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Chapter 584: You idiots (4)

The next day, the school was on holiday. Tang Wen brought Wen Jinyuan and the others to the horse Mountain copper mine.

There was still a group of people left in the mine from the batch of miners that he had bought at that time. However, they had not excavated and were all gossiping.

This time, Zhan dongwen had sent an exploration team over. They had arrived a few days ago and had already started working.

As for GUMU Tong, Chai Junxi, and Wei Yixing, the three of them were originally from this mine. Naturally, they had been sent here by Tang Wen.

Tang Wen discovered that the royal family had been mining copper ore for decades, but they didn’t seem to have dug many mines.

After all, there was no mechanical equipment in ancient times. They had to rely on shovels, shovels, and other tools to mine, which was inefficient.

“GUMU Tong, is the drone map done?” Tang Wen asked while patrolling the mountain.

“It’s already done. It’s also done in great detail, including the entire race horse.” Gu Mutong replied.

“How’s the mine exploration going?” Wen Jinyuan asked.

“I haven’t found it yet. After all, the mine is underground and the terrain is more complicated.

Even the drone would be difficult to get done in a short time. It would probably take about half a month.

Therefore, we can’t start mining before we’ve found the right mine. Otherwise, it’s a waste of energy to dig. ” Gumutong replied.

“Hehe, there’s no need to go through so much trouble. Let’s go to the center of the horse racing mountain. ” Tang Wen said with a smile. Soon, they reached the top of the mountain.


Tang Wen took out a map and asked GUMU Tong to lay the map on the table.

As the map was drawn in great detail, it was not small. It was two meters long and one meter wide.

Tang Wen sat cross-legged on the chair and closed his eyes to rest.

The others were waiting quietly. No one dared to make a sound. They thought Tang Wen was cultivating.

In fact, Tang Wen had sent seven telekinetic threads into the ground and was conducting a net-like reconnaissance.

Now, Tang Wen’s vision range had reached six to seven miles, and the depth of his penetrating vision was about two miles.

This was simply a pair of sharp eyes, much more powerful than any drone.

Then, Tang Wen reached out his hand and picked up a pen to make marks on the map.

These marked areas were copper-containing areas, and Tang Wen not only marked the locations but also the approximate areas.

Just like that, after using his spirit energy to scan an area, he would rest for a while and then search again ...

A whole day had passed. Even with the help of the replenishing spirit pill, Tang Wen was exhausted.

However, the reward was a complete map of copper reserves in front of everyone.

“Master, why do I feel that these marks are related to copper mines?” GUMU Tong couldn’t help but ask as soon as he saw Tang Wen open his eyes.

“How do you know it’s related to the copper mine?” Tang Wen looked at him with a smile.

“Because the exploration team has explored this area before, and it just so happens to be the place where you made the mark.” Gu Mutong pointed.

“That’s right. I just used a secret technique to detect the minerals. The exploration team can withdraw now. Just dig according to this.” Tang Wen pointed at the mark on the map.

“There are so many marks, it means that the copper content is quite high.” Wen Jinyuan laughed.

“Of course, if the Imperial Household Department doesn’t want it, we’ll be the ones who’ve picked up a big bargain.” Tang Wen said with a smile.

“I don’t understand. The Imperial Household Department doesn’t know what’s good, but the Imperial court’s Ministry of Works has an expert in prospecting.

When the mine was removed, the Ministry of Internal Affairs would definitely send experts from the Ministry of Works to explore it. Only after confirming that the copper reserves were not long would they abandon or resell it.

Didn’t they check? It doesn’t seem to be in line with the rules. ” Wen Jin Yuan said.

“It’s related to the underground rock. This kind of rock is quite special. It doesn’t look good if it’s wrapped in copper.

Moreover, the distribution of the copper mines was also very special. They were not strips of copper, but clusters.

Therefore, when the experts from the Ministry of Works found that there was not much copper left, they thought that there was no more.

Shi gang, if they dig a little further, they’ll be able to find copper again. ” Tang Wen said.

“I see.” Wen Jinyuan and the rest nodded.

“Master, when do we start?” Gumutong asked.

“That’s right. These hundreds of people have been fed and idle for months. We can’t let them just eat and not work.” MA Yixing said.

“Don’t do anything for now. Just leave a few dozen people behind to look after the copper mine.

Transfer all the others to the construction site in front of the college to join the construction team or the renovation team. They would be trained in the early stage and take up the post after they passed the qualification.

As for the copper mine, he would start working on it after the machinery was transported back.

When that time comes, we’ll have mechanized mining, and we won’t need that many people. ” Tang Wen waved his hand.

“Look at what you’ve done!” The Vice President of heavenly Saint Academy’s heavenly division, li Yuanzheng, was holding an elder meeting.

At this moment, Qi Yuan, the president of the General Hospital, came in angrily, followed by Qiu baitie, the president of the heavenly courtyard, and a few others.

“Director, you are ...” Li Yuan, Liu huaisheng, and the others quickly stood up and invited Qi Yuan to sit.

“You still have the face to ask? Let me ask you, what’s going on with Tang Wen?” Qi Yuan scolded with a fierce face.

“Tang Wen? what Tang Wen?” Li Yuan blurted out. After all, Tang Wen had left after showing his face that day.

It had been almost two months since then. Li Yuan was in charge of thousands of students and was so busy that he had forgotten about him.


Qi Yuan slammed the table.”You forgot all about it. He’s the one who wrote the letter of recommendation to Liu huaisheng.”

“Oh, the Dean is talking about him. That kid is ignorant, disrespectful, and arrogant. I’ve driven him out. ” Li Yuan replied.

“You’re blind!” Pa, Qi Yuan was so angry that he slapped Li Yuan so hard that she hit the wall. A big bump appeared on her head and her nose was bleeding.

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