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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 67 - I am not your mother

Chapter 67 I am not your mother

Xia Nuan who was cleaning up the room could not help looking up. 𝓲𝑛𝗻𝗿𝘦𝒶𝐝. ᴄo𝗺

There was a little anger in Madam Ye’s eyes.

Then Xia Nuan fixed her eyes upon Ye Sichen’s face. He was concerned about her. She smiled, “I’m making the bed for Madam Ye. She must be very tired to take a plane for several hours. Madam Ye and Ms. Ye ought to have a good rest.”

Mi Ke’er stood there awkwardly and repeated what Xia Nuan said, “Yes, Madam Ye ought to have a good rest.”

Ye Sichen got close to Xia Nuan and found the palm prints on her face. The anger in his eyes ignited little by little, then he took away the mop in Xia Nuan’s hand directly, “What’ wrong with your face?”

Xia Nuan dodged, “My face is allergic, and I’m fine, Mr. Ye.” She stepped back and kept a distance from Ye Sichen.

Ye Sichen observed Ye Ranni who was with a guilty conscience. He said deeply, “Ranni, apologize to Xia Nuan.”

Madam Ye was unhappy to hear it, “What’s wrong with you, Sichen? Can’t we have a good rest? Or you do not welcome me at all? How could you blame your sister for a servant? That’s too much to ask.”

“Mom, these are two different things. Ranni hit Xia Nuan, so she must apologize.” He knew that Ranni was spoiled from childhood and used to act like an overlord in the band. If she had a little dissatisfaction, she would be bossy to others.

Ye Ranni kept arguing and felt wronged, “I didn’t hit her, Chen, how can you wrong me like this?”

Luo Dai’er silently sat next to Madam Ye. Looking at the scene, she only sneered without words.

“Mr. Ye, it has nothing to do with Ms. Ye. My face is really allergic...”

“Shut up.” Ye Sichen interrupted her coldly and looked at Ye Ranni. Then he said slowly, “My servants are not for you to blame or hit. All the rooms are monitored. Ranni, it’s up to you.”

The room was so quiet and silent. Madam Ye looked at her son and felt it unbelievable. She never saw him so angry before. In her impression, her son was warm and elegant. She never expected her son to blame his sister just for a baby sitter.

Ye Ranni shook her head and said sharply, “Even if I hit her, I won’t apologize. After all, she cursed me. And I have hit so many servants at home before, do you want me to apologize to them one by one? They are all servants, and they are inferior to me!”

“I know about Xia Nuan. She never cursed anybody. Her quality and education are better than you. People do not share various grades and ranks. Everyone is equal.” Ye Sichen refuted Ye Ranni.

Looking at Ye Sichen’s face, Ye Ranni was a little scared and seemed to wait for her mother’s help, “Mom, she did curse me...”

“It’s not right to hit someone for whatever reason. And what your brother said is right. You have to apologize for what you did.” Madam Ye had no reason to help Ye Ranni because a well-educated girl could not say such words.

Besides, Madam Ye came here to solve the marital relation problem between Luo Dai’er and Ye Sichen, so she did not want to fall out with her son because of this.

Ye Ranni kept crying, and her face was full of unwillingness, but she had to apologize to Xia Nuan.

Xia Nuan wanted to stop, but Ye Sichen pinched her arm and tightened.

“I am sorry.”

After Ye Ranni said it, she ran away angrily in high heels.

In order to ease the atmosphere, Mi Ke’er went to console Ye Ranni immediately.

Ye Sichen felt uncomfortable to see the palm print on Xia Nuan’s face. Then he shifted his gaze and looked at Madam Ye who was sitting on the sofa, “Mom, the room has been cleaned up. You can have a rest there. As for Xia Nuan, you can sleep in Wuyou and Nianci’s room and take care of them.”

Xia Nuan thought it was not suitable, “Mr. Ye, there are extra beds in Doctor Mi Ke’er’s room, I’ll go there.”

“How do you take care of my babies if you go there?” Ye Sichen was a little unhappy.

The woman must be so eager to leave here.

Madam Ye frowned, “Sichen, you’d better let her live in Mi Ke’er’s room to avoid suspicions. After all, Dai’er is here, too.”

“Mom, I don’t need to worry if Xia Nuan takes care of the babies, and they also love her.”

Madam Ye did not say anything anymore, only swallowed her anger and went to the bedroom where Xia Nuan lived before with Luo Dai’er’s supporting.

Luo Dai’er glanced at Ye Sichen. Her tears poured down again.

But Ye Sichen did not care about her and fixed his eyes upon Xia Nuan.

Xia Nuan lowered her head and went to Wuyou and Nianci’s room. The two little guys were still sleeping with sweet smiles.

Looking at them, Xia Nuan seemed to feel better.

After a while, Ye Sichen came in and closed the door. Xia Nuan was a little nervous.

When Xia Nuan turned around, she and Ye Sichen stared at each other. Ye Sichen took a wet towel and walked over.

“Apply it on your face.” Ye Sichen handed her a wet towel.

“Thank you.” Xia Nuan did not take it, “But I am fine, really.”

Xia Nuan stepped back. But her arm was tightened instantly, and when she realized, she had fallen into the arms of Ye Sichen. He held her face, gently touching the swelling with the towel.

“Well, Mr. Ye, I can do it by myself.” Xia Nuan was very nervous, trying to block his touch.

Ye Sichen held her hand and took her into his arms.

“Mr. Ye...” At the moment, Xia Nuan felt very moved and warm, but she had to get rid of his arms.

His wife Luo Dai’er was outside now, and she was hugging Ye Sichen in the room. What a mess?

Ye Sichen found her struggling stubbornly, so he let go of her disappointedly. Then he shifted his gaze from her face and walked out of the bedroom.

Xia Nuan looked at his back. Although there were thousands of words in her heart, she had to be silent.

In another bedroom, Madam Ye heard Luo Dai’er complaining tearfully and frowned deeper.

“Sichen wants to divorce you?”

Luo Dai’er nodded and cried more sadly, “Yes, Mom. He personally told me that when we went to see Wuyou and Nianci in that room before. Mom, I love him. I don’t want to divorce him. I did have a relationship with Roger before, but it was forced by him. After I gave birth to the babies, he never touched my body whenever we were together...” After saying it, she cried, covering her face.

Madam Ye sighed and felt agitated to see Luo Dai’er keeping crying. However, she had to console Lu Dai’er just for Fu Ya’s sake, “Don’t worry. As long as I’m alive, you won’t get divorced. Didn’t I come here to solve your problem? What problems can you solve if you keep crying?

Once they divorced, Luo Dai’er would take up half of Ye Sichen’s music copyrights, so Madam Ye was unwilling to see that. Besides, she had to ask for Fu Ya’s help...

Hearing it, Luo Dai’er held Madam Ye’s hands, “Mom, you must help me to persuade him not to divorce me. I am the mother of Wuyou and Nianci. And I can’t lose my babies. Once we divorce, Xia Nuan would be sent to take care of them. I’ll never see them again by then.”

“It’s Xia Nuan again!” Madam Ye’s hands tightened slowly.

“Yes, Mom. That oriental woman has been seducing Ye and destroying our relationship all the time. Moreover, she once worked in a night club.” Luo said fiercely.

“This really pisses me off. How dare Sichen love a dirty woman like her! She’s not even worth to be his mistress. You can rest assured that as long as I am alive, she stands no chance.” Madam Ye said fiercely.

After Wuyou and Nianci woke up, they saw Xia Nuan lying next to them. So, they immediately lay in Xia Nuan’s arms.

“Mom, have you been here for a long time? Why don’t you wake up my brother and me?”

Xia Nuan wore clothes for them, “Little babies need to have a good rest to be strong, so I do not want to bother you.”

“Mom, I dreamed that we both wore a wedding dress. Today I want Dad to buy the dresses for us.” Nianci still thought about the beautiful wedding dress that she saw in the magazine last night.

Then she pulled Xia Nuan’s soft hands, shaking constantly.

“Wuyou, Nianci, your mother is waiting for you outside. After brushing teeth and washing face, you should go to see your mother.”

Xia Nuan talked with the babies patiently.

Wuyou retorted, “No, you are my mother.”

“Wuyou, your mother had no time to take care of you before. So, I looked after you when you were very young. But I am not your mother. Don’t call me like that when you go outside. Your mother would feel sad if she heard that, understand?”

Xia Nuan said it affirmatively.

Wuyou and Nianci opened their big eyes and looked at her unhappily.

“And your grandmother, she also comes here. They love you very much, so you ought to love them as well.” After wearing clothes and washing up for them, Xia Nuan took them out.

However, Madam Ye was not here. There were only Luo Dai’er and Ye Sichen sitting in the living room.

Xia Nuan paused her footsteps and whispered to the babies, “Go, she is your mother.”

The two little guys walked over in a low mood, then Xia Nuan went back to the room silently to make the bed.

“I will not divorce, Ye, never!” Luo Dai’er begged Ye Sichen, “Can you give me another chance? Ye, I love you. I can’t lose you.”

Luo Dai’er was so sad with tears, begging Ye Sichen.

When Ye Sichen saw Wuyou and Nianci coming here timidly, he felt anguished.

“I allow you to pursue your own happiness. Please let go of me! Our marriage is a mistake from the very beginning.”

“Is it also a mistake to deliver the two babies for you? For our babies, I beg you.”

Wuyou and Nianci looked at Luo Dai’er and felt unfamiliar.

Ye Sichen took away her hand, “Ask yourself, have you ever performed your duty of being a mother? Anyone as a mother would hold her babies in her arms happily and feed them breast milk. And when her babies sleep, she would prevent them from suffocating. But you never did anything but hurt them. In order to trap Xia Nuan, you bought off Hui and Susan to remove the wheels of the stroller. Wuyou and Nianci fell on the ground and got injured because of that. If you really love them, could you be so cruel? You are not worthy of being a mother.”

“I... I did not hurt them...” Luo Dai’er said with a guilty conscience.

“Don’t pretend to be innocent. I know everything you did before. Let’s get a divorce. The music copyright, the house or the company, you name it.” Ye Sichen didn’t want to tangle with her anymore. To prevent the babies from seeing the scene, he talked to her as calmly as possible.

In the past, he could continue the fake marriage for Wuyou and Nianci. However, he must make a choice now. When he learned that Xia Nuan was pregnant, he was very eager to have a complete and warm home.

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 67 - I am not your mother