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Chapter 478: It’s easier to catch a tiger than to let it go (3)

“It’s too far. I heard that it’ll take several years to make a round trip. By the time you buy it back, it’ll be too late.” Hiroshi Matsuhara sighed.

“I have to buy it no matter how far it is! A few years later, we will build the strongest army in the Empire. At that time, not only will we eat great Chu, but we will also destroy great Qin, great Qi, and great Yan. Our Empire will be unified. ” Li zheding said.

“This matter can be considered. In the long run, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Besides, who can guarantee that Chu State won’t retaliate against us? Now that their ships and cannons are sharp, we’re in danger. ” Tomoto Jun said.

“Yes, I can suggest this to His Majesty. However, the most important thing now was to negotiate peace. How should they negotiate? Great Chu will definitely demand an exorbitant price. ” Hiroshi Matsuhara said.

“I don’t think we can keep the island.” Li zheding said.

“You mean you want to return the island in exchange for Yi Weilong and our captured soldiers?” Hiroshi Matsuhara said.

“That’s all we can do. Unfortunately, we’ve been operating this Island for decades and it’s been built perfectly.

Furthermore, the island has already become our southern gate.

Once we return it, the Chu country will keep an eye on us at all times. It’ll be like a poisonous nail that’ll be inserted into the Empire. It’s too terrifying. ” Tomoto Jun said.

“Let’s not talk about the strange Bamboo Island for now. We’ll use silver to redeem people. We’ll talk about it when we really can ‘t. ” Hiroshi Matsuhara said.

“Report! King Nanzhao had ordered that his son’s life must be preserved.

No matter what we do, we have to get ivelon back.

Otherwise, he’ll ask His Majesty to punish us with a heavy crime. ” At this moment, a report came in from outside.


“Look, he’s here ...” Li zheding’s face was gloomy.

“What’s going on? your son is so arrogant that he’s going to interfere with the Tang Army. If something happens, we’ll have to clean up this shit! If you want to save her, why don’t you do it yourself?” Hiroshi Matsuhara was so angry that he cursed.

“King Nanzhao’s experts must have already gone to the Tang family. They can’t just leave us in the lurch. The Yi He sect has experts.” Tomoto Jun said.

“En, I suspect that their earth realm experts have made their move.” Li zheding said.

“If they can succeed, that would be for the best. We don’t need to negotiate.

However, we have to act and show Prince Nanzhao our sincerity.

Maybe if we can save him, everything will be easier. ” Hiroshi Matsuhara said.

“We can’t save him with our own strength.” Tomomoto Jun shook his head.

“Of course, we’ll immediately write a joint petition to request the chief to send experts to somi.

If he couldn’t save Yi Weilong, he could capture the Tang family and Exchange for him.

For example, doesn’t tang Wen have a mother and brother?” Hiroshi Matsuhara said.

“Yes, this is a good idea. Let’s report it immediately.” Li zheding nodded.

“Master, the Tang family has become the target of public criticism. I heard that many ministers in the Imperial court are attacking you, and that’s about Zhou kuohai and Chu Tiangong.

There was a bigger problem. According to Wang haiting’s report, the Tengtian Pavilion had called for an emergency meeting and asked the headquarters to send Masters to save Yi Weilong.

He even wanted to kidnap a member of the Tang family to exchange for hostages.

Old master, you have to quickly think of a way. ” Wen Jin Yuan said.

“I’m not afraid on somi, but I’m worried about my big brother. ” Tang Wen said.

“That’s quite troublesome. Sir system is too far away and there’s no way to guard against it.

If he sent people to protect him, how many people would he need?

Besides, the solar sect and the IGA sect have dispatched experts. We don’t have such experts to protect you. ” Wen Jin Yuan said.

“Make a request to the six Fan School and ask them to send experts to protect you.” Zhuge Cang Xiao said.

“They won’t care about you. My big brother isn’t the Emperor.” Tang Wen waved his hand and looked at Zhuge Cang Xiao,”I can only ask your teacher to make a trip and install the mechanism skill for my brother.”

“This can only ensure his safety in the Yamen. What if he goes out?” Zhuge Cang Xiao asked.

“Let’s take care of this side first. We’ll send some people over with AK guns and tell my big brother to go out less. ” Tang Wen said,”Jinyuan, you arrange it.” That’s right, master Gongsun, please install the mechanism for the Tang family’s Villa on SuMei Island first. After that, we’ll move. ”

“This isn’t difficult. My teacher works very quickly. With the help of us disciples, two days will be enough.” Zhuge Cang Xiao said.

“Then let’s get to work. Just tell me what you need.” Tang Wen said.

Tang Wen’s voice had just fallen when intense gunshots suddenly sounded on somi.

“Not good, something has happened.” Wen Jinyuan called out in a panic. Tang Wen leaped and slid towards the Tang family’s Villa.

“Old ... Old master, I’m ... I’m sorry. I didn’t protect the Tang family well.” He saw Hu Chuan lying at the door with blood gushing out of his chest.

“Master, hurry up and save them. The Tang family is fine, but the enemy has been driven away. It’s all thanks to Hu Chuan, otherwise, we would have been in trouble. ” Mei zhenhong came out and said.

“The enemy should be very powerful.” Wen Jin Yuan said.

“Old master, I feel like that person is a half-step earth realm expert. It’s too terrifying. I’m injured, otherwise, I could’ve withstood a few dozen more moves. ” Hu Chuan said. 𝘪𝓃n𝐫e𝗮d. co𝗺

“Don’t talk, I’ll treat your injuries first. ” Tang Wen carried Hu Chuan and ran into the hospital.

On the other side, he released the heavenly insects to guard the Tang family villa.

Now that the sky worm had evolved to the great circle of the human realm, it could even hold out for a while against a half-step earth realm master.

With its poison, it should be fine.

“Someone is attacking the Tang family.” Chu Guang hurried into the palace.

“They probably want to kidnap the Tang family in exchange for Yi Weilong.” Chu Xiangang said.

“Tang Wen himself is too important. We have to make a request to six Fan School and ask them to send Masters to protect the Tang family. At this time, the Tang family is too important. It’s related to the success or failure of the coastal battle. ” Chu Guang said.

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