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Chapter 477: It’s easier to catch a tiger than to let it go (2)

“Your Highness, this matter is rather strange.” Chu Guang said.

“You mean it’s that Tang kid’s doing?” Chu Xiangang said.

“That’s right! It was most likely him. Otherwise, Zhou kuohai would not have been beaten up so badly, and it was the seventh Prince and our son who ganged up on him.

Little Tang knows that it’s useless to beat the seventh Prince, and Zhou kuohai can’t do much if our son hits him.

So, he borrowed our hands to beat him up. ” Chu Guang said.

“Even so, imperial concubine Xue won’t give up so easily.

She can’t do anything about the seventh Prince, but you and I hate her too.

Little Tang, you’ve dragged both of us into the water.

This matter is really not going to end well. ” Chu Xiangang smiled bitterly.

“Zhou kuohai and Chu Tiangong are still locked up in the six Fan school’s prison. Should we release them?” Chu Guang asked.

“It’s easy to catch a tiger, but hard to let it go. Just wait and see, the two of them definitely won’t come out. 𝒾𝐧𝘯𝑟e𝒂𝗱. 𝒸o𝙢

He’ll definitely ask us to take care of that Tang kid before coming out.

I think many ministers in the court have begun to attack Tang Wen, and the two of us are also among them.


What violent behavior, lack of discipline, unparalleled arrogance, and all kinds of unpleasant things. ” Chu Xiangang said.

“Who cares? Tang Wen has made such a great contribution, can’t his merits offset his faults?

Moreover, there was nothing wrong with this matter. If consort Xue wants to be long-winded, we might as well counterattack.

We’ll use this incident to charge Zhou kuohai and Chu Tiangong with disobeying military orders and delaying the battle. ” Chu Guang scoffed.

“We have to be charged, otherwise, we’ll be in a passive position.

Not only must it be safe, it must be big. For example, this matter with Chu Qiyang was decided by Tang Wen and me, but Chu Tiangong and Zhou kuohai actually didn’t carry it out.

He was arrogant and disobeyed military orders. According to the law, he should be executed.

The Emperor hated Chu Qiyang the most. Would this be able to move him?

I’m just worried that the Emperor will be blinded by consort Xue and punish Tang Wen.

Moreover, Tang Wen was too important. Not only could he not be punished, but he also had to be promoted.

Otherwise, who’s going to protect our southern coastal area?

So, let’s start reporting Tang Wen’s results immediately.

Furthermore, he requested to be promoted to a higher rank in order to ensure the safety of the southern coast of great Chu. ” Chu Xiangang said.

“Hehe, didn’t tang Wen take down the whale Island group?

Those islands were directly facing the sun nation and were the front lines of the sea defense. Why don’t we request for him to be promoted to Marquis?

Furthermore, he had sealed the whale islands to him. When the time comes, he’ll have no choice but to defend. ” Chu Guang laughed.

“You ... Haha, that Tang kid is really unlucky to have a Junior Brother like you.” Chu Xiangang laughed.

“Hehe, the country’s Affairs are more important. Personal matters should serve the country.” Chu Guang laughed drily.

“Yes, we might as well reward him with the people and the garrison on the island. Isn’t he lacking manpower? we’ll just give him some. ” Chu Xiangang nodded.

“Your Royal Highness, you’re really good at scheming. In this way, all the artillery support that Tang Wen bought from the West will serve our great Chu. It’s wonderful to use your personal money to fatten up the country. ” Chu Guang laughed heartily.

“The great elder died a tragic death, and vice-leader Miyata Miko was killed. Our Tengtian Pavilion has lost a large number of elites.

But now, Chu Qiyang was dead, ye mu was killed, and even Yi Weilong was captured alive.

An Army of 400000 soldiers had been buried in the sea just like that. This is the sorrow of the sun nation, the shame of the Empire.

Tell me, how do you expect me to explain this to Prince Nanzhao and his Majesty?”

In the emergency meeting of the Tengtian Pavilion, everyone looked serious, as if even the sky had become gloomy. Hiroshi Matsuhara was so angry that he slammed the table.

“Lord Hierarch, it’s not just 400000. Whale Island still has 50000 to 60000 men.

In total, there are 450000 to 460000 soldiers, while the Empire’s total military strength is only two million.

We’ve lost a whole twenty percent, the losses are too heavy. ” The second elder, tomomoto Jun, said.

“Hierarch Lord, Yi Weilong will be saved for sure. Otherwise, King Nanzhao won’t let us off. ” Li zheding said.

“How do we save him? he’s in Tang Wen’s hands. Do we get him back?” Hiroshi Matsuhara said with a long face.

“I think we can only negotiate for peace.” Li zheding said weakly.

“Peace? what peace? peace is the shame of the Empire.” Hiroshi Matsuhara slammed the table and scolded li zheding.

“Isn’t the shame of the Empire enough? These are all far away, but how are we going to hand them over to King Nanzhao? You can explain it to him. ” Li zheding was also angry. He slammed the table and replied.

He was actually on the same level as Hiroshi Matsuhara. It was a bit like the relationship between the Secretary and the mayor in modern society.

“Milords, quarreling won’t solve the problem. I think that if there’s no other way, we can only negotiate.

We can’t fight this war anymore. If we do, all the soldiers of the Empire will die.

At that time, if great Qi wants to attack, our country will be destroyed. ” Tomoto Jun said.

“I don’t understand. Why can’t we, the great army of the Empire, defeat a brat who is still wet behind the ears?

Don’t tell me how powerful great Chu’s Black cavalry is. According to the reports from the scouts, the black cavalry isn’t that great, mainly because of the Western firearms in Tang Wen’s hands.

Our cannons can only shoot five to six miles, but his cannons can shoot more than ten miles.

If that’s the case, we can only wait to be beaten. How can we fight this war?” Hiroshi Matsuhara said.

“Also, their iron-shelled ships are especially sharp and can run very fast. They can sink our warships even if they hit us directly. How are we going to fight them?” Tomoto Jun cursed.

“Why don’t we go to the West to sell cannons and handguns, and buy some iron-shelled ships back?” Li zheding said.

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