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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 79 - Marry me

Chapter 79 Marry me

After hearing Lacy’s words, Xia Nuan smiled softly. She took a cup of orange juice and said sincerely, “How about I toast to Mr. Lacy with a cup of orange juice instead of wine to express my gratitude to you?”

Lacy listened to her words and accepted her appreciation happily.

Taking a sip of orange juice, Lacy expressed his real intention in a joking way, “It turns out that I was wrong to send you back to Zhongshan City, because you still came back with Ye Sichen in the end and you become his cousin now. This is really dramatic, like a play. Will you go back to Zhongshan City or stay here?”

Lacy sighed with emotions.

Xia Nuan looked melancholy, “I will leave here after a while.”

Lacy answered her indifferently and said nothing.

When Lacy was about to leave, his legs couldn’t move and he felt unstable. Then, his eyes were blurred as if he was drunk.

Xia Nuan could feel Lacy’s abnormal behavior, so she put down the cup and asked Lacy unconsciously, “Mr. Lacy, what’s wrong with you?”

Lacy shook his head, “I’m fine. Maybe it’s just because I didn’t have a good rest last night.”

He looked at Xia Nuan slightly, and his sexy throat moved.

Xia Nuan was uncomfortable and her face was hot after he stared at her. Lacy got up and prepared to open the door. However, he couldn’t open it.

Xia Nuan walked over to help him, but the moment their hands got touched, they were both excited and impulsive.

There was a strong chain reaction in Xia Nuan’s heart. The hand touched by Lacy got hot, and the heat spread to her heart soon.

What happened to her? She felt dizzy and weak. It was difficult for her to move because her limbs were powerless. Finally, she fell into Lacy’s arms.

Lacy gasped heavily and forced her to the door fiercely.

Her hands put down weakly. She wanted to push Lacy away, but she was powerless.

“Mr. Lacy, please go out.”

“Baby, I will cheer you up...”

“No...” Xia Nuan’s voice was drowned in Lacy’s passionate kisses.

Lacy hugged and kissed her. Her neck was full of hickeys.

Xia Nuan whispered and had a blurred vision at this moment. She even regarded Lacy as Ye Sichen mistakenly.

Her slim hands held his handsome face. She touched him softly like a spring breeze, which blew into Lacy’s heart.

Lacy was delirious and unable to control himself. Then he embraced Xia Nuan and walked toward the bed staggeringly.

Both of them fell on the bed and became fainted.

The ambiguity in the room faded gradually and the door was opened.

Lian crept in.

She locked the door in the room and walked to the bed, stripping off Xia Nuan and Lacy’s clothes...

“What are you doing?” A sharp voice broke the silence in the room and awakened Xia Nuan.

Xia Nuan opened her eyes and saw Madam Ye standing angrily outside the door with a cane. She suddenly woke up and looked down subconsciously, but found herself naked on the bed, and there was a man lying on the bed, too. The man was Lacy!

Xia Nuan was shocked and wrapped herself tightly in the quilt. She was trembling and felt incredible to see this.

There were their scattered and messy clothes on the bed and the floor. There was even a pink condom...

Xia Nuan was blank in her mind.

Madam Ye walked in angrily with Lian and a servant’s help. She sat in a chair to wait for Xia Nuan.

Lacy was awakened at this moment. He got up and found Xia Nuan covered herself with a quilt. Seeing Madam Ye was extremely unfriendly to Xia Nuan, he protected her instantly without hesitation.

“Madam Ye, please don’t blame Xia Nuan. I did this to her.”

Holding the quilt, Xia Nuan was about to cry. She saw Ye Sichen standing outside the door.

In fact, Ye Sichen stood behind Madam Ye all the time, but he kept silent. However, his eyes were like a knife that was sharp enough to kill her instantly.

Madam Ye was trembling with anger. She thumped her cane on the ground, and the voice was louder than before, “What’s wrong with you, Mr. Lacy? Are you dating with my niece secretly in the name of visiting me? I’m telling you! You must be responsible for her!”

Lacy glanced at Ye Sichen who was coming slowly and felt a little scared. After all, Ye Sichen thumped him last time, so he was afraid of him until now.

“It is a big misunderstanding between Xia Nuan and me...”

“Misunderstanding? Just see around! How dare you say that?” Madam Ye interrupted Lacy’s explanation.

“Mom, you should go out first. I will solve this.” Ye Sichen sat in front of Xia Nuan and Lacy indifferently.

Watching Ye Sichen’s cold face, Xia Nuan was nervous. She wanted to explain to him, but she thought that explanation was redundant due to the messy bed...

Madam Ye was a little dissatisfied. She turned around to look at Ye Sichen, “Sichen, how can you solve this? Both of them are willing to do that without any reluctance. Therefore, from my perspective, let’s give them what they want.” She threw her cane to Lian and left. “Hum.”

Wuyou and Nianci cried for their mother. But Ye Sichen closed the door with his foot.

They were suddenly isolated from the outside world.

The room was terribly quiet and even the sound of a needle falling could be heard.

There was fear in Lacy’s eyes.

“Ye, I was talking about design issues with Xia Nuan. But I didn’t know what happened, because I was suddenly unconscious. When I woke up, I was already lying in bed.” Lacy told the truth. Indeed, he didn’t remember what happened after he had a coma.

“Lacy, put on your clothes and get out of my house.” Ye Sichen felt his eyes were pierced by a needle after looking at them sitting on the bed.

He pinched his hands and tried his best to restrain his emotions. The veins stood out on the back of his hands.

Lacy was afraid of Ye Sichen for his powerful fist, so he looked for his clothes without thinking. He said when he wore his clothes, “If I did something with Xia Nuan, I could definitely feel it. Why couldn’t I feel anything at all?”

Xia Nuan bit her lips and tried her best to take her eyes back from Ye Sichen’s face. She made a decision and held Lacy’s arm suddenly, “Lacy, I will go with you.”

Ye Sichen’s face became more and more serious.

Lacy stopped fastening the button suddenly. Seeing the firm expression on Xia Nuan’s face, he wasn’t afraid of Ye Sichen anymore.

“Xia Nuan, you’d better take your words back.” Ye Sichen loosened his tight hands.

Xia Nuan forced a smile helplessly, “Lacy and I love each other deeply. Since I have already slept with him, I want to leave with him.”

Xia Nuan held Lacy’s arm again. Lacy was puzzled by Xia Nuan’s gentleness and couldn’t help but circle her waist.

Ye Sichen had misunderstood them, so let it be.

The love affair between Ye Sichen and Xia Nuan was forbidden. They could never be together. So, let her cut the relationship.

She figured out this idea since Luo Dai’er cut her veins that night.

Ye Sichen stood up slowly and angrily. He strode forward Xia Nuan to drag her down from the bed.

Xia Nuan tried to get rid of his restraint.

“Let me go!” Ye Sichen almost knocked her down, but he didn’t let her go.

Lacy walked over to stop Ye Sichen after seeing that.

Ye Sichen pushed him aside heavily and took Xia Nuan to the bathroom.

“Ye Sichen, you are crazy! Xia Nuan is your cousin!”

Lacy knocked the door heavily outside.

Ye Sichen fixed her firmly and forced her to the mural as if he didn’t hear it. Xia Nuan couldn’t move, so she just looked at him stubbornly.

“What happened to you and Lacy? Look at me and answer my question!” Ye Sichen pinched her chin aggressively.

Xia Nuan tried to struggle with him breathlessly, “You knew what we did. Didn’t you see that?”

Ye Sichen’s bloodshot eyes were full of sadness, “Yes, I saw it, but I would rather believe that it was only a superficial phenomenon. Xia Nuan, stop torturing me!”

Xia Nuan was upset. She concealed her tears and took his hands away, “I slept with Lacy. I love him and he loves me. What else do you want to know? The process we made love on the bed? We had sex with abandon on the bed. He kissed me, and I kissed him...”

“Stop it!” Ye Sichen grubbed her throat. A strong sense of jealousy spread out in his chest. He smothered Xia Nuan’s breath.

Looking at the striking hickeys on her neck, he was about to get crazy.

Xia Nuan smiled, “Mr. Ye is tolerable and kind, so could you please fulfill our wish?”

She wanted Ye Sichen to give up their love.

“So, Mr. Ye, we both have our own lives, and I don’t want to be with you. Please respect my choice. You are a superstar. Being with you would make me under pressure. I just want to be free and ordinary.” He could see Xia Nuan’s unwavering attitude from her eyes.

Through the mirror on the other side, she saw that she was reluctant in her deep heart.

Ye Sichen loosened her hands slowly and went backward staggeringly, “Fine. I will fulfill you. Go away and never appear in front of me again. Otherwise, I won’t be nice to you.”

Xia Nuan stood there blankly for a long time. Then she moved slowly and headed down to swipe her tears the moment she turned around.

Xia Nuan didn’t know how she left the bathroom. She was exhausted and almost fell down when she went out. Lacy waited for her and held her in time.

“Lacy, let’s go.”

Lacy frowned and embraced her into his arms. Then they left the bedroom.

In the living room, Madam Ye seemed complacent under her serious face. She looked at Lacy, then looked at Xia Nuan, “Mr. Lacy, I wish you won’t let me down, because Xia Nuan is my only niece. I will return to Modu City tomorrow and I hope you and Nuan can accompany with me. By the way, Mr. Lacy, I’ve already told your father, Gentleman Lai Feng, the relationship between you and Nuan.”

Lacy frowned after hearing that.

He liked Xia Nuan, but he wasn’t ready to get married with her at that time.

Xia Nuan shook her head after hearing that, “Madam Ye, Lacy is engaged in his career now. And I wish that my relationship with him would be confidential temporarily.”

Madam Ye nodded slowly, but said nothing. Finally, she called Ramon to send them away.

“Lian, you did a good job. This check is for you. You can exchange it into cash, then distribute to other servants in the villa. This is a reward for all of you.”

Madam Ye lowered her voice.

Lian shook her head and didn’t accept the check, “Madam, I don’t want to accept your money. The servants here won’t receive your money. In fact, we did that for Mr. Ye, because he is a celebrity with a wife and two children. If he got divorced because of Xia Nuan, Luo’s family and Ye’s family will definitely become enemies. Finally, Mr. Ye’s music and popularity will be affected by then.”

Madam Ye looked at Lian surprisingly and held Lian’s hand with appreciation, “I am relieved for Sichen having all of you here. Are Wuyou and Nianci locked in the room?”

Lian nodded.

“Don’t open the door until Xia Nuan gets on the car and leaves. Otherwise, they would cry all the time.”

Lian responded with a smile.

Xia Nuan’s hair was scattered. She sat in Lacy’s car, and the tears on her face were dried by the wind. Lacy consoled her all the time, but she couldn’t hear anything, only kept silent.

“Xia Nuan, why don’t you marry me?” Lacy braked the car and said that out of blue.

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 79 - Marry me