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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 70 - The distant stars

Chapter 70 The distant stars

Back to Zhongshan City, Xia Nuan knew that her mother Zeng Guihua and her sister Xia Yan were sent back by Madam Ye.

Xia Nuan didn’t know that until she went back. 𝘪𝙣𝓃𝒓𝗲𝒶𝗱. 𝐜o𝗺

However, she was thrown out by her mother before she entered the house. Zeng Guihua sat in a wheelchair. Although it was inconvenient for her to move, she was much healthier than before.

“Are you ashamed to come home? This isn’t your home. Get away from my house!” Zeng Guihua scolded Xia Nuan seriously.

Xia Nuan’s face was pale and her body was weak. After a 10-hour flight, she needed to have a rest.

“Mom, this is my home. Where do you want me to go? Are you feeling better? It’s windy outside. Let me take you inside.” Xia Nuan smiled bitterly. She walked forward and wanted to push Zeng Guihua’s wheelchair into the room.

“Xiaoyan told me that you worked for a celebrity. But you stole something from his house and tried to seduce him, so you were fired by him. But you dragged us down as well. His mother asked us never return to Modu City. How shameful it is! If it wasn’t Xiaoyan, I would’ve been dead for a long time! Are you ashamed to come home?”

Zeng Guihua hated Xia Nuan more and more.

It was Xia Yan who made up the story deliberately before their mother.

Xia Nuan was annoyed and tried to be patient, “Mom, she lied to you. You have to trust me...”

Xia Nuan told her mother that Xia Yan signed the Letter of Indemnity to Madam Ye and received a large sum of money from her secretly. Xia Nuan also told her mother that Xia Yan stayed with the gangster, Hao, and asked money from her last time.

“Stop lying. You framed all the bad things to your sister. Are you ashamed? This isn’t your home! Get out!” Zeng Guihua said ruthlessly and refuted Xia Nuan’s explanation.

There was a series of thunder in the sky at this time. What’s more, the sky was clear just now, but became cloudy suddenly.

Xia Nuan could feel nothing but disappointment. She looked at Zeng Guihua again but only felt compelled. So, she left the place without hesitation.

Walking halfway, Xia Nuan saw Xia Yan.

Xia Yan came with a man. It was Hao. He was the one who had once asked for debt from her.

Xia Nuan went back to Zhongshan City, but Xia Yan wasn’t surprised at all.

“Xiaonuan, didn’t you come back to get the money from me?” The money that Xia Yan said was given by Madam Ye.

She gave Xia Yan a large sum of money to ensure that Xia Nuan would leave her son forever.

It was definitely confidential, so Xia Yan couldn’t say it to Hao.

Xia Nuan didn’t look at her, “Xia Yan, is your dignity measured by money? In order to get the money, you cheated me and signed in my name. You also slandered me in front of our mother. Am I still your sister?”

“No. You were not my sister a long time ago! Do you have any idea what is the most important thing for me in the world?” Xia Yan sneered. Her eyes turned greedy, “It’s money. If I have money, I can get everything! What is dignity? Is it enough to prevent you from hanger? What’s more, your dignity had already been trampled by others. Therefore, don’t pretend to be the pure and unyielding one, you are dirtier than me. I’ve already known that you used to work in Mood for Love in Feicheng City!”


Xia Nuan raised her hand and slapped Xia Yan. What she said made her depressed, “Now that you didn’t treat me as your sister, it is unnecessary for me to treat you as mine anymore. This slap is for framing me and cheating others that I sold the photos.”

After saying that, Xia Nuan slapped Xia Yan on her face again, “This one is for gossiping me before our mother. Xia Yan, we have nothing to do with each other since then!”

Xia Yan was unreconciled to be slapped twice by Xia Nuan. She looked at Xia Nuan complacently. The latter was faded gradually. “Xia Nuan, you slapped me. I won’t forget it.”

Xia Nuan acted as if she didn’t hear it and ignored her words, walking forward unsteadily.

Several men appeared suddenly before her, and they crossed their arms and made a circle to catch Xia Nuan.

Xia Yan and Hao smiled viciously.

Xia Nuan was nervous and stepped backwards.

However, Hao pushed her rudely into a group of men.

Instantly, several men colluded with each other and kept toughing her body with noisy laughter.

Xia Nuan waved her hands helplessly in the air, and called for help.

Xia Yan walked over, holding her hair severely, and whispered, “Xiaonuan, don’t blame me. Since I took the money, I have to deal with their biggest concern.”

“You... What do you mean?” Xia Nuan felt very scared. Endless fear filled in her body and mind.

“What do I mean? Madam Ye gave me 20 million yuan to get rid of you. Of course, I won’t let you die. But Madam Ye wanted you to become a whore, so I have to call Hao and his friends to come here. Take it easy. As long as you cooperate, you would enjoy it. After all, you are quite familiar with this.”

Xia Nuan was in blank. Tears welled up from her eyes. She kept fighting after hearing that, “Xia Yan, you can’t treat me in this way!”

“As I said, money is my favorite. Therefore, I can do anything for getting money. Xia Nuan, do you know that I am quite fed up with you for pretending a pure and innocent girl? Why did I get ruined by those men, while you were favored by the super star? It’s not fair! It’s not fair from the beginning! So, I have to get balance from you!”

Xia Yan loosened Xia Nuan after saying that.

Xia Nuan still cried for help, “Xia Yan, I am your sister!”

“So what? I truly can’t tolerate your hypocritical appearance!” Xia Yan made an eye contact to those men after saying that.

They laughed in a provocative tone and picked Xia Nuan up. Then they walked toward a white car which wasn’t far away, whistling from time to time.

After putting Xia Nuan into the car, they rushed to suppress her.

Xia Nuan felt disgusted. She kept fighting with them with all her strength, and shouted out in the depressing car.

“Don’t touch me! You can’t touch me!” Xia Nuan screamed and held her hands tight in front of her chest.

But her arms were ripped off by a shirtless man.

Xia Nuan screamed, and her kicking legs were pulled apart on both sides.

“Why can’t we touch you? I want to see if you are different from other women!”

The man pulled off Xia Nuan’s coat crassly.

Xia Nuan stopped struggling all of a suddenly. She smiled coldly, “You’d better not touch me, because I have infectious disease!”

These men suddenly loosened their hands when they heard this.

Some of them hesitated, but some still touched her body.

“Didn’t Xia Yan tell you what I did in Feicheng City?”

Xia Nuan saw that they seemed to be afraid, so she continued, “I had sex with many customers in Mood for Love and was infected with AIDS.”


In the distant Feicheng City, Ye Sichen performed on the stage with the rhythm of music. There was a lot of applause and screams under the stage.

He was accustomed to it. Looking at the fans who were screaming for him, he felt more and more lonely.

He stood on the stage and looked at the distant twinkling stars blankly.

Ye Sichen, I love you!

Ye Sichen, I love you!

The voice was so close to him, but so far from his heart. He smiled slightly and went down the stage.

All the people he cared about were far away from him.

Only his fans would always love him generously. Perhaps, he should let go that long-lost private love and gave his love back to the fans.

Ye Sichen walked off the stage with a warm smile and shook his hands with the fans in the front row. The crazy crowded were more and more enthusiastic.

“Let’s enjoy a revelry tonight. I love you all!” His words drew a louder response like whistling.

Ye Sichen’s smile was like a bright light. He turned around gracefully and snapped his finger at the sound engineer.

The music with strong rhythm sounded loudly.

The vocal concert was over two hours later. Ye Sichen left the stage under the escort of the safeguards.

Lacy was playing the guitar as he was chatting with Abul.

“I have a performance in Zhongshan City. I want to take the chance to see her.”

Lacy said.

Ye Sichen took a towel in his hand and walked over while wiping the sweat. Abul indicated Lacy to stop.

Lacy pretended he didn’t hear it and continued, “I miss her very much. Someone is really too ruthless to her. I will never treat her in that way. I am responsible for all the girls I met with. I never make them pregnant. My principle is to enjoy the pleasant sensation without hurting them.”

Lacy glanced at Ye Sichen after he said that.

Ye Sichen looked at him directly and stood there for a few seconds. Then he went to the dressing room.

Lacy tightened his hand a little bit. Then he put down the guitar and drove away.

Ye Sichen, sitting under the mirror, put one hand on his knee and the other holding a cigarette to smoke.

When he was upset, he would perform heartily on the stage. However, he still felt empty after he walked off the stage.

“Ye, you look tired. It’s time for us to go home.”

Luo Dai’er appeared in the dressing room suddenly. Behind her, there were Wuyou and Nianci whose hands were held by Babysitter Lian. When they saw Ye Sichen, they rushed to him.

Ye Sichen snuffed out his cigarette in a hurry.

“Daddy, where is mommy?”

“Yeah. Daddy, didn’t you promise me to buy dresses for mommy and I?”

It was obvious that the two babies were wondering Xia Nuan’s whereabouts. Their expressions indicated that they missed Xia Nuan.

Ye Sichen stood up, picking Nianci up and holding Wuyou’s hand. He didn’t answer their questions, “Let’s go home.”

Luo Dai’er’s appearance became serious. She was annoyed.

She had been tried to bond with the two babies for the past few days. However, they didn’t care about her feelings and didn’t even call her mom.

But now, they asked Ye Sichen to look for their mother in the dressing room. Obviously, the mother they called was Xia Nuan!

Luo Dai’er was disappointed. But she tried to pretend to be a considerable woman and followed Ye Sichen.

“Chen, Lacy said that he had a performance in the field, so he didn’t have time to record the music video. He asked you to invite others.” Abul came over.

Ye Sichen was expressionless, “Got it. I will ask the company to arrange me another guitarist.”

After saying that, he held the two babies and got on the car under the escort of the safeguards.

Wuyou and Nianci received a lot of gifts from the fans before they got on the car, so the two little guys became a litter happier than before.

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 70 - The distant stars