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Chapter 479: It’s easier to catch a tiger than to let it go (4)

“Yes, I’ll make a request to six Fan School immediately.” Chu Xiangang nodded.

“I need an expert. I heard that he’s half a step into the earth realm.” Chu Guang said.

“That’s troublesome. There aren’t many masters of this level in the six Fan School. They usually have to protect the Emperor and the palace. How can they come down to protect the Tang family?” Chu Xiangang frowned.

“It’s just temporary protection. Once the enemy takes the Tang family, the master will give up. At that time, they’ll probably exchange hostages with us. ” Chu Guang said.

“I’ll go to the Emperor first. It’ll be easier if the Emperor asks. Not only does the six Fan School have experts, but the house of secret agents is even more powerful, and there’s also the hall of blood killers. ” Chu Xiangang replied.

“Lord Jue, there is actually another way.” Tang Wengang came out of the hospital and went straight to the Tang family’s newly built villa. He found that Gongsun Wuji had already brought his disciples to install the mechanism.

“Master, please speak.” Tang Wen said.

“You can hire Masters from the ten great sects of Chu State to protect the Tang family, because, except for the six Fan School and the emperor’s men, you can’t do anything.

The Chu country’s ten great sects were all extraordinarily powerful, and they had earth realm experts.

Of course, earth realm experts had revered status within the ten sects. It was very difficult to invite them, and the Tang Clan had to pay a price.

However, they also need your spirit stones, spirit pills, and spirit gathering arrays. Maybe some sects are willing to exchange for them. ” Gongsun Wuji said.

“Which of the ten sects are the closest to ocean Saint?” Tang Wen asked.

“Four beauties Palace!” Gongsun Wuji said.


“It’s said that the four beauties Palace is ruled by women, and there are also male disciples. However, the status of men is extremely low. They respect women and think that all men in the world should be women’s slaves.” Wen Jin Yuan said.

“Four beauties Palace, could it be a sect run by four beautiful women?” Tang Wen was stunned and asked.

“That’s right! The head Palace Master Li Xian er was as beautiful as a fairy.

The second Palace Lord Lin Mei ‘er was a sight that men would fall head over heels for. The third Palace Lord Wang junxue was as white as snow. The fourth Palace Lord Luo Wan’ er was as gentle as Jade.

Hahaha, Lord Jue, don’t forget your duties when you’re there. ” Gongsun Wuji laughed.

“Hehe, I’m worried that old master won’t be able to come back.” Wen Jinyuan laughed drily.

“Why do you say so?” Tang Wen asked.

“They also like handsome men. The old master is young and handsome, and he’s also the God of War. He’s rich, hehehe ... Why don’t we just marry him? we don’t need to spend money to hire him.” Wen Jinyuan laughed.

“A bunch of old women, I don’t have that kind of taste.” Tang Wen snorted.

“They’re not old. The oldest is only 30 years old, and all of them are around 27 or 28 years old.

Because they drank Jade water every day, they looked to be around fifteen or sixteen years old.

It was like this ten years ago, and it was still the same ten years later. It was said that the Jade water could make them look young.

If I can get four human realm Warriors, hahaha, it’s worth it. ” Gongsun Wuji laughed wildly.

“You seem to have been there?” Tang Wen looked at him suspiciously.

“Yes, yes. Back then, they invited me to set up a trap formation.” Gongsun Wuji nodded.

“Then how could Grandmaster bear to leave?” Tang Wen laughed drily.

“I’m old, people don’t like me. ” Gongsun Wuji laughed drily.

“Who says so? the teachers will definitely like it. However, hehe, teacher, you don’t like women. ” Zhuge Cang Xiao said.

“I just like to play with these things. I get dirty and sweat all day long. They actually hate me when they see me, but they had no choice because they wanted to beg me. He sent me out as soon as he finished setting up. ” Gongsun Wuji said.

The fallen leaf Lake was the base of the four beauties Palace, and the city of fallen leaves was built alongside it.

The four beauties Palace was located in AutumnFall city, covering an area of several thousand acres.

In the center was a Lake that was a few miles wide. It was said that when the fallen leaves flew, the lake would be covered in a bright red.

That was because there was a circle of maple trees around the lake.

The city of AutumnFall was also known as the city of maple leaves. Many tourists would come to the city of AutumnFall in autumn to see the red leaves.

It was autumn, and the weather was a little cold. Tang Wen came to AutumnFall city in a simple white cotton shirt and a pair of black, thick-soled shoes.

As they were in a hurry, the heavenly insect’s flying speed was almost twice that of the other flying beasts.

As such, Tang Wen couldn’t wait any longer, so he didn’t bring Mei zhenhong and Wen Jinyuan, but instead brought Zhuge cangxiao.

That was because Zhuge Cang Xiao was Gongsun Wuji’s first disciple, and it was convenient for him to find an excuse to enter the four beauties Palace.

“The city of AutumnFall is so beautiful!” Zhuge Cang Xiao looked at the fallen leaves on the street and could not help but sigh.

“The Maple Leaf pill in front of the Huang Ling temple, the mist at the crossing of Huang Ling is cold. A beauty can’t be seen for ten thousand miles, but the moon is only for Wan Wan to see. ” Tang Wen smiled indifferently and became a palindrome plagiarist.

“I’ve already admired it, what’s there to see? Only a fool. ” At this moment, a voice came from behind.

The two of them turned around to look. Oh, what a beautiful woman.

She seemed to be around 15 or 16 years old. Her skin was as white as a freshly peeled egg, tender and smooth. Her big, watery eyes flashed as if they could speak.

Her small red lips and white skin were even more distinct.

A pair of small dimples were evenly distributed on both sides of her cheeks. When she smiled, the dimples on her cheeks were faintly discernible, making her look like a fairy.

At this moment, she seemed to be dissatisfied with Tang Wen and was pouting.

“Well said, young lady. It’s better to be happy together than to be happy alone.” Tang Wen said with a smile.

“So sour, could it be that you’re a sour scholar?” The woman pursed her lips into a smile, and all the flowers paled in comparison.

Her beauty was comparable to Mei zhenhong ‘s. However, Mei zhenhong’s beauty was noble and Grand, while her beauty was pure, cute, and tender.

“He’s also a sour scholar. ” The girl who looked like a servant girl sized Tang Wen up and added a stab.

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