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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 81 - Never appear in front of you

Chapter 81 Never appear in front of you

Lacy told Mi Ke’er that Xia Nuan went to Aocheng City.

Mi Ke’er frowned. She felt more worried to hear that.

“Those people would definitely check Xia Nuan’s flight. Then they would follow her to Aocheng City and get her killed.” Mi Ke’er personally heard what Luo Dai’er’s said on the phone. She asked her subordinates to kill Xia Nuan in Aocheng City.

Lacy asked Mi Ke’er doubtfully, “Who on earth wants to murder Xia Nuan?”

Mi Ke’er shook her head, “In short, someone wants to murder her. Mr. Lacy, do you have Xia Nuan’s phone number? We have to call and ask her not to go to Aocheng City.”

Hearing it, Lacy frowned. He put on his coat and said, “I know her previous call number, but she has already canceled that. It seems that I have to go to Aocheng City.”

Mi Ke’er sighed, “This is the only way.”

Lacy and Mi Ke’er walked out of the room, but they saw Lacy’s father Lai Feng and his mother Song Yuqin standing outside the door. The couple looked at Lacy and Mi Ke’er with a strange look.

“Lacy, is this your fiancée released by the media?” Song Yuqin asked curiously.

Lai Feng frowned, staring at Mi Ke’er, “Why does she look different from the photos exposed by the media?”

Mi Ke’er knew that Lacy’s parents misunderstood the situation. So, she immediately explained that she was not Lacy’s fiancée.

Hearing it, Song Yuqin seemed to be very angry. She blamed Lacy, “You are such an asshole! All you know is to play with your mistress every day! When can you just fall in love with only one girl!”

Lacy felt wronged. He spread his hands and said, “Mom, you really misunderstand us. This is Mi Ke’er, the private doctor of Ye Sichen.”

“Then why does she come to you? And stay in your bedroom! You are also a celebrity. Can you pay attention to your reputation? Even if you don’t have face, your father and I have it! Stinky boy! You truly piss me off!” Song Yuqin said that and got more and more excited. She clutched her chest, out of breath.

Lai Feng supported his wife immediately.

Lacy patted Mi Ke’er on her shoulder, “Mi Ke’er, would you take care of my mother first? I have to rush to Aocheng City.”

After that, Lacy left quickly.

“Stinky boy! You don’t even care about your mother!” Lai Feng supported his wife and looked at the back of Lacy angrily.

Mi Ke’er was a little guilty, “Uncle, Mr. Lacy is going to do an important thing. You can rest assured that I will take care of aunt for him.”

Mi Ke’er found that Song Yuqin might have a cardiovascular blockage caused by hypertension. Once she was agitated, she would act like this. Mi Ke’er instantly supported Song Yuqin sitting on the sofa, pressed her chest slowly, and then comforted her in a low voice.

Then Song Yuqin’s mood just got eased slightly.

Lai Feng looked at Mi Ke’er. There were appreciation and approval on his serious face. Song Yuqin also looked at Mi Ke’er quite differently.

Xia Nuan was brought back to the villa by Ken.

Xia Nuan asked Ken doubtfully, “Didn’t he get treated in the hospital?”

Xia Nuan was a little nervous. If Madam Ye saw her appear again, she would be very angry. However, Ye Sichen was badly ill, she should temporarily throw all her worries and disdains.

Now all she had in mind was Ye Sichen. She could not bear to accept the grievous news that Ye Sichen was going to die.

Xia Nuan felt very miserable and uncomfortable. Her tears poured down again.

The servants in the villa were surprised to see Xia Nuan here. They did not understand why she still had face to go back here. But she was taken back by Ken, Ye Sichen’s trusted subordinate. So, they only had doubts in their hearts and dared not to speak out.

Madam Ye just came out of the bedroom and looked gloomy.

Because Ye Sichen was sick.

And his illness was very serious this time. His temperature was 39 degrees, which had not drawn back by now. Madam Ye didn’t know the news until now, because Ye Sichen had been concealing his disease. Even his personal doctor Mi Ke’er didn’t know anything about that.

When Madam Ye looked up, she saw a figure of a familiar woman. Her expression became severe in an instant.

Did the despicable woman want to entangle Ye Sichen for a lifetime?

“Xia Nuan, why do you come back again?!”

Madam Ye’s severe words echoed over the drawing room, which was extremely harsh.

When Xia Nuan was going upstairs, she was shocked to hear that. She couldn’t help turning around, looking at Madam Ye.

As Xia Nuan was about to answer Madam Ye, Ken took a step forward and said, “Madam Ye, Ms. Xia is also a member of Ye’s family, so she can enter and leave here freely.”

After saying it, Ken gave Xia Nuan a wink, then Xia Nuan went into Ye Sichen’s room silently.

Madam Ye looked at Ken with dissatisfaction, “Is this saying from Sichen or you?”

“It doesn’t seem to matter. They are brother and sister. Since the brother is ill, the sister should come to visit her brother. Madam Ye, am I right?” Ken bowed calmly and politely to Madam Ye, then he turned around and went upstairs.

Madam Ye was very angry. She knocked her cane hard on the floor, and then sat on the sofa.

When Xia Nuan went into Ye Sichen’s bedroom, Ye Sichen was still lying in bed with a haggard face. Wuyou and Nianci stood around him and kept calling Dad.

Seeing Xia Nuan, they both walked over and took Xia Nuan’s hands.

“Dad is sick, and his body is very hot.” Nianci said pitifully.

“Is dad dying?” When Wuyou said it, he seemed to cry.

Nianci kept crying when she heard that, “Dad, you can’t die. You can’t die, please.”

“Your dad will not die. He’s not dying.” Xia Nuan held back her tears and comforted the two babies who were depressed.

Xia Nuan picked up Nianci and walked over, sitting next to Ye Sichen’s bed.

Ye Sichen was much thinner than before. His eyes were closed, and he frowned. Xia Nuan looked at him and felt miserable. Then she touched his forehead, which was so hot that her heart also seemed to be burned.

She walked over and took a wet towel back, gently placing it on his forehead.

“Mr. Ken, did he take any antipyretics?” Xia Nuan asked Ken who was standing behind her.

“Mr. Ye can’t take it, like last time.”

Listening to Ken’s answer, Xia Nuan saw a box of antipyretics next to the bedside table. She broke a pill without hesitation and put it beside Ye Sichen’s lips. Then she gently pinched his lips, lowered her head and delivered the antipyretics into his mouth.

For a long time, she felt that he swallowed it. She was gratified.

Seeing that, Ken felt a little moved. He asked Xia Nuan suddenly, “Ms. Xia, Mr. Ye has got a severe infectious disease. Aren’t you afraid of being infected?”

There was no fear in Xia Nuan’s eyes. She stayed at the side of Ye Sichen and gently wiped his forehead, “I am not afraid.”

Ken was shocked.

He thought what he did was right.

Wuyou and Nianci leaned against Xia Nuan, and stared at Ye Sichen.

“When will dad gets better?”

“Will dad wake up after taking the medicine?”

Wuyou and Nianci asked one by one.

“Your dad will wake up soon, don’t you worry about him.” Xia Nuan smiled.

But she was so depressed.

Ken was ready to leave with Wuyou and Nianci, “Ms. Xia, you take care of Mr. Ye, and I take the babies to rest next door.”

Xia Nuan answered it simply and fixed her eyes upon Ye Sichen.

Xia Nuan stayed at the side of Ye Sichen, with tears pouring down. Thinking that he was about to die soon, she couldn’t help crying.

The hotness of his body gradually drew back, but Ye Sichen’s body suddenly became cold, which frightened Xia Nuan. Then she looked for Ken hastily and said incoherently, “Mr. Ken, call Dr. Mi Ke’er at once. You’d better take him to the hospital, as long as there is hope, you can’t give up!”

However, Ken was very helpless, “But it will cause a sensation to the media, who will report the pathogen of Mr. Ye randomly. They would even report that Mr. Ye used excessive prohibited drugs. We can’t let that happen.”

“But, Ye Sichen is going to die soon! Don’t you care?!” Xia Nuan almost roared.

Ken was scared. He unfolded his hands and lowered his voice, “Fine. I will call the emergency center. But before the ambulance arrives, Madam Ye can’t know about that because she is too old to endure the suffering.”

After that, Ken went downstairs.

Xia Nuan stayed at the side of Ye Sichen and felt he was cold all over, so she uncovered the quilt and went to bed, holding him tightly.

“Ye Sichen, wake up. You must be tough. You can’t die. Who would take care of Wuyou and Nianci if you die? What about your fans? They would definitely feel sad and the world will be grey.” Xia Nuan lay on his chest and listened to his heartbeat.

Fortunately, his heartbeat was very stable, then Xia Nuan felt a little eased.

With his steady heartbeat, she fell asleep unconsciously.

She felt that her body was like a fiddled puppet, which was been stretched out and suppressed. But her heart was disturbed by a familiar wild scent.

Xia Nuan opened her sleepy eyes and saw Ye Sichen’s serious face.

He was very close to her.

She was nervous and wanted to keep her distance from him. However, she found that they were like a double-sided tape and attached together tightly.

“I said before, if I see you again, I won’t be nice to you.” He said it word by word in a heavy tone.

His voice was cold, but his behavior was fierce.

Xia Nuan’s hair scattered on the pillow. She resisted him getting close to her, “Let go, you’re sick. You can’t do this.”

“Don’t act like we never had sex, okay?” He looked at her blurred eyes. Thinking that she and Lacy did this before, he became angrier, grabbing and kissing her with punishment.

“Didn’t you sleep on my bed so that I can do this to you? Well, as you wish.” He pinched her chin with red eyes and snorted.

Xia Nuan just kept shaking her head. She was timid to see him cruel like this.

At this moment, he kissed her like a vampire.

Everything turned quiet after a while. Ye Sichen wore his white shirt, then took out a large sum of money from the drawer and threw it to Xia Nuan, “Take the money and get out of here to look for your Lacy!”

The breeze blew the purple curtain through the window and the coldness swept over her face. Her tears poured down as she looked at the cruel man.

“Ye Sichen, you don’t have to humiliate me like this. Do you think I want to show up in front of you? It was Ken who said you were badly ill...”

“Seems that my being ill has nothing to do with you.” Ye Sichen didn’t want to see her, “Since you’ve decided to choose Lacy, you’d better not be promiscuous in sex relations.”

“I come to visit you in the name of your cousin. I never thought about sleeping with you.” Didn’t Ken say that he wanted to see her for the last time? But Ye Sichen was so indifferent, she began to doubt Ken’s words.

Ye Sichen tied his sleeve buttons without any expression.

Xia Nuan struggled to get up and put on her clothes slowly, “I am sorry, I really should not come here, and you can rest assured, I will never appear in front of you.”

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 81 - Never appear in front of you