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Chapter 465: Chapter 401-son of King Nan

“I don’t agree!” Zhang chongyuan came forward.

“Your Highness, please reconsider.” Li tongju shouted.

“There’s no need to say anything. Whoever disobeys will be executed on the spot!” Chu Xiangang stood up and drew the sword from the guard beside him.”The emperor’s sword is here. All soldiers, listen up!”

“As you command, Son of Heaven!” Seeing this, Gao Sheng and the others quickly stood up and knelt on one knee. Zhang Zhongyuan hesitated. Chu Xiangang stared at him and said,”general hai Sheng, are you going to disobey the divine order?”

“Your subordinate does not dare. I will obey your orders.” Zhang Zhongyuan helplessly nodded and knelt down.


“His Highness has already ordered the ocean Saint to mobilize 150000 troops to the North. Furthermore, he has specially instructed that the Tang Army must take down Peacock Island and annihilate the enemy from strange Bamboo Island.

After that, they quickly cut to the back of Thunder flame Island and blocked the enemy forces that were attacking the island.

If Tang Wen couldn’t do it, he would bring his head to see him.

AI, His Highness is going to force you to your death. ” Wen Jinyuan came over and said.

“If I didn’t have the ability, I wouldn’t dare to take on the task of making porcelain. Don’t worry, victory is ours.” Tang Wen snorted.

“His Highness is also under pressure. It is said that Zhang Zhongyuan was the one who took the lead in opposing, and many officials are hesitating. In the end, Your Highness even forced it down with the emperor’s sword. ” Wen Jin Yuan said.

“Hehe, Your Highness and the Duke are going to fight to the death with me. Fine, since they think so highly of me, I have nothing to worry about.” Tang Wen laughed out loud.”Alright, bring my substitute up. I’m leaving.”


“Be careful, master.” Wen Jin Yuan said.

Below, Tang Wen led Zhuge Cang Xiao and the other experts into the water. After swimming to a distance, he took out a flying beast from his spirit beast bag and soared into the sky.

The flying beast’s flying speed was much faster than an Eagle ‘s, and they arrived dozens of miles away from the peacock Island in an hour.

The group of people quietly went into the sea again, put on their diving suits, and went to the island.

In order to prevent the opponent’s experts from diving into the water and onto the island, sun sect had set up a few grappling nets in the sea.

However, the depth of this hook net was only 30 meters, and the diving equipment that Tang Wen had equipped the Tang family frogmen with were all from the star fantasy empire.

It was like a tight-fitting raincoat, and he just had to wear it.

That was because there was a small space in the raincoat that was used to store oxygen.

Therefore, he didn’t need to carry a heavy oxygen tank when he dived.

Moreover, this diving suit was extremely thin. He wondered what material it was made of. 𝙞𝓷𝙣r𝚎𝓪𝑑. 𝒸𝗼𝒎

Once in the water, he actually became one with the water. In the water, he was really like a fish in the water, and his speed was much faster than running on land.

Tang Wen had owed the bank hundreds of millions of star fantasy dollars for these diving suits.

Of course, it was because someone was vouching for him. Otherwise, Tang Wen wouldn’t have been able to get a loan of several hundred million Yuan.

This diving suit could dive to a depth of 300 to 400 meters. The raincoat itself was equipped with water pressure resistance equipment, so people would not feel suffocated at a depth of a few hundred meters.

Moreover, the raincoat had a chameleon function. Once you got close to the beach, the color of the raincoat would instantly change into a pile of sand, almost passing off as the real thing.

The combat and camouflage suits on earth were simply trash compared to it.

Tang Wen had also equipped the battle Fox Hall with the chameleon suit to make it easier for them to spy and hide.

As soon as he got ashore, Tang Wen contacted Mei zhenhong and the others who had gone there first.

He learned that most of the frogmen who had snuck onto the island were hiding in the caves, because the Tang family’s howitzer would definitely bombard the island’s turrets, barracks, Armory, and other important facilities from a long distance.

Otherwise, he would accidentally hurt himself.

“Chu Qiyang changed his appearance as soon as he came to the island.

However, it’s a good thing that your mysterious heavenly insect was able to smell his scent in advance. Otherwise, we really wouldn’t have been able to recognize him.

These few days, sky worm has returned to somi, and we have been using the ghost Drone to follow him.

However, Chu Qiyang also rarely goes out. When he first came, he patrolled the Fort and other defensive measures before returning to the secret cave. He rarely shows his face. ” Mei zhenhong said.

“He still dares to show his face. He’s afraid of being assassinated.” Zhuge Cang Xiao snorted coldly.

“Master, Chu Qiyang is hiding in a cave five miles ahead.

That cave is very dangerous. If we didn’t follow him from the moment he came to the island, we really wouldn’t have found him.

Master Gongsun has been controlling the apparition to keep an eye on him. Master’s skill is profound, and with him keeping an eye on him, Chu Qiyang won’t be able to escape even if he has wings. ” Mei zhenhong pointed ahead and said.

“You guys rest first, I’ll go Scout.” Tang Wen said.

“Old master, be careful. Chu Qiyang is definitely a human realm expert.

Once, master Gongsun came closer and told us that Chu Qiyang was an expert.

We asked the master what Chu Qiyang’s realm was, and he said that he couldn’t be sure, and that he was stronger than him. ” Mei zhenhong said worriedly.

“What’s your teacher’s realm?” Tang Wen asked Zhuge Cang Xiao.

“The peak of the late stage of the human realm. I’m almost at the great circle.” Zhuge Cang Xiao said.

“Then isn’t chu Qiyang in the great circle of the human realm?” When Mei zhenhong heard this, she immediately shivered and said,”luckily, I wanted to get close to him earlier. Luckily, I didn ‘t.” He was just watching them with a drone. Otherwise, I would have been killed by him. ”

“He’s a strong opponent. ” Tang Wen said.

“He’s too powerful. Even my teacher can’t handle him. This is going to be troublesome. My Lord, it’s best if you don’t go. It’s too dangerous. ” Zhuge Cang Xiao said.

“Don’t worry, he won’t be able to find me. ” Tang Wen smiled and carefully sneaked into the grass.

Not long after, a heavenly insect the size of a fly flew out and headed straight for the cave.

This was the advantage of a heavenly insect. It could shrink and expand. After Tang Wen fused with it, he became an insect.

Tang Wen flapped his little wings and slowly approached the cave. Gongsun Wuwei glanced at him and didn’t pay any attention, probably thinking that he was just a fly.

Tang Wen even made a face at Gongsun Wuji. However, it was obvious that master didn’t notice this monster that had a human face and half a fly face.

This was Tang Wen’s Secret. Of course, he wouldn’t let anyone know about his Foundation.

Therefore, he flew past Gongsun Wuji and went straight to the cave.

The cave was covered by trees and vines. It was hard to find it even if you walked in front of it. Tang Wen carefully went in.

He found that the hole was not big and could only allow one person to enter. If this place was blocked by an expert, it really looked like one man could hold out against ten thousand.

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