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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 75 - Making sweet love

Chapter 75 Making sweet love

The man scattered his black hair, holding a branch and stirring the fire flames. His sculpture-like figure was covered with a soft glow under the bonfire.

This face had already been branded on Xia Nuan’s mind.

“Ye Sichen? You are not dead?”

Xia Nuan retracted herself gradually. Thinking of what happened before, she was still scared.

As the fishing boat was about to turn back to Zhongshan, there was a sudden typhoon. Then the fishing boat fell into the sea. Paul and Dawson were dispersed. At that time, Xia Nuan and Ye Sichen couldn’t do anything for them. They tried to escape, but they were involved in the waves.

There was a moment that she thought Ye Sichen would die. Unconsciously, endless fear crawled up on her.

“What? You want me to die?” Ye Sichen raised his eyebrows and looked at her.

Xia Nuan was in the melting mood and her eyes glistened with tears, “Thank goodness. You are alive.” she got up, kneeled on the ground and circled his waist with excitement, “I thought I would never see you again!”

Speaking of this, her throat choked with sobs.

Ye Sichen held her into his arms tightly, “Are you afraid of me dying that much?”

He touched her long hair gently and caressed her head.

She suddenly realized that she lost her mind. She blushed and, subconsciously, loosened her hands, “Sorry, I... I am just afraid that once you are dead, I have to be responsible for your death...”

She lied randomly.

Looking at his solemn face, she stepped back and kept her distance from him. Then she felt that her face burned.

Looking down, she found herself only wearing a close-fitting vest.

“We should leave.” Xia Nuan looked around the surroundings and found it was a stone cave, “Otherwise, others would think that you are missing.”

The moment she tried to get up, Ye Sichen took her into his arms.

Xia Nuan’s heart beat violently. Suddenly, there was a blank in her mind.

Ye Sichen held her shoulders and lifted her chin, “Xia Nuan, as we were suffering from the typhoon, what did you say to me?”

Looking at Ye Sichen who was getting closer and closer, Xia Nuan felt she was almost suffocated. She turned aside in a panic, “Nothing.”

When the typhoon swept through, she wanted to speak out the words hidden deep in her heart at that supreme juncture of life and death. She just did not want herself to die with regrets.

“You are lying.” Ye Sichen bowed his head. In a twinkling, they were body to body and face to face. Then he said hoarsely and deeply with a natural domineering voice, “You did say something, but I didn’t heard it clearly since the wind blew too heavily. Xia Nuan, I order you to say it again.”

Xia Nuan bit her lips and turned aside, “...At that time, I felt like I was going to die, so I called you to save me...”

Without finishing, Ye Sichen covered her crimson lips mildly and affectionately, which made her intoxicated. She suddenly became sexually awakened

For a moment, Xia Nuan was in a tinnitus state. All her reserves and concerns were wiped out by him. The only thing she remembered clearly was his kiss, his gentleness and his passion.

“Sir, you can’t...”

“Enough. Stop it.” He wanted to have her eagerly and instantly. Only she could ease his loneliness.

“I am very dirty...” Xia Nuan looked at him with tears.

Ye Sichen was in a seriousness. Then he fixed her struggling body and pressed her closely, “Don’t scorn yourself.”

Xia Nuan shook her head, “I don’t want to sleep with you. If I do so, that would be me scorning myself. You have married already. I don’t have any ideas on you. I don’t want everyone to think that I am filthy and I rely on you for money or fame!”

As she said, Madam Ye, Ye Ranni, and Luo Dai’er all floated out on her mind.

“Generally, people who destroys others’ family would not end well. So, Ms. Xia, you’d better do yourself a favor.”

“You’re not qualified to do so. Even if my elder brother slept with you, so what? He’s just lonely. Don’t take it too serious.”

Luo Dai’er and Ye Ranni’s sharp words lingered in her ears repeatedly.

Ye Sichen stopped and suddenly lost his passion. Then he interlocked her fingers forcefully. His eyes were bloodshot, “Xia Nuan, your body is more honest than your heart.”

He held her with a force.

Xia Nuan frowned and buckled his wide shoulders.

Ye Sichen’s arms wrapped around her and kissed her on the lips crazily and endlessly.

Xia Nuan felt he was so strange. She was a little scared with curiosity. She thought of Mr. X. Mr. Ye’s eyes were as sharp and deep as Mr. X’s eyes. Xia Nuan looked at him and felt that his eyes overlapped with Mr. X’s gradually.

However, she was so eager for Ye Sichen, rather than Mr. X.

Xia Nuan became passionate. Her eyes were blurred. Then they made sweet love beside the bonfire.

Ye Sichen enjoyed himself tirelessly. Their successive yearnings for each other all released out at this moment as floods out of control.

After that, Xia Nuan lay down back to Ye Sichen. Staring at the burning bonfire, she was in low spirits. On her neck, the eye-catching kiss marks were made by Ye Sichen just now.

His well-figured hand placed on her waist and forced to pull her over. Xia Nuan had to face him.

Ye Sichen’s eyes were deeper than the sea, which were full of emotions. Cupping her small face, he lowered his head and couldn’t help kissing her lips, “I can’t forgive you for the abortion, but, I must admit that I need you.”

Xia Nuan looked at him and took his hand away gently, “I’ve already satisfied your physical needs.”

“I need you to be by my side, anytime, anywhere. I want to see you every day.” As he said, he circled around her and wrapped her in his arms, “Go with me to Feicheng City.”

Xia Nuan shook her head firmly, “No, sir, I will not be the one for you to vent your physical desire. You have so many mistresses, please call them.”

“No way. I only have feelings for you.” He had no lovers. In a certain sense, he didn’t even have a wife.

“But I don’t have feelings for you. Please, please don’t show up in front of me. Even if I am humble, I will not be your mistress. Sir, I respect you, so please respect me as well.”

“Ho-ho, have no feelings? Didn’t you enjoy it just now? Xia Nuan, don’t keep distance from me. I know everything about you well, including your body.” He lowered his voice and converted into a coarse voice.

His voice...

It sounded like Mr. X!

Xia Nuan was too shocked to struggle against him. She look at Ye Sichen incredibly.

“You are......”

“I am Mr. X, and I’m also Ye Sichen.” He tightened her waist little by little, “It’s me from beginning to end.”

Xia Nuan was messy. Looking at Ye Sichen, she was confused.

She never thought that Mr. X and Ye Sichen were the same one. Although the two were similar in temperament, their voices were different. Ye Sichen’s voice was mild and elegant, while Mr. X’s was coarse with a hint of wildness.

She ignored that he would change his voice. He sang a lot of songs in a falsetto.

Thinking of this, she suddenly realized what had happened before as she recalled the previous things.

Ye Sichen was more concerned about her pregnancy than anyone else. As she had a miscarriage, he was so sad as if he lost his own child. It turned out that she was pregnant with his child!

“Why didn’t you tell me? Is it fun to play a trick on me? Oh, you rich people have so many tricks!” Xia Nuan was a little annoyed.

“You are distant towards me because of my identity. When I pretend to be Mr. X, you are not afraid of me.” Ye Sichen held her delicate hands, not letting her escape.

Hearing of it, Xia Nuan had tears sprouting in her eyes. Ye Sichen held her face and kissed her on the neck continuously, “Don’t leave me. You know? Xia Nuan, I come to Zhongshan City to look for you.”

Xia Nuan couldn’t help hugging him as soon as she heard it.

Ye Sichen had a crazy magic, which made her emotion prevailing over her reason easily. She held him tightly.

They made love endlessly once again...

As Xia Nuan opened her eyes this time, she realized that she was lying in Ye Sichen’s arms. He looked at her affectionately, as if he would devour her.

Xia Nuan blushed and was ready to get up, but she felt too weak all over to rise her feet.

“Don’t move, I will go out to get some food. I planned to go in advance, but I want to wait until you wake up so that you can see me.”

Xia Nuan was full of affection, “It’s not safe outside. Let’s go out together.”

“Are you afraid that I will be blown away by the wind? I am not a piece of paper.”

He scraped on her nose lightly.

“No, you are not familiar with the terrain here. I am afraid that you will be lost.” Xia Nuan’s voice was as low as a mosquito.

“Don’t worry. I will mark along the way.”

He stood up, put on a dry white shirt and walked out of the cave.

Lying there, Xia Nuan stared at his back blankly.

Thinking of the crazy night, Xia Nuan’s face blushed again. Looking at his back, she wore a smile with happiness.

He was Mr. X. Mr. X was him. It turned out that the two identities referred to the same person...

She muttered inside.

After the typhoon subsided, Ye Sichen picked up a lot of shells and crabs from the beach. He wrapped them with his shirt and returned to the cave.

He spread out the shirt and put these seafood next to the bonfire.

“Come here and have a look. Anything you like?” Ye Sichen strung the crabs and seafood together with a branch and baked them on the fire.

Xia Nuan walked over to him and strung them together with him, “These are fine.”

“Let’s eat these things first. When Paul and Dawson come back, we will leave here.”

“Where did they go?”

“After the typhoon, they contacted the helicopter. As the helicopter comes, we will go back to Feicheng City.” Ye Sichen told Xia Nuan that Paul and Dawson were familiar with water and they were out of the danger a long time ago. Moreover, Ye Sichen asked them to leave and contact the helicopter over. 𝚒𝐧𝙣𝘳𝒆𝐚𝘥. com

Thinking of Song Kuncheng, Xia Nuan hesitated, “I don’t want to go back to Feicheng City.”

If Madam Ye knew that she went there, she would certainly think that Xia Nuan was entangled her son and troubled him.

“Everything is settled. Don’t refuse me again.” Ye Sichen combed her fluffy black hair.

“I can forget your identity right here. Once I get back there, there would be many things I have to face and worry about.”

Xia Nuan was gloomy to think about it.

Without a word, Ye Sichen baked the crabs silently.

After they spent a few honeymoon days here, a large helicopter hovered in the sky. Hearing the sound, Ye Sichen held Xia Nuan’s hands and walked out of the cave.

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 75 - Making sweet love