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Chapter 451: Kicking the governor (1)

“He deserves it! That guy is too arrogant. He doesn’t put our master in his eyes at all. ” Wen Jinyuan scoffed.

“If we don’t take him down, we won’t be able to mobilize our troops.” Ye Qian said.

“Everyone, you’ve all seen it.

Hurry up and go back to mobilize the troops, they must have elite troops.

Otherwise, if the Vice Commander-in-Chief blames us, we won’t be able to bear the consequences. ” Tang xinze coughed and said with a serious face after Tang Wen had walked away.

“Lord Tang, what do we tell Lord Chu?” Ning Yang asked.

“He’s now in the six Fan school’s prison. Do you think we should listen to him or the Vice Commander-in-Chief?” Tang xinze sneered.

“Of ... Of course I’ll listen to the Vice Commander-in-Chief.” When Ning Yang heard this, he was immediately drenched in sweat.

“Let’s go back and pick our people. Don’t get beaten up. ” Ding Zhendong said.

Thus, the group of people left in a hurry.

Tang Wen turned to the provincial governor’s office and ordered Wan Hansong to squeeze out as many troops as possible to make the enemy seem like they were protecting Linghai.

In reality, once the battle started, they had to rush to Peacock Island as reinforcements.

Wan Hansong naturally did as he was told. As a provincial governor, he had tens of thousands of men under his command. With the addition of the group training of the various counties, he could totally gather about thirty thousand men.


The next day at 8:00 A. M., Tang Wen and the others arrived at the capital of youhai province, mirror state.

Youhai province was half the size of Linghai province. Mirror province was the provincial capital of youhai province. It wasn’t near the sea, so it was more powerful than Jiangzhou in all aspects.

Just take the Army for example. The entire Linghai Army only had 120 to 130 thousand soldiers.

On the other hand, remote ocean had close to 200000 Yuan, and its economic power was twice that of remote ocean.

Therefore, the governor’s house of the two seas was located in Jingzhou City.

Tang Wen and the others didn’t have time to go shopping because Wang haiting had just called to tell them that the sun Kingdom’s 140000 troops had surrounded Thunderfire Island and launched an attack.

There were only 30000 soldiers guarding Thunderfire Island. Moreover, Thunderfire Island was not made up of only one island. It was made up of four islands, which were collectively called Thunderfire Island.

With the thirty thousand soldiers scattered, each island only had seven to eight thousand men. The situation was very serious, and they soon arrived at chief youhai’s Yamen.

However, Tang Wen was stunned when he arrived at the lobby.

That was because there were already dozens of people sitting in the lobby.

An old man with a chubby face sat in the main hall. He was dressed in a majestic official robe.

The two sides of the seats were filled with officials. The left side was filled with civil officials, and the right side was filled with military generals. Behind the Civil officials and military generals stood a row of guards in bright armor.

Could it be that Wu Zhaoyang had also received the news and was currently arranging his troops? Tang Wen had a question mark in his heart. Wu Zhaoyang was the chief of the tranquil ocean Army.

“Old master, the person sitting in the hall is not Wu Zhaoyang.” At this moment, Wen Jinyuan transmitted his voice over.

“Who is that?” Tang Wen asked.

“Looking at his official uniform, he should be the governor of the two seas. He’s a lower first-rank official. Master, you have to be careful. “On the lower right, slightly higher than the seats in the first two rows, should be Wu Zhaoyang.” Wen Jin Yuan said.

Tang Wen had no impression of the ranks of the officials in Chu State, which was why he made such a big joke.

“That’s Zhou kuohai. ” Tang Wen said.

At that time, Chu Guang had told Tang Wen that the governor of the two seas, Zhou kuohai, was indeed a talented man with great skills.

However, he was too domineering. He didn’t put the two provincial governors in his eyes at all and always did what he wanted.

That was because he was the uncle of imperial concubine Xue.

Chu Guang also said that if he had to dispatch the soldiers of the two provinces, he would probably be in trouble.

However, this fellow seemed to have known in advance that he would be coming, so he had arranged this formation.

There was an 80% chance that the news of the Linghai Commander-in-Chief being imprisoned had already been sent here by messenger pigeons to someone on the other side.

Therefore, Zhou kuohai’s stance was probably to knock some sense into himself.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have heard the news of the sun Kingdom’s attack on thunder fire Island immediately, because Wang haiting had told them over the phone.

Thunderflame Island was actually about 150 kilometers away from the mirror state. With the speed at which they spread the news, they would only receive the news in the afternoon.

They didn’t come with good intentions!

“Who are you? why aren’t you kneeling when you see me?” Sure enough, Zhou kuohai lost his temper. He slammed the gavel, pointed at Tang Wen, and shouted.

“Wu Zhaoyang, you’re so bold. You didn’t even greet me when you saw me?” Tang Wen deliberately pretended to be apart and asked him like he was Wu Zhaoyang.

“Hahaha ...”

Upon hearing this, the dozens of people in the hall laughed madly.

“You’ve disturbed the court. Men, drag him away and give him a hundred demonic might rods!” As expected, it had come. Yesterday, Chu Tiangong had been beaten a hundred times by him. Today, Zhou kuohai actually wanted to beat him a hundred times to show off his might.

“Wu Zhaoyang, How dare you! I, the Emperor, will appoint you as the Vice Commander-in-Chief of the ocean Saint Army.

You’re in charge of the troops of the two seas, yet you look down on the Emperor and don’t even have any manners when you see me.

Men, take him down and give him a hundred strokes of the stick!” Tang Wen took out the Tiger tally and pointed it at Zhou kuohai.

“Yes, sir!” Ye Qian and Chu Zhao cupped their fists and walked towards Zhou kuohai.

“Sir Tang, you’re mistaken. I’m Wu Zhaoyang, he’s the Governor-General Zhou.” Wu Zhaoyang hurriedly stood up and called out.

“You are Wu Zhaoyang. Why are you still sitting there when you see me?” Tang Wen’s face turned serious. He glanced at the officials and said,”you’re not bad. All of you are sitting high and mighty.

Seeing the Tiger tally, he actually didn’t stand up and was impolite. Alright, Chu Zhao, I’ll remember this.

In the future, we will report this to the Duke and his Highness along with the news of the war. ”

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