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Chapter 457: Boosting other people’s morale while destroying one’s own prestige (1)

If he could spread the Gongsun family’s cultivation method to Yunhai city, wouldn’t those graduate students and doctors be able to learn martial arts while lying down?

Especially those who did research, the results were even better. However, the Gongsun family’s Secret technique shouldn’t be taught to outsiders.

“The world is full of wonders. Some people can advance just by eating. Some musicians study the guqin. Playing the guqin can also enhance their skills. ” Zhuge Cang Xiao said.

” 360 lines, every line produces a top scholar.” Tang Wen smiled.”However, Cang Xiao, since you’ve joined the Tang Clan, I’ll teach you the Tianyu three-Dragon manual today.

After you follow me, you’ll probably have less time to study the art of engineering. You’ll have to cultivate new techniques and martial arts. You can’t fall behind at any time.

Although you’ve entered the early mortal realm, that’s still far from the end. ” Tang Wen said.

“Of course, Cang Xiao will listen to everything you say, my Lord.” Zhuge Cang Xiao cupped his hands and said respectfully.

He did not sleep for a night, and taught Zhuge Cang Xiao the heavenly three-Dragon manual.

When he took the void Bag from Tang Wen’s hands, Zhuge Cang Xiao flicked through it again.

“My Lord, my teacher also knows a bit about spatial mechanisms.

However, he could only create a 15-foot trap space. For example, he could create a 10-foot space in the wooden horse to store things.

However, it couldn’t be any bigger.

My Lord, what you gave me is ten Zhang tall and small. It’s even more powerful than teacher. ”


“No wonder. I’ve heard that the wooden horse and ox of the Gongsun family can move a lot of things. It shocked all the people of Chu at that time. It turns out that there’s a hidden space in its stomach?” Tang Wen suddenly realized.

“Hehe, that’s it. Outsiders don’t know about it and think that my teacher knows the art of the immortals. They call it the mountain moving art. ” Zhuge Cang Xiao laughed drily.

“Mountain moving technique ...” Tang Wen was stunned and almost laughed out loud. Didn’t he often use this technique to fool others? I didn’t expect there to be a traveler in the other world.

“That’s right, it’s the mountain moving technique. ” Zhuge Cang Xiao nodded.

“Do you think your teacher can use the space spell on my cars and ships?

For example, he could create a space in the car and fit a lot more people.

For example, we can make a space in the ship. Haha, that way, we can carry more goods. ” Tang Wen suddenly had an idea.

“We can try. Teacher has been thinking about this recently. I believe that he will be able to do it after he understands it.

In fact, I can create a space of three meters high now.

It’s just that it’s too small compared to yours. ” Zhuge Cang Xiao said with an embarrassed look.

The future of this technology was very promising. If it was successful, for example, a car that could normally seat five people could fit thirty to forty people.

Another example was a small cargo ship that could only carry 300 tons of cargo. After expansion, it might be able to carry a few thousand tons of cargo.

Another example was that their ships could only carry three to four hundred people if they were used to transport people.

If there was space, it could hold a few thousand people, and the few ships could carry tens of thousands of people for long-range attacks. The effect would be too great.

Of course, this technology had already been realized by the star fantasy empire.

However, they were too complicated and he could not do it.

Moreover, it required special materials produced by star fantasy empire to make the space. Chu country didn’t have the materials from star fantasy empire, nor did Da Dong country.

Therefore, that seemed to be too far away from him and was not suitable in Chu.

On the other hand, Gongsun Wuji’s space technique could be integrated with some products in Yunhai city and be used in the real world.

“You can think about it on a regular basis. Take this small plane for example. Don’t think that it’s only the size of a finger. It has space inside and can carry things that weigh more than 5000 kilograms.” Tang Wen took out a drone.

“It’s so small, but it can still hold ten thousand Jin?” Zhuge Cang Xiao expressed his doubts.

“Take a look,” Tang Wen opened the small plane’s spatial gate. Zhuge zangxiao looked inside and his mouth immediately opened wide.

“I’ll give this to you,” Tang Wen said.

“My Lord, can I tear it apart?” Zhuge Cang Xiao asked.

“It’s yours if I give it to you. However, you have to tell me if you discover anything. ” Tang Wen said.

“Alright, alright, I’ll tear it down immediately.” It seemed that this guy was not tired at all after practicing martial arts All Night. He turned around and was about to leave.

“You don’t have to go back to live in the future. You can live downstairs so that it’s convenient to call you at any time.” Tang Wen said.

“Thank you, my Lord.” Zhuge Cang Xiao walked away.

Damn, this guy was simply a second Gongsun Wuji ...

No wonder Gongsun Wuji would accept him as his first disciple. They were Birds of a Feather.

There were a few uninvited guests at the Yamen of the Black Knights ‘main camp in sea Saint City! It was naturally the Duke and the Prince. MA Qian hurriedly welcomed the two lords into the main hall.


Bang! 𝘪𝑛𝓃𝒓𝐞𝙖d. ᴄ𝒐𝑚

Before MA Qian could even react, he was slapped by Chu Xiangang and was unconscious. In the end, he was kicked by Chu Guang and fell flat on his face.

“You’re so bold! You actually dare to reduce the number of black cavalry soldiers. ” Chu Xiangang cursed.

“I ... This subordinate didn’t ...” MA Qian covered his mouth and said with a tearful face.

“Still not there? Three battalions have 16000 people, and you only gave Tang Wen 8000, where did the rest go?” Chu Xianggang slammed the table and asked sternly.

“I ... Ah, I know I’m guilty. I’m worried about ocean Saint City, so I picked out a group of elites. I’m worried about the safety of Your Highness and the high Duke. Ocean Saint City is the most important.” MA Qian knelt on the ground in fear.

“If the remote Ocean Ridge and the tianyue province are lost, can sea Saint City still be protected? You idiot! You’re just pretending to be obedient, and you should be executed according to the military law!” Chu Xiangang cursed.

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