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Chapter 474: I’m a dog of the Tang family (4)

As such, after some discussion, we immediately came up with a plan to lure the enemy.

Pretending to be tricked, the Tang Army attacked Peacock Island.

In fact, Tang Wen had already made arrangements. Tang Wen has contributed the most to all of this, and I’ll report this to the Emperor. ” Chu Xiangang said.

“But Tang Wen punched the Linghai military chief and kicked the governor of the two seas. Are we just going to let this go?

No matter how great his contributions were, he had to be severely punished for his mistakes.

Regarding Zhou kuohai’s matter, that person in the palace was very angry.

If His Highness ignored it, it would probably cause trouble. When the time comes, it will involve all the high ranking officials of the ocean Sage, especially the ones present. ” Zhang Zhongyuan snorted.

“That’s right. Tang Wen is too bold to do such a thing. Today, he can kick Lord Zhou, so tomorrow, he will be targeting us. ” Li tongju said angrily.

“It’s a little too much. ” Gao shenggao said.

“This Prince has also received orders and is currently investigating. I’ve already ordered the commander of six fans, si Qiao Tian, to handle this matter. ” Chu Xiangang said.

“Hmph, it doesn’t matter how great his contributions are. Such an overbearing person is a disaster for great Chu. Moreover, the case of Vice Governor Yu is also related to him. If he commits several crimes at the same time, it will be a serious crime. ” Zhang Zhongyuan said fiercely.

“This King will report this to the public! That would have to wait until the investigation was done.

Alright, the meeting is over. Everyone, get ready for the battle on thunderflame Island. There can’t be any mistakes.


You guys can leave first. I will discuss the war with the high Duke. ” Chu Xiangang flicked his sleeves and the officials left.

“Zhang Zhongyuan is not letting go of Tang Wen, and Tang Wen beat Zhou kuohai. I heard that consort Xue is making a big fuss in the palace, and the Emperor has ordered a thorough investigation of this matter. Your Highness, you are under too much pressure.” Chu Guang sighed.

“There’s a group of people who don’t know how to do anything. They can’t fight a war, and they don’t even know how to kill the enemy. This King will definitely seek justice for Tang Wen. ” Chu Xiangang snorted.

“Tang Wen has made such a great contribution, so I’m sure the Emperor will also make up for his crimes.

I’m just afraid that this will make up for my mistake. At that time, Tang Wen’s credit will be offset, and in the end, I won’t get anything.

At that time, it will chill his heart and the hearts of the soldiers who are bleeding on the front line. ” Chu Guang said.

“Forget it, let’s save his life first.

Otherwise, if consort Xue made a scene, it would be difficult for the Emperor to deal with her.

If he didn’t have this battle achievement, Tang Wen would’ve been sent to prison. Even if he didn’t die, he would’ve been skinned alive. ” Chu Xiangang sighed.

“They only know how to be jealous. Zhang Zhongyuan, for example, doesn’t do anything. When he heard that Tang Wen had made a great contribution, his eyes became as red as a rabbit ‘s. A tall tree attracts the wind. Tang Wen has made a great contribution, so he’ll probably be besieged by many officials of the ocean Sage. ” Chu Guang said.

“I believe that the Emperor can still distinguish this point.” Chu Xian said. However, even he himself wasn’t confident in his words.

Chu Guang saw this and sighed. In this world, no battle merit was as good as a Pillow Talk from the person beside him.

Moreover, consort Xue was the emperor’s new favorite and the most popular person in the palace. Even the Empress had to give her some face.

“Lord Jue, if we rush to Thunderfire Island like this, the enemies will be scared away. I have a suggestion.” Gongsun Wuji looked at the warship that was preparing to set sail.

“Master, please speak.” Tang Wen said.

“Your iron-shelled boats are strong, so why don’t you use iron chains to drag these wooden warships? one iron-shelled boat can drag several of them, and with the wind, it will run much faster.” Gongsun Wuji said.

“That’s a good idea. I was confused and didn’t think of it. ” Tang Wen nodded and immediately asked Ximen Gaotai to put on the iron chain.

This was because his own military ships were all newly equipped with power equipment and had increased horsepower.

It wasn’t a problem to drag three boats on one boat. Although it wasn’t as fast as before, it was still much faster than them rowing the boat with their hands.

Soon after, the warship set sail and headed straight for the northern part of thunder fire Island.

Thunderfire Island was about 300 miles away from Peacock Island. At full speed, the battleship finally arrived in a few hours.

When he found that the enemy also felt that something was wrong and was retreating, Tang Wen just happened to make it in time to outflank them from the back. Suddenly, the battle continued ...

Under the intense bombardment of the cannons, the enemy’s warships were blown to pieces and sank one after another.

For a moment, the 150000 to 160000 Chu soldiers who were fighting the enemy were stunned.

“What kind of ship is this? why is its firepower so strong?”

“It seems to be an iron shell ship. I heard that it’s a servant army formed by vice commander Tang’s men from sumi Island.”

“That’s amazing. Look, they fired from a distance of more than ten miles, and the Cannonball actually hit them, but the enemy couldn’t reach them. If we have such a ship, why do we have to worry about the bandits not being exterminated?”

“I heard that the Tang family’s ships all come from the West. They’re too expensive, even the Imperial court can’t afford them.”

“God of War, God of War ...”


Immediately, hundreds of thousands of Chu soldiers shouted together.

That was because in the blink of an eye, only about 300 of the enemy’s 700 to 800 warships were left. They charged left and right and were still sinking.

Only when there were only 200 ships left did they rush to the Tang Army. However, the Chu army behind them also rushed up.

Immediately, close combat began on the sea. The Tang family’s heavy machine guns spewed fire, and the enemies were shot and fell one after another.

There were corpses everywhere, and screams could be heard ...

“Kill!” All the soldiers heard Tang Wen’s order.

“Vice-commander Tang has ordered us to charge and kill all the enemies!” Wen Jinyuan shouted through the megaphone.

“Kill, kill, kill ...”

“Kill all these dirty guys!”

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