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Chapter 475: I’m a dog of the Tang family (5)

“Chase them out of great Chu.”

“To avenge the brothers and sisters of great Chu who died.”


In an instant, the Chu Army’s momentum was great, and close to 300000 troops charged over.

The enemy fled in fear, but they had no chance.

“God of War, God of War, God of War ...”

“Ding-dong. You have obtained 1857050000 popularity points and 10890 killing intent points.” The earth-type master space had come to deliver the good news again.

Tang Wen didn’t give up and sucked ...

[Popularity index: 522368500]

[Bird and beast index: 1120000]

Slave index: 149850

[Land area: 10570922 hectares

[Wealth index: 1521900 tons of gold]


[Martial arts realm: later stage of the human realm]

[Carrying capacity: 600000 tons]

[Luggage storage: 26 days]

Time travel: 380 days.

[Wife Index: 4.0]

[Earth-type system: 7.0]

[Intelligence level: 148]

Time ratio: 1:10

[Spirit energy: 700000 Jin, 3500 meters, two fingers thick]

[Killing intent: 39010]

It had only been two days, and his cultivation had advanced by one level, the late stage of the human realm. Any genius would cry to death in the toilet at such a speed.

It seemed that the battlefield was a good place to stimulate popularity, gain fans, and create heroes.

Those soldiers were all hot-blooded and lost their sense of direction once they were encouraged.

In fact, such an opportunity was hard to come by. Tang Wen was even considering whether to pull the Tang Army to the Northwest to fight with the great Qin.

However, the Northwest was different from this place. There was no sea there, and all the battles were fought by land forces. Even their own warships were not of use.

If they really went to war, the number of casualties of the Tang family’s servants would definitely be much higher, so it was not worth it.

“Soldiers, as the Vice commander of the ocean Sage Army, I order that we take a short break and attack the whale islands. We will take this opportunity to take back our territory.” Tang Wen stood on the high ground and shouted.

“God of War, God of War, God of War ...”

The soldiers were all boiling with excitement as they raised their arms and shouted.

“Take back Whale Island!”

“Kill, kill, kill! Kill all the sun nation’s traitors!”


This kind of momentum was rare. Moreover, the whale Island group was only 200 li away from Thunderfire Island. It would only take a few hours to reach.

At this moment, the enemy was like a stray dog. This was a rare opportunity.

Tang Wen immediately ordered the ship’s kitchen to start a fire at full power to cook.

Large amounts of white rice, meat buns, and other things were being jumped back and forth by the cultivators and sent onto the warships.

Furthermore, everyone was given half a low-grade spiritual pill to recover their strength.

With this, Tang Wen had completely won over the soldiers of the three provinces.

“This rice is so fragrant.”

“Yeah, and this dish is too delicious. It’s much better than what we’ve had before.”

“I heard that all the servants in the Tang family eat this.”

“To be able to become a servant of the Tang family is truly a blessing.”


A few hours later, the battle started again. Cannons rumbled, and thousands of cannonballs rained down on the whale islands.

It was made up of more than a dozen islands and covered an area of more than 10000 hectares.

It had been conquered by the sun nation a few decades ago, just like the strange Bamboo Island. Most of the guards on the island had been transferred to Thunderfire Island.

Hence, with only 50000 to 60000 soldiers left, the moment the cannons, AKS, and heavy machine guns fired, tens of thousands of soldiers were annihilated.

In the end, the 300000 strong Army charged onto the island. There was no way to fight this battle. The tens of thousands of enemy troops were all annihilated in a few hours.

Tang Wen immediately made arrangements to build bunkers, repair cannons, and add more cannons.

On the other side, concrete and steel bars were transported from the Black Rock Island by ship. They were completely reorganized and re-established to defend the whale Island group in case the enemy counterattacked.

“War god, he really is the war god!” The next day, His Highness received good news and smashed another table.

Chu Guang just happened to rush in from outside. Chu Xiangang slammed the broken table and laughed madly,”Chu Guang, Whale Island has been recovered. We have finally recovered our own Island.”

“What? even Whale Island has been recovered?” Chu Guang was dumbfounded.

“Hahaha, my son Zhuang Xiong reported it. It’s definitely true!” Chu Xiangang laughed.

“Hahaha, with this, our sea Saint City is safe.” Chu Guang laughed heartily. In her excitement, she broke the Prince’s blue-and-white porcelain with a crack.

“This ...” Chu Guang was dumbfounded.

“It’s not expensive, just three hundred thousand taels. This Prince is happy today, so you can pay me two hundred and fifty thousand taels. ” Chu Xiangang said with a smile.

“Your ... Your Highness, I don’t have any money.” Chu Guang was in tears.

“Then I’ll deduct it from your salary and pay you back in two years.” Chu Xiangang said with a straight face.

“Your Highness, I......Am unlucky.” Chu Guang was full of resentment.

“Hahaha, I’m just teasing you. This King is happy today and won’t make you pay.” The Prince laughed out loud, and Chu Guang laughed bitterly as well.

“Your Highness, Qiao Tian is waiting outside. He’s waiting to report Tang Wen’s case.” Chu Guang said.

“Ask him to come in. No, wait a minute. Let’s go to the lobby and listen. Ask them to listen together.” Chu Xiangang snorted.

Soon, all the officials were in position, and Qiao Tian strode in.

“Your Highness, the case has been solved. When Tang Wen went to the Linghai military office to mobilize troops, Chu Tiangong didn’t want to see him.

Furthermore, according to my investigation, Tang Wen had been there twice, but Chu Tiangong had refused to meet him, saying that he was not at the Yamen.

In fact, according to my investigation, Chu Tiangong is in the Yamen and he deliberately refused to see Tang Wen.

The third time, Tang Wen couldn’t take it anymore. He knocked over the gatekeeper and barged in.

Furthermore, he had clearly stated the sun nation’s enemy’s movements. However, Chu Tiangong refused to mobilize his troops and even insulted vice Commander-in-Chief Tang, wanting to chase him out.

In a fit of anger, vice Commander-in-Chief Tang ordered for the Chu Tiangong to be taken away and given a hundred strokes of the stick before being detained at the six fan Hall in the mountains.

At that time, vice Commander-in-Chief Tang even ordered us to investigate if Chu Tiangong had any intentions of betraying the country. ” Qiao Tian said.

“How is it possible for Chu Tiangong to conspire with the enemy and rebel?” Zhang Zhongyuan snorted.

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