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Chapter 455: Kicking the Governor-General (5)

As for the spirit focus realm, two of them had also entered the spiritual perception realm.

When they left the tower, they all looked at Tang Wen as if he was a God.

No one doubted Tang Wen’s ability anymore. One by one, they went forward and knelt down on one knee to pay their respects to Lord Jue.

“Teacher, that Lord Tang is amazing.” Gongsun hongzhao ran back with an excited expression.

“Teacher, I’ve broken through to the mortal realm, but I owe Lord Jue a big favor.” Zhuge Cang Xiao said with an embarrassed look.

“That’s right. The godly medicine he gave us is definitely priceless.” Kong Lintao said.

“So, you must know how to repay a debt of gratitude. This time, you must help Lord Jue kill his enemies!” Gongsun Wuji said.

“Master, I feel that this Lord Tang is very godly. Not to mention these strange objects, even the unity of the Tang family is worthy of admiration. ” Gongsun hai said.

“He has already established the image of a ‘God’ in somi. The Tang family will definitely be famous in the world in the future.” Gongsun Wuji looked up at the sky.

“Teacher, I want to go and assist him.” Zhuge Cang Xiao said.

“You’re about to finish your apprenticeship. It’s your good fortune to have a wise master.

Otherwise, there’s nothing to be proud of if you keep following me.

I, Gongsun Wuji, have never loved power in my life. I only like to fiddle with these things.


After you’ve finished your apprenticeship, you can go wherever you want. I won’t stop you.

Cang Xiao, if you want to go, then go now, sooner rather than later.

You must know that there are many capable people in this world.

In the long term, great Chu was just a small corner of the world.

Even the surrounding countries look huge, but in fact, there is a vast world outside. ” Gongsun Wuji said.

“Teacher, is the outside bigger?” Gongsun hongzhao asked curiously.

“I haven’t gone out, but one of my ancestors has been to a very far place.

I only found out that there’s a sky beyond the sky after going through his records. Our great Chu is just a remote corner of the land.

On the outside, there was a vast world, and even a human realm expert was nothing in front of them.

So, you must remember not to be arrogant.

After all, there was always someone better. There are many mysterious existences in this world that you can’t imagine.

Take the West as an example, it’s very far from us. However, look, these strange treasures have made the Gongsun family feel ashamed.

I, Gongsun Wuji, have never seen the Tang family’s treasure before. I’m quite proud to be called the machine King.

However, now that I look at it, my Gongsun family’s mechanical puppets and mechanical horses are all trash.

Therefore, there were all sorts of strange things in the world. People were always thinking about something and wanted to discover something.

The people of my Gongsun clan are all curious about all the new treasures and want to understand them.

However, there are too many treasures in this world, and it’s impossible for one to understand all of them. ” Gongsun Wuji sighed with emotion.

“Teacher, I’m off!” Zhuge Cang Xiao knelt down three times and kowtowed.

“Go, today is the day you truly finish your apprenticeship.” Gongsun Wuji nodded.

Zhuge Cang Xiao stood up, turned and strode away.

“Master, Zhuge Cang Xiao requests an audience.” Mei niansu entered and said.

“Why is he here?” Gu hanyan was stunned.

“Maybe Gongsun Wuji has something to pass on. Call him in.” Tang Wen waved his hand.

Not long after, Zhuge Cang Xiao was brought in.

“Lord Jue, I’ve finished my apprenticeship today.”

“Then I have to congratulate you.” Tang Wen said with a smile. Raising his eyes to take a look, he found that Zhuge Cang Xiao’s tiny figure was completely facing him, and his body was slightly bent.

“My Lord! Please accept me. From now on, I, Zhuge Cang Xiao, am a member of the Tang Clan. ” Zhuge Cang Xiao suddenly knelt down.

“That’s not very good, right? master Gongsun has an opinion. ” Tang Wen was stunned.

“My teacher has already agreed to let me choose after I finish my apprenticeship. He also said that his ancestors once said that the world is very big, and that there is always a sky beyond the sky. Great Chu and its surrounding areas are just a corner of it. ” Zhuge Cang Xiao said.

“That’s true. ” Tang Wen replied.

“My Lord has also been outside? That’s right, the Lord went to the West. I heard that the West is very far away, and it will take a few years to travel by boat. ” Zhuge Cang Xiao asked curiously.

“Hehe, some things can be learned from books, and you don’t have to go outside. Of course, the world is vast. Perhaps your teacher’s ancestors only saw a corner of the world. ” Tang Wen said with a smile.

“Teacher’s ancestor must have been to many places. If what he saw was only a corner of the world, how big is the world?” Zhuge Cang Xiao was immediately attracted, his eyes looking at Tang Wen with curiosity.

This was the effect that Tang Wen wanted. Only by making him curious could he attract him and completely subdue him.

Only Gu hanyan wanted to laugh. She knew that her husband was just trying to trick her.

“Follow me.” Tang Wen walked towards the office, Zhuge Cang Xiao carefully and respectfully following behind.

There was a 200-inch giant TV there. It was a high-tech gadget from the star fantasy empire.

Tang Wen stretched out his hand and pointed at the screen. Suddenly, the distant space appeared, and the starry sky was brilliant.

Coupled with the sound of the explosion and the unique smell, Zhuge Cang Xiao was immediately stunned by the Grand scene.

He was like a silly bird, opening his mouth wide and looking ... Looking ...

“The world is big, very big. The world we live in is spherical, and our Chu State is just a large spot on this spherical object. ”

Tang Wen used his telekinesis to attack, and the ethereal and magnetic voice seemed to come from the mysterious universe.

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