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Chapter 480: It’s easier to catch a tiger than to let it go (5)

“Hehehe, Xing ‘er, reward him with a tael of silver and buy him some decent clothes. Don’t ruin the reputation of the fallen leaves city.” The woman laughed.

Xing ‘er took out a tael of silver and stuffed it into Tang Wen’s hands, while the two girls had already left.

“Hahaha, my Lord, when did you become a sour scholar?” Zhuge Cang Xiao was so happy that his lips curved into a smile.

“You call this a sour scholar? I’m a beggar. ” Tang Wen weighed the silver in his hand and smiled bitterly.

“See, you got at least one tael, I didn’t get a single cent.” Zhuge Cang Xiao said.

“Hmm, you’re right. However, I wonder who that woman is?” Tang Wen said.

“This, God knows.” Zhuge Cang Xiao rubbed his chin, shaking his head.

Soon, the two of them arrived at the four beauties Palace.

The outer wall was twenty feet high, and the red walls and green tiles could be seen from the inside. From time to time, there were big trees sticking out of the courtyard.

“Brother, I am Zhuge Cang Xiao, the first disciple of the king of traps, Gongsun Wuji. My master asked me to come and see if the traps that I set up for your sect a few years ago were damaged.” Zhuge Cang Xiao stepped out, raising his name to the two disciples guarding the door.

Sure enough, it was effective. One of the disciples immediately rushed in to report.

Soon, a beautiful middle-aged woman came out.

“I’m ning Qingqiu, the palace’s manager. The palace Lords have invited Mr. Zhuge over. ”


Zhuge Cang Xiao nodded and led Tang Wen through the door.

It was already autumn, but the courtyard was actually full of flowers. It was unknown how many of them had entered the courtyard, and it was a little similar to Suzhou gardens.

The design of the pavilions, small bridges, and flowing water was not bad.

After walking for a full ten minutes, they finally stopped. In front of them was a three-story palace building. It was tall and imposing, and it occupied an area of about twenty to thirty mu. It was like a Palace.

Xuanji’s four beauties Palace.

He walked up the stairs. There were a hundred steps, and on both sides of the stairs stood male disciples with swords or sabers on their backs.

The ancient and majestic palace gate was wide open, and Tang Wen and the other man finally stood on the hundredth step.

He peeked inside. F * ck! He had fallen into the trap of a beauty.

There were four huge chairs in the North of the center of the hall, and four beauties were sitting on them.

There were also more than a hundred beautiful women sitting on both sides.

Yan Fei was fat and skinny, each with their own merits. Tang Wen and the other man were almost dazzled.

“My Lord, look. Isn’t that woman the one who rewarded you with the silver?” At this moment, Zhuge Cang Xiao smacked his lips.

Tang Wen didn’t notice this. He looked up and took a glance. Sure enough, it was fate.

“Why are you two here?” Sure enough, the woman sitting in the third seat was also surprised and asked.

“Third Palace Master, do you know these two?” The woman in the first seat was stunned for a moment. She was probably the Grand Palace Master, Li Xian ‘er.

“Reporting to the great Palace Master, the third Palace Master saw that this poor scholar couldn’t afford to buy good clothes, so he rewarded him with a tael of silver to buy clothes. Don’t ruin the reputation of the fallen leaves city.” Xing ‘er, who was standing behind him, chuckled as she responded.

“Who’s the fallen scholar you’re talking about?” Li Xian er asked.

“It’s him. ” Xing ‘er raised her hand and pointed at Tang Wen.

“Hehehe, it does look like it.” Immediately, the four beauties laughed loudly. Following that, the hundred beauties on both sides also laughed. The entire Palace was filled with laughter, and the fragrant wind blew, attracting everyone’s eyes.

“Thank you, third Palace Master, for rewarding me with one tael of silver. I will never forget it.” Tang Wen cupped his hands and said.

“Since I’ve given you money, why didn’t you buy new clothes?” Wang junxue blinked and asked.

“Third Palace Master, don’t underestimate the Lord’s clothes.” At this moment, Zhuge Cang Xiao spoke.

“My Lord? Master Zhuge, who is your Lord?” Li Xian er asked.

“He’s the one,” Zhuge Cang Xiao looked at Tang Wen and replied. i𝚗n𝘳𝙚𝑎𝗱. 𝑐𝗼𝒎

“Why did you acknowledge a fallen scholar as your master?” Third Palace Lord Wang junxue asked.

“The Lord is the first uncle of Linghai, the Vice commander of ocean Saint City before the war. My Lord’s clothes are worth a million gold. The third Palace Master has made an error in judgment. ” Zhuge Cang Xiao said.

“This plain cloth is worth a million gold. Master Zhuge, why do you say that?” Li Xian er asked.

“It can’t be cut by a knife, and it can’t be destroyed by fire. It can fly up to the sky like a big Bird, but it can also swim in the sea like a fish. Saying that it’s worth a million gold coins is belittling it.” Zhuge Cang Xiao said.

“Is it really that magical? I don’t believe you. ” Wang junxue asked, pouting.

“If third Palace Master doesn’t believe me, I can perform on the spot.” Tang Wen said. The clothes were his means.

“Yes!” Li Xian er nodded.

“Then, let’s first perform like a bird flying into the sky.” Tang Wen flicked his sleeve and kicked off the ground, shooting into the air.

The two of them spread out and spun a few rounds in the air. They flew a few rounds around the main hall and landed lightly.

“Clothes that can fly are indeed magical. What about entering the sea?” Luo Wan ‘er, the fourth Palace Master, asked.

“Come, sea!” Tang Wen reached out and took out a huge glass jar, which stunned all the beautiful women in the hall.

That was because the glass jar was too big. It was ten Zhang wide and five Zhang tall.

Hehe, are you stupid?

Tang Wen thought smugly in his heart, but when he saw it from the corner of his eye, he almost laughed.

Because, not only was Bai Mei dumbfounded, even Zhuge Cang Xiao, who was standing beside her, was dumbfounded.

Thinking about it, these people had never even seen glass before. It would be strange if they were not dumbfounded to suddenly see such a large transparent thing.

This was actually just a large fish tank in the star fantasy empire.

Because the glass was as thin as paper, it was almost transparent, and there was a tank of clear water inside.

“Like a fish in water!” Tang Wen jumped into the tank, and his clothes had the function of a diving suit again.

It was really a fish, swimming and flipping in the tank ...

Sometimes as fast as lightning, sometimes as slow as a snail ...

The eyes of the beautiful women lit up and they almost drooled.

Tang Wen jumped out of the VAT and shook his head.”Look, my clothes are dry. Even my hair is protected.”

In reality, the star fantasy Empire’s quantum magnetic field power was emitted from his clothes, blocking the water from entering.

“What about the fire?” Li Xian er asked.

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