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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 65 - Stay here tonight

Chapter 65 Stay here tonight

“Mrs. Ye, Xia Nuan is pregnant. Now, Dr. Mi Ke’er is preparing her antiabortifacient.” Mi Ke’er’s assistant hid in the bathroom and told the news secretly to Luo Dai’er who was far away in Modu City.

She was a spy sent by Luo Dai’er, aiming to monitor Ye Sichen.

Ye Sichen transferred Hui and Susan to serve Madam Ye. So did Coade who had just been bought-off. In the villa at Feicheng City, the monitors sent by Luo Dai’er were removed by Ye Sichen one by one. She had no choice but to take Mi Ke’er’s staff as the last hope to prey.

“Pregnant? That bitch is pregnant?” Luo Dai’er held the phone with her trembling hand. She was filled with trepidation.

Her beautiful and delicate face was twisted because of anger, and it became more and more ferocious.

Fu Ya came over. Hearing the call, she couldn’t help stopping at the stairs.

“Yeah, Mrs. Ye, Xia Nuan is pregnant. In all probability, the child is Mr. Ye’s...”

“I see. Stop it.” Luo Dai’er’s heart jolted slightly and she didn’t want to listen anymore.

Hanging up the phone, she began to throw things.

Without stopping her, Fu Ya just came to the sofa and sat there calmly. She indulged her daughter to give vent to her anger as much as she could. After that, Luo Dai’er sat down on the sofa and cried bitterly.

Fu Ya held her daughter in her arms and patted her lightly, “Dai’er, you should get rid of your irritability. What you have to do now is to ease the relationship between yourself and Ye Sichen.”

Luo Dai’er shook her head, “It’s useless, mom. He has the leverage that I was intimate with Roger. Maybe he was going to expose the video. Then he could take the divorce for granted and marry that bitch!”

Fu Ya was exasperated at Luo Dai’er’s failure to make good and poked Luo Dai’er’s forehead, “Can’t you think of any other methods?”

“What should I do? Create a car accident as I did before marriage and then deceive him by torturing myself? Mom, it was your bad idea that made him treat me cold as ice right now!”

There was a time she was intoxicated with Ye Sichen. She dreamed of marrying him. In order to realize it, her mother Fu Ya helped her plot a car accident. She shielded the vehicle for Ye Sichen, bought off the doctor in the hospital and pretended to be injured in order to win Ye Sichen’s sympathy. Indeed, Ye Sichen was really grateful to her, so he married her later. But soon Ye Sichen discovered her plot. Since then, he lived with Wuyou and Nianci and began his long-time separation from Luo Dai’er.

Hmm, what if they didn’t live apart? There was no difference compared with separation, because since they married, she had never truly owned him!

Thinking of this, Luo Dai’er was extremely unwilling to face the fact. She clenched her hands and gnashed her teeth unpleasantly.

“You shouldn’t confront him with toughness. You have to leave him a good impression. Only in this way can you direct his heart. Try to figure out what he cares about most.” Fu Ya reminded her daughter.

Luo Dai’er sneered, “What else can it be, except for the babies?” Of course, he cared about the bitch Xia Nuan as well.

She really regretted what she did in the beginning. However, she was in desperate need of the babies, because she could not deliver a child...

“He cares about them absolutely, but now they are with him. You have no way to control the situation. You should find something that is easy to control so that you can catch him...”

As Fu Ya talked sense into her, Luo Dai’er seemed to understand.

Ye Sichen arranged Xia Nuan to live next to Mi Ke’er. That was a warm attic suitable for self-cultivation.

Xia Nuan wanted to leave, but Ye Sichen sent several bodyguards to protect her. She couldn’t go anywhere. He was the only person she had to face every day. Ye Sichen came here every night to have dinner with her, then he left.

Sitting on the sofa, Xia Nuan had nothing to do. She was so anxious that she still didn’t dispel the idea of leaving.

She was pregnant with Mr. X’s baby, but she had to face Ye Sichen’s reminding of soothing her fetus. As she was in a dilemma, she just wanted to escape.

Outside, there was the sound of a car whistle.

Xia Nuan walked to the window and looked down. A car stopped outside Dr. Mi Ke’er’s house.

It was Lacy who got off it. Lacy and Mi Ke’er were arguing about something outside, which were heard by Xia Nuan faintly.

“I am Xia Nuan’s friend. I have the right to visit her. Why do you stop me?”

“She is not here. She has left Feicheng City. Mr. Lacy, stop joking.”

“Hum. Who believes it? It must be Ye Sichen who imprisons her. All right, given this case, I will call the police and say that you are suspected of kidnapping.” Lacy scared Mi Ke’er and was ready to call the police.

Mi Ke’er was afraid to hear that. She didn’t expect that Lacy, who had always been in harmony with Ye Sichen, would turn hostile with him because of a woman!

“Mr. Lacy, do you want to destroy Mr. Ye’s reputation? How can you behave like this? I thought you would never hurt him even if everyone in this world betrayed him. I guess I was wrong!” Mi Ke’er said angrily.

Lacy smiled coldly, “In art field, we do have a tacit understanding, but he overdoes it in this matter. Why should he interfere with others’ life in such a hegemonic manner? Has he ever considered Xia Nuan’s feelings?”

As he said, he continued to dial the number.

Seeing this, Mi Ke’er stepped forward to stop him, but Lacy headed her hand off, “No one can stop me unless you allow me to see Xia Nuan.”

After Xia Nuan saw this scene and heard the conversation, she could not help frowning, turned around and picked up the phone.

Downstairs, Mi Ke’er took a bite of Lacy’s arm abruptly. Lacy felt a great pain. So, he loosened her hand and pushed her angrily. Then she crashed onto the car window. Mi Ke’er took the advantage and forcefully pressed his hindbrain without warning and covered his mouth.

Lacy was in a blank. Holding his private phone, he forgot to dial the number.

Damn it! In order to protect Ye Sichen, this woman really spared no effort!

Mi Ke’er sucked on Lacy’s lips so ruthless that his mouth was numb in a short while.

“Hoo...” Mi Ke’er stopped her sucks and wiped her mouth with her hand, “You invade me. I will call the police as well.”

“You...” Lacy was so angry that he was speechless.

Looking at Mi Ke’er’s smug complexion, his face burned inexplicably.

Damn! He was a playboy who flirted with countless girls. How come he was taken for a ride by this bitch?


The phone rang. After Lacy retracted himself, he lowered his head and found that it was from Xia Nuan.

“Xia Nuan? Where are you? Are you controlled by Ye Sichen?”

Lacy asked Xia Nuan.

Xia Nuan stood next to the window upstairs. She covered herself with the curtain, “I have already left Feicheng City. Mr. Lacy, you don’t need to find me. It has nothing to do with Mr. Ye.”

She hung up the phone.

If Lacy called the police, it would certainly attract the media’s attention. At that time, the reporters who was anxious to see the things in disorder would blow up this affair once again. At last, it was Ye Sichen who would take too much damages.

Looking at the number, Lacy was stuck in dumb and let go of Mi Ke’er.

Hearing the words from Xia Nuan, Mi Ke’er turned to be calm at once. It seemed that Xia Nuan had a long head.

Lacy did not say anything. He got on the car and left.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Mi Ke’er shrugged her shoulders and returned to the living room. What an asshole Lacy was! In order to stop him from calling the police, she gave him her first kiss...

Shit! If it were not for Mr. Ye, she would never touch his mouth that countless women had kissed! Thinking of this, Mi Ke’er was disgusted to grin. Then she went to the bathroom and washed her lips desperately.

As night fell, Ye Sichen came. He didn’t go to find Mi Ke’er, instead, he went straight to the attic.

Xia Nuan had been very easy to get drowsy these days. She was in an emotional turmoil. When she lay down, she would close her eyes unconsciously and dreamed of the period of surrogacy. At that time, she had uncomfortable symptoms stronger than now. She felt dizzy and groggy every day and she didn’t get back to the Zhongshan City until she delivered the baby...

She didn’t know where the child was and how everything was going with him?

Xia Nuan would always think of him, but after that, she would be drowned into deep sorrow.

As Ye Sichen came in, two children followed him.

“Wow, Mom is really here.”

“Shush, Nianci. Keep your voice down. Your mom is sleeping.”

The two little guys followed Ye Sichen coming into the room quietly and carefully for fear of waking Xia Nuan up.

Sleeping in bed, Xia Nuan frowned. Then a drop of tear fell down from her eyes.

Wuyou and Nianci had their chins cupped in their hands and looked at Xia Nuan.

“Mom is crying.”

Nianci said in a low voice.

“Something unhappy must happened.” Wuyou followed Nianci.

Nianci wiped away Xia Nuan’s tear with her little pudgy hand.

Seeing this, Ye Sichen felt sad. Then he approached her to cover the quilt for her.

On the bedside table, a mobile phone was placed on it. Ye Sichen frowned and took it away.

All the electronic products could generate radiation and must be kept away from her. She was pregnant and should be treated more carefully than ever before.

Ye Sichen unlocked the mobile unconsciously and found her record with Lacy.

He held the phone tightly because of anger.

Xia Nuan opened her eyes owing to Nianci’s touch.

“Wuyou, Nianci.” Xia Nuan wore a pleasant smile and held their hands.


Wuyou and Nianci both drilled to her bosom.

Xia Nuan kissed on their faces, “Why are you here? Are the injuries on your foreheads better?”

She observed their foreheads concernedly. She finally relieved until she saw their wounds healed.

She raised her head and found that Ye Sichen sat not far away. He was holding a newspaper and reading it silently.

Xia Nuan was surprised and she turned aside in a panic.

“Mom, I am sorry. Dad said that we shouldn’t lie to you. In fact, we have no injuries on the foreheads before. It is our uncle who faked it...” After Nianci finished, she bowed her head.

“Uncle said that as long as we were injured, you would not leave.” Wuyou looked at Xia Nuan anxiously, “Mom, please don’t be angry with us, okay?”

Xia Nuan suddenly realized that it was Lacy who made the fake wounds for them...

Looking at their clear and innocent eyes, she smiled softly and caressed their heads, “How come? I am not angry.”

She looked at the bedside table and found that her mobile phone was gone. She couldn’t find it after a long time. She played with Wuyou and Nianci for a while. Then she asked Ye Sichen whether he saw it or not.

Putting down the newspaper, Ye Sichen said simply, “The mobile phone generates radiation, so I will keep it for you for the time being.”

Xia Nuan frowned and looked at him, “That is my mobile phone, sometimes I need to contact with others for private matters. Could you please return it to me, sir?”

Ye Sichen didn’t give her an answer and said to the babies softly, “Go to the bathroom and wash your hands to have meal.”

Then the two babies went to the bathroom as their father asked.

“You are pregnant, so you can’t keep your mobile phone by your side. It’s not good for the fetus.”

He diverted his eyesight, stared at her and said slowly.

“I will be careful.” Xia Nuan said.

“Once you are careless and there is anything wrong with the fetus, Mr. X would complain that I didn’t take care of you well. Therefore, please be considerate.” Ye Sichen was cold-faced with a sense of jealousy in his eyes.

She needed the phone only to keep in contact with Lacy.

“After you deliver the baby, whether you become a mistress or his lover, it has nothing to do with me.”

“Sir, I...”

“Mr. Ye, dinner is ready.” The chef came in and interrupted her.

The dishes were mild and rich in nutrition.

Ye Sichen invited a Chinese chef specially to cook Xia Nuan’s favorite food.

On the dining table, Ye Sichen dipped up a bowl of chicken soup for Xia Nuan, “Drink it up.”

She could not bear the greasy flavor at all. Although the chicken soup was savory, Xia Nuan still had no appetite. Seeing this, he removed the chicken soup and offered her a bowl of carp soup, “How about this?”

Xia Nuan took a spoon and sipped silently.

Enduring the nausea, she drank the fish soup up. She did not want to be too unreasonable in Ye Sichen’s eyes. After she finished it, she covered her mouth, ran to the bathroom and began to retch.

She crouched on the sink and her tears spat out.

Ye Sichen stood behind her and patted her back gently. Looking at her pale face, he couldn’t help frowning. He stepped forward and held her up, “Next time, you can tell me if you don’t like it. I will call someone redo it.”

He handed her a glass of water. After she had a few drinks, the uncomfortable feelings in her stomach subsided slightly.

Wuyou and Nianci were worried about her just as Ye Sichen was.

“Are you ill, mom?”

“Mom, since you can’t walk, you can make dad hold you.”

Ye Sichen tried to hold her in his arms, but she kept him distance and insisted on going out alone.

Ye Sichen left silently with no expression.

He went to find Mi Ke’er asked about what to eat during the pregnancy period. Mi Ke’er was stunned. After she wrote the recipe down and gave it to Ye Sichen, he began to set his mind at rest. The moment he was ready to leave, he folded back, “I need a book about pregnancy.”

“Okay, sir. I will give it to you when I find it.” Mi Ke’er said.

“Well, be quick.” Ye Sichen took the recipe towards the kitchen.

Looking at the back of Ye Sichen, Mi Ke’er sighed.

Once this matter was exposed, it would directly undermine his credibility. Therefore, the best solution was to let Xia Nuan leave...

“Try this.” Ye Sichen served a bowl of hot and sour soup and fried pork mixed with sweet and sour sauce.

Xia Nuan had the appetite for sour flavor. she couldn’t help reaching out with her chopsticks and chewed the fried pork. It was sour and sweet with no trace of greasy flavor.

“How does it taste? Do you like it?” Ye Sichen asked.

Xia Nuan blushed and nodded, “It’s delicious.”

Hearing it, Ye Sichen was relieved a little bit. “Then help yourself to eat more.” As he said, he scooped up another bowl of hot and sour soup for her.

Xia Nuan raised her head and looked at his mild face. Then she couldn’t help crying, “Sir, actually, you needn’t do these for me personally. It’s late now. Go back to have a rest.”

Even if he took care of her for Mr. X’s sake, he didn’t have to do it in person...

“Wuyou and Nianci were unwilling to leave, so I am staying here tonight.” Sitting opposite her, Ye Sichen said slowly word by word and gazed at her deeply.

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 65 - Stay here tonight