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Chapter 464: Chapter 401 son of King Nan

When vice Commander-in-Chief Tang arrived at ocean Saint, Your Highness and I made up our minds to send our son to the front lines to fight the sun nation’s traitors to the death in order to combat the invasion.

This matter was personally reported by my son. Of course, it’s normal for you to suspect that the Tang family has so many experts. In fact, it’s not that there are many experts, but that Tang Wen’s tactics are used properly.

How could the Tang family have so many experts? Even if we add in the experts of the black cavalry, they are still not as good as their interception team. ” Chu Guang said.

“Our experts aren’t as strong as them, so how can we annihilate the enemy?” Zhang Zhongyuan asked.

“Hehe, Tang Wen recently brought in a batch of handguns from the West, and the range of this batch of handguns is up to three to four hundred meters.

Therefore, when the interception team was unable to attack them, they also rode on the Eagles to meet the attack.

The interception team also didn’t expect the handguns in their hands to be so powerful, and they were immediately beaten up.

By the time they reacted, more than half of the people were already dead. On the other hand, Tang Wen and his men had sworn to attack with poison and knockout powder.

You may not know this, but Tang Wen is not only an expert in hidden weapons, but also an expert in poison.

Moreover, he has recently received help from Gongsun Wuji. ” Chu Guang said.

“Gongsun Wuji, the machine King?” Even Gao Sheng was shocked.

“Right! It was him! Gongsun Wuji had improved the Tang family’s fire armor and also equipped the Tang family with some attack machine guns. As a result, Miki Murakami was blown up on the spot, and Yi Weilong was injured and captured alive. ” Chu Guang said.

“What Tang Wen means is that the enemy troops at strange Bamboo Island have yet to receive the news of the interception team, and they have already arrived at Peacock Island.


As long as they could annihilate the troops on Peacock Island, they could turn around and kill the enemy troops from strange Bamboo Island.

At that time, if they could annihilate all of them, they were prepared to head north to cut off the retreat of the enemies on thunder fire Island.

The hundred thousand soldiers from remote ocean and remote ocean will be deployed to delay the enemy as much as possible. We’ll also need to increase our strength and have ocean Saint City deploy their elite soldiers to surround and attack the enemy of Thunder flame Island.

At that time, he would try to annihilate the enemy. If this plan is successful, we’ll have annihilated more than 300000 enemies in a short time. The sun nation’s total military strength is less than two million. Adding the 100000 that Tang Wen annihilated last time, we’ll have 500000.

I believe that as long as we win this war, the sun nation will be scared and retreat. They will come to us for peace.

This will be a life-or-death battle, so I’ve decided to leave only twenty percent of the troops in ocean Saint City to defend, and send the rest to Thunderfire Island. ” Chu Xiangang said.

“I’m just afraid that Tang Wen’s men won’t be able to take down the peacock Island. At that time, if the Tang Army is exterminated, the enemies from the peacock Island and the strange Bamboo Island will take the opportunity to attack the tranquil ocean.

Tang Wen had taken away 70000 to 80000 soldiers from remote ocean, and now there were only 30000 to 40000 defenders left. They definitely couldn’t fight against the enemy.

When the secluded Ocean Falls, if we take away all the soldiers of ocean Saint City, the enemy will take the opportunity to attack ocean Saint, and we’ll be homeless.

At that time, if the enemy turns around and attacks us, our ocean Saint Army will be completely annihilated and die without a burial.

With the ocean saint’s death, the great Chu dynasty is in danger. Therefore, I don’t think it’s possible!” Zhang Zhongyuan said.

“Mm! The Tang Army only had about seventy to eighty thousand, and the peacock Island Garrison alone had one hundred and thirty thousand.

Adding on the strange Bamboo Island, that would be two hundred thousand soldiers.

Even if we can’t make it to strange Bamboo Island in time, the Tang Army on Peacock Island alone won’t be able to take them down. ” Li tongju said.

“I think this Tang Wen is a bit too ambitious.

If all of us from ocean Saint City were to take over, who would protect ocean Saint?

When the ocean Saint fails, Tang Wen’s death will be a small matter, but great Chu will be in danger.

Let’s not talk about other things, our family and clansmen are all in ocean Saint, how can we abandon ocean Saint?

It’s too risky. I swear to death that I won’t send any more men out. ” Zhang Zhongyuan said in an impassioned manner.

“Your Highness, Duke, this matter needs to be further discussed.” Said Gao Sheng.

“The key is that it’s impossible for Tang Wen to annihilate the defenders of Peacock Island with his strength. He’ll be eaten by others.” Navy Commander Wang Qixian said.

“The Tang Army is well-equipped and devoted to the country. There have already been two examples of them winning with their numbers.

Therefore, I believe that Tang Wen has already thought about it carefully.

Moreover, this was also an opportunity. If you don’t catch him, don’t even think about retreating. ” Chu Guang said.

“I’d like to remind you that Tang Wen has already arranged this in advance. Therefore, he had a good chance of winning. So, even if it’s a risk, it’s worth it. ” Chu Xiangang said.

“I firmly object. I will not mobilize the troops.” Zhang Zhongyuan said.

“Your Highness, why don’t we wait and see how the battle between Tang Wen and Peacock Island will turn out?” Wang Qixian said.

“The battle of Peacock Island concerns the future of the ocean Sage, so we’ll have to wait for the sake of safety. Otherwise, if we take the risk and send out our troops, I’m afraid the Tang Army will be defeated and ocean Saint will be finished. ” Li tongju said.

“Pa!” Chu Xiangang smacked the table.”You guys are afraid of the Tiger in front and the wolf behind. Look, we’re being forced to retreat by the sun nation’s thieves.

They had almost retreated to remote ocean, Skymoon, and Linghai provincial cities.

If we continue to be forced by them, will ocean Saint be able to defend the provincial capital once they attack?”

“Your Highness, we are also doing this for the ocean Saint, for the Chu clan’s territory.” Zhang Zhongyuan replied.

“There’s no need to say anything else. Immediately mobilize the troops and attack the enemies on Thunder flame Island. There can’t be any delay.” Chu Xiangang slammed the table.

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