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Chapter 473: I’m a dog of the Tang family (3)

At this moment, the cannonballs on the island had all quietly pushed out of their covers. The island was filled with thick smoke, covering the sky and the sun, and the sounds of fighting shook the earth.

Of course, there were also some members of the Tang family who were acting in the enemy’s clothes.

Another hour had passed, and the enemy was approaching Peacock Island from 20 li ... 15 li, full of killing intent. i𝙣𝐧r𝑒𝘢𝒅. 𝚌𝚘m

“Fire the cannons!” Tang Wen ordered with a cold expression. Li Liao waved the flag in his hand.”Fire!”

Immediately, a few hundred cannons fired towards the sea. At the same time, Ximen taigao’s men advanced at full speed. Not long after, the sounds of cannons rang out from behind, and the enemy was immediately surrounded.

With this series of attacks, 300 out of the 400 to 500 enemy warships were destroyed.

The rest of them turned around and wanted to escape, but Ximen tai had led the elites to attack.

The people on the island immediately went into the sea and rushed out on small boats.

Instantly, thick smoke billowed from the sea, blood splattered, and flames soared into the sky.

Tens of thousands of people engaged in close combat with AKS in their hands. The killing was even more brutal, and the effect of the AKS was displayed.

Under the cover of the heavy machine guns, the enemies fell in droves, and the warships were riddled with holes. It was a terrible sight as they continued to sink.

This was a terrifying massacre ...

Tang Wen’s flying beast Army also joined the battle, and the elites attacked the enemy from the air ... This was the Otherworld version of the joint battle between the sea, land, and air Forces.


This was a battle where modern weapons crushed ancient cold weapons, so there was almost no suspense.

Even though there were high-level martial artists on the other side, Tang Wen’s side didn’t lack them either.

What’s more, Tang Wen’s experts were all holding pistols or AK guns ... This was simply a battle that didn’t match.

If the spear didn’t work, he would switch to a sword ...

Three hours later, the sky was filled with the sunset glow.

The sounds of gunfire stopped. Of the 80000 enemy soldiers, only a few thousand were left fleeing in fear.

However, they had lost their lives to the flying beast Army’s hand grenades and heavy machine guns.

In this battle, the Tang family’s morale was boosted, and they killed nearly 200000 enemies.

As for Tang Wen’s men, there were only about ten thousand casualties, of which more than eight thousand were the black cavalry and Wan Hansong’s men.

Only about 1500 of the real servants of the Tang family had died. This was definitely the most exciting battle in the history of great Chu.

Many years later, this shocking battle was recorded in the history books of great Chu, and Tang Wen was crowned as the God of War!

“Wonderful, wonderful, too wonderful, it’s simply unbelievable!” When the sea Saint King received the secret report from his son Chu zhuangxiong, he was so excited that he smashed the table.

“Yeah, this is a miracle of war. A miracle. Tang Wen has created a miracle.” Chu Guang shook his head and sighed.

“Your Highness, Duke, what miracle?” The officials standing in the hall were all dumbfounded. Admiral Wang Qixian couldn’t help but ask.

“The Tang Army killed two hundred thousand enemy soldiers and captured fifty thousand.

Sinking 1,000 enemy warships, No. 1 commander ‘Noki’ died in battle, and the legendary vice-leader of the sun sect’s soaring heaven Pavilion, Miyata Miko, died in battle ...

The most important point, can you guess what it is?” As Chu Xian spoke up to this point, he looked at the officials with a mysterious expression.

“Your Highness, please explain!” Gao Sheng was so anxious that he couldn’t care about anything else.

“Your Highness, please explain!” Everyone asked. Only general Zhang Zhongyuan remained silent with a gloomy face.

“Chu Qiyang was injured. However, this person was very tough. He drew his sword and killed himself.” Chu Xiangang said.

“Is it really that traitor?” Li tongju asked hurriedly.

“Could he be a substitute? Chu Qiyang has many substitutes. Our dynasty’s experts had killed one before, but after checking, they found that it was his substitute. ” Gao shenggao asked.

“He did bring a substitute with him, and that person’s power is even higher than his.

However, the substitute was also blown to death, and Chu Qiyang sighed before he died.

How could he die at the hands of a brat who is still wet behind the ears? he’s not willing to accept this. ” Chu Xiangang said.

“Your Royal Highness, are you sure it’s Chu Qiyang?” Zhang Zhongyuan asked.

“Of course, my son was at the scene, including Chu Cong, the son of the Duke.

Let me tell you now, there’s a purple birthmark on the back of Chu Qiyang’s neck. It’s as thick as a thumb, and it’s usually hidden in his clothes.

This time, when my son went down, I brought Chu Qiyang’s portrait to him. They made a serious comparison and confirmed that it was definitely Chu Qiyang.

That’s because they’ve even done a blood test. That person is indeed of the Chu clan’s bloodline. ” Chu Xiangang said.

“Hahaha, well done.”

“He should be killed!”

“This disgraceful traitor, you’re finally dead ...”


“Everyone, the Tang Army has already packed up and set off for thunderflame Island.

The reinforcements we sent out also managed to hold back the 180000 soldiers that attacked thunder fire Island.

Once Tang Wen’s men arrived, it would be another 180000. If they were all annihilated, the enemy would lose four hundred thousand soldiers.

Everyone, it’s time for us to have a celebration party. ” Chu Xiangang stood up and said.

“It seems like it’s time to end the coastal battle.” Gao shenggao said excitedly.

“Have you ever thought about who brought all this upon us?” Chu Guang said.

“Of course it’s the Prince and the Duke.” Everyone agreed.

“No! Speaking of this, I, the sea Saint King, am ashamed.

“I will never steal Tang Wen’s credit. Tang Wen will be in charge of all this while the high Duke and I will assist him.

In fact, the last time Tang Wen came, he had already secretly reported that he had found Chu Qiyang. Moreover, he predicted that he would go to Peacock Island to attract the Tang Army.

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