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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 71 - Saving her life

Chapter 71 Saving her life

Sitting in the car, Ye Sichen dialed Lacy’s phone number, but Lacy didn’t answer the phone.

Ye Sichen didn’t call him again. He thought for a while and called another person.

The phone got through this time.

“Uncle, I want to talk about Lacy’s work with you. Well. How about tomorrow? I will visit you in person tomorrow.” Ye Sichen called Lacy’s father.

Luo Dai’er leaned on his shoulder and tried to hold his hand. But he avoided cleverly and reached out his hand to hold Nianci who sat in the safe seat.

Hanging up the phone, Luo Dai’er looked at him ruefully, “Can we start over?”

Looking at the front road, Ye Sichen kept silent and said nothing.

The lights were bright in the villa of Feicheng City.

Ye Sichen stood by the balcony. Looking at the farthest star in the sky, he felt disappointed.

“Sichen, I heard that you smoked today?” Ye Sichen heard Madam Ye’s voice.

He recalled his thoughts and turned back to support Madam Ye, “Yes, Mom.”

Madam Ye sighed and looked at her son, “What happened to you? You used to be a self-disciplined man, why did you suddenly become so decadent? You never smoked or drank since you were a kid. You know that would affect your voice.”

“Mom, I want to give up the music career and take my kids to live a normal life.”

Madam Ye couldn’t help frowning. From her expression, Ye Sichen could see her opposition.

“Sichen, how did you promise your father? To fulfill his wish and let everyone remember your music. Have you forgotten it?” Madam Ye said with tears streaming down her face.

Ye Sichen stunned for a few seconds. His eyes were full of sadness, “I did it. There is no need for me to challenge any harder task anymore. We shouldn’t be too greedy. Sometimes to be simple is the true philosophy.” Standing at the peak, he felt cold and lonely. The cost of being a music king was to deprive his happiness of being an ordinary person.

As a music king, he felt no warmth but interests. He wanted to build refugee camp with his assets and create his own charity authority. Seeing the poor ones smile with satisfaction after they got rid of hunger, he would feel happy.

“But you can’t change your identity. You are the music king wherever you go. You can never get rid of it until you leave the world. Sichen, you should feel lucky for your status. Others are so desperate for it. Your name is enough to bring endless wealth to our family, so you shouldn’t be so selfish. For the sake of our family, I’m begging you. Besides, don’t divorce with Luo Dai’er. Your brother Linshen needs the medicines provided by Fu Ya. He would die without it.”

After saying that, Madam Ye suddenly made a pose to kneel at his feet. Ye Sichen stopped her from doing that in a hurry.

They looked at each other for a moment. Ye Sichen sighed and went back to the room.

Inside the room, Luo Dai’er wore a sexy black sling skirt and had been waiting for him for a long time.

Seeing Ye Sichen, she rushed to him directly.

But Ye Sichen didn’t have any physical reaction after she entangled with him for a long time. Finally, Luo Dai’er covered her face and cried with grievance...

Xia Nuan was kidnapped to a casino. Her hands were tied behind her back. She was locked in a dark and damp room.

She lied about having AIDS in the car. They didn’t dare to touch her, so they went to ask Xia Yan to confirm the information. Xia Yan promised that Xia Nuan didn’t have AIDS absolutely, and told them they could do whatever they want. However, Hao and those men still didn’t believe it. Therefore, Xia Yan asked them to bring Xia Nuan to the casino for physical examination.

Xia Nuan didn’t feel disappointed to Xia Yan, but hatred.

Her mouth was sealed by a strip of rubber and she tried to get rid of the chain with two legs, but she was almost exhausted with sweat for struggling all the time.

She was miserable and pitiful. Her long and shaggy hair was messy.

At this time, the door opened.

Xia Nuan looked up and saw Hao come in with a man.

The man lowered his head. He carried a box in his hand, but never looked at Xia Nuan.

Hao squatted down in a smirk and took Xia Nuan from the corner. Finally, he threw her on the bed.

Xia Nuan’s abdomen was painful suddenly. The blood flow came out.

She just suffered an abortion. The blood wasn’t drained. Therefore, a slight jolt would lead to the blood flow. She lay on the bed and her face was pale.

“Examine her body to find out what’s the matter with her.” Hao screamed at the man next to him.

The man responded and put the medicine box aside. Wearing a mask and gloves, he was prepared to examine Xia Nuan’s body.

Hao patted Xia Nuan’s face, “Little bitch, I’ll find out if you lied to us soon. Get prepared if you lied.”

Xia Nuan bit her lips, starring at Hao ruthlessly, then she looked at the doctor who wore a mask.

“Hao, please go out first. I’m going to perform a thorough examination for her.” The male doctor said.

Hao stood there indifferently, “Don’t talk nonsense. I’ll be right here watching your examining process. Hurry up!”

The male doctor had no choice but examine her body with a test instrument prepared by himself. 𝓲nn𝑟𝚎𝙖𝘥. 𝐜𝚘𝐦

Half an hour later, the result came out.

Xia Nuan did have AIDS.

She was shocked to hear it.

She lied to them because she didn’t want to be insulted by these men, but the doctor said that she really had AIDS!

She felt as if she had been struck by a heavy thunderbolt and couldn’t move.

It was Mr. X who infected her...

Hao tied her tightly and took her out before she realized it.

“Where are you going to take me? Let me go. Go ahead and have sex with me if you aren’t afraid of getting infected. I don’t care!” Xia Nuan enraged Hao.

“Don’t worry. We won’t waste our time on you. We want to live a few more years.” Hao attacked Xia Yan on her neck. Xia Nuan fell down unconsciously. Then, two men took her directly into the elevator at the back of the casino.

Xia Nuan was awake for the coldness. She opened her eyes and found herself in the cold water. Her hands and feet were still tied by a rope, with a large stone fixed on it.

Xia Nuan understood suddenly that Xia Yan and Hao wanted to drown her. To ensure her death, they put a large stone over her so that she could sink to the bottom of the water!

At this moment, Xia Nuan hated Xia Yan, her mother and Madam Ye. What on earth did she do wrong? Why was she treated in this way? She wasn’t willing to die in this way and become the one who died unjustly.

Xia Nua tried her best to struggle in the water. Finally, she heard a man’s voice before she sank to the bottom of the water.

“Endure it. I will untie you from the rope.”

The man swam to her side and held her. To avoid the resistance of the water, he swam hard towards the shore.

“Eh-hem!” Xia Nuan lay on the beach and coughed violently.

The coldness surrounded her and made her shiver.

Taking off his clothes, the man wrapped her in it and hugged her in his arms. Then, they disappeared in the night.

Xia Nuan slept for three days and nights in a coma. When she waked up again, she found herself lying on a soft single bed. The room was small but clean and tidy.

A plate of medicine was placed next to the bedside table. A vase was placed on the opposite table with green plants in it.

When Xia Nuan thought she might be dead, a man came in with a bowl of ginger soup in his hand. Xia Nuan knew this man, it was the doctor who examined her body at the casino.

Looking at him, Xia Nuan was puzzled. Was he dead, too?

“You were thrown into the sea by Hao. I couldn’t tolerate it and saved you. Now, drink the ginger soup to dispel the coldness in your body.”

The man’s tone was very relaxing, as if he was saying something like eating and drinking.

Looking at the ginger soup, Xia Nuan didn’t hold it, but uncovered the quilt and tried to get up, “I am fine.”

The man frowned and helped her lie on the bed, “You can rest assured. I don’t work with Hao. I am a doctor and this is my clinic. To make money, I specialize in treating women who work in the nightclub.”

Meeting Xia Nuan by accident, he saw her tightly tied in a damp house helplessly, so he sympathized with her. Knowing that Hao would throw her into the sea, he couldn’t stand to see it, so he saved her.

Xia Nuan looked at the man and took the ginger soup slowly, “Thank you.”

The man sat next to her and smiled, “My name is Song Kuncheng. What’s your name?”

“Xia Nuan.”

“Your temperament matches your name well.” Song Kuncheng smiled slightly, “In fact, you didn’t have AIDS. I saw you seemed to be forced to work in the nightclub, so I lied to Hao. Besides, you seemed like a good girl. How could you work in that place? Were you cheated by others?”

There was hatred in Xia Nuan’s sad eyes. She held the cup more and more tightly.

“Well. If you don’t want to talk about it, you can have a good rest.” Song Kuncheng stood up and left the room after he said that.

Xia Nuan appreciated Song Kuncheng for saving her life, so she became an assistant in his clinic. Although she didn’t know any medical skills, she could help Song Kuncheng deliver stuffs and help patients for infusion.

As long as there were people who asked Song Kuncheng to treat patients in the nightclub, Xia Nuan would either hide or wore a mask.

When some patients found that Xia Nuan lived in Song Kuncheng’s clinic, they couldn’t help but start joking about them, and saying that they were a couple, which made Song Kuncheng a little embarrassed.

Xia Nuan decided to find a job outside. She didn’t want to stay here all the time.

“Xia Nuan, do you really want to go?”

Song Kuncheng wore a doctor coat and showed reluctance on his handsome face.

Xia Nuan nodded affirmatively, “Kun, I’ve already disturbed you for such a long time. I really feel sorry for bothering you in the past few days.”

Song Kuncheng sighed, “How about this? when you find a stable job, you can rent a house next to me. I’m afraid Hao won’t let you go. You are safer to live here.”

Xia Nuan considered about it and shook her head, “No.”

Moreover, everyone in the street rumored that they were husband and wife. If Hao knew that Song Kuncheng saved her life, he wouldn’t forgive Song Kuncheng.

She didn’t want to drag him down.

Song Kuncheng looked at her faintly, “Actually, I’m not getting used to your leaving. You can rent a room near me. If so, when I am too busy, I can ask you for help.”

After hearing this, Xia Nuan couldn’t refuse him, so she thought it over and agreed with him.

Xia Nuan went to the downtown in the morning and started hunting for a job. She wanted to find out if there was a clothing company originally, but she didn’t find any. However, she found that Zhongshan City was engaged in tourism development.

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 71 - Saving her life