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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 68 - What happened?

Chapter 68 What happened?

The decisions of Ye Sichen couldn’t be changed, and Luo Dai’er knew that no matter how humbly she begged him, he would not change his mind.

Now Luo Dai’er had to wait for Madam Ye to persuade him.

“Can you give me a few days to consider that?”

Ye Sichen said nothing and took Wuyou and Nianci to the room.

Luo Dai’er regarded that as his acquiescing and felt better.

She would take advantage of these days to deal with that bitch.

Luo Dai’er’s eyes were fierce.

Xia Nuan made the bed and found that Wuyou and Nianci came back, then she couldn’t help frowning with love.

“Have you seen your mother?”

Nianci pouted her mouth and said, “She isn’t like my mother. I like you to be our mother.”

“But I am not your mother. It took her ten-month of pregnancy to give birth to you. It is very hard and laborious to bring you to this world. And your blood comes from your mother, do you know that?”

“Anyway, she doesn’t love us, and we don’t love her, either.” Wuyou frowned like an adult.

“I think...”

“Don’t try to correct the babies’ preferences.” Ye Sichen said seriously and coldly, standing by the door.

Xia Nuan said nothing and looked up, staring at him.

Ye Sichen came over slowly.

They looked at each other silently.

“Dad is available today. Take Mom and me to try on the dresses!” Nianci swayed Ye Sichen’s hand and held Xia Nuan’s hand.

“Nianci, I don’t have time. Just go with your daddy.” Xia Nuan took Nianci’s little hand away slowly.

Ye Sichen held Nianci and said to Xia Nuan, “Have a good rest. The cook will deliver lunch at noon.”

Xia Nuan hesitated, “Mr. Ye, I truly want to leave and go back to Zhongshan City. I mean it!”

“We’ll have this talk after your delivery.” He said directly and did not give her any chance to speak.

Xia Nuan stayed alone in the room. Mi Ke’er’s assistant came over and said that Ye Sichen asked Xia Nuan to find Mi Ke’er to have a physical examination.

Yesterday Xia Nuan was hit by Ye Ranni, so Ye Sichen was worried that the fetus in her belly might be influenced.

Then Xia Nuan went there and treated the examination absent-mindedly.

Mi Ke’er also had something on her mind, which was related to Xia Nuan.

“Madam Ye, Mrs. Ye and Ms. Ranni are not here now. Mr. Ye took them back to the villa. They seem to negotiate the divorce of Mr. Ye and Luo Dai’er.” After saying it, Mi Ke’er paused for a moment and looked at Xia Nuan, “Mr. Ye is a public figure and has a great influence. If they get a divorce, not only Mr. Ye and Ye’s family will suffer losses, but also his music team.”

Hearing it, Xia Nuan frowned.

“Xia Nuan, I’m telling you this to let you know that marrying Mr. Ye will do you no good, but only harms yourself and others.”

Xia Nuan paused for a moment and shook her head, “Dr. Mi Ke’er, you misunderstand the situation. I never thought about marrying Mr. Ye and I never intended to do so.”

Mi Ke’er glanced at her belly, “But your behavior indicates that you just want to marry Mr. Ye. Of course, many women want to marry him. But if everyone is like you, that would be horrible.” Although Ye Sichen said that Xia Nuan’s baby belonged to his friend and he was just entrusted by his friend to take care of Xia Nuan, her intuition told her that the so-called friend was non-existent and the fetus was Ye Sichen’s.

Ye Sichen loved kids, so Xia Nuan took advantage of it to get Ye Sichen’s love.

This kind of girl was like a white lotus. They seemed to be innocent, but they were scheming indeed.

“Dr. Mi Ke’er, you wronged me, the fetus has nothing to do with Mr. Ye. It’s... Forget it, I am ashamed to say it out. In short, I swear to you that it’s not Mr. Ye’s baby and there is no deviant relationship between us.” Xia Nuan firmly corrected Mi Ke’er’s words.

Mi Ke’er couldn’t believe it.

She was confused.

“In fact, I want to leave here all the time, but Mr. Ye does not allow me to do so for fulfilling the promise to that friend.” Xia Nuan sighed.

How dared she have the idea of marrying him? She never thought of it. Besides, she had already considered what Mi Ke’er said.

Seeing her sincerity, Mi Ke’er felt that she was not lying from her earnest face.

“Do you really want to leave?” Mi Ke’er asked.

Xia Nuan nodded, “Can you help me?”

Mi Ke’er finally believed her.

And she was a little shocked.

It was lucky to stay around such a superstar like Ye Sichen and it’s also a dream for girls, including her, but Xia Nuan really wanted to leave...

“Xia Nuan, if I help you leave, Mr. Ye will be angry. Although I want you to leave, I do not want to make him angry.”

Mi Ke’er said frankly.

Xia Nuan thought about it for a moment and held Mi Ke’er’s hand, “Just tell him that I have a stomachache and need to go to a large hospital. After you take me there, you can’t find me. By doing so, he will not blame you.” Xia Nuan stuffed a note into Mi Ke’er’s hand.

This was Xia Nuan’s farewell letter.

It seemed that she was well prepared for her departure.

Mi Ke’er hesitated and finally took the note silently. Then she supported Xia Nuan and sent her to the attic.

Outside, two safeguards sent by their team were standing there.

Mi Ke’er looked at them and whispered to Xia Nuan, “Go upstairs to have a rest first. Call me at two o’clock, I will make an excuse that you have a stomachache, and then ask them to get the car prepared.”

Xia Nuan nodded and went to her bedroom.

Seeing Xia Nuan coming into the attic, Mi Ke’er’s assistant called Luo Dai’er immediately, “Mrs. Ye, I have put that stuff in place when I asked her to do the pregnancy test before. Now she has already gone to the bedroom.”

“All right. Delete all the call records after you hang up the phone.”

The assistant nodded.

Then she did exactly what Luo Dai’er asked.

Xia Nuan went back to her bedroom and felt attached when she sat by the window and looked outside.

However, she must leave.

She was afraid to see Wuyou, Nianci and Ye Sichen, and she would be unable to control her emotion.

Taking a deep breath, she pinched the cup in her hand and sipped a little.

She forced herself not to think too much.


It was quiet and silent in the drawing room.

Ye Sichen was calm and serious.

But Madam Ye seemed to be dissatisfied.

Luo Dai’er just sat there silently and cried a river.

“I do not agree with your divorce! Sichen, it’s not a trivial matter. How will the media judge you if you get divorced? The media always expect that you get into scandals every day. Aren’t you doing nothing but filling their plots?”

Finally, Madam Ye said after she kept silent for a long time.

“Mom, since Dai’er has told you the whole thing, I have to declare my opinion. I want to end this marriage. Nobody can stop me.” Ye Sichen said it firmly.

His family members, especially his mother, were involved in the marital fraud at the very beginning.

Luo’s family was a leading family of great possessions in Modu City and its Group got involved in a variety of industries. Ye’s family and Luo’s family had cooperated for a long time. Ye Sichen knew his mother well.

She was afraid that his divorce would damage her interests.

Everyone around him lived for their own interests.

“You can only get divorced unless I am dead. Out of sight, out of mind. But as long as I am alive, don’t you even think about divorce!”

“I’m not asking for your permission, but telling you a fact. You are here to recuperate. There is no need to worry about me. I am an adult with my own thoughts and opinions.” Ye Sichen said it word by word slowly.

“You...” Madam Ye was speechless. She had to cover her chest for being out of breath.

“Mom, are you okay?” Luo Dai’er screamed theatrically.

Ye Ranni also looked at Ye Sichen with disapproval, but she did not dare to take a stand.

Ye Sichen felt worried to see his mother almost in a coma, “Uncle Xiang, get the car prepared. We are going to see Dr. Mi Ke’er.”

“No need! Ranni, let’s go back to Modu City!” Madam Ye pretended to leave.

Luo Dai’er was anxious to hear that, “Mom...” Madam Ye came here to deal with the divorce issue, how could she leave now?

Thinking of the interests of Ye’s family, Madam Ye had to sit back.


A rapid ringing of the telephone broke the ice.

Ramon came over and answered the telephone professionally, “Dr. Mi Ke’er, what’s up?”

Hearing the incident, Ramon handed the telephone to Ye Sichen.

“What happened?”

“Mr. Ye, Xia Nuan, Xia Nuan is bleeding! I don’t know what’s wrong with her, I really don’t know...”

Mi Ke’er was incoherent and very panicked on the other side.

Ye Sichen looked anxious.

In the attic, Xia Nuan touched her belly sorrowfully. Her face was pale like she was drowning in the water. The blood flowed down from her thighs and dyed her clothes.

She bit her lips and pinched the sheets tightly.

Her forehead was full of sweat.

“Xia Nuan, be tough. I must stop the bleeding for you.” Mi Ke’er ordered the assistant to take the saline bag and anti-inflammatory liquid. She was about to put Xia Nuan on a drip.

“Dr. Mi Ke’er, get the sanitary napkins prepared...” The blood kept gushing from her body, and its smell pervaded the whole room.

Xia Nuan’s voice was getting weaker and weaker.

She was supposed to go to a large hospital on the grounds of stomachache, and then took the opportunity to leave as she discussed with Mi Ke’er. But she did not know what was wrong with her. Her lower abdomen suddenly fell into pain and then began to bleed heavily.

Mi Ke’er nodded in confusion and ordered the assistant to her room to take the sanitary napkin.

It was doomed that the fetus was unable to be kept because of excessive blood loss. Now Mi Ke’er was worried about the safety of Xia Nuan.

“Xia Nuan, I am stopping bleeding for you. Don’t be in a coma. Hang on there.” Mi Ke’er injected the drug into the saline bag and started to put her on a drip.

Xia Nuan nodded, but her consciousness became fuzzy little by little.

When Ye Sichen came to the attic, Xia Nuan was in a coma. Luckily, the blood had been stopped temporarily.

“What happened to her?” Seeing the big bed with blood all over, Ye Sichen was almost out of control. His eyes turned red. Then he stepped forward quickly, sitting on the edge of the bed and holding Xia Nuan’s hand.

Ye Sichen found her pale face as if she had no breath of life. He felt miserable.

“I failed to keep the fetus. It’s gone. Sorry, Mr. Ye, it’s my fault.” Mi Ke’er looked guilty.

Ye Sichen was so sad that he held Xia Nuan’s hands tightly.

“Mi Ke’er, what happened when I left?” After Ye Sichen kept silent for a long time, he questioned Mi Ke’er hoarsely.

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 68 - What happened?