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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 77 - The cost of nonsense

Chapter 77 The cost of nonsense

Seeing them coming back together, Luo Dai’er stared at Xia Nuan and Ye Sichen’s backs ruthlessly.

If Luo Dai’er’s eyes were a knife, Xia Nuan would be killed entirely.

Luo Dai’er concealed her feelings and walked towards Madam Ye slowly. Seeing Madam Ye was extremely unpleasant, Luo Dai’er poured a cup of tea for her.

“Mom, take it easy.” Luo Dai’er sat down with a smile and consoled Madam Ye...

“Sir, you shouldn’t tie me up like this all the time.” Xia Nuan looked at her hand restricted by the handcuff and felt frustrated.

Ye Sichen walked towards the writing desk. Xia Nuan had to follow him because of the handcuff.

Sitting in the chair, he hugged her on his lap naturally and took out the key. Finally, he unlocked the handcuff.

Xia Nuan breathed with relief and rubbed her wrist.


Ye Sichen took out a stack of agreement paper from the strongbox.

“I am really not satisfied with the costume you designed for me last time, and you should modify the design until I am satisfied with them.”

It turned out that the paper wasn’t the agreement paper, but her previous design drawings. She thought that Ye Sichen had thrown them away, but she didn’t expect him keeping them well.

Xia Nuan looked at the drawings and picked them up, observing them one by one. Then, she frowned, “If there were any problems of my design at that time, you should tell me directly, Mr. Ye.”

“It’s not too late to tell you now. By the way, you can choose not to modify it. Of course, I also have the right to ask you to compensate me for the loss even if you claim yourself as my cousin. If you do something wrong, you should correct them until I feel right.”

Ye Sichen smiled softly and lifted her chin.

She saw a sly feeling from his eyes, and suddenly understood that he did this to hamper her to leave.

“Sir, it doesn’t make any sense for you to do this...”

“You were frank enough to admit that you are my cousin in front of the media. Then you should be generous to call me brother in private, should you?” Ye Sichen satirized her with a sharp and pungent tone.

Xia Nuan took a deep breath and looked at Ye Sichen, “I’ll just modify the design.”

“Mommy, you come back finally!”

“Mommy, where did you go?”

Wuyou and Nianci walked in and ran towards Xia Nuan as soon as they saw her.

Leaving from Ye Sichen’s arms, Xia Nuan smiled gently and hugged Wuyou and Nianci after seeing them.

Wuyou and Nianci rushed to hug her neck and kissed her cheeks hard.

“Mommy, don’t leave us secretly in the future. Because when we miss you, we will cry.” Nianci said with tears in her eyes and pouted. Then she watched Xia Nuan piteously and kissed her on her face.

“Sweetheart, there’s no need to cry.”

Xia Nuan also cried after seeing that.

Since she left Feicheng City, she missed Wuyou and Nianci every day.

“I do miss you. If you don’t believe me, you can ask my brother. He cried, too.” Nianci said with tears.

Wuyou nodded affirmatively, “So, mommy, you are not allowed to leave in the future. If you really love us, you are not allowed to leave.” His expression, posture and the tone of his speech were exactly similar to his father, Ye Sichen.

Her heart melted as she saw the two babies. She rubbed their little heads, “Okay. I won’t leave, but you are not allowed to call me mother in the future.”

“I am getting used to call you mother.” Wuyou said arbitrarily.

Nianci followed Wuyou and nodded.

Xia Nuan was a little helpless. She wanted to explain to them, but she had done that many times before. However, they refused to do so and insisted on calling her mother. How could Luo Dai’er feel good if she heard that?

Ye Sichen came over with a gentle appearance and kissed their faces, “Your mommy won’t leave you. She will stay with you every day.”

Xia Nuan was serious but helpless.

At this time, Ramon knocked the door, “Sir, Madam Ye said she needed to talk to you and Ms. Xia.”

Ye Sichen’s smile disappeared gradually. He glanced at Xia Nuan and said to Ramon, “Well. We’ll be there.”

Wuyou and Nianci were temporarily taken out by Ramon to swing. Then Ye Sichen and Xia Nuan went downstairs.

Madam Ye didn’t lose her temper as she did before, but sat there, drinking tea slowly with a pleasant appearance.

Ye Sichen was a little surprised to see that.

But Ye Sichen got serious after glancing at Luo Dai’er who sat next to his mother.

“Sichen, sit down. Xia Nuan, you too.” Madam Ye said gently.

Xia Nuan sat on a sofa which was one meter away from Ye Sichen and waited for Madam Ye to speak. 𝒊𝓷𝐧𝗿𝚎𝘢𝒅. Com

She was forced by Ye Sichen to go back to Feicheng City. Even if she didn’t want to see his family members, she must face them. Since she said to the media and announced to the world that she was Ye Sichen’s cousin, it was hard to get rid of the fact that she was connected with Ye’s family.

“Mom, Xia Nuan is my girl now. No one has the right to drive her away.” Ye Sichen said it before Madam Ye said anything.

He looked at Luo Dai’er coldly and his eyes twitched slightly.

Luo Dai’er was nervous and tried to conceal her panic.

Madam Ye frowned and sighed, “Who said that I want to drive her away? Everyone knows that she is your cousin now, so she is our family member. How can I do that? Your uncle joined the war in his early years and scarified, leaving his only daughter. Therefore, all I want to do is to cherish her.”

Xia Nuan looked up to see Madam Ye.

Madam Ye said with a sad look as if Xia Nuan was really the daughter of Ye Sichen’s uncle. But only Ye Sichen could distinguish her ridicule to Xia Nuan between the lines.

Ye Sichen said nothing. But his expression indicated that he was unpleasant to hear that.

“So, I think you should go back to visit around Modu City, for example, your father’s grave. As his daughter, it’s time for you to sweep his tomb because you have been found by us and you should show your filial piety to him.” Madam Ye said to Xia Nuan.

Looking at Madam Ye, Xia Nuan didn’t know how to reply to her.

To avoid Ye Sichen announcing their true relationship, Xia Nuan lied to the media without thinking and said that she was Ye Sichen’s cousin. But she only wanted to stop him at that time and didn’t think about the responsibility that she must fulfill for the identity.

“I will take her back to Modu City next week.”

Ye Sichen replied Madam Ye.

“That won’t be necessary. I’m going back to Modu City tomorrow. I can take her there. Xia Nuan, do you want to go with me?”

Madam Ye asked Xia Nuan.

Xia Nuan nodded, “Yes, I do.”

Madam Ye nodded with satisfaction and stood up, “Hum. This is settled. It is late. You should have a rest. Let’s go back tomorrow.”

Madam Ye went to her bedroom with Luo Dai’er’s help.

The living room was quiet for a moment. Then Ye Sichen said in a low voice, “This is the cost of your nonsense.”

Xia Nuan couldn’t help but retaliate with the bitterness hid in her mind, “If I didn’t say that, the media would make up our relationship as terrible as possible...”

“Ho ho. Xia Nuan, how terrible it is to be my girl!”

Ye Sichen smiled coldly.

Xia Nuan said nothing but felt sad enough.

He didn’t know her intention. He not only was a superstar in music, but also had a wife. So, if he disclosed their true relationship to the public, he would be criticized by the media for moral stuffs. Then, the thing would become more and more severe, and even his music career would be implicated as well.

They kept silent until Mi Ke’er appeared.

Mi Ke’er asked Xia Nuan’s life in Zhongshan with a concerned look, and wondered what rescue measures were taken to rescue Ye Sichen when the typhoon came. Xia Nuan answered her questions one by one.

“Xia Nuan, are you really Uncle Ye’s daughter? You don’t look like him!” Mi Ke’er had seen Uncle Ye’s photo and thought that they didn’t look like each other at all.

Xia Nuan was a little embarrassed, but she had to nod, “Yes.”

“Well. Last time you said to the media that you would get married and your fiancé was in Zhongshan City. Why didn’t he come with you?” Mi Ke’er couldn’t help gossiping.

Xia Nuan answered Mi Ke’er reluctantly, “Oh, he has a job in Zhongshan City.”

Ye Sichen just drank water with an expressionless face, but Mi Ke’er kept asking her blindly, “Won’t he come to stay with you? What is his job in Zhongshan City?”

“He is a doctor.”

Xia Nuan thought of the period Song Kuncheng helped her, so she blurted out unconsciously.

“That’s great! Your fiancé could come over and work with me!” Mi Ke’er suggested happily.

Xia Nuan nodded sluggishly.

Mi Ke’er came over to take Madam Ye’s blood pressure regularly. Madam Ye lived in the villa since Xia Nuan left. After having a brief chat with Xia Nuan, Mi Ke’er went to Madam Ye’s room.

Wuyou and Nianci came back at this moment, so the living room was alive again.

Ye Sichen held the two babies and wanted to bathe them, but Wuyou and Nianci wanted to be bathed by Xia Nuan and Ye Sichen.

Xia Nuan had to agree with their request.

“We should go to bed together. My brother and I lie on the middle of the bed, while mommy and daddy lie on either side of the bed.” On the bed, Nianci held a feeder to drink water and kept chattering like a bird.

Xia Nuan smiled slightly and walked over to hug her, “Nianci is right.” She was going to leave after the two babies fell asleep.

Xia Nuan coaxed the two babies to sleep. Ye Sichen came out with his upper body naked.

Xia Nuan was going to leave, but her clothes was tightly held by Nianci, “Mommy, you can’t leave.”

“Daddy, could you sing a song for us?” Wuyou lied on the bed and watched Ye Sichen who was walking towards them.

Ye Sichen dried his hair with a towel and touched Wuyou’s face, “Which song do you want to hear?”

“I like the songs as long as they are sung by you.”

Wuyou said.

Ye Sichen sang a lullaby with his thin rosy lips. The song was melodies enough, which also attracted Xia Nuan.

It was a habit for Ye Sichen to sing a lullaby to his babies every night.

Ye Sichen stopped singing the song after the two babies fell asleep completely.

Xia Nuan got up from bed and was ready to leave.

But Ye Sichen stopped her way.

“Don’t you want me to modify those design drawings, sir? I have to seize the day.” Xia Nuan said.

Xia Nuan watched his deep eyes and felt scared, so she stepped back and turned around to pick up the portfolio of the design drawings.

“Do it here.” Then her waist was tightened by him fiercely.

The hand on the waist was like belonging to her, and she couldn’t get rid of it. Finally, she was out of breath.

“Let me go, please.” Xia Nuan’s crimson face was flushed with shyness.

Turning her body around, Ye Sichen held her after brain and lowered his head to kiss her gently.

The thick breath of the man lingered around, and her mind became more and more confusing.

“Do you remember that time?” He breathed out of order and held her against the writing desk.

“I don’t know. Luo Dai’er will come in. Let me go...” Xia Nuan pleaded with him.

He had a temperament as if he was in the period of abstinence, but actually he was like a wolf. Because every time he had sex with her, he would act like a wolf and wanted to swallow his prey.

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 77 - The cost of nonsense