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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 66 - You can’t afford him

Chapter 66 You can’t afford him

Xia Nuan could feel his passion from his eyes.

Her heart was thumping with agitation. Then she lowered her head.

“Anything wrong?” Ye Sichen sat somewhere not far away from her and asked her faintly.

Xia Nuan shook her head, “No, but...”

“But what?” Ye Sichen handed her a glass of water.

She did not take it over. Instead, she summoned up her courage to speak out her thoughts.

“Sir, I know, you are entrusted by Mr. X to take care of me, but I only have a flesh trade with him. Expect for this, I have nothing to do with him. He is a stranger to me. I am not obliged to deliver a baby for him, so I want to go back to Zhongshan to restart my life. I can’t stay here for this baby. I have my own life and I have my own thoughts. I’m not a delivery machine for him. It’s true that I have worked awfully. Maybe you all look down on me, or maybe you think it is a blessing for me, but I am also a complete individual. I have my own thoughts...”

“Since he wants you to give birth to the baby, naturally, he is gonna be responsible for you and the baby. Perhaps, he will marry you.” He said to her seriously.

Xia Nuan seemed to be listening to a joke and shook her head, “No, he won’t marry me. An ordinary person would be unbearable to marry a dirty woman, let alone a man with status. I don’t want to be a surrogate machine for anyone.”

For the first time, she was on her beam-ends and had no choice but to surrogate. This time, she would never involve in such a shameful transaction. This child belonged to her alone. She wanted to go back to Zhongshan, gave birth to the child and raised him up by herself.

“What if he is willing to marry you?”

“I won’t marry him. I know clearly the relationship between us. I don’t love him.” Xia Nuan said slightly without hesitation.

Ye Sichen’s heart jolted.

Xia Nuan raised her head and gazed at Ye Sichen. She looked out the window in order to hide the tears in her eyes, “The one I love hides deeply in my heart. No one can replace him.”

She loved Ye Sichen, but she didn’t deserve him, so she only put him deep in her heart...

All his hopes suddenly laid in ruins.

Nianci came over, holding a magazine in her hand, as if she was afraid of being seen by Ye Sichen. After she stood before Xia Nuan, she opened the magazine and said in a low voice, “Mom, have you ever worn this dress?”

Xia Nuan was stunned for a moment and then she smiled, “No.”

This was a wedding dress that a woman must wear when she got married. She had not married yet. How come she had worn it?

Nianci felt a little frustrated. Then she looked at Ye Sichen and approached him. Holding the magazine, she showed it to Ye Sichen, “Dad, you should ask my mom to wear this dress, because other’s moms all have dressed it.”

Ye Sichen looked at the magazine and agreed with her sullenly, “Nianci, go to the room and play with your brother.”

“All right. Dad, you promise me to buy this dress later. Mom and I will both wear it.”

“OK, I promise.”

Nianci beamed to kiss him on his face, “Thank you, dad.”

After she finished, she held the magazine and left happily.

“Your thought has nothing to do with me. What I have to do is to fulfill the duty of a friend. Without my permission, you can’t leave.” Ye Sichen said coldly.

Looking at his persistent attitude, Xia Nuan had no way only to mock herself, “How on earth would you let me leave? Would you really like to sleep with me for a night?”

“What else can you do except trading your body? Xia Nuan, this transaction makes me feel disgusting. I am not interested.” What he really wanted was her heart.

They looked at each other silently for a long time. Ye Sichen’s phone rang.

He glanced at the phone number and frowned.

“Mom, what’s up?”

He went towards the balcony.

Xia Nuan looked at his back as if she was absorbed in thought.

Ye Sichen hung up the phone and walked in the room. After he took a look at Xia Nuan, he went to Mi Ke’er’s room.

Holding a book about pregnancy, Mi Ke’er was about to find Ye Sichen, “Sir, this is the book you want. I’m just going to give it to you.”

Ye Sichen took it over and smiled slightly, “Thank you, Mi Ke’er. Come over and sit down. I need to discuss something with you.”

Mi Ke’er walked over and sat next to him cautiously.

In fact, as long as she could work by Ye Sichen’s side, Mi Ke’er had nothing more to ask for. It was also a kind of happiness for her to look at him like this.

He had medium-length hairstyle with fluffy scrolls, charming like a prince with a delicate face. He was so handsome, even when he was haggard and tired, he enjoyed the glamour and enchantment with melancholy.

However, he was so overbearing and aggressive on the stage, which had a tremendous difference compared with his mild side. How could women not love him!

Therefore, Ye Sichen never belonged to a certain woman.

“Mi Ke’er, go with me to Modu City tomorrow.” Ye Sichen looked at Mi Ke’er and said softly.

Mi Ke’er moved her eyes away and released a glimmer of joy in her eyes, “Go to Modu? Do you have something to deal with there?”

“Yeah. My mother is ill and needs you to diagnose. If you have something else to deal with, you have to put it off first.”

He was very confident with Mi Ke’er’s medical skills.

Mi Ke’er nodded and promised him frankly that she would go there tomorrow, “I am hired by you, and what you ask is naturally the most important thing for me to do. What time shall we go tomorrow?”

Ye Sichen looked at her gratefully, “Seven o’clock in the morning. Go to rest early.”

He got up and was about to left.

Looking at the back of Ye Sichen, Mi Ke’er could not help saying, “Sir, Xia Nuan... Are you really planning to let her stay here for soothing the fetus? With all due respect, she will bring you trouble.”

Ye Sichen stopped and turned around. He covered up his grief, “I’m just entrusted by someone to take care of her. Mi Ke’er, you’d better not ask too much about these things and go to bed early.”

Although she wanted to say something else, she was afraid that Ye Sichen would regard her as an annoying one, so she stopped.

When Ye Sichen went back to the attic, Xia Nuan had caressed Wuyou and Nianci asleep. Ye Sichen came in and asked her to go to the room to have a rest, and he stayed to take care of them.

Xia Nuan wanted to stay with them, while Ye Sichen seemed to be reluctant.

Xia Nuan went to the room silently. Looking at the moonlight outside the window, she was in a melancholy.

In the early hours on the morning, the bell rang and disturbed Xia Nuan.

Xia Nua got out of bed, walked out of the bedroom and saw Ye Sichen coming out in a black robe.

“Stay in your room and lie on your bed. I will answer the door.” Seeing her dressing in thin, Ye Sichen frowned.

Given that there might be a stranger’s visit, she entered the bedroom and closed the door.

This attic was next to Mi Ke’er’s room. There was no servants or nannies except a Chinese chef. Because Ye Sichen knew clearly that many people meant many voices. He did not want others to know Xia Nuan’s pregnancy.

After Xia Nuan closed the door, she saw a black car parked outside the door when she stood beside the window.

Opening the door, Ye Sichen saw his mother standing in front of him, following with Luo Dai’er and his sister Ye Ranni. Mi Ke’er stood on the other side stressfully with her head down.

“Sir, Madam Ye wants to come here to have a rest...”

“Mom, why are you here? Mi Ke’er and I are planning to visit you tomorrow.” Ye Sichen felt a little surprised.

Madam Ye wore a pair of glasses. Her purple long dress was matched with a black coat, which appeared serious and solemn.

Luo Dai’er looked at Ye Sichen and smiled softly, “Ye, given that you are very busy, mom asked us to accompany her to come here for a treatment, which will certainly save your time.”

Ye Ranni walked into the room carelessly and looked around, “Wow, Chen, are there only two bedrooms here? If so, where shall we sleep?”

Ye Sichen neither took a look at Luo Dai’er, nor did he answer Ye Ranni. He held Madam Ye into the living room, “Mom, I will call Ken to take you back to the villa and have a rest...”

“No, I will stay here. It is close to Dr. Mi Ke’er and convenient for me to have the treatment.” Madam Ye straightened up her glasses and interrupted Ye Sichen. She looked around harshly, “Anything wrong? I’m not welcomed here?”

“No, it’s just the place is too narrow for you to recuperate.” Ye Sichen poured a glass of water for Madam Ye.

“I think it’s fine. I’ll live here. By the way, where are Wuyou and Nianci?”

“They are sleeping.”

“Take me to have a look at them. Sichen, you are really ruthless to never bring them back to Modu City. I know that you are busy. So, I, as their grandmother, come here to see them personally.” As she said, she got up and walked toward the bedroom.

Ye Sichen held his mother and walked into the bedroom.

Ye Ranni began to push the door of another bedroom.

“That’s weird indeed! How come the door is not open? Is there someone inside? Catching the flight really makes me exhausted, even finding a room to rest becomes a difficult task for me.” Wearing a sexy short skirt, Ye Ranni could not help rotating the door handle.

“Miss Ranni, don’t break the door handle. This room is occupied.” Mi Ke’er reminded her.

“Oh? Who is inside?” Luo Dai’er asked deliberately.

The spy she sent here said that Xia Nuan was here soothing the fetus.

“Oh, it’s a friend of Mr. Ye.” Mi Ke’er answered calmly.

After hearing it, Ye Ranni knocked the door decently.

Xia Nuan had no choice but to open the door.

“Miss Ye.” Xia Nuan lowered her head and greeted her politely.

“It’s you again! Why are you here? Aren’t you that baby sitter?” Ye Ranni questioned.

Xia Nuan did not know how to answer.

Luo Dai’er looked at Xia Nuan and smiled coldly.

“Ranni.” Ye Sichen held Madam Ye and walked out of the bedroom. Seeing that she questioned Xia Nuan overbearingly, Ye Sichen was unpleasant, “She is here to take care of Wu you and Nianci. Anything wrong?”

Mi Ke’er mediated it in a hurry, “Ms. Xia is the nanny of Wuyou and Nianci, and, naturally, she stays here to take care of them.”

Ye Ranni raised her eyebrows, glanced at Xia Nuan and snorted, “I am afraid she even wants to take care of my brother as well.”

Seeing that Ye Sichen was unhappy to hear that, Ye Ranni stopped instantly.

Madam Ye squinted at Xia Nuan and said indifferently, “So, you are Xia Nuan.”

“Yes, Madam Ye.” Xia Nuan bowed slightly.

“I heard that you sold my son’s photos to the media several days ago? Why haven’t you been fired?”

“Mom, that was a misunderstanding.” Ye Sichen explained.

Madam Ye nodded and waved at Luo Dai’er, “Dai’er, aren’t you tired? Go to the bedroom with Sichen to accompany with the babies.”

Luo Dai’er just then reminded herself that she made a mistake in this show. She should go into the bedroom with Madam Ye to see Wuyou and Nianci at the beginning. Then she pretended to be in a sorrow and walked toward the babies’ bedroom.

“Sichen, go with your wife. I am a little tired and I want to sit on the sofa for a while.” As Madam Ye said, she took a look at Xia Nuan.

Ye Sichen stunned and looked at Xia Nuan for a long time, “I have called Uncle Xiang to come here. He will pick you up to take a rest.”

“I’m not going anywhere. I will just be here. All right, you haven’t seen Dai’er for a long time. Go ahead. I want to be alone for a second.”

In fact, Madam Ye intended to disengage Ye Sichen.

Ye Sichen went into the bedroom without a word.

Madam Ye regained her previous seriousness and looked at Xia Nuan, “Xia Nuan, clean up the stuffs in the room as soon as possible. Ranni and I will stay in this room for the time being.”

Xia Nuan nodded and was about to clean up her belongings.

Mi Ke’er stopped her hurriedly, “Madam Ye, why don’t you go to my place to rest? My bedroom is spacious and bright. This one is too narrow.”

Madam Ye was extremely unhappy to hear that, “All the patients go to your place. You want me to be seriously ill and lie there every day for treatment?”

Mi Ke’er shook her head and waved her hands, “Madam Ye, I didn’t mean that.”

“I don’t need anyone to interfere with my sleeping place. Ranni, tell Xia Nuan to hurry herself up.” What was the qualification of a servant to stay in the master bedroom?

Ye Ranni echoed her and went into the bedroom.

Xia Nuan spread the quilt well, threw away the rubbish and then began to mop the floor.

“Change all the quilt, sheet and pillows on the bed. I don’t want to sleep on a dirty bed. It is disgusting.” Ye Ranni said sharply towards Xia Nuan.

Xia Nuan went to a blank and silently followed what she ordered.

“Clean the bathroom with disinfectant water as well.” Ye Ranni continued to command her.

Xia Nuan nodded, “Okay, Miss.”


Ye Ranni slashed on Xia Nuan’s face, “Cheap one. How dare you call me “Miss” (It’s called Xiaojie in Chinese. Sometimes the word is used to call the prostitutes)?”

There were a few more palm prints on Xia Nuan’s face. Her face turned numb because of it.

Xia Nuan endured, “Sorry, Ms. Ye.”

“I’m telling you! Either call me Ms. Ye or Ms. Ranni next time. Don’t ever call me Miss. In addition, you’d better not seduce my second brother. He is the “King of Music”. You can’t afford him. Even Luo Dai’er can’t match with him, let alone you? He doesn’t have a crush on countless women, no need to mention you. Who do you think you are? Weigh yourself first.”

“Okay, Ms. Ye. I will remember it next time.” Thinking of Ye Sichen, Xia Nuan swallowed the grievance.

“All right.” Ye Ranni raised her head proudly and arrogantly. Then she left in high heels.

Xia Nuan felt wronged and fought back her tears.

She was more determined to leave.

She was dizzy at that time. But she continued to clean up the room.

Ye Sichen walked out together with Luo Dai’er who was with red eyes.

Seeing that Xia Nuan was cleaning up the bedroom and the quilt and sheet were thrown away outside, Ye Sichen asked solemnly, “Xia Nuan, what are you doing?”

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 66 - You can’t afford him