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Chapter 460: Boosting other people’s morale while destroying one’s own prestige (4)

It seemed that the system would occasionally give him a surprise. Not bad.

“Ximen tai reported that the frogmen have gone to the island separately and have not been discovered by the enemy.” The next morning, just after breakfast, Wen Jinyuan came in and said.

“Has there been any change in the situation of the enemy forces on Peacock Island?” Tang Wen asked.

“There are! Yesterday, twenty thousand of them had already quietly returned.

That evening, the three islands had added another 40000 soldiers to their forces, bringing their total military strength to around 100000.

In addition to the people on the island and the captured soldiers, there are no less than 150000 troops. ” Wen Jin Yuan said.

“We already have 30000 frogmen on the island. They have AK guns and a bunch of grenades.

When we launch the general attack tomorrow, the number of troops we have on the surface is the black cavalry Battalion and some of my Tang family’s troops, which is about forty thousand men.

However, we still have a group of people hidden in the dark, about 20000. When the time comes, they should be enough to suddenly charge out and surround the enemy.

That night, Gongsun Wuji, MA Qian, and Zhuge Cang Xiao would all bring their strongest elites to the island.

Gongsun Wuji will mainly coordinate with Mei zhenhong to keep an eye on Chu Qiyang, while MA Qian and Zhuge cangxiao will command the troops on the island to fight. ” Tang Wen said.

“Our strongest forces are on the island, so we’ll just fire our cannons and guns on the surface.

The cannons and guns in our hands are much more advanced than the enemy ‘s.


With the frogmen installing mines, we won’t have to be afraid of the enemy. ” Wen Jin Yuan said.

“Yes, when the battle starts, I’ll secretly go to the island and leave my substitute at the scene.” Tang Wen said.

“Yes, Chu Qiyang is a big fish. We must not let him escape.

In addition, Lord Wan’s side was also ready, with more than 38000 troops waiting to set off.

The 100,000 soldiers from remote ocean and remote ocean provinces had arrived at Thunderfire Island and were ready to fight the enemy.

However, they shouldn’t be of much use and can’t completely rescue Thunderfire Island.

I guess we’ll have to wait until we’ve dealt with them before we can go and reinforce them. ” Wen Jinyuan nodded.

“We still have dozens of small gunboats. They’re very fast and can arrive in a few hours from Peacock Island.

The ships will follow behind. Our gunboats are mobile and flexible, so we must try our best to delay the enemy.

As long as the enemy dares to stay, we can annihilate them all.

This time, we’re going to do something big. ” Tang Wen said.

The next morning, the Tang family’s 20 battleships, 10 small gunboats, and more than 200 wooden warships set off for Peacock Island.

The Black Knights of sea Saint City stood on the side of the ship in their bright armor, while Tang Wen stood on the bow of the ship in a cool Earl’s suit, attracting the attention of the spies of sun sect.

The spies discovered that on both sides of the Tang family’s ship.

Even the bow of the ship was packed with people. If the people in the cabin were included, there were no less than 300 people on the ship.

In this way, more than 200 ships would mean 60000 to 70000 people.

The spy immediately sent a messenger pigeon to report the situation to the leader of the soaring heaven Pavilion, Hiroshi Matsuhara.

At this moment, Hiroshi Matsuhara was on the ‘strange Bamboo Island’, which was only a thousand li away from Peacock Island.

The strange Bamboo Island originally belonged to great Chu, but it was occupied by the sun nation a hundred years ago.

In the past one hundred years, the great Chu Kingdom’s strength had declined while the sun Kingdom’s strength had been rising day by day.

Therefore, he had never been able to take it back.

After a hundred years of operation by the sun nation, the island had already developed into a coastal outpost to deal with great Chu.

The island was extremely large, with an area of about 10000 hectares and a population of over a million.

It was the sun nation’s important royal fish farm, and 30% of the royal family’s seafood was transported from this Island.

Ever since the sun nation had invaded the great Chu, this place had become the command center for the sun nation to deal with the great Chu.

Hiroshi Matsuhara immediately called for an intense meeting and gathered all the elders at home.

“Sixty to seventy thousand, we have to count it as eighty thousand.

Furthermore, it was said that four battalions of the black cavalry Battalion from the sea Saint had been transferred here. There were also a few thousand more, close to thirty thousand men.

Great Chu’s Black cavalry Battalion was made up of great Chu’s elites, and their strength was comparable to that of six Fan School.

In terms of war, the six Fan School is definitely stronger. We can’t underestimate them. ” The Grand elder’s Sanshu said.

“Of course. The six Fan School is dealing with the Jianghu, while the black cavalry camp is the beast in the military.” The second elder, tomomoto Jun, said.

“Two elders, you’re boosting other people’s morale too much and destroying your own strength!” At this time, an old and mature young man who sat on the same level as Hiroshi Matsuhara said with an arrogant face.

This person’s identity wasn’t simple. He was Yi Weilong, the son of the sun nation’s King of Nan Zhao, Yi Yinglin.

He was also one of the sun nation’s famous geniuses, one of the top 20 on the bronze roll.

Don’t look down on these top 20. It should be known that this ‘bronze ranking’ was a regional martial ranking jointly owned by dozens of big and small countries around great Chu.

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