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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 76 - Don’t you ever think about leaving me

Chapter 76 Don’t you ever think about leaving me

The helicopter hovered over the sky and then landed slowly in a spacious place.

Paul and Dawson got off it.

Xia Nuan knew that it was the time for her to be separated from Ye Sichen.

She loosened Ye Sichen’s hand and went towards the cave silently. She lifted down the clothes that she washed for him from the bracket, which was next to the bonfire, and folded them slowly.

When she turned around, she saw that Ye Sichen stood behind her. She stopped and handed the folded clothes to Ye Sichen. Ye Sichen didn’t take them over. Instead, he reached out his hands and wrapped her into his arms, “Go with me.”

Xia Nuan shook her head, “No. I am not suitable to stay there. The life pace there is too fast...”

“Are you afraid of my mother, or Luo Dai’er? We are only a nominal couple. I will find a way to divorce her.”

Ye Sichen said seriously.

Xia Nuan thought of what Mi Ke’er had said to her before. She said that if Ye Sichen got a divorce, both his fame and his interests would be influenced.

“No, there is no need for you to do that. Your kids are not naive any more. You should give them an intact family. Sir, you can’t divorce your wife.” Xia Nuan blurted out even without thinking.

They were a nominal couple? Wuyou and Nianci were all delivered by Luo Dai’er...

“I know this process is a bit difficult, but can you face it together with me?” Ye Sichen pleaded her.

Xia Nuan lowered her head and looked at the ground. Then she made a firm decision and shook her head, “I am getting married soon. Sir, I will not go to Feicheng City with you.”

Suddenly, Ye Sichen seemed to lose his hope and he held her waist tightly little by little.

“Xia Nuan, don’t lie to me.”

“I didn’t. I never thought about breaking up your family. I love Wuyou and Nianci, so I won’t let them become the kids who are from a single-parent family.” As long as she once owned him, even just for a short time, she had already regarded that as a blessing.

He was in such a high position and she couldn’t match with him at all, so why not just let him believe that she was afraid of being with him?

In a word, she did not have the courage to face all these things.

Sometimes she even thought that it was also a blessing for her abortion.

Ye Sichen turned solemn and cold little by little. Being a little bit jealous, he approached to her forcefully, “Remember that the person who gives you happiness is me.”

He said in a low voice, which almost suppressed her to suffocate.

“No, if it was not you, I would be happy as well. Everyone who yearns for love will enjoy the happiness physically as long as he was sexually awakened at the right time.” Her words sound as bold as brass.

Ye Sichen had nothing to say in refute her.

However, as soon as he thought of the moment that she lay down under another man, he would become jealous with endless anger.

He held her up and walked out of the cave.

“Put me down.”

Xia Nuan struggled. She was even more embarrassed as she saw several cameras and strange guys outside the cave. She kept resisting against Ye Sichen’s chest, “I’m begging you. Put me down.”

These people were Ye Sichen’s personal photographers, as well as several staff members. They were in compliance with Ye Sichen’s order to come here.

Xia Nuan saw the camera facing her. She turned aside, “Put me down.”

Ye Sichen put her down and crossed her hand tightly, “Gu Bei, turn on the camera.”

“Sir, are you going to...”

“Are the outside media scrambling to report my disappearance?” Ye Sichen asked the photographer Gu Bei.

Gu Bei nodded hesitantly.

As Paul and Dawson called the helicopter, they exposed the incident to the media that Ye Sichen was missing for suffering from typhoon during his traveling.

Not that they betrayed his whereabouts, but Ye Sichen asked them to do so.

He did this for Xia Nuan.

“I want to give a concise press conference to convey to the outside world that I am out of danger.” Ye Sichen said seriously.

“If you want to give a press conference, I think I should avoid it.” Xia Nuan continued to resist against his controlling.

Ye Sichen did not allow her to escape at all. He looked at Gu Bei who stood still, “Turn on the camera.”

At this time, another two helicopters appeared above the spacious place. They flew over and then slowly landed down separately. More than a hundred people were armed with cameras. After they got off, they shot towards the direction of Ye Sichen and Xia Nuan.

Undoubtedly, the media reporters from all over the world followed the helicopter to find Ye Sichen. They rushed to report the headlines of Ye Sichen.

Xia Nuan turned aside with uneasiness. She just wanted to go over the cave and hide in it, but she was pulled by Ye Sichen to face those media reporters frankly.

“Sir, these damn journalists will mess with the things between you and Designer Xia. You’d better let her avoid it in advance.”

Gu Bei had seen Xia Nuan as Ye Sichen held a concert in Feicheng City last time. At that time, she was Ye Sichen’s designer.

“No. I will accept their interviews. I want to announce our true relationship.” Ye Sichen said seriously.

The staff, Paul and Dawson did not dare to discourage him.

Soon, the reporters flocked here.

Gu Bei was helpless. Looking at Xia Nuan, he had no choice but to turn on the camera.

“Ye Sichen, how did you survive the disaster?”

“Mr. Ye, how did you escape from it? It’s said that there was a tsunami here.”

“Mr. Ye, who is this woman? What is the relationship between you and her?”

“Are you traveling alone here? Did you come here with your wife?”

“Mr. Ye, is this woman the designer you clarified at the conference last time?”

“Are you living in this cave these days? Just the two of you?”

The reporters bombarded them endlessly with various questions. They held the microphones towards Ye Sichen and Xia Nuan.

Xia Nuan was embarrassed. She was with great pressure as she saw those reporters stared at her so strangely.

Those reporters who carried with the camera even deliberately gave them a close-up shot on their crossed fingers.

Xia Nuan was aware that she could not get rid of his hand. She was so afraid that her hand even broke out with cold sweat.

“Here, I just want those who care about me to know that I’m fine. I am not in danger or injured. I survived from the disaster thanks to this woman who saved me. I am very grateful to her. She is my savior...”

Xia Nuan was confused. At that time, she fainted and didn’t know anything. How could she rescue him from the typhoon? The fact was that he saved her.

“In addition, I would also like to announce one thing that I think you all are interested. A man and a women staying together can always generate topics and attract people’s interests to speculate or imagine something. I do not want to arouse your curiosity. This woman is called Xia Nuan. She used to be a nanny of my kids and my designer as well. In order to secure my reputation, she sneaked into the drug dealers and got the evidence to prove my innocence. Without her, I would been labeled as a smuggling drug dealer forever. She is my...”

“I am Mr. Ye’s cousin!” As Ye Sichen was about to announce the relationship between them, Xia Nuan blurted out without thinking anything and interrupted him sharply.

Ye Sichen loosened her hand gradually. He turned around and looked at Xia Nuan with anger.

Xia Nuan didn’t dare to confront with his knife-like eyes, “His father is my uncle. He is my cousin. So, don’t guess our relationship. It’s very simple. He is my big brother!” Xia Nuan did not give Ye Sichen any chance to speak and pretended to smile breezily, “What’s more, I am going to get married soon. My fiancé is working in Zhongshan. I just want to live a normal life as an ordinary people. I hope I could get your blessings.”

Ye Sichen’s face turned pale and his heart jolted sadly.

She took those reporters’ interests out of themselves suddenly.

“It turned out she is his younger sister. No wonder that she had the opportunity to work for him.”

“There is nothing new with this news.”

They planned to publicize this matter. Then they could look on his divorce with Luo Dai’er. Unexpectedly, this girl was his cousin.

They could not be so demoralized to say that Ye Sichen had an affair with his sister.

Then those reporters interviewed Ye Sichen about the skills of his escape. Ye Sichen only said casually, “I have nothing to say. I hope that before you go outside, watch the weather forecast first.”

After he finished, he dragged Xia Nuan’s arm aboard the helicopter.

“Sir, I want to go back to Zhongshan. Don’t behave like this.” After they got aboard the helicopter, Xia Nuan kept struggling as before.

In the helicopter, Gu Bei and Paul sat in their own positions sensibly. They didn’t even dare to breathe.

Ye Sichen brought Xia Nuan into the lounge at back.

As he dragged her, she almost fell down because of his masculinity. It was so suppressed that only their heavy and unsteady breathings could be heard.

“I want to go back to Zhongshan.” Xia Nuan lowered her voice and emphasized the words strongly.

“You are my lost cousin. Shouldn’t you go back to Ye’s family?” Ye Sichen sneered and almost gnashed his teeth to speak out the word “cousin”.

Xia Nuan backed up a few steps. Ye Sichen stopped her. She couldn’t escape and had to be subjected to his passion.

He captured and had sex with her as a kind of punishment seemingly.

Xia Nuan was turned on once again as before.

She enjoyed the happiness physically and subsided into the seat. Ye Sichen fastened her a belt and fixed her firmly. Then he tenderly held her rosy cheek, “Xia Nuan, listen up. Don’t you ever think about leaving me.”

Everyone knew that she was Xia Nuan and she was also Ye Sichen’s cousin. The moment Ye Sichen returned to Feicheng City, they besieged by the crowed media.

The landing site was surrounded by the media closely. Brokerage firms and music companies, as well as Ye Sichen’s team all sent people here to keep the order.

For the first time, Xia Nuan felt the fear of being surrounded by people. She felt so bad about it that she couldn’t even walk and breathe easily.

The reporter began to bombard Ye Sichen with all kinds of queer questions once again. However, with no facial expression, Ye Sichen did not say a word and got onto the car with Xia Nuan.

“Sichen, why do you bring her back again and make such a vehement mess! Now everywhere is full of your news!” As soon as they stepped into the house, Madam Ye questioned him sharply.

Xia Nuan lowered her head and didn’t looked at Madam Ye.

She only wanted to leave. However, Ye Sichen did not allow her to do so. He even tied their hands together in handcuffs for fear of her leaving.

“Mom, this is my own business. I know what I’m doing.” Ye Sichen took Xia Nuan away from the living room and went upstairs.

Madam Ye still wanted to say something, but Ye Sichen did not give her the chance. Madam Ye stamped her feet with anger.

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 76 - Don’t you ever think about leaving me