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Chapter 458: Boosting other people’s morale while destroying one’s own prestige (2)

“Your Highness, please spare my life. This subject knows his crime. This subject will immediately send more troops and order them to rush over overnight.” MA Qian said.

“Immediately squeeze out another Battalion, including the 7000 men you embezzled.

You will personally lead the team and immediately and quietly rush to somi Island.

Listen to the Vice Commander-in-Chief’s orders. If you dare to disobey, this King will execute your entire family!” Chu Xiangang threw out a vicious sentence and left with a flick of his sleeves.

“Why are you still in a daze? the battle on Thunderfire Island has already begun. If we’re late and we lose the island, how many heads will you have?

Also, His Highness had told him to go there quietly.

Don’t let anyone know about it if you don’t make a big fuss. ” Chu Guang lectured him for a while before leaving.

“Stealthily, why stealthily ... Could it be that there’s another purpose ...” MA Qian recovered his senses and shivered.

“Milord, we’ve just received news. Tang Wen tied up Chu Tiangong and then went to the remote ocean to mobilize troops. Zhou kuohai didn’t agree, and as a result, he was beaten half to death. Zhuang Qiyang was sent to the six fan division in ocean Saint City. ” At this moment, Grand Master Jiang Dong hurriedly ran in from outside.

“It’s over ...” When MA Qian heard this, he was so scared that he fell to the ground.

“What’s wrong, my Lord?” Jiang Dong quickly went to help him up.

“Just now, His Royal Highness and the high Duke came ...” MA Qian Dao said.

“It must be Tang Wen. Your Excellency, hurry up and beat him up.


Otherwise, that kid wouldn’t be easy to deal with if they were late.

Who was Chu Tiangong? he would beat someone up just like that.

And who is Zhou kuohai? he was beaten up badly. ” Jiang Dong became anxious when he heard that.

“Let’s go, let’s go,” MA Qian’s expression changed greatly and he hurriedly left like a stray dog.

MA Qian’s men had arrived very quickly. They had arrived quietly by the next morning.

As soon as he saw Tang Wen, MA qianma knelt on one knee and cupped his fists.”I, MA qiante, have brought the 7th Battalion of the Black Knights and another 7000 men to replace them. In addition, I have specially transferred 8000 elites from other battalions. A total of 20000 men have rushed here overnight to report to the Deputy commander.”

“Hehehe, Lord MA, you’ve come just in time. Quickly get up, no need for so many formalities.” Tang Wen said with a smile. One look at this guy’s unlucky face and he knew that he had been taught a lesson by a Prince or a Duke.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so honest and attentive. He was so awesome a few days ago.

He had probably heard that he had beaten up Zhou kuohai. If Zhou kuohai dared to beat him up, who were you, MA Qian? 𝓲n𝗻𝗿𝙚𝘢𝘥. 𝓬𝚘𝒎

“Vice Commander-in-Chief, I was rude a few days ago. Please don’t take it to heart.

This time, he would listen to the Vice Commander-in-Chief’s orders.

MA qiani swear to fight the sun nation’s thieves to the end. ” As MA Qian spoke, he stood up and said to the soldiers he had brought,”listen to the Deputy commander’s orders. Whoever dares to disobey, I, MA Qian, will be the first to Cut You Down.”

“We will follow the Vice-commander’s orders and follow his orders!” All the soldiers answered.

However, they were all puzzled.

Why was Lord MA so afraid of Tang Wen? although that guy was a vice Commander-in-Chief, it was only an empty position. It was said that he himself was only a rank three general in real life.

MA Qian was a secondary second rank vice commander, but he was too weak ...

“Everyone, we’ll be setting off tomorrow.

We must buck up and fight to the end with the sun nation’s thieves and spread great Chu’s name.

I swear an oath here that I will not withdraw until I have killed 50000 enemies!” Tang Wen stood on the stage with a heroic expression.

As soon as he finished speaking, his legs did not move at all, and his body actually rose up.

Immediately, the thirty thousand black cavalries were slightly shocked.

However, they were all sneering in their hearts, knowing that this Marshal Tang was trying to show off his power.

Even a telekinetic expert could rise without moving his legs, so it wasn’t rare.

However, when Tang Wen’s body slowly rose to 300 feet, the Black Knights couldn’t hold back anymore.

This was because one needed to hold their breath to rise without moving their legs. Moreover, it also required a strong amount of true Qi to support it.

However, even a spiritual perception realm expert could only rise to about 200 feet at most, but Tang Wen had already reached 300 feet.

And it was still rising. In fact, it rose even slower.

It would be easy for one to soar into the sky, but the difficulty lay in the ‘slow’ speed.

The slower it was, the more difficult it was ...

Tang Wen finally reached the fifty Zhang mark. Suddenly, the soldiers of the black cavalry camp exploded. They waved their hands excitedly and shouted,”vice commander, vice commander ...”

“Hehe, everyone, I’m just praying to the heavens. May the heavens bless all the soldiers of great Chu to be able to kill the enemy and return safely.” Tang Wen laughed out loud, but in the next moment, the soldiers went even crazier.

Tang Wen didn’t just talk, but his body was still rising.

What kind of power was this?

What kind of Qinggong was this?

“Tang Shuai is invincible ...”

Immediately, a slogan that resounded through the heavens and earth sounded.

Tang Wen rose to a height of 300 meters before he stopped. Suddenly, his body was surrounded by multicolored light. He stood in the sky like a god, looking down at the creatures below.

In an instant, all the soldiers of the black cavalry Battalion felt that they had become inferior because they were right under the feet of the God.

“Greetings, vice commander Tang!” MA Qian’s lips twitched as he wiped away the sweat on his forehead.

He thought to himself,”it’s a good thing he was still polite that day. Otherwise, I might not even be able to withstand a slap from him.”

This person was definitely a mortal realm expert.

“Vice Commander-in-Chief!” All the soldiers knelt down and shouted.

“Ding dong, you’ve obtained another 38000 or so traces of human qi. You can absorb them now. System repair ...” At this moment, there was a response from the Earth-based master space.

Of course, this popularity came from the black cavalry Battalion. The remaining thousands of people were the slaves that the Tang family had mortgaged from the bank.

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