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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 86 - Face the music

Chapter 86 Face the music

Xia Nuan smiled with relief as she looked at Lacy and Mi Ke’er who were stepping into the marriage hall.

When the wedding was coming to an end, Xia Nuan received a call from Song Kuncheng. Song Kuncheng said that he had an emergency.

Then Xia Nuan went to Song Kuncheng’s place alone.

Since she left Zhongshan to Feicheng City, she had been trying to tell Song Kuncheng that everything was okay with her, because she knew that Song Kuncheng would definitely look for her. But the phone was out of service every time she called. Last time when she went to the traditional medicine hospital to visit him, she learnt that Song Kuncheng had changed his number.

As she left the hospital, she exchanged her number with Song Kuncheng for contact.

In Xia Nuan’s heart, she always regarded Song Kuncheng as her brother.

What her biological mother and sister did had already chilled her. It was Song Kuncheng who saved her and gave her the warmth like a family member.

Thinking of this, Xia Nuan stepped up her pace.

Luo Dai’er had been watching Xia Nuan’s movements. After she saw that Xia Nuan had left, she started to figure out a plan.

Xia Nuan went to Song Kuncheng’s place. A staff on duty told her that he was in his own lounge room, so she walked towards his room.

On the phone, Song Kuncheng said that he had an emergency. She was afraid that it was Ye Sichen who sent people here to ask Song Kuncheng for debts.

After she opened the door, she found the room was dark inside and the lights were not on.

Xia Nuan groped her way, trying to turn on the lights. Just at this time, a sweet and warm music rang in the room.

It was the birthday song.

Xia Nuan was stunned to see a man coming out, pushing a cake with candles. The man was Song Kuncheng. He dressed himself in a suit and the candlelight reflected on his handsome face, which made his complexion become more and more mild.

“Xia Nuan, today is your birthday. Happy birthday to you.” Song Kuncheng pushed the cake towards her. Realizing that Xia Nuan was too moved to be at a loss, he smiled.

Xia Nuan looked at Song Kuncheng with tears, “Thank you, Kun.”

Since her father’s death, she had never celebrated a birthday. She did not deliberately mention it before her mother. She knew that it was not her mother forgot her birthday, but she did not want to celebrate a birthday for her.

However, her birthday had been remembered by Song Kuncheng...

Thinking of this, Xia Nuan felt very intimate to Song Kuncheng.

Seeing her tears, Song Kuncheng frowned. He held a towel to wipe the tears for her, “Why are you crying? Do you feel unhappy for getting a-year older?”

Xia Nuan smiled through tears, “I am crying with happy tears.”

Looking at Xia Nuan, Song Kuncheng felt a little sad. He held her hand, “I will celebrate it for you every year in the future.”

Xia Nuan held Song Kuncheng’s hands in turn and then she hugged him tightly, “Kun, thank you. You are my family.”

“You, too.” Song Kuncheng twined his arms around her.

The door of the lounge was suddenly opened and the staff members who worked in Song Kuncheng’s hospital all came over. They sang the happy birthday song together around Xia Nuan and Song Kuncheng.

Obviously, this was arranged by Song Kuncheng.

In order to celebrate her birthday, he carefully planned this warm party. He wanted to give Xia Nuan an unforgettable birthday.

Before Xia Nuan blew out the candle, Song Kuncheng asked her to make a wish.

Xia Nuan closed her eyes and joined her hands. She silently prayed in her deep heart. She hoped that Song Kuncheng’s business could become more and more prosperous. She hoped that her mother who was far away in Zhongshan could be healthy. She hoped... that Wuyou and Nianci could always be healthy and happy...

This scene was shot sneakily.

In a room inside Feicheng Arena, Wuyou and Nianci supported their heads and stared at Ye Sichen with expectation.

Ye Sichen and the two babies sat opposite at the table. Between them were the delicate gifts and a beautiful cake on the table.

Ye Sichen dialed Xia Nuan’s several times, but he couldn’t get it through.

“Dad, when will my mom come over?” Nianci was a little impatient.

Ye Sichen had lost his mood completely. However, he never showed it in front of the children. He smiled warmly, “She will come soon. Don’t worry.”

Wuyou and Nianci looked at each other for a while. Then they nodded and waited for her happily.

The two little guys started practicing the birthday songs their father taught them.

It was close to the early morning. Ye Sichen became a little gloomy. He held the phone tight little by little.

Wuyou and Nianci fell asleep on the chairs. Seeing it, Ye Sichen frowned. He got up slowly and carried them to the bed.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

There was a knock on the door outside. He fired up a glimmer of hope instantly. However, after he opened the door, he found Helen outside.

Helen was in liquor. She leaned against the wall, “Hey, Chen, I am very upset. May I get in and sit for a while?”

Seeing her drunk, Ye Sichen helped her in.

On the second day, the major media published the anecdote of Xia Nuan and Song Kuncheng. The magazine agency, the media agency, the Internet, and the TV stations all exposed the pictures on which Xia Nuan and Song Kuncheng were together. They hugged together and blew out the candles together. It was said that Xia Nuan and Song Kuncheng were a couple. Apart from this, they even exposed Song Kuncheng’s traditional hospital in Feicheng City.

As soon as Xia Nuan came out from his hospital, a bunch of reporters besieged her.

“Excuse me, when is your wedding date?”

“Is this wedding also planned for you by Mr. Ye?”

Xia Nuan avoided the reporters’ questions.

Song Kuncheng was aware of Xia Nuan’s reluctance sharply. He squeezed out the reporters and protected before Xia Nuan. He raised his voice, “I have a girlfriend. We are just good friends! As for the wedding date, there is no such thing.”

When the reporters heard the words, they still didn’t believe it. But as they looked at Song Kuncheng’s serious complexion, they didn’t bombard him any longer. Then, they began to ask Xia Nuan, “Ms. Xia, you said that you were Ye Sichen’s cousin, but why your last name is not ‘Ye’?”

“Or, is this just a hype?”

“Sorry, it’s not my hype. As for the reason, I don’t want to explain.”

“All right. Ms. Xia, may I invite you to go to the TV station for an interview?”

“You can consider our magazine. We will also have a talk show recently. Money is not a problem at all.”

Those reporters were scrambling.

Xia Nuan knew well that these people just wanted to know about Mr. Ye’s private affairs from her. Xia Nuan was extremely eager to get rid of them.

“I’ve got nothing to say about myself and I know nothing about Mr. Ye. I rarely contact with him.” Xia Nuan said.

Those mean reporters kept bombarding her, “Before the relationship was exposed, you were a nanny at his home. Now, you are a designer for him. How could there be no contact between you?”

“Yeah. I used to be a nanny and now I work for him, but I rarely see him.”

These reporters couldn’t get any new information from Xia Nuan. They had no choice but to disappear despondently.

After Xia Nuan said goodbye to Song Kuncheng, she went to the music company. Ye Sichen arranged her to redesign her works there before. As the work was drawing to a close and Ye Sichen was very satisfied with her work, she thought that she could leave after she finished them. However, she must work out her own salvation to pay off the fifty million debts. She wanted to repay Song Kuncheng for saving her life.

She found herself embarrassed with debts. She couldn’t leave yet.

After she rushed towards the music company, she redesigned her works the whole morning. Eventually, she finished them all.

“Mr. Ken, these are the designs that I redid. Please help me to hand them over to Mr. Ye.” Xia Nuan found Ken who was busy and handed her designs to him.

Ken didn’t take those designs over, “He is rehearsing in the arena. You can send them over by yourself. I don’t have much time.”

Xia Nuan didn’t want to have an intersection with Ye Sichen, “Since he is busy, you can give them to him in a couple of days.”

“You can’t be so slouchy. The slovenly are the last ones that Mr. Ye wants to see. If you do so, even if the works are good, Mr. Ye won’t be satisfied. If you want to continue to redesign them, you can delay to deliver them.” Ken said unhappily. i𝙣𝒏r𝚎𝑎𝙙. 𝒄૦m

After thinking it over, Xia Nuan went to Feicheng Arena with those designs.

There was an empty space inside. More than a dozen staff members were negotiating with Ye Sichen, including Lan Qing, the director of the music MV, Ling Yunfeng, the stage director and Helen, known for her dolphin-sounding vocal.

Xia Nuan saw Abul holding Wuyou and Nianci. They were playing happily in another empty venue. Next to them was the maid Lian.

She walked towards them quietly.

“Wuyou, Nianci, how come you are here?” Xia Nuan tried to hold them.

However, as soon as Wuyou and Nianci saw Xia Nuan, they tilted their heads and disregarded her in a fit of pique. Xia Nuan came to a mental halt instantly. Then she bent over and squeezed on their faces favorably, “What happened? Who made you angry?”

If she knew that the two little guys were here, she would certainly bring a lot of funny things for them.

“It’s you, mom!” Nianci snorted. She crossed her arms and backed to Xia Nuan. Then she suddenly burst out tears.

Wuyou sulked. He backed to Xia Nuan as Nianci did.

Hearing the little guys called Xia Nuan “mom”, Lian’s face turned pale. She reminded them in a low voice, “Nianci, this is your aunt, not your mom. You misaddressed her.”

Xia Nuan felt bad about their sadness. But Nianci said it was she who made them angry...

What on earth did she do to make the two little guys so angry?

“Then tell me what I did wrong? I will do it right next time.” Xia Nuan held their hands and coaxed them patiently.

Wuyou pursed his lips and said seriously, “We waited for you to celebrate your birthday, but you were with another uncle.”

Xia Nuan was suddenly enlightened. She felt a little bit shocked at that moment.

Did Ye Sichen also remember her birthday?

“Ye, these are the female candidates. Pick one by yourself.” Lan Qing chewed a gum and threw a blue photo album to Ye Sichen.

Ye Sichen took it over and said mildly, “I trust your judgement.”

Lan Qing spread his hands out and said humorously, “But we have different preferences towards women. I like those who have full breasts, while you like those who are boney beauties.”

After he finished, all the people around laughed.

At this time, Lan Qing wore an evil smile and looked towards the direction of Xia Nuan.

Ye Sichen closed his lips slightly and glanced at Lan Qing helplessly, “Lan Qing, don’t make jokes at work.”

“I am telling the truth. Bro, do you remember last time we chose the heroine for Helen? I picked a full breasted beauty, while you chose those boney ones. What’s good in them? Their bones are too sharp too touch...”

“Director Lan, who is that full breasted beauty?”

“I’m wondering that, too.”

The make-up artist Aka and Abul came over and asked curiously.

Helen was in a silence. After hearing it, she thought about it and looked towards Xia Nuan. Then something occurred to her suddenly. At this time, she saw Lan Qing was also looking at Xia Nuan.

Undoubtedly, the full breasted beauty Lan Qing had mentioned just now was Xia Nuan.

Last time, Xia Nuan participated in her MV audition. Lan Qing and Helen picked Xia Nuan as the heroine, but she was eliminated by Ye Sichen.

Xia Nuan did not know Lan Qing was talking about her secretly. She kept coaxing and lulling Wuyou and Nianci.

As Ye Sichen turned around, he happened to see her.

However, she was facing away from him.

“Wuyou, Nianci, I am sorry for my carelessness, so I sincerely apologize to you here.”

Hearing her words, Wuyou and Nianci felt a little better.

“It’s useless to say sorry.” Nianci put her arms around Xia Nuan’s neck and burst into laughter.

“Yeah. We are gonna punish you. You have to face the music.” Wuyou added.

“What do you mean?” Xia Nuan spoiled at them helplessly.

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 86 - Face the music