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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 88 - Think of me as a selfish one

Chapter 88 Think of me as a selfish one

Madam Ye stared coldly at Xia Nuan. With the support of Lian and Luo Dai’er, she walked in.

Then she looked around and said slowly, “Nuan, do you live and work here? Why don’t you go to the company?”

Xia Nuan went over to pour a glass of water for Madam Ye, “Mr. Ye said that he needs costumes for shooting a MV. Since he has to rehearse here, he arranges me to work here so that he can supervise me at any time...”

“How smart he is! He is right next door! It is really convenient for both of you.” Luo Dai’er sneered slightly with an increasing sense of hatred.

Although what she said was sharp, Xia Nuan had no reason to refute. She just lowered her head and delivered the water to Madam Ye.

At this moment, Luo Dai’er stretched out her high-heeled shoes. Xia Nuan tripped over her foot. She lost her balance suddenly and could not help leaning forward. Then the water in her hand instantly fell on Madam Ye’s clothes.

Madam Ye’s clothes were wet at once. She was furious, “What happened to you?! Such a clumsy girl!”

Holding a towel, Xia Nuan tried to dry Madam Ye’s clothes. However, she was pushed away, “Xia Nuan, I have no idea why Sichen picks you as his designer? You are so clumsy. I don’t think your designs would be good with your ability!”

“Sorry, Madam Ye. Would you like to take off your clothes? Let me wash it for you.”

“No. I need you to go away immediately! You are fired from now on!” Madam Ye said severely.

Xia Nuan stood there still.

“Didn’t you hear Madam Ye’s words? Get your belongings packed and leave immediately.” Luo Dai’er glared at Xia Nuan.

Looking at Luo Dai’er, Xia Nuan didn’t want to make a sound. She bit her lips and packed her stuffs silently.

Luo Dai’er walked towards Xia Nuan and looked at her, “You are doing this too slow! Let me help you to clean the room up.” After she finished, she reached out her hands to take Xia Nuan’s designs.

Xia Nuan refuted her. Then Luo Dai’er grabbed something from the table and left silently.

“What’s wrong? What happened here?” As Ye Sichen was rehearsing, he learned that his mother and Luo Dai’er came. He felt that things would go bad, so he rushed over here.

He was sweaty. With his shirt attaching to his body, he stood straight in the room.

Madam Ye made an accusation angrily to her son, “Xia Nuan poured the water on me. She was so clumsy, so I dismissed her for you. She should go back to Modu City to sweep her father’s tomb instead of staying here!”

“Mom, she should design the clothes for me. It is not too late for her to go there once the work is finished.” Ye Sichen said.

“Among so many well-known designers, you chose nobody but this clumsy one. Now that she made a mistake, don’t I have the right to dismiss her?!” Madam Ye hated that Ye Sichen refuted her all the time.

Ye Sichen was obedient to Madam Ye before, but since Xia Nuan turned up, he began to disobey her orders gradually.

Madam Ye was extremely annoyed.

Ye Sichen took a look at Luo Dai’er who wore a smug smile. Then he stared at Xia Nuan who was packing her clothes, “Xia Nuan, come here.”

Xia Nuan stopped and walked over. She had no facial expression.


Unexpectedly, Ye Sichen gave her a slap on the face. She covered her face in bewilderment. Then her tears poured down instantly.

She knew that it was Luo Dai’er who tripped her, but she didn’t speak it out.

To some extent, she was guilty for Luo Dai’er. Every time she thought of her immoral relationship with Ye Sichen, she felt more and more guilty.

“Mom, are you satisfied?”

Ye Sichen asked Madam Ye coldly.

His eyes were as cold as ice and frost, which scared Madam Ye and Luo Dai’er.

Madam Ye snorted. Then she stood up, slammed the door and left.

“Is it still painful?” Ye Sichen wrapped his arms around her.

Xia Nuan shook her head. She slightly got out of his arms and went to the bathroom alone silently.

As soon as she was about to lock the door, Ye Sichen pushed the door open forcefully. His tall figure was in front of her in the bathroom, which made her feel depressed.

Seeing that Xia Nuan was going to take the towel, he grabbed it over in advance. He dipped it into the water, wringed it drily and then slightly covered on her red face.

Actually, he couldn’t bear to slap her face hard. But as a man, his strength was enough to get her face turned red and swollen.

“I’m sorry. I have to do this. Otherwise, I can’t keep you from leaving.” Ye Sichen kissed her on her cheek and circled around her waist.

“So, in order to satisfy your physical needs, you imprison me like this? What do you take me for? I am not as good as those women who serve men at nightclub...”

“I don’t want you to leave. You can think of me as a selfish one.” He held her face. As he said, his face blushed.

Xia Nuan immediately forgave what he had done to her.

Only his gaze was enough to get her indulgenced.

Ye Sichen lowered his head and kissed her on her lips. He didn’t stop until Xia Nuan panted for breath continuously, “Xia Nuan, don’t leave me. I need you.”

Xia Nuan reduced her anger a little bit. Then she could not help holding him on the shoulder. She was addicted to his kisses.

Ye Sichen lifted her up and walked out of the bathroom. As they were about to fire up their passions, Ye Sichen stopped reluctantly.

“Hold on a second.” After he finished, he walked towards the blind pass in the balcony. In a while, he brought a bowl of hot steamed shrimp noodles.

“I learned to cook this Chinese food recently. I know you like eating shrimps. So, I cook this bowl of fresh shrimp noodles for you specially. Help yourself to have a try.” Ye Sichen held the chopsticks and served her the shrimp clumsily.

Looking at him acting like this, she almost lost herself. Then she took a bite of the shrimp obediently.

At the same time, she was moved.

She only sensed that her heart was full of warmth.

After he became famous, he lived a decedent life. He was surrounded by people. When he was on the stage, he could conquer the world. However, he kept a low profile and cooked for her personally.

Xia Nuan was shocked. She felt very contradictory.

The better he treated her, the deeper she lost herself.

“Isn’t it delicious?”

“No. It tastes good. Try it together.” Xia Nuan retracted herself. Then she smiled mildly with tears in her eyes.

Seeing this, Ye Sichen wiped her tears away, “Xia Nuan, I hope you mean what you said.”

“Yes, I’m saying it sincerely.” Xia Nuan took the bowl over and served a shrimp into his mouth.

Ye Sichen beamed at her, “I will do it for you every day in the future.”

“No, I don’t want you to be too tired. Moreover, even if it is delicious, I can’t eat it every day, or I will feel bored about it.” Xia Nuan refused.

“Will you get bored of me?” Ye Sichen pinched on her face slightly.

Xia Nuan’s face blushed. She said nothing else.

Ye Sichen sighed, “It seems that I have to ‘unlock new postures’ every day. Only in this way can you won’t get bored.”

“I didn’t mean that.” Xia Nuan’s face blushed increasingly.

He twirled her hair on the forehead and carefully brushed her hair behind her ear, “Xia Nuan, I will sleep with you fair and square one day.”

Though the words sounded shameless, they were blurted out from his mouth, which made her feel an unspeakable sense of sexy.

Xia Nuan raised her head and caught his eyes. Once again, her heart beat up irregularly.

“Give me a little time, okay? Remember that you are not a third party. Don’t feel guilty.” Ye Sichen loosed her hand.

Xia Nuan thought about his words the whole afternoon. As she designed the drawings, she was a little absent-minded. Until evening, she found that one of her finished designs was gone.

Could it be Wuyou and Nianci who took it away?

Xia Nuan looked at the two children who were playing not far away and asked if they saw it. They denied. Xia Nuan looked for it again for a long time. Eventually, she still couldn’t find it. Finally, she drew another one based on her memory.

On the second day, she handed over the completed design drawings to Ye Sichen.

Ye Sichen did not look at them and kissed her on her cheek, “The clothes you designed are the best.”

“But you didn’t even take a look at it.” Xia Nuan saw that he was focused on being intimate with her, and he didn’t care about her design drawings at all.

“I know it well without having a look.” He said in a low voice. Then he touched her with his delicate fingers. He wanted her to enjoy herself physically.

“Sir, why are you always like this...” Xia Nuan didn’t dare to be alone with him anymore. Every time, she ended up with losing herself.

“Call me Ye.”

“No, don’t do this to me.”

“No way out. You make me feel addicted.” He forced her to the office case. Then he didn’t hold back his passion until Wuyou and Nianci woke up.

Eventually, one suit of the clothing designs made by Xia Nuan was chose by Ye Sichen and made out soon according to the style designs.

The dark blue shirt with black tailored slacks showed his figure much slenderer perfectly.

“But I feel something missing?” Xia Nuan stared at Ye Sichen. She felt the design was a little bit too monotonous.

Ye Sichen smiled and looked at himself in the mirror, “Well, kind of. After all, I am a stalker in the MV. Is this too formal?”

Xia Nuan was enlightened instantly. Then she took out a belt from the closet and tied it between his waist and his hipbones, “In this way, you will appear as a villain in the play seemingly. It feels right in this way.”

Ye Sichen felt that this belt really worked. Then he designed a black and white belt again.

Lan Qing had been looking for Ye Sichen to discuss about picking the heroine these days. He asked Ye Sichen if there was a suitable one, only got the answer that the figure was pre-decided.

When Lan Qing asked him who she was, Ye Sichen said nothing.

After Lan Qing left, Ye Sichen held lots of female players’ pictures and found Xia Nuan who was in the next room.

“Which one is suitable for being a MV heroine?” Ye Sichen asked Xia Nuan.

Xia Nuan did her reading, page by page. Then she pointed at one, “This one is good, and this one, this... I think they are all pretty.”

Ye Sichen couldn’t help laughing. Then he just looked at her, “But you have to choose one.”

Xia Nuan bit her fingers, looked at these pretty women and started to choose one who was the most suitable for Ye Sichen.

“This one. She looks good with you.”

“But she has short hair. I don’t like one with short hair.” Ye Sichen said.

“This one.”

“She has blonde hair. I don’t like it. I like black fluffy hair.” Ye Sichen looked at her with emotions.

Xia Nuan was completely unaware of it. She pointed another one to Ye Sichen.

“No, no. This one is as thin as ribs. I like the plump kind. She must be about 1.6 meters tall. She can’t be higher than me.”

“No one among these is suitable for you.” Xia Nuan felt a little troublesome.

His requirements to choose a MV heroine were so high. After she measured them from the perspective of an ordinary people, no one could be up to the standards.

“Think about it carefully. Who has black hair? Who has a plump figure? Who is about 1.6 meters tall? When you work it out, please feel free to let me know.” Ye Sichen felt that this woman was sometimes simple-minded.

He had already reminded her obviously, but she didn’t get it yet.

After Ye Sichen left, Xia Nuan thought of a girl in a flash.

The same afternoon, Xia Nuan got into Feicheng Arena with a delicate girl. This girl was called Lin Meng. She was Ye Sichen’s loyal fan. This girl had long black hair. She was petite, beautiful and pure. She seemed to be very suitable for this MV heroine.

Last time, Xi Nuan participated in Ye Sichen’s fan club as Zi Yu and met Lin Meng. At that time, she was embarrassed to pay for Xia Yan’s debts, so she held an auction under Ye Sichen’s permission by deception. Lin Meng bought one shirt at that time.

Lin Meng was very sensible, but she was obsessed with Ye Sichen deeply. She tried several times to see Ye Sichen through Xia Nuan, but Xia Nuan was fired by Ye Sichen at that time. She couldn’t arrange a meeting for her.

Now, she got the chance to become his MV heroine. Lin Meng was mad with joy, but she pretended to be calm seemingly.

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 88 - Think of me as a selfish one