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Chapter 461: Chapter 401-son of King Nan

The rule of the bronze roll was that martial artists under the age of 30 had to participate. To be able to enter the top 20 of the dozens of countries and the region with more than 10 billion people under the age of 30 was definitely a shocking talent.

For example, the outstanding genius of the great Chu country, miss Daimei luoshen, who Chu luoxiang had always been obsessed with, was only a few ranks higher than Yi Weilong on the bronze board.

Yi Weilong’s eighth father, Yi Yinglin, was the Nanzhao King. He was in charge of the southern provinces of the sun nation, just like the sea Saint King.

Not only was Yi Linlin the king of Nanzhao, but he was also the leader of the Yihe sect in the sun nation. He was also a martial arts master of his generation, so his status was obvious.

“Prince, you don’t understand the situation.” Miki Murakami said.

“How can I not understand? Great Chu has the black cavalry, and our sun nation also has the sun Army. We won’t lose to them.

Furthermore, the black cavalry was not a true water general. Why was it called the black cavalry camp? it had to do with horses.

On land, they were Dragons. Perhaps, once they entered the sea, they would become worms.

On the other hand, our sun nation Navy has the famous ‘sea leopard Army’. In terms of sea attack power, they definitely surpass the black cavalry. ” Yi Weilong said in a high profile manner.

“No matter what, the enemy’s military strength has already exceeded our expectations.

As such, in order to annihilate them with certainty, we didn’t send enough men.

We need to send more manpower. ” Hiroshi Matsuhara waved his hand.

“We don’t have enough time. We’re close to a thousand miles away from Peacock Island, but the Tang family is only five hundred miles away. We won’t be able to make it in time no matter how fast our ship is.” Miki Murakami said.


“What’s there to be late for?” Yi Weilong snorted.

“Prince, how do you think we should rush over? are you going to ask our warship to fly over?” Miki Murakami was also a little angry.

Although you’re a Prince, you can’t treat us lightly.

The soaring heaven Pavilion was the largest branch in the South of the sun sect, and its status was similar to that of King Nanzhao.

Moreover, the sun nation’s purpose in setting up the soaring heaven Pavilion was naturally to hinder King Nanzhao.

Therefore, everyone was well aware of this, including Yi Weilong. Naturally, he was hostile to the soaring heaven Pavilion.

“Interference tactics! We can send out experts to interfere on Eagles. As long as we can hold them back, our warships will be able to hold them back for half a day. ” Yi Weilong said.

“Hmm, this is a good idea.” Tomoben touched his beard and nodded.

“Who will lead the team?” Asked Hiroshi Matsuhara.

“If you trust me, Pavilion master, I’ll lead a team over.

Moreover, some of our sect’s experts will be participating in the battle.

Our sect has more than 200 Eagles, and with yours, we have around 500.

All the experts on the Eagle will attack, and Tang Wen’s head will be cut off. ” Yi Weilong said in a high profile manner.

“Then I’ll have to trouble you, Prince.” Hiroshi matsuyarai cupped his hands.

“To be honest, that’s because you guys have exaggerated Tang Wen too much. I, Yi Weilong, am the one who will break your legend. Let’s just wait and see.” Yi Weilong stood up and said.

“Immediately inform the seals to gather 80000 troops to reinforce Peacock Island.

In addition, inform the attack division of Thunderfire Island to be ready to reinforce Peacock Island at any time.

This time, we must take down Tang Wen. ” Hiroshi Matsuhara said with a serious face.

Soon, the meeting organized by Hiroshi Songyuan was sent by Wang haiting.

“Interference tactics, that’s a good idea.” Tang Wen said with a smile after watching the video on the boat.

“Yi Weilong isn’t simple. He’s in the top 20 of the bronze roll. Master, don’t underestimate him.” Wen Jinyuan said.

“What’s the strength of the top 20 on the bronze list?” Tang Wen asked.

“The bronze roll is made up of dozens of countries. In the top twenty, only luoshen Dai Mei from our Chu country is on the roll. I reckon that the lowest cultivation level is at the great circle of spirit sense, or even the early stage of mortal realm.” At this moment, Zhuge Cang Xiao said.

“A 30-year-old man of the mortal realm, you’re indeed extraordinary.” Tang Wen said.

“Luoshen is only 20 years old. He’s much stronger than Yi Weilong. By the time luoshen turns 30, she’ll probably have made it into the silver ranking. ” Zhuge Cang Xiao said.

“The ivelon has 500 – 600 Eagles, which means there are 500 – 600 experts.

The strength of this group of experts was at least in the gathering Yuan state.

About half of them are at the level of telekinesis and above, so we have to come up with a plan in advance. ” Wen Jinyuan said.

“Hehe, there’s no need to worry about that. They can fly, but we have a flying beast Army.

Although we don’t have as many experts as them, we have an AK in our hands.

At that time, we’ll be able to fire at them from a mile or two away, and their true energy won’t be able to hit us.

However, they definitely have bows and arrows in their hands, but the power of the bows and arrows can’t be compared to our AKS.

Then let’s start with them and have a good meal. ” Tang Wen said with a smile.

The sun nation’s execution ability was very strong. The Tang family’s warship had only traveled about two hundred miles when a dark cloud flew over from the distance, causing the surrounding air to be tossed about like waves.

“Yi Weilong is here. Master, should we let our flying beast Army take off to face the enemy?” Wen Jinyuan put down the binoculars in his hand and said.

“Don’t worry, it’s still far, at least seventy or eighty miles away from us. We don’t need to waste our energy waiting in the air. ” Tang Wen waved his hand.

Soon, the black cloud closed in.

“Master, we’re about thirty li. If they have gunpowder in their hands, our warships will also be injured.

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