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Chapter 476: It’s easier to catch a tiger than to let it go (1)

“We’re still investigating this matter, but we haven’t found out if it’s true.

Later, Tang Wen went directly to the youhai military Yamen, and Zhou kuohai, the governor of the two seas, happened to be present.

At that time, Tang Wen didn’t recognize Zhou kuohai and even thought that he was the Chief of the Army.

In the end, Zhou kuohai lost his temper and demanded Tang Wen to kneel down in front of him. Tang Wenren was a first rank count of Linghai City and the former vice Commander-in-Chief of the sea tribe. Of course, he wouldn’t kneel down.

Zhou kuohai was furious. He insulted Tang Wen and scolded him. Tang Wen was furious, but because the battle was urgent, he kicked Zhou kuohai away and asked the soldiers of the remote ocean to send elite troops to reinforce Thunderfire Island.

This time, Zhou kuohai was infuriated. He pulled out his long sword and attacked Lord Tang. Lord Tang was stabbed and blood spurted out.

In the end, Zhou kuohai was slapped by Lord Jue’s personal servant, Mei zhenhong, and was sent flying into the hall.

However, Zhou kuohai was still stubborn. He cursed and wanted to commit murder.

“In the end, he was present ... Present ...” Qiao Tian glanced at the Prince and the Duke.

“What’s wrong with being present? commander Qiao, hurry up and tell me. ” Zhang Zhongyuan saw this and thought that there was something fishy going on, so he hurriedly urged.

“Chu Cong, the son of the Duke, and Chu zhuangxiong, the son of the king, were the ones who followed Lord Tang.

They were so angry that they rushed up and gave Zhou kuohai a slap and a kick.

Of course, Zhou kuohai was too infuriating. He didn’t even care about the war, which caused their dissatisfaction. ” Qiao Tian said.


“The other one, who is he? how did he do it? is he Tang Wen’s family?” Zhang Zhongyuan asked coldly.

“That man was the fiercest and broke Zhou kuohai’s bones.

Deputy Commander-in-Chief Tang’s personal servant, Mei zhenhong, had only retaliated to protect her master, because Zhou kuohai had stabbed Lord Jue.

What happened after that was that man taking charge. He punched and kicked Zhou kuohai until he was seriously injured and fell to the ground, dying. ” Qiao Tian said.

“If Chu Cong and Chu zhuangxiong fought with Lord Zhou because they were angry and impulsive, then it’s forgivable.

However, that person must be from the Tang family.

He actually dealt such a heavy blow to an important official of the country. He should be immediately arrested and subjected to severe punishment. ” Zhang Zhongyuan naturally did not dare to go head to head with His Royal Highness, nor did he want to go head to head with the Duke. He could only vent his anger on the other person.

“Zhou kuohai deserves to be beaten for his actions!” Chu Xiangang snorted.

“Your Highness, he should be beaten, but it’s not up to the Tang family to beat him, is it?” Zhang chongyuan said.

“But I can’t arrest that person, and I don’t think that person should be arrested. If it were anyone else, Zhou kuohai would have deserved to be so arrogant and disregard the war of the country. ” Qiao Tian said.

“What, don’t you dare to arrest someone from the Tang family? Tell me, who is that person? I’ll go and catch him!” Zhang Zhongyuan said in an aggressive manner.

“That’s good, is Lord Zhang really willing to catch them?” Qiao Tian asked.

“Of course, it would be terrible if we didn’t arrest him. Beating the governor of the Imperial court is a great crime that can exterminate an entire clan. If the Emperor knew about this, he would definitely be executed by a thousand cuts. ” Zhang Zhongyuan laughed coldly.

“Alright, that person is called Chu luoxiang. Lord Zhang, I’ll have to trouble you to capture him for interrogation. ” Qiao Tian cupped his hands.

“What’s wrong with Chu luoxiang? Watch as I capture him and torture him. ” Zhang Zhongyuan laughed coldly.

“Lord Zhang, this ... Let’s forget it.” Li tongju said hurriedly.

“Forget it, how can we forget it? The Prince was guilty of the same crime as the common people. Lord li, when did you become so timid? You can’t tell right from wrong!” Zhang Zhongyuan said with a look of justice.

“Yes, yes, Lord Zhang is right!” Li tongju was angry and snorted.

“By the way, who is Chu luoxiang? her surname isn’t tang, so she’s definitely not a member of the Tang family. That means she’s an evil slave hired by Tang Wen. She must be severely punished.” Zhang Zhongyuan said fiercely.

“Lord Zhang, I’ve just found out that Chu luoxiang is ...” Qiao Tian deliberately stopped talking. Zhang chongyuan angrily slammed the table next to him and said,”Lord Qiao, are you still trying to cover for him?”

“Alright, he’s the seventh Prince.” Qiao Tian looked at Zhang chongyuan with both eyes and said word by word.

“Seventh ... Seventh Prince ...” Zhang chongyuan was dumbfounded, and his face turned red.

Everyone in the hall was staring at him, waiting to see him make a fool of himself.

“Lord Zhang, the seventh Prince is currently fighting alongside Lord Tang. I heard that he has ordered us not to spread the news of him coming to ocean Saint. If you want to find out the secret, just go. ” Qiao Tian said sarcastically.

“You ... You you ...” Zhang Zhongyuan’s face turned from red to purple.

“So, Lord Zhang, sometimes, you can’t be too sure.” Qiao Tian was a straightforward person who showed no mercy.

Besides, the commanding officer of the ocean saint’s six fan division wasn’t afraid of Zhang Zhongyuan.

“Hehehe, Lord Zhang, I think we should forget about the matter of the seventh Prince beating up Zhou kuohai. However, he still had to report it. Let’s just forget about the arrest, what do you think?” Chu Xiangang said with a fake smile.

“Yes, yes, yes, whatever your Highness says.” Zhang Zhongyuan hurriedly nodded.

Motherf * cker, I’ll let you fight with me, fight ... Today, I’ll also let you fight with an iron plate, does it hurt ...

Chu Xiangang felt so comfortable. It was as sweet as honey.

“Alright, everyone, remember, the matter of the seventh Prince’s descent can not be spread.

Whoever dares to reveal it, you’re on your own.

At that time, the seventh Prince will probably pay a visit to your residence.

“Let’s go, let’s go ...”Chu Xiangang flicked his sleeves and looked up at the sky with his hands behind his back.

Hahaha ...

After Zhang Zhongyuan and the others left, Chu Xiangang couldn’t hold it in any longer. He laughed hysterically, causing the tiles to tremble.

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