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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 84 - Advantage taker

Chapter 84 Advantage taker

Lai Feng drove a car and took Mi Ke’er to look for Lacy.

When they arrived at the luxury club where Lacy and Shanshan were making an appointment, Mi Ke’er broke into it before Lai Feng gave her any advice.

The receptionist asked Mi Ke’er whom she was looking for. She said she wanted to book a room. Hearing this, the person began to register for her.

Mi Ke’er knew the rules of the club. If she said directly that she came here to look for Lacy, the receptionist would definitely ask her out, because it was a place where the celebrities made secret appointments. People who worked here had signed the Confidentiality Agreement, so they couldn’t expose the celebrities’ information to anyone. And before the celebrities came here, they would tell the staff about their number, code names, etc. Today, Lacy only dated the mistress called Shanshan, so the waiter would not allow her to see Lacy.

After Mi Ke’er checked in, she was ready to go upstairs.

“Ouch, I have a sudden stomachache, let me sit down and have a rest for a while.” After saying it, Mi Ke’er went around the bar and sat on the back sofa.

Seeing her acting like that, the staff prepared to make an emergency call immediately.

“No need. I am a doctor. I need you to buy a medicine for me.”

The staff member asked her about the medicine. Mi Ke’er said that she needed to search on the Internet. Then the staff began to search.

When the staff was doing so, Mi Ke’er found the room number of Lacy on the check-in form of another computer screen. She memorized it in secret. Then she left on the excuse of going to the bathroom.

Mi Ke’er found Lacy’s room and knocked on the door.

She saw a beautiful woman wrapping in a bath towel standing in front of her. This woman was Lacy’s mistress, called Shanshan.

“Who are you?” Shanshan looked at Mi Ke’er with a hostile look. Seeing Mi Ke’er combining the beautiful appearance with a capable and experienced temperament, she couldn’t help pouting.

Mi Ke’er looked at Shanshan and smiled mildly, “I am the room manager of this club, madam, you lost something on the first floor. Please go and have a check.”

Shanshan was somewhat skeptical, “I did not lose anything.”

“It must be you who dropped it. It seemed like a bank card or a check. I forgot. You can go and have a see.”

The moment Shanshan heard the check, she walked faster to the elevator.

Mi Ke’er came in the room and saw a man lying on the bed. The man was Lacy. He was naked with a solid back to Mi Ke’er.

Mi Ke’er pulled back the quilt, “Lacy, how could you fool around with another woman before your marriage with Xia Nuan? Do you think you treat Xia Nuan fairly? Get up! Be quick!”

As Mi Ke’er said it, she pinched Lacy’s arm and tried to drag him up.

But Lacy was hot all over, then he suddenly pressed Mi Ke’er on the big soft bed like he was controlled.

“Sweetie, let me give you a kiss.” Lacy’s eyes were blurred and red like they were burned by fire. They were also extremely deep. He firmly grasped Mi Ke’er who was struggling fiercely with his strong arms, and suddenly covered Mi Ke’er’s lips.

Mi Ke’er’s head was blank. She kept kicking him, muttering.

Lacy was skilled at fooling around with women, even if he was in a coma. After a while, he pressed Mi Ke’er’s legs so that she couldn’t move.

Mi Ke’er was so scared that she was unable to shout loudly. She wanted to kick Lacy, but Lacy did not give her any chance.

Lacy’s body was much hotter than before. He bit the buttons on Mi Ke’er’s clothes, and became crazier little by little...

Mi Ke’er did not know how she fainted. She only felt unsteady and was taken advantage by Lacy. Though she shouted hoarsely, Lacy did not let go of her, and became more and more fierce.

When Mi Ke’er woke up, she found Lacy held her in his arms. He was still sleeping. She was so angry, so she pushed him away, then left the club awkwardly.

Lai Feng saw Mi Ke’er finally come out of the club. He could not help asking her, “Where is Lacy?”

Mi Ke’er said perfunctorily that Lacy was not here.

Lai Feng did not believe what she said, “I have taken Shanshan away. She told me he was inside.”

“I guess she misidentified him.” Mi Ke’er was absent-minded to answer Lai Feng.

Seeing Mi Ke’er was not in the mood, he stopped asking and sent Mi Ke’er back to her home.

After Mi Ke’er returned home, she washed her body continuously, especially washing the dense kiss hickeys on her neck. In order to prevent others from seeing that, she held her breathe until they were turned into red marks. If anyone asked her, she would say she had a cold and pinched that on purpose.

Mi Ke’er kept bathing in the bathroom for nearly two hours.

After she came out of the bathroom, she was exhausted. Her heart was filled with sadness.

Damn! Lacy took her virgin. She truly wanted to call the police.

Mi Ke’er gripped the sheet tightly and gritted her teeth, but when she thought of Ye Sichen, her heart softened. If she called the police, Lacy would surely be notorious, which was what she hoped, but that would definitely get Ye Sichen into trouble.

She was Ye Sichen’s personal doctor and Lacy was his long-term collaborator. Meanwhile, Lacy and Ye Sichen were recording a music video. Ye Sichen attached great importance to it. He had been recording with Lacy for more than a year for higher work, so he had not released it yet. He wanted to reach the level of excellence and made all the audience shocked.

If Lacy was notorious, he would surely get Ye Sichen into trouble.

Thinking of this, Mi Ke’er determined to conceal it and kept persuading herself that she was bitten by a dog.

In this way, Mi Ke’er seemed to feel eased a lot.

However, the next day, the videos of she and Lacy sleeping together appeared on the media news!

She looked at those indecent videos and felt dizzy, as if she had reexperienced the tearing pain when she was raped by Lacy!

Who on earth recorded the video?

It must be Shanshan!

Mi Ke’er was so angry!

On the other side, when Ye Sichen found that the girl with Lacy was not Shanshan but Mi Ke’er, he also felt extremely amazed. How did Shanshan become Mi Ke’er?

Mi Ke’er and Lacy had been secretly dating with each other?

Ken also felt incredible.

“Mr. Ye, I think the truth may be like this. Dr. Mi Ke’er has been loving Lacy secretly. When she learned that Lacy entangled with the mistress, she went to look for Lacy in a hurry, and it finally turned out like this.” Ken said his inference.

Ye Sichen nodded slowly, “That might be true.” He said with a guilty conscience in his eyes, “Take the video back and stop the media from publishing. If I knew Mi Ke’er’s thought, I would never do that.”

“Mr. Ye, this is not your fault.” Ken said.

Ye Sichen shook his head and sighed. Finally, he seemed to understand, “No wonder Mi Ke’er hasn’t married yet, she is waiting for Lacy all the time.”

At this time, Xia Nuan came in and delivered the design drawings to Ye Sichen.

Ye Sichen regained his mind and took over the design drawings from Xia Nuan.

Looking at them roughly, Ye Sichen said lightly, “Do you know the affair about Lacy and Mi Ke’er?”

Xia Nuan said, “I know.”

“Mi Ke’er and Lacy are in love. Are you going to be his mistress?” Ye Sichen asked Xia Nuan.

“You’ve been planning for our wedding all this time, so I must get married with Lacy. Besides, he even bought me a diamond ring.” Xia Nuan avoided Ye Sichen’s eyes.

“I plan the wedding for Lacy, but the bride can be anyone. You have to understand that Lacy has many mistresses. He has already betrayed you.” Ye Sichen said word by word.

Xia Nuan thought about it and took off the diamond ring that Lacy had worn for her before, “I can choose to give up the marriage, but I want to leave here.”

Ye Sichen looked at the ring she took off, and sneered, “As your elder brother, I have the obligation and responsibility to arrange your marriage. Lacy is not suitable for you, but there will be other men for you to choose.”

“I don’t want to choose. I just want to leave. Let me leave!” Xia Nuan said firmly.

“I know why you are anxious to go back to Zhongshan City. You just want to see the doctor named Song Kuncheng. I have already invited him to Feicheng City. Don’t you want to see him?”

Looking at Ye Sichen’s sharp eyes, Xia Nuan felt his resolute ferocity for the first time.

With a heavy heart, she didn’t know what he wanted to do.

“Where is he now?”

“He is in Feicheng City, and I have already asked my friend to help him establish a hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. You should be grateful to me.” Ye Sichen said slowly.

Xia Nuan went to see Song Kuncheng who did set up a hospital in Feicheng City, and the geographical location was also quite advantageous.

Generally, once Ye Sichen wanted to do something, he would do it quick enough to surprise you.

Song Kuncheng was excited to see Xia Nuan.

“Xia Nuan, I was really worried that you would be in danger that day. So, I looked for you everywhere. I even went to your travel company to learn your whereabouts, only found that they’ve been looking for you all the time. I didn’t know you were a cousin of Ye Sichen until you and Ye Sichen were on TV, and you saved him in the typhoon...”

Song Kuncheng could not get through Xia Nuan’s telephone. He also wanted to look for Xia Nuan in Feicheng City. But in order not to make others think that he put himself under the patronage of a big wig, he had to give up that idea.

However, not long after the incident, Ye Sichen sent someone to Zhongshan City. He took Song Kunhceng to Feicheng City and also funded him to establish the hospital, saying that was to repay his kindness for sheltering Xia Nuan.

Song Kuncheng refused several times, but Ye Sichen insisted on building a hospital for him and wanted him to develop his career in Feicheng City. The money for establishing the hospital should be regarded as a kind of borrowing.

“Mr. Ye is really a kind people. When I get enough money, I would definitely give it back to him. I don’t like to owe others.” Song Kuncheng said with emotion. Then he looked at Xia Nuan sadly, “Xia Nuan, I was supposed to bless you and Mr. Lacy, but I have watched the news of Mr. Lacy...”

The news he mentioned was the indecent video of Lacy and Mi Ke’er...

“Do you really want to marry him?”

Xia Nuan just smiled and said nothing.

How could Song Kuncheng know about the inside story?

“If you are not happy, don’t force yourself.” Song Kuncheng said in a soft voice.

Xia Nuan nodded.

Song Kuncheng wanted to say something, but he had no courage to say it out.

Seeing Xia Nuan leaving, Song Kuncheng was a little reluctant, but when he thought about the disparity of their status, he sighed with regrets.

Xia Nuan got on the car.

Ye Sichen was sitting in it.

“Thank you for everything you have done for him.” Xia Nuan said with gratitude.

Ye Sichen smiled, “Don’t be thankful. We are strangers to each other, so it’s impossible for me to set up a hospital for him freely. I spend fifty million yuan to build the hospital for him, and I did it for you to repay his help, so you have to pay for him.”

“You...” Xia Nuan was very angry. But she was speechless to refute him.

“Since you are not willing to pay the money, I have to ask from him. One month later, if he still can’t pay off the borrowing, I will sue him.” Ye Sichen took out an agreement with Song Kuncheng’s signature on it.

Ye Sichen took advantage of Xia Nuan’s character this time. He knew clearly that Xia Nuan couldn’t be indifferent to the one who saved her life.

When he sent someone to Zhongshan City to contact with Song Kuncheng, he had already investigated the relationship between Song Kuncheng and Xia Nuan.

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 84 - Advantage taker