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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 83 - Must stop Lacy

Chapter 83 Must stop Lacy

Ye Sichen stood outside Xia Nuan’s office with a cold face. The jealous emotions were hidden in his eyes. He came in slowly and reminded the two who were kissing, “This is the work place.”

Lacy then let go of Xia Nuan and said to Ye Sichen with a little embarrassment, “Sorry, I can’t help kissing my dear fiancée. It’s such a wonderful feeling that I’m almost addicted to it.” His poetic words reflected his arrogancy.

Holding Xia Nuan’s hand, he exposed the diamond ring on purpose so that Ye Sichen could see it.

Ye Sichen ignored Lacy without any expression and glanced at Xia Nuan, “How’s the redesign work going?”

Xia Nuan loosened Lacy’s hand, took out several design drafts from the office table and handed them to Ye Sichen, “I think it’s okay, but it’s your call to make.”

Ye Sichen frowned. He took over the design drafts from her hands, looking at them with a serious face.

Looking at Ye Sichen, Xia Nuan was a little nervous.

Lacy stepped forward and said to Ye Sichen with a tone of pampering Xia Nuan, “Ye, Nuan’s design is perfect. It won’t be necessary for you to be picky.”

Ye Sichen ignored Lacy and put her redesign drafts on the table. Then he simply said, “Do it again.”

Xia Nuan knew that Ye Sichen was deliberate. He just wanted her to stay in his music company and did not allow her to leave.

Lacy was a little annoyed, “Ye, it took her a whole morning to finish this. How could you veto her design?”

“She designs the costumes for me, so I certainly have the right.”

“Now that you are not satisfied, don’t ask her to design for you.”

“I never intended to ask her to design for me. She damaged and lost my costume. With no money for compensation, she had to make up for it in this way.” Ye Sichen said unhurriedly. Lacy was speechless to hear that.

Lacy was a little indignant, “She is your sister now.”

“So what? My sister’s mistakes should also be corrected. As her elder brother, I must be responsible for her and supervise her all the time.”

“Ye Sichen, when did you become so mean?” Lacy gritted.

Suddenly, the quite office was full of hostile atmosphere. The two men were at swords’ points.

“Enough. Mr. Lacy, you leave first, and I will stay here to work.” Xia Nuan broke the tension. Then she silently sat back to her seat and began to repair those design drawings.

But Lacy insisted to stay, “Nuan, I’ll accompany you.”

Hearing it, Ye Sichen was a little angry, but he pretended to be indifferent and left.

After a while, Lacy’s phone rang. He looked at the phone number and frowned. Then he went to the bathroom to answer it.

“Lacy, I heard that you are getting married?” A sweet voice said on the other side of the phone.

The woman was one of Lacy’s mistresses, called Shanshan.

“I have given you the money. Don’t call me again!” Lacy scolded Shanshan in a low voice.

“Lacy, I miss you. Shall we meet again? I like the way your guitar-playing hand touched me, okay?” Shanshan begged Lacy coquettishly.

Lacy answered with a very serious face, “I’m telling you! We are done. I will get married and start a new life. Leave me alone.”

“I saw you enter Ye Sichen’s music company. If you don’t come out, believe it or not, I will come in and make a mess, then provoke a group of reporters to come over.” Shanshan said fiercely.

“Fine, I’ll come out and find you. Behave yourself!” Damn! The bitch should always entangle with him.

Lacy cursed her in a low voice and hung up the phone.

Walking out of the bathroom, Lacy lied to Xia Nuan that Abul was looking for him. Xia Nuan hoped the same, so she told him to go quickly.

Lacy walked out of the music company and saw Shanshan sitting in a sports car. He waved to her, then wore his mask and walked over with a gloomy face. Finally, he went on the car.

“Lacy...” Shanshan said in a cutesy voice and hugged him. Lacy pulled her away like a hot potato and took out a check from his bag, “Buy whatever you want with this check. Do not bother me again.”

Shanshan took the check and smiled seductively, “Money is not enough to fulfill my inner emptiness. Do you know? I miss you so much. Since I am with you, other men are unable to meet my needs.”

“Let go, don’t touch me!” Lacy looked around. He was worried about being discovered by others.

“You are so ruthless. Do you know how much I love you? Lacy, why don’t we sleep together for the last time, okay? For the last time.”

“Shanshan, I want to end my former life. If you really love me, give me a break. You are so beautiful and many men will be willing to marry you. Oh, Ye Sichen is the king of pop music. You can find him. He is more charming than me.”

“No, Ye Sichen is too traditional. Although he looks glamorous on the stage, he is just like an iceberg in his private life. I have several close friends who had pursued him for four or five years, but he never pays attention to them.” Shanshan said honestly.

Lacy pinched her hands impatiently, “I’m getting married and I won’t contact you anymore. Why don’t you look for someone to get married?”

Lacy wanted to get off the car, but Shanshan said sharply behind him, “I have videos of us sleeping together. If you don’t sleep with me for the last time, I will expose those videos.”

Hearing it, Lacy was very angry. He really wanted to give her a slap, but he had to solve it. So, he sat back impatiently, “Where?”

“Same old place.” Shanshan couldn’t wait to start the engine.

Ye Sichen stood at the side of the clear floor-to-ceiling glass, overlooking the bustling Feicheng City. There was Ken’s steady pace coming behind him.

Ye Sichen squinted slightly and turned around to look at Ken, “How is it going?”

“Mr. Ye, Shanshan has successfully asked Lacy to go out,” Ken answered.

Ye Sichen nodded with satisfaction.

Ken smiled, “Mr. Ye is really devoted for Xia Nuan.”

Ye Sichen blushed slightly, “I just do not want her to marry Lacy. Lacy is too debauched to match her.”

“Indeed, only Mr. Ye is the right one.”

“Ken.” Ye Sichen closed his lips with a serious face.

“Okay, Mr. Ye, I won’t tease you again.” Ken shifted a topic wisely and asked him whether to continue the planning for Lacy and Xia Nuan’s wedding or not.

Ye Sichen shook his head, “Not for now.”

Lai Feng and Song Yuqin saw their son get on a car with a woman dressed in exposed clothes. Then Lai Feng drove his car and sped up to follow them.

“Stinky boy! Always entangle with different women every day. I don’t even know he will get married until I saw the media’s report. The boy is really killing me!” Song Yuqin said out of breath.

Lai Feng delivered a bottle of smelling salts to Song Yuqin. She looked better after she used it.

“Now what we have to do is to break all his ties with those girls and try to cancel the engagement. Xia Nuan said she is a cousin of Ye Sichen, but I have never seen her and she also never visited us before. Anyway, I don’t like her. I can’t let Lacy marry her!” Song Yuqin began to get excited again when she said it.

Lai Feng frowned, “The wedding date has been announced by Ye Sichen. How can you cancel it? It would do no good to both Lacy and Ye Sichen. We have to accept it.”

“No, I want to find a daughter-in-law whom I’m satisfied with!” Song Yuqin was stubborn like a child.

Lai Feng looked at his wife helplessly.

“My blood pressure seems to be high again. I need to see a doctor before I stop the stinky boy from messing around.” As Song Yuqin said, she touched her forehead and looked very painful.

Lai Feng worried about his wife’s physical condition, so he memorized Lacy’s route and sent his wife to the hospital for the time being.

“I am going to see Dr. Mi Ke’er who knows my blood pressure very well.” Song Yuqin said stubbornly.

Lai Feng had to drive to Mi Ke’er’s place.

After arriving at Mi Ke’er’s house, Song Yuqin covered her chest and pinched Mi Ke’er’s hand, “Dr. Mi Ke’er, please help me to get Lacy back. I am going to die!”

“Or you can call him to come back.” She did not know Lacy well. Where could she go and find Lacy?

Song Yuqin shook her head. She was lying weakly on the sofa, “That’s not gonna work. He won’t answer the phone. He is busy entangling with those women. He has forgotten me! The stinky boy really pisses me off!”

Mi Ke’er comforted Song Yuqin and poured a glass of water for her, “Mr. Lacy is busy preparing for his wedding. He has not forgotten you. Moreover, he will marry Mr. Ye’s cousin. Isn’t it a great joy for you?”

Mi Ke’er finally learned that Xia Nuan did not go to Aocheng City, but stayed in Feicheng City to prepare for the wedding with Lacy, and the wedding planner was Ye Sichen. Mi Ke’er was supposed to be afraid that Xia Nuan was in danger. When she learned that Xia Nuan was safe and sound, she breathed a sigh of relief and felt happy for her marriage with Lacy.

Although Ye Sichen announced that Xia Nuan was his cousin, Mi Ke’er didn’t buy it. She always thought that the relationship between Ye Sichen and Xia Nuan was special. When Ye Sichen looked at Xia Nuan, it was just like a man looking at a woman rather than an elder brother looking at his sister. Mi Ke’er was always worried that their relationship would become incestuous.

However, when she learned that Lacy and Xia Nuan were about to hold a wedding, she felt relieved. Now Xia Nuan was going to marry Lacy, Mi Ke’er was very happy.

But Song Yuqin shook her head, “To be honest, I don’t like Xia Nuan, Mi Ke’er, can you be my daughter-in-law?”

After saying it, Song Yuqin looked forward to Mi Ke’er’s reply.

Mi Ke’er was shocked and felt she was in an awkward position, “Aunt, Lacy and I are barely friends.” Moreover, she hated Lacy very much.

She loved Ye Sichen. No matter where she was, her heart belonged to Ye Sichen forever.

Thinking of Ye Sichen, she blushed slightly.

Hearing it, Song Yuqin was extremely unhappy.

Mi Ke’er began to measure blood pressure for Song Yuqin. But Song Yuqin suddenly covered her head and said painfully, “Mi Ke’er, I feel like dying. Can you ask Lacy to come back? Your uncle could drive you there. He knows Lacy’s location.”

“But, aunt, you can ask uncle to look for him directly.”

“He is making an appointment with his mistresses. Your uncle is embarrassed to get in. More irritatingly, he is about to get married soon, how can he play around with another woman? If so, the wedding would surely be canceled!”

Hearing it, Mi Ke’er became angered.

Lacy was such an asshole! How could he entangle with his mistress before his marriage with Xia Nuan? If it were discovered by the media, the wedding would surely be canceled!

The wedding was planned by Ye Sichen and had been announced to the outside. If so, Lacy would get Ye Sichen into trouble. And if the wedding could not be held, they would end the marriage, then Xia Nuan would stay around Ye Sichen for a long time.

This was not what Mi Ke’er expected!

“Aunt, don’t worry. I promise to bring Mr. Lacy back!” She must stop Lacy from fooling around with another woman!

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 83 - Must stop Lacy