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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 80 - In danger

Chapter 80 In danger

Xia Nuan was shocked. She looked at Lacy with her blank eyes.

Lacy held her hands and said affirmatively, “Marry me and build up a complete family with me. I am old enough and it’s time for me to get married.”

Anyway, he liked Xia Nuan, too. Although he didn’t love her that much, Xia Nuan was the most satisfied one among the women he had met so far.

Moreover, she worked for Ye Sichen. He was weaker in every aspect than Ye Sichen. So, it would be an achievement to snatch the woman he loved.

Thinking of this, a pride light flashed in his deep and bright eyes.

Xia Nuan loosened his hands, “Sorry, I can’t get married with you. I want to go back to Zhongshan City.”

And never came back to Feicheng City.

Lacy sighed disappointedly and tried to persuade her, “You’d better not go back to Zhongshan City. Don’t forget that you are one of Ye’s family member. You are Ye Sichen’s cousin now.”

Lacy’s words suppressed her desire to leave temporarily. Because just before, Madam Ye said that she wanted Xia Nuan to return to Modu City with her tomorrow.

Madam Ye wanted her to marry Lacy so that she could stop her relationship with Ye Sichen. Besides, Madam Ye wanted her to leave. How could she have an intersection with her? In order to fulfill her intention, Madam Ye even bribed Xia Yan with a high price to send her to the dirty place.

If Song Kuncheng hadn’t saved her, she would have died.

Therefore, it must be a plot that Madam Ye asked her to go to Modu City.

She wouldn’t go with her.

However, if she went back to Zhongshan City, Madam Ye would definitely send Xia Yan to persecute her.

Xia Nuan suddenly felt that the world was big enough, but there wasn’t a place for her to accommodate.

Xia Nuan wanted to go to Aocheng City.

Aocheng City and Zhongshan City were separated by a sea. It was a bustling metropolis, so perhaps she could go there to continue her career and start a new life.

Lacy didn’t force Xia Nuan to do anything after seeing her determined look.

When Lacy was driving, he always felt that someone was following them. He told this to Xia Nuan who was a little bit absent-minded.

Xia Nuan realized it and found through the rearview that a car was following them closely. Then she frowned.

Were they sent by Madam Ye?

Was she going to kill her in a cruel and vicious way?

Xia Nuan hated them deep inside at this moment.

At the same time, it also aroused the self-esteem in her bones.

Ye’s family looked down on her and trampled her under the ground with various satirical words all the time. One day, she would let those who despised her respect her.

Xia Nuan clasped her hands gradually.

“Mr. Lacy, can you take me to your place?”

Xia Nuan asked.

If she left Lacy, those followers would definitely hurt her.

Because she knew that those people might be the subordinates of Madam Ye.

She didn’t want to suffer the previous incident again. Last time, Xia Yan and Hao wanted to murder her in Zhongshan City.

Lacy was surprised to hear that. He turned the steering wheel toward the way to his house.

Xia Nuan and Lacy both got off the car in the place where he lived.

A light shone on Xia Nuan’s face, so she covered her eyes with her hand.

“Crack. Crack.”

Not far away, there were several reporters, and numerous spotlights shone on their faces.

Lacy couldn’t help but feel furious. He held his fist to threaten them after seeing that, “Go away! You are invading our privacy! Be careful, because I will sue you!”

The reporters stepped back after hearing that, but they didn’t forget to take photos of them while retreating.

“Please allow me to ask a question before leaving. Mr. Lacy, are you planning to get married with Ms. Ye?”

A fearless reporter asked him and pointed his camera at Xia Nuan.

Lacy glanced at Xia Nuan and held her hand subconsciously. He intercrossed her fingers, “Don’t you have eyes? Can’t you see us hand in hand?”

The reporter smiled without any shame. Then he put away the camera and left.

She thought that they were Madam Ye’s subordinates who wanted to hurt her originally. But she was relieved after finding their real identities.

After those reporters left, Xia Nuan wanted to say goodbye with Lacy.

However, Lacy embraced her naturally.

“Everyone knows that we are a couple. Be with me. I swear I will be responsible to you.”

Xia Nuan broke away from Lacy’s arms, “Was there any problem with the orange juice? Or did you add something into my cup when I didn’t pay attention to you?”

Lacy was shocked. He said innocently, “It’s really weird. I was invited by Madam Ye to the villa, but she went to her bedroom when she saw us meeting each other. Therefore, there must be something tricky. However, Xia Nuan, I really don’t know anything before the thing happened.”

Looking at Lacy’s firm expression, she couldn’t believe him.

Lacy raised his hand and swore, “If I knew what was gonna happen, I would be killed in the cruelest way. Besides, if I did have sex with you, I would feel it definitely and remember the feeling for good. After all, you are such a sexy lady!” Lacy smirked after saying that. His voice revealed a sense of ambiguity.

Xia Nuan blocked his hand and kept her distance from him.

“Mr. Lacy, thank you for your frankness, but I have to go.”

“Where are you going by yourself? The reporters would definitely expose our relationship. How could you leave me to deal with this mess alone? Or you want me to tell the world that you dumped me? That doesn’t sound good.” Lacy smiled deeply.

“I don’t want to stay in a city where Ye Sichen lives.” Her soft voice contained endless sadness.

Lacy got serious gradually and looked at Xia Nuan.

“We have already arrived at the airport. I truly don’t want you to go.” Lacy parked and got off the car to see Xia Nuan off.

Since they disguised themselves to prevent the candid camera, it was difficult to recognize them.

Looking at Lacy, Xia Nuan was grateful for him.

Xua Nuan waved to him, “Mr. Lacy, you have to get on the car.”

Lacy looked at her, “I can’t rest assured until I see you go in.”

Xia Nuan smiled slightly and went to the security check. Finally, she disappeared in the crowd.

Lacy sighed and got on the car.

He didn’t like to force others. Unlike Xia Nuan, women he met before would be obsessed with him once they had sex. It seemed like Ye Sichen was in her heart all the time...

Forgot it. Nothing forcibly done was going to be agreeable. Let it go naturally.

Lacy started the engine after thinking of it.

A black car parked there after Lacy left. A man in black got off. The man wore a black hat and pulled down his hat deliberately. Then he walked toward the security check to find Xia Nuan.

When Xia Nuan was going to pass the security check, she was almost recognized by the inspector who kept observing her face.

Xia Nuan lowered her head down.

Just as Xia Nuan was about to pass the security check, a man held her.

Xia Nuan turned around and looked at him. The man was Ken, Ye Sichen’s personal assistant.

Xia Nuan was shocked to see Ken. She loosened him gently, “Sir, what do you want to do?”

Ken was the closest assistant of Ye Sichen. He dealt with the important matters for him most of the time. But what was the important thing that made him have to come personally?

Ken lowered his voice and said in a deep voice, “It’s about Mr. Ye. Can I talk to you for a second?”

Xia Nuan was nervous. So, she followed Ken to a hidden and quiet place.

“Mr. Ken, what happened to Mr. Ye?” Xia Nuan asked Ken with a concerned look.

Looking at Ken’s serious look, she held her breath.

“Mr. Ye is gonna die. In fact, he is seriously ill. I am the only one who knows about this because he doesn’t want it to be disclosed to the media. Therefore, it’s still a secret.” Ken said and sighed.

Xia Nuan was weak and nervous, as if her body was unsteady. At this moment, she felt that she was about to fall into an icy abyss. Her blank head made her feel dizzy.

“Mr. Ken, you must be mistaken. He looks very healthy, so it is impossible for him to suffer from a serious illness...” Xia Nuan had already begun to choke.

Ken’s gaze was affirmative, “I’m not making a mistake. Ms. Xia, he truly is in bad health. Mr. Ye had always been tough and never told others about his illness. But now you’re leaving, he is afraid that he couldn’t see you again. Therefore, he asked me to come over and tell you that he wants to see you for the last time.”

Xia Nuan’s heart jolted. She covered her chest with tears.

But she kept shaking her head, “Stop...”

Ken held her and frowned after seeing her grieved face, “Ms. Xia, can you help him to fulfill his wish?”

Ken pleaded with her sincerely.

Xia Nuan nodded silently and followed Ken to the car.

The man in hat looked around in the airport, but he couldn’t find Xia Nuan. Therefore, he went out disappointedly and dialed a phone number.

“Mrs. Ye, she had left Feicheng City. When I got the airport, she had passed the security check.”

A woman answered horribly, “Find out which flight she took and then follow her.”

“It’s a flight to Aocheng City.”

“Go there and kill her directly.”

The man in hat replied before he hung up the phone.

Luo Dai’er was lying on the bed in Mi Ke’er’s patient room and stared at the phone viciously. Her long nails stuck in her palm, “Bitch! I will let you disappear from this world forever!”

Under the window, Mi Ke’er was taking care of the bonsai. She just heard what Luo Dai’er said on the phone.

Who was the woman Luo Dai’er mentioned on the phone?

Was she Xia Nuan? Did Luo Dai’er hire someone to murder Xia Nuan?

After thinking of this, Mi Ke’er was scared. Then she bent over and sneaked from the window.

Mi Ke’er excused that she needed to handle something. Then she asked a new nurse to look after Luo Dai’er and left her house.

Mi Ke’er went to Lacy’s house directly.

After sending Xia Nuan to the airport, Lacy saw Mi Ke’er the moment he got home, “Are you looking for me?”

Mi Ke’er held Lacy’s arm and tried to say something, but she was pulled away by Lacy. 𝒾𝗻𝓃𝐫eα𝚍. 𝒄𝐨m

“Don’t do that again. There are paparazzi around my house at any time. If they see us together, they would think that we may have an affair.”

Lacy remembered that Mi Ke’er kissed him last time by force. Although this woman looked petite and delicate, she was powerful because his lips were swollen after she kissed him last time.

“You can rest assured. You are the last man in the world that would make me feel interested. I regard the last incident as I was bitten by a dog.”

“You bit me last time. That makes you the dog.” Lacy smirked and looked at Mi Ke’er.

“I don’t want to quarrel with you. So, can you tell me where is Xia Nuan?” Mi Ke’er asked Lacy.

Lacy raised an eyebrow, “Does it have anything to do with you? Are you coming for Ye Sichen? I’m telling you that Xia Nuan is free to be with anyone. Ye Sichen has no right to interfere.”

Mi Ke’er stared at him viciously and then pushed him away to walk straight into his villa.

“Xia Nuan? Xia Nuan, where are you?” Mi Ke’er went through the hall to Lacy’s bedroom directly.

Lacy followed her, “Mi Ke’er, it’s illegal for you to break into my house privately!”

Mi Ke’er wasn’t willing to listen to him. She went to the bedroom and opened the door of the bathroom, “Xia Nuan, come out. There is something important that I need to tell you!”

Lacy couldn’t tolerate it any more. So, he held her wrist directly, “I am fed up with you. Xia Nuan is not in here.”

Mi Ke’er shook off his hand, “Mr. Lacy, where is Xia Nuan? Do you know? Her life is in danger now. We must find her!”

Seeing her serious face, Lacy realized that there was a chance that Xia Nuan was in danger.

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 80 - In danger