ... I’ve reached the middle stage of the mortal realm. The middle stage of the mortal realm! Even Luo Daimei can’t look down on me anymore.” Chu luoxiang cried again, but this time, it was tears of joy. It was a mixture of sadness and happiness.

“Father, I seem to have perfected my divine sense. And you?” Chu Cong asked excitedly.

“Hahaha, I’m finally in the middle stage of the mortal realm. Chu Cong, I’m not afraid anymore. If we work harder in the future, our family’s noble title will be preserved. ” Chu Guang rubbed his chin and laughed.

“Alright, the three of you, go wash up and sleep. Stop wailing in this basement.” Tang Wen said.

“Many thanks, senior brother!”

“Many thanks, teacher!”

Tang Wen glanced at the big screen in the earth landlord space.”

Popularity index: 1428218500

[Bird and beast index: 1120000]

Slave index: 179850

[Land area: 10690922 hectares

[Wealth index: 1522990 tons of gold]

[Martial arts realm: middle stage of heaven realm]

[Carrying Capacity: 1.1 million tons]

[Luggage storage: 32 days]

[Time travel: 405 days]

[Wife Index: 4.5]

[Earth-type landlord system: 8.0]

[Intelligence level: 148]

Time ratio: 1:10

[Spirit energy: 700000 Jin, 7000 meters]

[Killing intent: 39010]

As expected, after the system was upgraded to 8.0, the various indicators seemed to have increased by a lot.

For example, his martial arts realm had risen by two levels, entering the middle stage of the heaven realm.

With the load of luggage increased to 1.1 million tons, it would be more convenient to make money.

Spirit energy increased by 100000 Jin, spirit attack range expanded by 1000 meters.

With such a speed of advancement, the four great geniuses, Luo Daimei and Jiang chunshan, would all be lying in the toilet and crying until they fainted.

Tang Wen decided to go back to the Black Tortoise region first to get some spirit stones and spirit pills.

Otherwise, what was the point of having no supply once the College’s shopping center was built?

Hence, after giving some instructions to Wen Jinyuan, Tang Wen spread his wings and fused with his sky worm body, flying towards somi Island.

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