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Chapter 463: Chapter 401 son of King Nan

“Great elder!” The remaining tens of disciples of the soaring heaven Pavilion screamed in pain, but it was no use.

The great elder had been killed, and The Little Prince had been captured alive. They had already lost their fighting spirit, and they turned around to escape.

However, the initiative of the battlefield was in Tang Wen’s hands.

“Let them go!” Tang Wen waved his hand.

“Why? why can’t we pursue and kill them all?!” Someone asked in dissatisfaction.

“Idiot! Let them escape so that we can fire. If they get too close, we’re afraid of hurting ourselves. ” Tang Wen cursed.

All of a sudden, his subordinates understood what was going on. They watched helplessly as the disciples of the soaring Sky Pavilion and the Yi He sect fled half a mile away.

“Fire!” Tang Wen ordered. 𝚒n𝚗r𝗲𝒂𝗱. c𝑜𝓶

Suddenly, tongues of flame shot out, reaping the lives of the enemies like blades of death.

In this battle, the blood of 500 enemy Masters spilled across the sky, and more than 500 Eagles were also killed. The remaining dozen or so people were all killed by Tang Wen’s sniper.

In this battle, they had completely annihilated the enemy and displayed the Tang Army’s soaring arrogance.

Even Chu luoxiang gave him a thumbs up, and the Black Knights on the ship were even more fired up.

“God of War, God of War ... Lord Jue ... God of War ...”


Instantly, the title of ‘God of War’ resounded throughout the world. The Tang Army was full of confidence, driving at full speed towards Peacock Island.

“The interference team has been eliminated, and none of the enemies have escaped. If that’s the case, we’ll have already started attacking Peacock Island by the time the enemy receives the news. ” Wen Jinyuan said after the incident.

“The enemy is about a thousand li away from Peacock Island. We’ll be there in four to five hours.

The enemy would take at least a day and a half, so they had to make use of the time difference.

By the time they arrive, Peacock Island will already be in our hands.

Moreover, we have to surround the 80000 enemy soldiers who came to reinforce us and try to devour them all. ” Tang Wen said.

“If that’s possible, we’ll annihilate nearly 200000 enemies.” Zhuge Cang Xiao said.

“Even though the sun nation is strong and powerful, it can not be compared to our great Chu.

Their population is only half of ours, and their land area is only 30% of great Chu ‘s.

If we can even destroy the enemy that is attacking thunder fire Island, I believe that they will definitely withdraw their troops.

That’s because their overall National Strength is not as good as great Chu ‘s.

If they wanted to fight, they had to hurt them and make them take the initiative to call for peace.

Otherwise, it’s not a good idea to keep fighting and causing unrest along the coast. ” Tang Wen said.

“It’ll be quite difficult to eliminate the enemies who are pretending to attack Thunderfire Island.” Wen Jinyuan said.

“The key is to seize the opportunity to attack. If we annihilate the enemy here and they run away in fear, then we can’t do anything.

Therefore, he had to order the soldiers of remote ocean, remote ocean, and tianyue province to stall them.

When we go back and deal with them, I will report this to the kings and dukes.

Request ocean Saint City to send out a large number of troops to delay the enemies of thunder fire Island. ” Tang Wen said.

Just two hours later, Chu Xian had gathered the heads of all the major offices in ocean Saint for a meeting.

This was, of course, thanks to the mobile phone of star fantasy empire, which could be directly transferred from the ship to the hands of Wang haiting’s men in sea Saint City after two transfers.

Wang haiting immediately arranged for someone to report to his Lord about Yi Weilong’s victory and the killing of Sanshu Murakami.

The level of this meeting was very high. General Zhang Zhongyuan, commander li tongju, general Gao Sheng, and navy Admiral Wang Qixian were all present.

Chu Guang sat beside His Royal Highness, inspecting the first and second rank officials with a dignified expression.

“Everyone, I’ve gathered everyone here today because I have some great news to tell you.” Chu Xiangang said.

“Yes, I just received an urgent report from Qianli.

Under the leadership of Yi Weilong, the son of King Nanzhao, the sun nation’s enemy has formed an Eagle interception team consisting of more than 500 experts from the Yi He sect and the soaring heaven Pavilion.

Although there were less than six hundred of them, they were a terrifying interception team.

Yi Weilong, the Prince who led the team, was one of the members. He had made it into the top 20 of the bronze roll and was very powerful.

The second-in-command is the great elder of the soaring Sky Pavilion, Mizuki Murakami. He’s our old rival, so I won’t say anything about his strength.

Below them were a few in the divine sense realm, five or six in the spirit focus realm, thirty in the telepathic realm, over a hundred in the element gathering realm, and the worst was in the Qi cultivation realm.

The purpose of this terrifying interception team was to intercept the Tang Army and interfere with them, not allowing them to reinforce Thunder flame Island.

In fact, he had just received the news from vice commander Tang Wen that the Tang Army’s true goal was Peacock Island.

This was originally a trap set by the sun nation to feign an attack on Thunderfire Island and let the troops of Peacock Island pretend to go north to lure the Tang Army out.

After that, he returned quietly. There were 120000 to 130000 troops stationed on Peacock Island. In addition to the handymen and laborers captured on the island, there were close to 140000 troops.

And when Hiroshi Songyuan found out that we had given Tang Wen 30000 Black Knights, he was still worried, so he actually transferred 80000 troops from the strange Bamboo Island to attack Peacock Island.

In order to delay Tang Wen, they organized an ambush to kill him. They intended to delay Tang Wen so that the enemy troops from strange Bamboo Island could meet up with the troops from Peacock Island and completely annihilate the Tang Army on Peacock Island.

And the news we just received was that the Tang Army completely annihilated the interception team. ” The moment Chu Guang finished, the entire place was in an uproar.

“Lord High Duke, is this news true?”

“Yes, this interception team is so strong, and they are led by ivelon and Mizuki Murakami. How can they be annihilated?”

“Does the Tang family have so many experts?”


“Everyone, this news is absolutely reliable because my son, Chu Cong, and the Prince’s son, Chu zhuangxiong, were both at the scene.

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