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I Am The Landlord In Another World
Chapter 467 - Killing intent (2)

Chapter 467: Killing intent (2)

In addition, Tang Wen had another bag of spiritual insects, which contained the flying insects that old Huang had raised for him.

The sky worm was their leader.

This batch of worms immediately flew to all parts of the island, and as long as there was a crack, they could burrow in.

There were tens of thousands of zergs. Although their perception range was only a few hundred meters, they were like a mobile radar.

However, after a few hours, the warship had already approached Peacock Island, but the heavenly insect had yet to find Chu Qiyang.

“Perhaps Chu Qiyang has already left Peacock Island. Let’s ignore him for now. Let’s hide in the cave immediately. He sent a message to master Gongsun and told him to hide. The ghosts and poisonous insects will be following the fake Chu Qiyang at any time. ” Tang Wen said.

Soon after, all the members of the Tang family on the island were hiding in the cave.

“Master, we’re already close to Peacock Island. We’ve discovered that there are dozens of warships outside the island. They’re all set up to resist us,” At this moment, a sound came from the computer. After turning it on, he realized that it was from Wen Jinyuan, along with the surveillance video from the drone.

“This is the enemy’s strategy to lure us. They deliberately put out dozens of old and small warships with only a few people on them to make us mistakenly think that their main force has gone north to attack thunderflame Island.

In fact, their warships were all hidden in remote corners of the small island next to them. There were hundreds of them.

These dozens of ships are bait. They’ll definitely be sacrificed to make us think that they’ve been destroyed. When we land on the island, we’ll be surrounded by them and finally, we’ll all be wiped out on Peacock Island.

So, close in and fire at them. After that, take care of the cannons on the island.

They’ve hidden most of their cannons, leaving only a few for us to destroy.


Since they’re like this, you can go to the island after you destroy them. As for their hidden cannons and handguns, we’ll take care of them while you’re drawing the enemy’s attention.

After that, we’ll double-team them and kill them. There was another situation. No one knew when Chu Qiyang had hidden himself. Mei zhenhong and the others were targeting a substitute.

However, that substitute’s power is also extraordinary. He’s at least in the great circle of the human realm. You have to be careful and guard against the real Chu Qiyang’s sudden attack. ” Tang Wen said.

“Understood!” Wen Jinyuan put down the phone and shouted,”shoot!”

Li Liao personally took the battle flag and waved it in the air.”Beat them up!”

The rumbling sounds of cannons rang out, and the enemy’s warships were constantly blown up.

The dozen or so soldiers on the ship would never have expected that they were just bait, sacrifices.

They retaliated, but the black-robed Cannon’s range was too close and couldn’t hit Tang Wen’s ship.

This was a one-sided battle. In just ten minutes, dozens of old and small ships, including hundreds of enemies, were crushed and floated on the sea, dyeing the sea red.

Below, the Tang family’s ship was approaching the peacock Island. The black-clothed cannons on the island were firing.

However, they still couldn’t hit the Tang family’s ship. The cannonballs all fell into the sea and exploded into waves several feet high. The sea immediately became turbulent.

The Tang family’s howitzer opened fire and hundreds of shells rained down on Peacock Island.

The enemy’s cannons were overturned one by one, and the shots were very accurate.

“Such accuracy. Did a spy already sneak onto the island?” Chu Qiyang looked at everything that was happening on the island with a cold expression.

“Of course there is. It’s impossible to guard such a Big Island.

However, there shouldn’t be many who are hiding on the island. At most, there should be dozens of experts.

It’s impossible for a large number of them to land on the island. We’ve been watching them day and night.

There’s also a barbed net in the sea. It’ll be amazing if the enemy can reach 200 points on the island. ” Miyata Miko, the leader of the Tengtian Pavilion, said.

“You’re the best, Junwang. You prepared a substitute in advance. I think, even if someone had their eyes on your substitute, that would be courting death!” Inspector Nomu said.

“Hehe, who would’ve thought that my substitute would be even stronger than me?

Back then, this King spent a great deal of effort and invested no less than fifty million taels of silver on him.

This is how a powerful expert was created. ” Chu Qiyang smiled.

“My King, there’s one thing I don’t understand. He’s just a substitute, he’s already strong enough, why would he send two early mortal realm guards to protect him? Isn’t that a waste?” Miyata Miko asked, puzzled.

“Hehe, for this King to be able to live until now, of course I have to act a little more seriously.

Otherwise, do you think the Emperor of great Chu is a fool? My cousin is very cunning, and the six Fan School has many experts.

The secret agents of the Royal Palace were even scarier than the six Fan School.

Furthermore, the Emperor even personally created a Hall called the hall of blood. That Hall is formed by the Chu country’s most powerful experts. ” Chu Qiyang laughed complacently.

“We’ve heard of the hall of blood killer. How strong are they?” Miyata Miko asked with interest.

“I don’t know the details. Only my cousin, the Emperor, knows about the hall of blood.

However, I’ve met one before, and that person’s strength was comparable to mine.

Therefore, I’m guessing that the assassins from the hall of blood are at least in the early mortal realm.

I’m wondering if these assassins all came from the sage realm. ” Chu Qiyang said.

“Saint realm?” Noki asked.

“Right! Everyone knew that great Chu had the dog realm, the Tiger realm, and the Dragon Realm. Everyone thought that the Dragon Realm was the best cultivation base.

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I Am The Landlord In Another World Chapter 467 - Killing intent (2)