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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 78 - Don’t you think you should show some gratitude to

Chapter 78 Don’t you think you should show some gratitude to me?

Ye Sichen said in a low and rough voice, “Baby, there was no light that night. I was uncomfortable,so I went to the bathroom. Do you remember...”

When Wuyou and Nianci were young, he went to the bathroom staggeringly because he didn’t get along well with Luo Dai’er. Then he encountered Xia Nuan...

Xia Nuan forgot to struggle with him at this moment, but tried to remember the thing in the past.

That dark night, she felt extremely hot and uncomfortable. Therefore, she walked staggeringly and wanted to take a cold shower. But she met a man and hugged him suddenly in the darkness.

However, she thought it was a dream all the time.

“You hugged me and asked me to kiss you.”

Ye Sichen held her face. His warm touch moved across her cheeks. His deep eyes were filled with tenderness, like a magnet, which attracted her strongly. And their two hot hearts kept on trembling at this moment.

“So, it wasn’t a dream. Why is it always you?” Xia Nuan whispered, as if to herself, or to him.

She was puzzled, and her long hair spread over her chest, which made his mind confusing and his rationality ambiguous.

“Why? Because you are destined to be mine.” Ye Sichen hugged her tightly.

Xia Nuan couldn’t help but hold his perfect and charming face. Looking at his fascinating eyes, Xia Nuan was attracted and held his elegant neck like she was bewitched.

They made love fiercely as if their passion was even stronger than the typhoon.

“Bang, bang, bang.”

There was a rapid knock outside the door.

Xia Nuan got nervous and kept pounding him on his shoulder, “Someone is knocking the door.”

She was panic.

But Ye Sichen was indifferent and kissed her neck several times, “I don’t care.”

“No. Let me go. We can’t... Stop...”

“Hum. I won’t stop.” He smiled gently and hugged her heavily with a sly smile.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

The knock was louder than before.

Xia Nuan was anxious to cry, “Sir, I’m begging you.” Her slim fingers scratched red marks on his wheat-colored back.

“Call me honey.”

“No.” Xia Nuan bit her lips perversely.

“Well. Let them in and see what we are doing now.”

To stop him, she had to call him, “Honey.”

“Louder. I can’t hear you.”

“Honey!” She raised her voice.

Ye Sichen loosened her reluctantly and kissed her red lips affectionately. Then he picked up his scattered shirt and put it on slowly.

Xia Nuan tidied up her clothes in a hurry and spread out the design drawings, sitting next to the writing desk. However, her whole body was full of his smell, even her breath was with his smell.

She wanted to wash her face in the bathroom, but Ye Sichen had already opened the door for Luo Dai’er at this time.

Luo Dai’er stood outside the door, facing Ye Sichen. But she was a little bit timid.

Ye Sichen said impatiently, “What’s the matter?”

Luo Dai’er smelled a hint of sexual scent in the air and there was a faint woman’s smell on Ye Sichen’s body.

Luo Dai’er was very angry at this moment.

She couldn’t lose her temper, because Ye Sichen had the video of her having sex with Roger. If she lost her temper, Ye Sichen would definitely expose the video to the public, and she would get nothing at that time even if she divorced him.

“I want to see Wuyou and Nianci.” Luo Dai’er forced herself to calm down and said.

Ye Sichen didn’t want to let her in, “They’ve fallen asleep.”

Looking around the room, Luo Dai’er saw Xia Nuan and quested Ye Sichen coldly, “Why is she here, too? Ye, you have to understand that I am the hostess of this house.”

“She is modifying the design here. Is there any problem?” Ye Sichen asked.

Xia Nuan took the design and called her Mrs. Ye. Then she walked through Ye Sichen and was ready to leave.

Although she kept her head down, Luo Dai’er was keenly aware of the red marks on her neck. Luo Dai’er watched Xia Nuan jealously and wanted to tear her face apart.

Xia Nuan’s arm was taken tightly by Ye Sichen to his side.

Luo Dai’er glared at Ye Sichen angrily and pointed to Xia Nuan, “What have you done in the room? Why are there red marks on her neck? Ye Sichen, you can’t do this to me!”

Finally, she couldn’t restrain herself.

Her pride and nobleness were worthless in Ye Sichen’s eyes. All he had given her was nothing but frustration, endless frustration!

“Do you need me to repeat it again? We are modifying the design.”

Ye Sichen watched Luo Dai’er coldly and said calmly. 𝘪𝑛𝓃𝒓𝐞𝙖d. ᴄ𝒐𝑚

Luo Dai’er laughed with tears in her eyes, “You spend your time in staying with her instead of nurturing the relationship between us. Ye Sichen, are you thoroughly tired of me? Do you hate me so much that you would rather touch a despicable woman than touch me!”

Her voice was too sharp that awakened Wuyou and Nianci.

“Watch your mouth!”

“She is a despicable woman! I know better than you what she is!”

Xia Nuan felt nervous to see his chilly face, as if he would put Luo Dai’er to death by dismembering her body immediately. Xia Nuan stood in front of Ye Sichen and looked at Luo Dai’er, “I have a fiancé, and we will get married soon. So, I never thought about replacing you.”

Luo Dai’er raised her hand in front of Ye Sichen and wanted to punch Xia Nuan on her face, “Bitch! How dare you sleep with him as you clarify your relationship! What a shameless bitch! Stop acting like you are innocent!”

Her hand was stopped by Ye Sichen in the air. He pushed her slightly. Luo Dai’er staggered backward and fell to the ground exaggeratedly.

Ye Sichen drew Xia Nuan into the bedroom and slammed the door before she moved forward and tried to help.

“You shouldn’t bring me here at the beginning. We had violated morality! Please open the door, I want to leave!” Xia Nuan saw that Ye Sichen treated Luo Dai’er ruthlessly and suddenly realized that Ye Sichen might do the same to her when he got tired of her.

“Enough. Xia Nuan, pay more attention to your design.” Ye Sichen’s eyes were as cold as the ice without warmth.

Xia Nuan really felt his indifference.

He could be kind and gentle to the world, but he was cruel in terms of his personal affections.

“What do you need me to do? I just want to leave.” Xia Nuan looked at him and asked calmly.

“Until I’m satisfied with your design.” Ye Sichen frowned to see Wuyou and Nianci looking at them curiously.

He went over and put them gently on the bed, “Babies, it’s time to sleep.”

For the sake of Wuyou and Nianci, Xia Nuan said nothing and sat next to the writing desk heavily with the opened drawings.

In the midnight, Luo Dai’er cut her veins in the room. Ye Sichen went to her room overnight after hearing that.

Knowing the news, Xia Nuan was nervous and her heart seemed to be pressed by a heavy stone, which made her breathless.

Luo Dai’er was rescued in time and was out of danger. Since she lost too much blood, she needed to take a rest for a while. Madam Ye was going to return back to Modu City in advance, but she had to delay the journey because of this incident.

Xia Nuan modified the design in the villa and accompanied with Wuyou and Nianci.

She hadn’t seen Ye Sichen for a week. So, she tried not to think of him but did something to enrich herself each day.

Lian came to chat with Xia Nuan after coming back from Mi Ke’er’s house.

“Ms. Nuan, you didn’t see that! Mrs. Ye hurt herself heavily on her wrist. Ah! Why can’t she figure it out?” Lian sighed while she cleaned the room.

The brush in Xia Nuan’s hand was paused gradually.

“She didn’t want Mr. Ye to leave her and threatened that once he left her, she would continue to suicide. Anyway, if she couldn’t see Mr. Ye, she is going to make a mess. How awkward it is! How can such a nice man as Mr. Ye get married with such an extremist?”

Xia Nuan sighed and said weakly, “Her love is too deep.”

“I heard that she deceived him when they got married, besides, there was a rumor that she couldn’t give birth to a baby. In order to break the public opinion, Mr. Ye and she had the two babies. In the end, those public opinions disappeared. But after her delivery, she was unwilling to take care of them and even got the two babies suffocated accidentally. Since then, Mr. Ye was alienated from her...”

Xia Nuan frowned and her mind was full of thoughts.

Perhaps because Luo Dai’er didn’t take good care of Wuyou and Nianci, Ye Sichen couldn’t forget it and forgive her ever since.

There was a servant came in the house, “Ms. Nuan, you are wanted on the phone.”

Xia Nuan was the nominal cousin of Ye Sichen. Therefore, all the servants called her Ms. Nuan when they saw her.

Xia Nuan nodded and walked over to pick up the phone.

“Hey! Xia Nuan!”

There was a cheerful voice of Lacy from the phone.

“Mr. Lacy? Can I help you?”

“I was invited by Madam Ye, so I’ll go to the villa. What do you like? I will buy stuffs for you.”

Xia Nuan declined tactfully, “Thank you. But I don’t need anything.”

Lacy arrived at the villa as he said, and exchanged greetings with Madam Ye in the living room.

Xia Nuan knew that Madam Ye wouldn’t be happy to see her, so she tried not to appear in front of her. However, Lacy kept asking Madam Ye about Xia Nuan’s location in the living room. She was afraid that Lacy would go upstairs to find her, so she had to go downstairs.

Madam Ye wasn’t as serious as she imagined, but said to her gently, “Nuan, entertain Mr. Lacy well. I have a headache, so I need to have a rest in my room.”

The servant supported her to the bedroom after that.

As soon as Madam Ye left, Lacy kept talking and complained his sufferings to Xia Nuan.

“Xia Nuan, did you know that I planned to look for you in Zhongshan City? And I went to catch the flight immediately after the show. But my father called me on my way and said that he was about to die, so I was suddenly scared to death and had to cancel the flight.” Lacy said this angrily, “However, when I went back, I saw my father speak boldly, then I realized that my father cheated me back to limit my freedom. In order to prevent me from looking for you in Zhongshan City, I was grounded at home for a whole month. Damn it! It must be Ye Sichen, because he visited my father, he definitely said something...”

Xia Nuan was shocked and looked at Lacy.

“What I said is true. The guy instructed my father to restrain me, but he went to Zhongshan City as a tourist. However, I am very curious. Are you really Uncle Ye’s daughter?”

“Mr. Lacy, I am going to modify the design. I’ll call Ramon to accompany with you.”

Xia Nuan didn’t answer Lacy’s questions, but went upstairs to the room.

Lacy followed her.

“Does Ye ask you to modify it? In my opinion, he makes things difficult for you deliberately. If you don’t know how to modify it, you can ask me, because I know a little about design.” Lacy put his hands in his trouser pocket, leaning against the writing desk with an enthusiastic look.

“Oh, thank you. There is no need. Mr. Lacy, you’d better leave now.”

At this time, a servant came with two cups of orange juice.

Lacy took a cup and put it in his hand, “Well, I won’t bother you. But don’t you think you should show some gratitude given that I sent you back to Zhongshan City last time?”

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 78 - Don’t you think you should show some gratitude to