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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 82 - You are the first woman that I want to get married

Chapter 82 You are the first woman that I want to get married

Fleeing in confusion, she stepped on the bills sprinkled beside her and sped past him.

Ye Sichen clenched his fists. His eyes were colder than before.

Xia Nuan walked out of the door and met Ken who was just about to come in.

Ken realized that they definitely had a quarrel.

Ken was a little guilty, “Ms. Xia, please don’t go. Listen to me.”

“No need.” Xia Nuan avoided him. She just wanted to leave.

Ye Sichen looked at Xia Nuan’s back. Although he did not want her to leave, he turned his back with determination.

“Mr. Ye, I’m sorry. It was I who cheated Ms. Xia to come here.” Ken had to confess.

Ye Sichen was shocked. He turned around to look at Ken, “Why did you do that?”

Ken explained, “Because of you.” He paused for a moment and continued slowly, “After she left, you fell ill. I know that you do not want her to leave. So, I went to the airport and prevented her from leaving. Mr. Ye, you must be curious why Ms. Xia would like to come back with me. It was because I cheated her that you were dying. After she learned it, she felt miserable and followed me to visit you. Besides, you had a high fever last night and couldn’t take the medicine. It was she who fed you little by little...”

“Enough, Ken.” Ye Sichen interrupted his words.

He felt depressed to learn the truth.

If the woman really loved him, she would not entangle with Lacy. He hated those who were not loyal to him. He’s fed up with deception, so he did not want to live in lies and calculations!

“Ms. Xia really cares about you. Mr. Ye, she may go to catch the flight.”

Ken stressed. Finally, he found Ye Sichen was indifferent, then he sighed and left.

Ye Sichen walked to the window, standing there and pulling back the curtain. He looked at the lonely figure downstairs with affections.

At this time, Mi Ke’er called.

Ye Sichen knew that Mi Ke’er called to ask about his physical condition.

“Mi Ke’er, I am fine.” Ye Sichen was a little agitated.

“That’s good to hear. Mr. Ye, I want to tell you something.” Mi Ke’er had been suffering a strong ideological struggle on the other side of the phone.

“What’s the matter?” Ye Sichen asked absent-mindedly, looking at the beautiful figure out of the window.

“Oh, Lacy and Xia Nuan are going to get married in Aocheng City.” Mi Ke’er finally concealed the news that Luo Dai’er asked someone to murder Xia Nuan.

Ye Sichen then snorted and hung up the phone.

On the other side, Mi Ke’er took a deep breath with a guilty conscience.

But if she told the news to Ye Sichen, he would surely be annoyed and then divorce Luo Dai’er resolutely.

Once they got divorced, Luo Dai’er would definitely divide up Ye Sichen’s property, which would cause a certain loss to both his music company and Ye’s family.

Moreover, Lacy had already gone to save Xia Nuan, so she would be sure to turn ill luck into good.

Thinking of this, Mi Ke’er felt less guilty.

When Xia Nuan walked on the avenue, there was a car coming behind her. With the window down, Xia Nuan saw Ken.

Xia Nuan paused her steps and looked at Ken.

“Ms. Xia, Mr. Ye asked you to go back.”

“Mr. Ken, I will not go back. My presence in front of him is kind of a pollution for his eyes. You ought not to ask me to come here.”

Xia Nuan interrupted Ken’s words directly.

“I am sorry to deceive you. Mr. Ye is not seriously ill. He just wants to see you, so I have to provoke you to come back with me in this way. Although he was not seriously ill, he did have a high fever. And thanks to your accompanying last night, he looks much better now.”

“Mr. Ken, how could you cheat me!” Xia Nuan clenched her fists. She was extremely angry. She finally understood why Ye Sichen humiliated her like that. He did not intend to see her!

All that about serious illness or seeing her for the last time were made up by Ken!

Ken smiled, “I am sorry for my deception, but Mr. Ye said you still have one thing unfinished, and it is not too late for you to leave after that.”

Xia Nuan ignored him and just walked faster, waving to a taxi in front of her.

“Mr. Ye asked you to go back and discuss the marriage.” Xia Nuan slowed down her steps and then looked at Ken.

Ken said in a low voice, “It is the marriage of Ms. Xia.”

“You can tell him that I can solve my problem by myself.” Xia Nuan didn’t want to either go back or stay here as a destroyer to undermine his family.

“As your elder brother, it is my duty to make preparations for your marriage.” There was a deep voice in the car.

Xia Nuan heard this familiar voice and subconsciously looked at the car that Ken was driving.

Ye Sichen also sat in the car...

Getting off the car, Ye Sichen caught up with her and then blocked her way, “Aren’t you going to marry Lacy? Uncle has passed away. Elder brother is like a father, so I will organize the wedding for you.”

He pinched her hand and forced her to the car. Then Xia Nuan unsteadily fell on the back seat. When she got up again, Ye Sichen also sat in the car. 𝒊𝐧𝒏𝘳𝙚α𝙙. 𝘤𝗼𝐦

She wanted to open the door, but the door was locked by Ye Sichen with an electronic remote-control key.

“Don’t bother. Lacy and I can do it by ourselves. Let me off!”

Xia Nuan raised her voice to express her firm determination.

“I have announced your marriage date to the media and everyone will participate by then. As my sister, don’t make me embarrassed.” Ye Sichen said unhurriedly.

Xia Nuan looked at him and felt speechless. She knew that what he decided could not be changed. And now that he had exposed the news to the media, she had to do as he said.

“I am preparing the wedding, Mom, don’t worry about it.” When Ye Sichen went through the drawing room, he saw Madam Ye glaring at Xia Nuan, with a look indicating that she wanted to drive Xia Nuan away at any time.

Madam Ye was a little angered, “Sichen, the wedding should be prepared by Lacy’s family. Why do you have to get involved?”

“Uncle passed away early, so the wedding should be prepared by me, her elder brother.” He took it for granted to say to Madam Ye. Then he smiled at Xia Nuan and said, “Nuan, you can continue the design work here temporarily. I’ve got everything under control.”

The voice of calling her Nuan made Xia Nuan’s heart unconsciously trembled. It was the first time that Ye Sichen called her like that. However, it was the time when he prepared the wedding for her and Lacy.

Xia Nuan wanted to explain to Ye Sichen that she never intended to marry Lacy, but it was too late to say it out. Then she went upstairs silently, holding Wuyou and Nianci with a heavy heart.

She still remembered Lacy’s phone number. So, she called him.

Lacy answered the phone soon. When he learned that it was Xia Nuan, he was very amazed, “Mi Ke’er said you were dangerous in Aocheng City, so I came here. Where are you now?”

“Mr. Lacy, I am in Ye Sichen’s home now. Have you heard the news? He wants to hold a wedding for us.”

Hearing it, Lacy was indignant, “No wonder he asked Mi Ke’er to cheat me to Aocheng City. It is obvious that he does not want to give up. There must be a conspiracy in our wedding. I’ve got an idea. You can figure out a way to leave him...”

Lacy said so.

After Xia Nuan listened to his plan, she shook her head, “He has already announced our wedding date, Lacy. We can temporarily pretend to promise him and then divorce after the wedding, okay?” If she did not participate in the wedding with Lacy, the media would surely report Ye Sichen with sarcastic remarks, but she did not want to get Ye Sichen into trouble.

Lacy was a little unwilling to do so, “But there must be a conspiracy.”

“At that time, we will play it by ear.” Xia Nuan said.

Lacy sighed, “Well, if he really wants to hold a wedding for us, that would be great.”

Within a few days, the media reported the news that Ye Sichen made arrangements for Lacy and Xia Nuan’s wedding on the headlines. People began to guess what Xia Nuan’s wedding dress looked like, and there were several periodical offices fabricating the price of Xia Nuan’s wedding dress. The newspaper offices reported the design style of Xia Nuan’s wedding dress one after another. They even put some wedding photos on their magazines and claimed that the photos they showed were Xia Nuan’s wedding dress.

Luo Dai’er was full of anger to hear the news. Xia Nuan and Lacy’s wedding was almost comparable with hers. Since Ye Sichen was planning the wedding, the media frequently reported the news! More hatefully, since she had already sent someone to Aocheng City, why did Xia Nuan still appear in Feicheng City and stay at the side of Ye Sichen!

Luo Dai’er clenched her fists, with her long nails sticking in the flesh of her palm. She could not sit passively for her end. She must do it herself.

Lacy rushed to Ye Sichen’s home as he returned to Feicheng City. But Xia Nuan was not here. She was arranged by Ye Sichen to work in his music company.

Lacy went to Ye Sichen’s music company and just bumped into Abul. Abul walked over and patted him on the shoulder. Then he smiled and said, “Lacy, congratulations. You finally end your licentious single life. After you get married, you ought to restrain yourself and strive to be a good husband.”

Lacy smiled and nodded.

“Hey, Mr. Lacy, are you looking for Designer Xia? She is in the office on the sixth floor. Turn left to the first room out of the elevator.”

The busy staff member greeted Lacy and also pointed Xia Nuan’s office to him.

“Mr. Lacy, congratulations.”

“Wish you a happy wedding in advance, and I will attend your wedding by then.”

The staff members greeted him with smiles.

Lacy smiled on the face, but he was confused inside. The guy really wanted to make them get married? Ye Sichen once told him personally that Xia Nuan was his girl, so it was impossible for him to get married with Xia Nuan so easily.

Lacy went to Xia Nuan’s office with doubts.

Xia Nuan was redesigning the drawings arranged by Ye Sichen before. She was so absorbed that she did not even notice Lacy’s arrival.

“Xia Nuan, come to my place after work. You look thinner. Let me cook some delicious food to make it up to you tonight.” Lacy walked over Xia Nuan and held her in his arms.

Xia Nuan was a little embarrassed. She pushed Lacy away, “I have to work, Mr. Lacy, it’s just a sham marriage.”

“But Ye Sichen does not think so. He has been trying hard to arrange the wedding for us. We can’t let him down.” As Lacy said, he suddenly put a ring on Xia Nuan’s ring finger.

Xia Nuan wanted to take it down, but Lacy held her figures tightly.

“Mr. Lacy...” Xia Nuan looked at him unbelievably.

Lacy kissed her on the back of her hand with the most affectionate glance, “Darling, this is the wedding ring I bought for you, do you like it? Wear the ring, and you will be my wife in the future. I am serious.”

Xia Nuan shook her head and wanted to refuse, “Mr. Lacy, in fact, my marriage with you is just a tool for me to get rid of some restraints. Sorry, I cheated you, but I never thought of becoming your wife.”

She said frankly.

Madam Ye maliciously brought her together with Lacy. Then Xia Nuan continued the shell game and cheated Ye Sichen, saying that she fell in love with Lacy to end the taboo relationship with Ye Sichen.

“I know, Xia Nuan. We can get married first, then fall in love. I swear I will only be good to you after we get married.” Seeing that she still did not give up taking down the ring in her hand, he grabbed her tightly and held her delicate and beautiful cheek, touching her hair with deep love.

Xia Nuan looked at Lacy, but she felt moved and guilty. Lacy had never been so serious before, however, he was very serious this time.

“Try to accept me, okay? To be honest, you are the first woman that I want to get married.” Lacy was closer to her again.

When Xia Nuan was about to get rid of him, she found Ye Sichen looking at them with cold eyes, so she gave up her struggle. She closed her eyes slowly, allowing Lacy to kiss her randomly.

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 82 - You are the first woman that I want to get married