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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 72 - A small world

Chapter 72 A small world

There were many scenic spots and historical sites in Zhongshan City. Besides, Ye Sichen came here to hold a vigorous music tour more than a year ago, which also drove the popularity of tourism. The mountains that he went to, the hotel he stayed in, as well as the roads that he walked across, which were all listed as the tourist areas. The tourists in Zhongshan City would go to the places where Ye Sichen had stayed the first time to feel the scent of the superstar.

Xia Nuan hunted for a job for a day, but there wasn’t a suitable one. Therefore, she had to apply for a tourism group. Finally, a small travel company hired her as a trainee tour guide for her good image.

The internship period was three months. But if she did well, she would get a raise.

Xia Nuan promised momentarily. After all, there was no other suitable jobs for her. Besides, being a tour guide would make herself relaxed and forgot the bad things in the past.

Xia Nuan was quite familiar with the city, including the scenic spots and historical sites, characteristics, and the history or legends. Soon, passengers appreciated with her explanation, so she received more and more orders.

When she wasn’t busy, she would help Song Kuncheng with trifles in his clinic. They got along well with each other, like brothers and sisters. To avoid suspicion, Xia Nuan always told others that Song Kuncheng was her brother. As time passed, the gossips disappeared.

When Xia Nuan was infusing the medicine to a patient, her phone rang suddenly, which was called by the travel company.

“Kun, I have something to deal with in the company. I had to go there.” Xia Nuan picked up the phone and was ready to rush to the company.

Song Kuncheng smiled slightly and nodded, “Hurry up then. Be careful on the way.”

Xia Nuan nodded, “Uh-huh. Okay.”

Xia Nuan and Song Kuncheng waved goodbye to each other.

Song Kuncheng watched her back and called her, “Xia Nuan.”

“What’s the matter? Kun?” Xia Nuan turned back and looked at Song Kuncheng.

Song Kuncheng greeted her, “Take an umbrella. It might rain today.”

After saying that, he took the umbrella hanging on the wall and handed it on Xia Nuan’s hand.

Xia Nuan took it over and smiled to Song Kuncheng.

Watching Xia Nuan’s back, Song Kuncheng saw Xia Nuan off with a warm smile on his lips.

“Xia Nuan, the tourists are from abroad this time. I remember you can speak a foreign language, right? And your performance is outstanding. Therefore, you are responsible for this order.” Manager He assigned the task to Xia Nuan.

Xia Nuan thought about it and said, “Manager, foreign tourists usually want to visit some new tourist attractions, but I am not familiar with those.” Those new tourist attractions were related to Ye Sichen. She didn’t want to go because when she saw the stuffs related to Ye Sichen, she would remember him.

Manager He frowned and refuted her, “You don’t understand the situation. Without ancient history, the explanation for the new tourist attractions is simple and concise. Unlike those ancient buildings, it takes a long time to explain a house. You can just accompany the guests and wander in the spots.”

Seeing that Xia Nuan still felt unwilling to take the job, he encouraged her, “You can do it. I am very confident of you. Xia Nuan, don’t let me down.”

Seeing the pleading expression on his face, Xia Nuan had to agree with him.

However, the tourists came here by themselves instead of in groups this time. There were only three of them and they chose to be accompanied by a local tour guide.

Xia Nuan accepted the order and waited for the inform of the travel agency.

It was about 5 o’clock in the afternoon. The travel agency called Xia Nuan to pick up the tourists in Zhongshan Dock.

Xia Nuan stood on the dock with a schoolbag on her back and wore a pair of comfortable casual shoes.

There were no flights in Zhongshan City, only waterways and landways. Therefore, most of the foreign tour groups went there by cruise ships or yachts. Since the place was separated from the bustling metropolis by the sea, tourists would come here by cruise ships after getting off their flights.

When Xia Nuan was eager to see the tourists, her phone rang. The number was sent by the tourists to the travel agency, and the visitor’s name was Paul.

“Hello, Mr. Paul. I have arrived here. Could you tell me your location?”

He said that they had arrived at the dock. So, she went there according to the address stated by him. When she looked up, she saw three men in casual clothes, standing not far away. They were more than 180 cm and walked over to her in erect postures.

One of them wore a mask...

Xia Nuan was shocked and paused her steps.

It was Ye Sichen...

No. She must make a mistake.

Xia Nuan’s heartbeat was getting faster, so she turned back in order not to be seen by them. Perhaps, the three men weren’t the tourists she was supposed to pick up.

Xia Nuan walked forward and wished secretly that the phone didn’t ring with a sense of fluke. But, at this time, the phone rang.

It was Paul.

Xia Nuan had to pick up the phone.

“Ms. Tour Guide, could you please tell me where you are now?”

Xia Nuan heard the same voice coming from the man behind her and the man answering her phone at the same time.

Xia Nuan was flurried, but she had to face it. Therefore, she turned around and waved to the man who was calling her not far away.

The three men walked toward her.

The man with a mask wore the black casual clothes and a hat. His eyes were gloomy, and he looked at her with a little surprise.

His clothes were slightly lifted by the sea breeze, which brought out his erect figure.

The man who called greeted her, “Hey, Ms. Tour Guide. My name is Paul, and they are my friends, Dawson and Chen.”

Xia Nuan smiled reluctantly and put her scattered hair behind her ear, “Mr. Paul, the tour bus was parked before us, please come with me.”

She was sure the Chen that Paul referred was Ye Sichen, so she was afraid to look at him and only communicated with Paul.

Xia Nuan was nervous and upset, and she couldn’t think anything clearly at that time, so she tried to make herself calm down.

However, it was almost impossible for her to be calm.

The world was too small. How could the tourist she picked up was Ye Sichen?

Was there any chance that he knew she worked as a tour guide at this travel agency?

When she was kidnapped by Hao, her phone was destroyed. What’s more, her current phone and phone number were given by the travel agency. So, Ye Sichen wouldn’t know her phone number. How could he know where she worked?

Obviously, it was a coincidence, but this coincidence was met by her.

After leaving Feicheng City, she had been trying to forget him. But when she was about to forget him, he appeared suddenly in front of her.

At this moment, she finally realized that she had never forgotten Ye Sichen, but kept him in the deepest part of her heart...

“Ms. Tour Guide, are you listening to me?” Paul was polite. Although he repeated it several times, he was still very patient.

“Oh, sorry, what did you say?”

Xia Nuan’s face was red. She felt very embarrassed.

Paul and Dawson looked at each other and smiled, “I said, can we go to the mountains now?”

Xia Nuan looked at her watch and refused euphemistically, “Mr. Paul, it is quite late now, and my task today is to take you to have a rest in the hotel.”

Ye Sichen sat beside the window in the bus and looked outside silently.

Paul looked at Ye Sichen with a kind of request. Ye Sichen nodded and replied slightly, then Paul agreed with Xia Nuan’s words.

Sitting in the bus, Xia Nuan was so confused and nervous that she decided to go back to the travel agency and gave up the task.

At this point, Ye Sichen looked over her side slowly with a mask. His black pupils were cold enough, as if they could freeze people with a glance. The moment they looked at each other, Xia Nuan’s heart almost stopped, so she lowered her head in confusion and felt almost suffocated.

The atmosphere made her feel a little bit repressed in the carriage. As soon as they were arranged to live in the hotel, she could leave.

When they arrived at the designated hotel, Xia Nuan helped them check in and then left from the hotel.

Looking at her back, Ye Sichen stared blankly alone and folded his legs on the sofa. He tightened his hand a little bit, “Paul, do me a favor.”

“Sir, go ahead, please.”

Manager He called Xia Nuan.

Xia Nuan answered the phone and said that she wanted to give up the task before Manager He said nothing, “Manager, they are three men. You should find a male guide to pick up the group. I want to give up the order.”

“Xia Nuan, it’s too late. Mr. Paul offered a high price for a full tour and assigned you to be their tour conductor for a week.”

“Manager, I am sorry, but I am not qualified for...”

“Why? If you finish the job, I will raise your salary. Why do you want to give up such a good opportunity? Other tour guides are eager to get the money as a tour conductor. Is there any problem with them?” Manager He worried if Xia Nuan was bullied by them.

Xia Nuan denied quickly, “No, it is my own problem. I, I am a little uncomfortable.”

“Xia Nuan, do you want me to close the travel agency? They have designated you to be their tour conductor, if I ask others to do that, isn’t it against their will? By then, we have to triple the compensation to them! If you are able to compensate for their losses, you can leave now!” Manager He was a little annoyed when he heard that Xia Nuan wanted to give up the group resolutely, and his tone wasn’t as gentle and polite as before.

Xia Nuan still wanted to say something, but Manager He hung up the phone.

She held her phone and thought about it for a long time. Finally, she returned to the hotel.

Ye Sichen was still sitting on the sofa. He was reading newspapers in the room.

Walking over, Xia Nuan searched around but didn’t see Paul, so she stood outside the door.

Ye Sichen browsed the newspaper and said coldly, “Either go out or come in. Are you trained to be ambiguous in your agency?”

Plucking up her courage, Xia Nuan closed the door gently and looked down at her shoes, “If I had known that Mr. Ye was among the tourists, I would never pick up this task. Please cancel my task, I will ask someone to continue the job.”

“Sorry, I have already paid the high deposit and wished your attitude will be worthy of it.”

Ye Sichen put down the newspaper and stood up. Then he took off his black casual jacket, revealing a white shirt.

Looking at the thin figure reflected on the tea case, Xia Nuan’s eyes were full of tears. After a long time, she said, “Okay. Sir, I will book a room next to you. Please call me if you need anything.”

After saying that, she stood up and was ready to leave.

“I need you to introduce the tourist attractions of Zhongshan City to me right now.” When they getting closer, Ye Sichen said.

Xia Nuan had to stop.

“No problem. Sir, I can do it right away.” Xia Nuan took a travel guide from her bag and walked to him in a decent manner.

“This is Mount Phoenix, and there are temples on it. According to our custom, we can go to the temple to pray on the 1st and 15th day of each month. Of course, if you don’t believe it, it is unnecessary for you to do that. And here, this place leads to a fishing village. People there live a quite simple life...”

Xia Nuan explained carefully.

Ye Sichen moved his eyes to her face slowly. Looking at her thin face, Ye Sichen was sad for her.

But when he thought of her abortion, his expression was a little bit cold.

“That’s all. Please go to bed early, Sir. We can visit these attractions tomorrow.” Xia Nuan closed the book and kept distance with him.

Xia Nuan’s phone rang at this time. It was Song Kuncheng.

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 72 - A small world