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Chapter 452: Kicking the Governor-General (2)


Tang Wen’s accusation frightened all the officials, and they stood up in unison and bowed.”Greetings, vice Commander-in-Chief.”

“Lord Zhou, are you going to keep making mistakes and look down on the Tiger tally?” Tang Wen stared at Zhou kuohuo coldly.

“Impudent! I am the governor of the two seas, but instead of kneeling in front of me, you’re actually picking a fight. Are you asking for a beating?” Zhou kuohai said aggressively.

“What’s wrong? Lord Zhou, can you be more powerful than the Emperor? It seems that you don’t want to pay attention to the Emperor. Are you thinking of rebelling?” Tang Wen suddenly raised the Tiger tally high.

Zhou kuohai’s face suddenly turned gloomy, but he did not want to stand up, as it would be equivalent to admitting defeat.

“Chu Zhao, record it down and report it together!” Tang Wen said.

“Tang Wen, what do you want to do?” Zhou kuohai was furious. He slammed the table, but he still stood up obediently.

“Get down! Everyone, the sun nation’s Army of 140000 has already begun to attack thunderflame Island. There are only about 30000 soldiers guarding the island and they are in danger. ” Tang Wen walked over and glared at Zhou kuohai.

“Tang Wen, you bastard. He actually dares to shout at this official. Men, drag him away. ” Zhou kuohai was furious. 𝑖𝑛𝗻𝐫𝗲𝙖𝐝. 𝘤૦m

However, the guards on both sides did not dare to move.

“What? you don’t listen to my orders anymore? if you don’t listen, kill!” Zhou kuohai’s face turned red as he pointed at the guard and scolded him.

“Yes, sir!” More than a dozen guards saluted with their fists and approached Tang Wen.


“If you want to take this vice Commander-in-Chief, come, come and tie me up.

You’ll be fine. When the time comes, the governor will have someone to protect him.

As for you guys, you’ve looked down on the Emperor, so you’ll be executed. ” Tang Wen put the Tiger tally on the table and said with a pleasant expression.

Instantly, the guards were so frightened that their expressions changed drastically. They took a few steps back in panic and stood against the wall, not daring to move.

“You F * cking get the hell out of here!” The next moment, everyone was stunned.

Caught off guard, Zhou kuohai was actually kicked away by Tang Wen. He hit the wall and his nose immediately started bleeding.

“You dare to hit me? kill him!” Zhou kuohai jumped up and pulled out his sword. Everyone looked at him and immediately shrank their necks.

That was because Zhou kuohai had lost a row of front teeth, and his speech was seriously out of tune.

The two rows of officials hurriedly lowered their heads and pretended not to see anything.

The guards were the same. They lowered their heads and became wooden pillars.

“Bastard, I’ll kill you today. Let’s see what the kings and dukes can do to me!” Zhou kuohai was so angry that he turned his sword and turned it into five sword shadows, slashing at Tang Wen.


Tang Wen was stabbed, and blood splattered everywhere.

Instantly, everyone was scared out of their wits, and they were all trembling.

Zhou kuohai killed the Vice Commander-in-Chief. He has his own backer and will be fine, but we, his subordinates, will be in trouble.

At that time, when the kings and dukes investigated, no one would be able to escape.

“Vice Commander-in-Chief!”

Mei zhenhong shouted, and with a loud bang, Zhou kuohai was knocked to the ground.

Chu luoxiang was also extremely angry, and she jumped forward with Chu Cong.

The four feet stomped on Zhou kuohai’s body. He screamed in pain and spat out blood.

All the civil and military officials in the hall were so scared that they were all gasping, because Zhou kuohai’s chest had collapsed. It was estimated that all his ribs were broken.

The two guards behind Zhou Haihai were also beaten to the ground by ye Qian and rolled out of the Yamen, lost.

Mei niansu quickly applied medicine to Tang Wen’s wounds and fed him a spirit pill.

In fact, the blood was the blood of wild beasts.

Tang Wen suddenly had a plan and immediately took out a bag of beast blood from the void Bag and placed it on his chest.

After that, Zhou kuohai attacked with his sword, and Tang Wen took the initiative to close in. Naturally, he was hit by the sword, and blood spurted out.

In reality, nothing happened at all, only his clothes were dirtied.

This gave Mei zhenhong and ye Qian a reason to beat up Zhou kuohai.

“Immediately send a messenger pigeon to Zhuang Qiyang, His Royal Highness, and the Duke of state. Tell them that Zhou kuohai looked down on the Emperor and disobeyed orders, brazenly assassinating the Vice Commander-in-Chief in the hall.

Now that the sun nation’s Army had already attacked Thunderfire Island, Zhou kuohai actually stopped the Vice Commander-in-Chief from moving back.

It was highly possible that they had already betrayed the country and joined the enemy, colluding with the sun nation’s thieves.

Order Lord Zhuang to bring men down immediately and take Zhou kuohai, this lying-down thief, back to the six fan division in sea Saint City for a strict trial without any mistakes. ” Tang Wen covered his chest and said.

Wen Jinyuan hurriedly took out a pen and paper and started writing. Tang Wen stamped the Vice commander’s seal on him. He looked at the officials and said,”all of you have seen what happened today. You can be the witnesses and sign your names and signatures.”

Mei zhenhong went up with the paper. Wu Zhaoyang was hesitant and didn’t want to sign it. In the end, Tang Wen picked up the Tiger tally and smashed it on the table.”Whoever doesn’t sign it is Zhou kuohai’s accomplice in the rebellion.”

Wu Zhaoyang trembled in fear and could only pick up a pen to sign.

Once Wu Zhaoyang signed it, the other officials did not dare to refuse. Tang Wen’s accusation was too scary.

After signing, Wen Jinyuan immediately tied it to a Flying Pigeon and sent the general out.

“Teacher, healing is more important. Let’s go and rest first.” Chu luoxiang advised.

Of course, Tang Wen had already sent a telepathic message to Mei Zhenghong, ye Qian, and the others.

Otherwise, Zhou kuohai wouldn’t have been able to get close to Tang Wen.

Chu Cong and Chu luoxiang, on the other hand, did not know about it and really thought that Tang Wen had been stabbed.

“The matters of the Imperial court are more important, and the battle at the front is urgent. If we don’t send troops soon, thunderflame Island will be finished.

Once Thunderfire Island was destroyed, the remote ocean would be in danger. If the remote ocean was lost, ocean Saint would be in trouble.

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