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Chapter 472: I’m a dog of the Tang family (2)

𝚒𝓷𝚗𝚛𝚎𝙖𝐝. 𝒄૦𝓂

However, his status must be terrifyingly high, and he might be an elder like great grandfather.

Such a high-quality Void Bag was said to be able to preserve fresh food, such as blood bags that could keep fresh blood for about a year.

A normal Void Bag could not store fresh food for long, only about three months.

Tang Wen had tried this super Void Bag before. A cup of hot water was put in it, and it was still hot when he took it out a month later. It was as if time had stopped inside.

Then, Tang Wen disinfected Hu Chuan’s body.

Hu Chuan’s eyes welled up with tears as he watched Tang Wen carefully wipe his body.

“Master, I know that my body has been blasted with many iron pieces and iron bullets. You can take them, I will bear with it. However, can you stuff my mouth up?” Tang Wen said as he tried the scalpel, tweezers, and other tools.

“No need!” Tang Wen shook his head.

“It’s very painful. I’m afraid I’ll bite off my tongue. At that time, I won’t be able to talk to you, old master. ” Hu Chuan said.

“Hehe, don’t worry. It doesn’t hurt at all.

However, it’ll be a little painful for a few days after I take it out, but it won’t be too painful.

With your body’s strength, you’ll be able to take the muscle revitalization pill in a few days. ” Tang Wen said.

“Old master, you’ve worked hard.” Although Hu Chuan did not believe him, he was still very grateful.


After injecting anesthetic, Tang Wen began to operate on the patient.

The telekinesis thread now had a very powerful ability. It could see through Hu Chuan’s entire body and even a single vein.

Therefore, there was no need for a CT scan or X-ray machine at all. He could just open his heavenly eye and look directly.

When the knife cut down, Hu Chuan grumbled in his heart. However, the next moment, his eyes widened. That was amazing. Why didn’t it hurt at all?

Because Hu Chuan’s head was well-protected, it was only a superficial wound and did not hurt his brain.

Therefore, Tang Wen only anesthetized his lower body. Hu Chuan was still watching Tang Wen’s operation with wide eyes.

“Does it hurt?” Tang Wen asked.

“No, it doesn’t hurt at all. I just feel like something is cutting my skin.” Hu Chuan exclaimed in surprise.

“Hehe, this is Western medical skills. None of the divine doctors in the Chu Kingdom, the sun Kingdom, and the Qi Kingdom know how to use it.” Tang Wen said with a smile.


The first bullet was removed, the second piece of shrapnel was removed, and the third piece was removed ...

After a while, Tang Wen finally finished the work and directly put a band-aid on the wound.

This was also something that the star fantasy empire had come up with. They just had to stick it on and tear it apart after a few days.

Of course, there were also some on earth, but they couldn’t be compared to theirs.

Because there were wounds everywhere, Hu Chuan was stuck like a mummy, leaving only his head exposed.

As for the broken bones, he could just spray the medicine made from the muscle revitalization pill after he connected them.

He would be imprisoned for a long time in a few days, and the effect would be better than before.

“Look, these shrapnel and bullets were taken out from your body.” Tang Wen handed the plate to Hu Chuan.

Hu Chuan was instantly stunned. There were too many, dozens of them.”If I didn’t meet you in this life, old master, I would be dead for sure. Even the gods can’t save me.”

“Hehe, I’m not a God.” Tang Wen smiled, tidied up a little, and said,”rest well for the next few days. I’ll send someone to take care of you.”

“Old master, Hu Chuan has been following you since then. I’m just a dog of the Tang family! Old master can order me around like a dog. ” Hu Chuan was so excited that he started crying.

“Don’t cry, you’ll strain your wound. Besides, Hu Chuan, I want to tell you that you’re not a dog. You’ll always be a human.

You’ve joined the Tang family. Although you’re a servant of the Tang family on the surface, I, Tang Wen, treat you as a friend and family.

Everyone in the Tang family is equal.

From now on, your family will be my family. ” Tang Wen said.

“Yes, yes, master ... I ...”

“Don’t cry anymore. Wipe your tears. Hu Chuan, from now on, you have a new life. You are no longer Chu Qiyang. Live well.”

“Thank you, master ...” Hu Chuan said loudly in a different tone.

“When you recover, I have a gift for you. Have a good rest.”


“Master, the enemies from the strange Bamboo Island are not far from us.” The next morning, Wen Jinyuan came to report.

“How many li?” Tang Wen asked.

“Three hundred miles.” Li Liao answered.

“Tell them to get ready and set off.” Tang Wen said.

“Ximen taigao has already brought 40 battleships and 35 small cannon boats. A total of more than 20000 troops are hiding a hundred miles away. We’ll wait for them to fall into our trap. When the time comes, we’ll surround them from the front and back and capture them all in one fell swoop.” Wen Jinyuan said.

“Master, you’re too amazing. We’ve been deliberately bombarding the place, and occasionally have intense gunfights.

In this way, the enemy’s spies will mistakenly think that their people are still fighting with us on Peacock Island.

That was why the enemy troops on strange Bamboo Island continued to charge over when they received the news.

Otherwise, he would have stopped long ago. ” Li Liao said.

“This act has to be real, for the enemy’s spies to see. As long as they can’t get on the island, they won’t be able to know the situation on the island. ” Tang Wen said.

“This play was obviously very good, the enemy was fooled.” Li Liao said with a smile.

“Everyone, be on standby. Once the enemy enters our cannon range, immediately open fire and destroy them on the sea.” Tang Wen said.

“Yes!” Li Liao responded and turned to leave.

At two in the afternoon, the enemy was dozens of miles away from Peacock Island.

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