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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 85 - Marriage agreement

Chapter 85: Marriage agreement

Song Kuncheng saved Xia Nuan’s life. As for the people who framed Xia Nuan, Ye Sichen had been secretly investigating about this affair.

He asked Xia Nuan about it once, she clammed up.

However, he knew that Xia Nuan regarded Song Kuncheng as her savior all the time.

“I will pay the fifty-million debts for him.” Xia Nuan had to compromise.

Ye Sichen asked Uncle Xiang to start the engine, “Well, considering you are my sister, I will not ask you for additional interests.”

Through the rearview mirror, he wore a slight smug complexion to stare at Xia Nuan.

Xia Nuan knew that this was exactly what Ye Sichen wanted. Unfortunately, she had no choice but to pay for Song Kuncheng.

With the wedding date drawing near, Lacy came over to find Xia Nuan for several times. He wanted to explain his affair with Mi Ke’er. However, Ye Sichen’s subordinates stopped him firmly. Xia Nuan called Lacy and sent her blessing to them. Lacy burned with a frenzy of rage, so he went to find Mi Ke’er.

After he arrived at Mi Ke’er’s place, he questioned her directly, “Did Ye Sichen send you to sleep with me? Mi Ke’er, you are willing to do anything for him, aren’t you? How could you be so shameless!”

Hearing it, Mi Ke’er lifted her hand and slapped on Lacy’s face, “This has nothing to do with Mr. Ye. It was you who raped me. How dare you fabricate such a charge against me and Mr. Ye? Lacy, get out of here right now! I don’t want to see you!”

Lacy held Mi Ke’er’s hand fiercely, “Don’t pretend to be innocent. It’s your conspiracy with Ye Sichen. He has been stopping me from marrying Xia Nuan, so he asked you to hook me up! Mi Ke’er, if he orders you to die, will you do that? Why are you addicted to him so much?”

“I said it had nothing to do with Mr. Ye. It was you who caused the mess!” Mi Ke’er got rid of Lacy’s control, “Lacy, I have never seen a scum like you. You are so righteous even after you hurt others!”

“Hum, don’t you feel ashamed to sleep on my bed?” Lacy sneered.

At this moment, Mi Ke’er shed tears in front of Lacy. She was shivering with anger. Finally, she stamped her feet and left in a fit of pique.

Lacy frowned and turned aside. Then he got onto the car sullenly.

The same night, someone called over and said Mi Ke’er did not come back. The one asked Lacy if he had seen her.

Lacy’s heart jolted slightly. He only said that he had not seen her and then hung up the phone. However, as soon as he finished the phone, he left home immediately and drove through the bustling city to find Mi Ke’er.

If something terrible happened to her, he couldn’t get away with it.

Thinking of this, Lacy was more worried.

After Ye Sichen learned that Mi Ke’er had never returned home, he was extremely worried as well. He sent people around to look for Mi Ke’er. He also called Mi Ke’er, but the phone was out of service all the time.

Lacy shuttled through the neon streets to look for Mi Ke’er. On his way, he received a phone call from his mother Song Yuqin, who told him that if he wouldn’t marry Mi Ke’er, he would not be able to get home.

Lacy hung up the phone with annoyance.

When he passed by a bar, he saw a familiar figure sweeping past.

Lacy drove the car back, rolled down the window and found that Mi Ke’er was drunk. She was held by two men. They whistled towards her from time to time, said sloppy words to her and touched her ruthlessly.

“Damn!” Lacy cursed. He got off the car and rushed over to the two men.

“Let her go.” Lacy stared at them fiercely.

The two men looked at Lacy up and down. Seeing that Lacy wore a mask and sunglasses, they could not help laughing.

“Hah, I see a blind man.”

“A blind man wants to be a hero who is able to save a beauty. He truly knows how to flatter himself!”

Mi Ke’er was drunk to dizzy, not knowing the arrival of Lacy. She said passionately with her one hand on the man’s shoulder, “Come on, handsome. Drink with me.”

Lacy was even more annoyed. He directly forced the two men away and dragged Mi Ke’er over sharply.

Mi Ke’er lost her balance instantly and fell down in his arms.

Seeing this, the two men punched toward Lacy. Lacy groaned painfully and resisted against their attacks. In the meanwhile, he pushed Mi Ke’er into the car protectively. Then he fought and kicked against them.

Lacy was less of a rival than the two men. Soon, his face and eyes were all bruised. The two men did not stop attacking him until they heard the sound of the siren. Then they left in a panic.

Lacy stumbled to open the door. He endured the pain and started the engine.

After a long time, Mi Ke’er was brought back by Lacy finally. Everyone breathed a sigh a relief.

Seeing Lacy was badly hurt, Ye Sichen called Mi Ke’er’s assistant to treat him immediately.

As Mi Ke’er woke up, it was already dawn. There was a man staying at her bedside. He supported his forehead with one hand and closed his eyes to rest his mind. Obviously, he was exhausted and haggard.

Looking at his delicate and mild face, Mi Ke’er felt excited.


Ye Sichen opened his eyes slowly. Seeing that Mi Ke’er wake up, he swept away his previous worries instantly and smiled, “Thank goodness! You wake up! Are you still suffering from the pain in your stomach? Would you like to drink water?”

Mi Ke’er stared at Ye Sichen gratefully. Her heart was overflowed with affections. Then she stared at him deeply and was unwilling to remove her eyesight from him. She took over the water from Ye Sichen’s hand and took a sip of it. Inexplicably, the water tasted sweet.

“As a girl, you should not go out for drinks by yourself. If it were not Lacy, you had already been taken away by the bastards. I hope this won’t happen again.”

Ye Sichen reminded her seriously.

The words reminded Mi Ke’er of what had happened yesterday. She had a real row with Lacy and he wronged her by saying that she had been directed by Ye Sichen to sleep with him. Since she was angry, she ran out to the bar and drank a lot. During that time, a few men kept pouring her drinks and then she could not remember a thing.

But, why did Ye Sichen mention Lacy to her? What did this have to do with Lacy?

“Sir, as for Lacy and me, I am a victim. If it were not for you, I know you are recording music with him, I would sue him.” Mi Ke’er’s said weakly with a sense of indignation.

Ye Sichen smiled, “Don’t take it too serious. Lacy used to be a philandering man. But he is no longer what he used to be. In order to save you, he was attacked. He is lying next door. You should thank him.”

“He saved me?” His words were unbelievable.

Ye Sichen told Mi Ke’er everything about last night. In order to reconcile Mi Ke’er and Lacy, he talked about Lacy’s goodness in front of her. In his opinion, Mi Ke’er acted like that only because she cared about Lacy.

“Mi Ke’er, close your eyes. I want to give you a surprise.” Ye Sichen smiled and ordered Mi Ke’er.

Such a smile made Mi Ke’er a little intoxicated. She closed her eyes slowly.

“Then stretch out your hand.” Ye Sichen said to her.

Mi Ke’er followed what he said.

She suddenly felt that something cold was wore on her finger. She opened her eyes and found a carat diamond ring. She couldn’t help covering her mouth excitedly, “Sir...”

“Is it beautiful?”

“Yeah...” Mi Ke’er’s heart beat faster. She was quite incoherent. Then she threw her arms around Ye Sichen tightly.

It was beyond her imagination that Ye Sichen would put a diamond ring on her finger!

This was a diamond ring he bought for her!

Thinking of this, Mi Ke’er surged her love for him.

Ye Sichen was stunned slightly at her sudden hug. Then he patted her on the shoulder, “Lacy bought this wedding ring for you. Mi Ke’er, he really loves you.”

He seemed to cast a damp over Mi Ke’er’s heart. Suddenly, her joy and excitement were gone to dust.

After Xia Nuan heard that Mi Ke’er was missing, she came over to see her. The nurse told Xia Nuan that Mi Ke’er was resting in the ward.

Xia Nuan took a bunch of flowers she bought for her specially and walked toward her room.

Before she entered the room, she heard a voice of a man inside. She saw through the crack and found Ye Sichen and Mi Ke’er hugging together.

Xia Nuan did not have the courage to step in. She just stood still and felt bad about it.

“I know about their affairs. And I know they slept together several times. I’m just being generous. As long as he is happy, I can take it for nothing.”

Behind her came the sneering words of Luo Dai’er.

Xia Nuan could hardly believe it. She turned around. The moment she was about to leave, Luo Dai’er stopped her, “Not every woman is qualified to be his wife. As his wife, I do everything for his sake, including being tolerant to his mistresses. Apart from this, he travels with countless female fans. Alas, as the “King of Music”, he is indeed chased by too many women.”

Xia Nuan smiled faintly, “Sorry, Mrs. Ye. I’m afraid I have to get back to work.” Bypassing Luo Dai’er, she put down the flowers in Mi Ke’er’s living room and left silently.

Looking at her back, Luo Dai’er’s eyes were full of hatred towards Xia Nuan.

Inside the room, Mi Ke’er felt very depressed after she heard Ye Sichen’s words.

She thought that this diamond ring had been bought by Ye Sichen. In the end, it was Lacy...

Looking at the ring, she had an urge to take it off.

“Mi Ke’er, your wedding with Lacy is being teed up. I have declared to the media that it will be held next week. At that time, you will be the happiest bride in the world.” As Mi Ke’er heard Ye Sichen’s mild words, she stopped her impulse of taking the ring off.

Mi Ke’er was so eager to tell Ye Sichen that being his bride was the happiest thing in the world. However, she would never become his bride in her life.

A drop of tear slipped down quietly.

Ye Sichen pulled out a tissue and gently wiped it away for her, as if he was pampering his sister as a big brother, “If Lacy treats you bad in the future, I will not spare him.”

“Sir, you must be tired. Go ahead to have a rest.”

In order not to let the wedding he planned fall by the wayside, she decided to be the bride.

After Ye Sichen left, Mi Ke’er went to the room where Lacy was.

Lacy was in the ward next door.

There were bruises on his face and eyes. His arms were swollen because of the attacks as well. As Mi Ke’er came in, he was lying in the bed awkwardly, closing his eyes to raise his spirits.

Seeing this, Mi Ke’er frowned.

Ye Sichen said that Lacy was beaten by the men in the bar because of her.

Thinking of this, Mi Ke’er relieved her hatred feelings towards Lacy a little bit and left silently.

After Lacy woke up, he left Mi Ke’er’s private clinic and returned to his house.

Upon his arrival, his parents asked him about his marriage with Mi Ke’er. As Lacy lost all his patience with their questions, he went straight to the point and said that he would never marry Mi Ke’er. Song Yuqin reprimand her son for that. Then her blood pressure began to rise again.

In the end, Song Yuqin threatened Lacy that if he did not marry Mi Ke’er, she would not go to the hospital. Lacy had no choice but to agree with her request.

Lacy and Mi Ke’er made an appointment two days before the wedding.

Mi Ke’er drafted an agreement and asked Lacy to sign. After reading it, Lacy learned that this was a marriage agreement. The general meaning was that once their wedding was over, they shall divorce and sever their relationship.

Lacy promised her without hesitation.

He never intended to marry Mi Ke’er. He thought that Mi Ke’er had been sent to his bed by Ye Sichen, so he would not do so to satisfy Ye Sichen’s wishes. However, his mother Song Yuqin threatened him with her life. He had no alternative but to follow her request.

On the wedding day, Mi Ke’er wore a delicate dress. She held Lacy’s arm and stepped into the marriage hall. The present guests were celebrities from all walks of life. They looked at this couple with great interests. Some blessed them. Some were jealous of them. Some were not optimistic about their marriage. After all, Lacy was a famous playboy in his field.

When Ye Sichen announced the wedding date, it was speculated that the bride was Ye Sichen’s cousin Xia Nuan. However, all of the guests were surprised as they saw Mi Ke’er turned up in the wedding as the bride.

It was also a surprise for all of them.

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 85 - Marriage agreement