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I Am The Landlord In Another World
Chapter 468 - Killing intent (3)

Chapter 468: Killing intent (3)

However, very few people in the world knew that the sage realm was the highest cultivation base. The spiritual Qi there was more than five times that of the Dragon Realm.

That’s the true core of the royal family, and I’ve been there before. The number of people who can go there can be counted with one’s fingers.

How’s Chu luoxiang? she’s a genius, right? However, even he is not qualified to enter the sage realm. ” Chu Qiyang said.

“The Emperor of great Chu is so stupid. Why didn’t he put in all his effort to raise such a talented son? Wouldn’t that be a waste?” Miyata Miko said.

“Chu luoxiang had a chance to enter, but that kid didn’t know how to cherish it.

Later on, he was actually charmed by a woman. What a pity. Otherwise, with that kid’s talent, he’d probably be a mortal realm expert in two or three years.

In this world, there are always people who are stupid. ” Chu Qiyang shook his head and said.

“Hehe, they thought that they had destroyed all of our fortresses. In fact, that was only the tip of the iceberg.” Nomu laughed.

“The Fort can’t run away, but the cannon can be moved and hidden.

They should be preparing to land on the island. Everyone, get ready to surround them.

Also, order all our hidden warships to come out and launch an attack to destroy all the enemy’s ships.

This King wants them to have no way out, but they can jump into the sea. ” Chu Qiyang said with a sinister expression.

“Hahaha ...”


However, what Chu Qiyang didn’t know was that the sky worm was already close, and the ghost Drone was following closely behind, broadcasting everything to Tang Wen.

Tang Wen called Gongsun Wuji.”The person you’re monitoring is Chu Qiyang’s substitute, and the two guards beside him are both in the early stage of the human realm.

Chu Qiyang’s substitute also has the strength of the great circle of the mortal realm. You and ye Qian can’t deal with three of them.

Use the grenades. If he doesn’t die, use the heavy machine gun to fire at the exit. ”

“I understand. I’ve also set up a trap array. With grenades and heavy machine guns, we should be able to kill them. ” By the time Gongsun Wuji replied, Tang Wen had already led his men and quietly approached Chu Qiyang’s real hiding place.

He found that it was actually just a civilian house with a civil structure, which was extremely ordinary.

Chu Qiyang was indeed an expert. He understood that the most dangerous place was the safest place.

Perhaps Chu Qiyang was too confident, so he didn’t change his appearance again. Instead, he appeared with his original face.

“Kill ... Kill ...”

“We’re the Tang family’s Army from great Chu’s SuMei Island. We have 400000 troops this time. Return our Peacock Island. ”

“The people on the island and the soldiers of great Chu, listen up! Surrender immediately and try to redeem yourself! “People of the Sun nation, listen up. Put down your weapons. Surrender is your only choice. Otherwise, my 400000 iron hooves will flatten Peacock Island. ”


At this time, the Tang family raised their high-pitched speakers and their roars spread throughout the island.

Psychological warfare was useful in any place. Coupled with the rumbling of cannons and the sound of gunfire, it was quite shocking.

Immediately, the people on the island and the captured soldiers and soldiers of great Chu panicked.

“Explode!” Tang Wen gave a decisive order when he saw Chu Qiyang’s group coming out.

In an instant, dozens of grenades were thrown over.

A rumbling explosion sounded, and thick smoke billowed. The next moment, three heavy machine guns fired at the house.

At the same time, hundreds of AKS fired at him.

In just a few dozen breaths, the hundreds of experts from the sun sect who were protecting Chu Qiyang fell into a pool of blood.

Tang Wen took a look. F * ck, there were still quite a lot of people alive.

Another round of grenades was thrown over. The heavy machine guns did not stop. The sound of the bullets hitting the ground rang out as they cruelly reaped the lives of the enemies.

The houses were all smashed and turned into a pile of ruins.

Tang Wen led his men and rushed up to split open the broken walls. However, they did not find Chu Qiyang’s body, including Miyata Miko’s and commander Noki ‘s.

“Vice Commander-in-Chief, there’s a hole behind the mountain.”

“He ran away?” Chu luoxiang was stunned.

“Quick, chase after the back of the mountain!” Tang Wen opened his heaven’s eye. He ordered a group of people to enter the cave and search, while the other group ran up the mountain or around it.

At the same time, the 20000 or so frogmen troops that were hiding in the Tang family’s camp opened fire, their AK guns mercilessly reaping the lives of their enemies.

The sound of bullets could be heard everywhere as the enemies fell.

On the ocean, hundreds of enemy warships were hiding and surrounding the Tang clan’s forces on the sea.

As soon as they showed their heads, the Tang Army’s ships fired.

The rumbling of cannons sounded, and in the thick smoke, Ximen taigao led dozens of battleships and attacked from behind.

Instantly, the enemy was surrounded.

The brutal killing began. The sea was filled with thick smoke, the sound of cannons and gunshots, and the experts who rose into the air to fight.

The black cavalry Battalion charged forward. Not long after, Wan Hansong personally led 30000 troops and joined the battle. 𝗶𝓃𝓷𝒓𝘦a𝐝. 𝗰𝒐𝗺

At this moment, more than half of the 80000 troops that had lured the Tang Army into their trap had been killed by the AKS, leaving only 20000 or so men on the verge of death.

The Tang Army had completely taken the initiative, and under such circumstances, Tang Wen ordered a portion of the people on the island to counterattack the enemies on the sea.

The 40,000 people who were captured by the enemy to do hard labor and the Chu army prisoners had all defected. They picked up their swords and fought with the enemy.

The island was filled with battlefields and killings. One by one, the living were turned into corpses. The sky above Peacock Island was dyed red with blood ...

Half an hour later, the sounds of gunfire decreased, and the cannons gradually stopped.

An hour had passed, and there were not many enemies left. They all fled to the seaside in fear.

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I Am The Landlord In Another World Chapter 468 - Killing intent (3)