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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 64 - Having nothing to do with Mr. Ye

Chapter 64 Having nothing to do with Mr. Ye

Xia Nuan stopped Lacy, “No, you misunderstood. It has nothing to do with him.”

Lacy pinched her shoulders and said angrily, “Don’t speak for him. He even beat me. He said that Wuyou and Nianci are injured because I take care of them improperly, and he wanted to sue me. You know the babies were injured when they were at home. How could he blame me for that? He is really ridiculous and childish. It’s no wonder that Luo Dai’er can’t get along with him.”

Lacy made up a lie and observed Xia Nuan’s expression from time to time.

But Xia Nuan had no expression. She just supported Lacy with her hand, “Mr. Lacy, please lie down first. Don’t be excited, maybe he’s bothered for something else...”

Lacy frowned, “Well, you still speak for him? Xia Nuan, do you really love him? Or is there any misunderstanding between you two?”

Xia Nuan was a little flustered. She shook her head, “No.”

Lacy sighed, “Really? Don’t cheat me. If there is any misunderstanding, I can help you out.”

“Really, there is no misunderstanding.”

In Ye Sichen’s heart, she had already been such a shameless woman. There was no misunderstanding to be resolved.

Lacy felt a little bit relaxed.

Then he put something into Xia Nuan’s handbag while Xia Nuan did not notice him.

Two days later, Lacy was discharged from the hospital and Xia Nuan intended to leave.

Lacy asked to send her back, but he was refused by Xia Nuan. Then Lacy did not force her. After answering a phone call, he left in a hurry.

When Xia Nuan was about to leave, Lacy suddenly gave her a call.

“I am going to shoot an MV, but I can’t find the important remix recorded. Did you see it?” Lacy sounded very anxious on the other side of the phone.

Xia Nuan sat in the car, and the driver hired by Lacy drove her to the airport. For the sake of her safety, she did not choose the sea route this time.

“It shouldn’t be here. Why don’t you keep looking?” Xia Nuan said.

She was not interested in taking anything from Lacy.

“Help me check if it’s in your bag. It’s a black USB flash drive with an ‘L’ letter on it.”

“Let me take a look.” Xia Nuan began to check her handbag.

She touched a black thing and took it out in her hand. Then she fixed her eyes and found it was a thing with a silver ‘L’ letter on it.

She was a little surprised. How could Lacy’s USB flash drive in her bag?

Maybe Wuyou and Nianci put it into her handbag by accident when they were playing.

“Xia Nuan, where are you? If it is not in your bag, just forgot it. Maybe I forget where I put it.” Lacy said.

“It is in my bag.”

“Would you please send it to me as soon as possible? I need it urgently.”

“Can you ask the driver to send it to you? I have to catch the flight.” Xia Nuan said.

“It would be better if you send it to me. If it’s taken by someone who wants it, my efforts will be in vain. Xia Nuan, can you shift your flight? I will pay for your damages.” Lacy pleaded with Xia Nuan to send the USB flash drive and told her the address.

It was Feicheng Arena.

“Mr. Lacy, if I send it to you, can you come out and get it?” Considering that Ye Sichen was there, she would not go inside the arena.

It was once the place where Ye Sichen rehearsed...

Lacy agreed, but when Xia Nuan arrived there, she waited outside for a long time and Lacy didn’t come out from the arena.

Xia Nuan gave Lacy a call, but Lacy did not answer it.

Almost half an hour later, many fans had gathered outside Feicheng Arena. And the security personnel kept them in order. They thought Xia Nuan was also a fanatic fan of Ye Sichen and Lacy, so they asked her to step back. Given the situation, Xia Nuan told them that she came here to send the USB flash drive to Lacy.

A security personnel immediately recognized her, “Oh, are you the designer of Mr. Ye?”

Last time, Mr. Ye held a conference specially to clarify his relationship with the female designer, so he remembered very clearly.

Xia Nuan felt sad to hear that, then she nodded, “Yes.”

The security personnel took her inside the Arena.

She knew Ye Sichen’s rehearsal venue, so she stood in a shadow to call Lacy, staying away from there.

At this time, the light shined on her side, and she could not open her eyes because of the light.

“Are you Lacy’s girlfriend, Xia Nuan? Mr. Lacy is in the rehearsal room. I can take you there.” A girl walked over and took the initiative to pull Xia Nuan’s hand.

Hearing this, all the staff inside the arena looked toward her.

She was a little embarrassed and denied, “I am just his friend.”

The girl smiled, “Mr. Lacy is usually intimate with his female friends. We understand. Let’s go.”

Xia Nuan delivered the USB flash drive to the girl and was not willing to enter the rehearsal room, “I need to catch the flight. Please help me give it to Lacy.”

The girl was not willing to do that, “This is a very important USB flash drive. If it is damaged, I can’t afford it. Since you come here, you can give it to him personally.”

Xia Nuan had no choice but to follow her into the rehearsal room.

She looked inside nervously and did not came into the room until she confirmed the Ye Sichen was not there.

Lacy was playing the guitar inside the room and trying to play a tune of rock-and-roll style.

It was a quite rhythmic tune.

Xia Nuan didn’t know anything about music and temperament, but she felt that the melody was very pleasant.

Lacy saw Xia Nuan and stopped playing the guitar, “Xia Nuan, you are finally here. I was busy when you called just now, so I asked Fei to pick you up.”

Xia Nuan only said “it doesn’t matter” and gave the USB flash drive to Lacy.

Lacy took it and kept thanking Xia Nuan. When he saw Xia Nuan was going to leave, he grabbed her arm, “Xia Nuan, I am so sorry that you miss the flight. In order to express my apologies, I’ll buy you dinner.”

“That’s not necessary, Mr. Lacy, I will go to the airport in the afternoon to see if I can endorse the ticket.”

“I will pay for the loss, and you do not have to worry.”

“Oh, such an affectionate couple! Lacy, is this your new mistress?”

There was a sharp voice in the rehearsal room. Si Nanyin in sexy waistcoat and hot pants came out of the rehearsal room, holding Ye Sichen’s arm.

She and Ye Sichen were rehearsing for the next music MV.

Ye Sichen sweated heavily and wiped his forehead slowly with a towel, but his face became more and more gloomy.

Dressed in black, he stood there and looked at Xia Nuan coldly.

Xia Nuan took away Lacy’s hand and turned around, but she still thought about the scene of Si Nanyin and Ye Sichen coming out just now.

Si Nanyin supported Ye Sichen with her hand, and they both sweated heavily, so they definitely did something more intimate inside the room...

Xia Nuan forced herself not to think about it. Then she walked faster and just wanted to leave.

“Nanyin, don’t talk nonsense, we are just good friends. She came here to give me the remixed USB flash drive.” Lacy explained.

Ye Sichen took away Si Nanyin’s hand, drinking orange juice silently.

Si Nanyin said with a smile, “You kept such an important device in her place. I can tell you two are very intimate. Ye, am I right? Let’s have a guess. How long could this relationship last this time? Ten days or a month?” Si Nanyin leaned against Ye Sichen and seduced him with her body from time to time.

But Ye Sichen was not attracted. He put the orange juice aside. Then he got up and pulled Si Nanyin, “Let’s get in.”

“Ye, I am so tired, how about I take a short break and we can do exercise at night?” Si Nanyin said in a coaxing voice, pulling Ye Sichen’s arm and putting it on her breast tightly.

Si Nanyin’s voice was so soft and charming, but it was harsh for Xia Nuan. She kept walking forward. Suddenly, she felt dizzy and could not help supporting her forehead.

“Xia Nuan, wait a minute.” Lacy caught up with Xia Nuan.

Ye Sichen paused his steps and looked at their backs, with his hand tightened slowly.

“Don’t be angry. That’s all Si Nanyin’s nonsense. Mistress? I never view you as my mistress. It must be Ye who told her that, and she has a big mouth...”

Lacy felt that Xia Nuan’s face was pale and she couldn’t even balance her body, so he immediately supported her with his hand, “Xia Nuan, what’s wrong with you?”

Xia Nuan said nothing. Then she covered her mouth and only felt sick.

Lacy held her hands which were cold.

“Get out of the way.” Ye Sichen pushed Lacy aside and held Xia Nuan in his arms, speeding up out of the lounge...

When Xia Nuan woke up, she was at the home of Ye Sichen’s private doctor, Mi Ke’er.

There was a complete medical equipment, which involved various medical departments.

The room was filled with the pungent smell of disinfectant fluid.

Xia Nuan opened her eyes and saw Ye Sichen sitting next to her.

She felt a little nervous. So, she struggled to get up and saw Ye Sichen’s deep and gloomy eyes.

“Don’t move. Lie down.” He laid her on the bed without expression.

“I want to catch the flight...”

“Lacy is still in this city. You are willing to leave him?” He snorted and said sourly, “Seeing me here instead of Lacy, does it let you down?”

Xia Nuan bit her lips without a word and her hands tightened.

“You are pregnant for four weeks and I hope that you can give birth to this baby.”

The child is his...

Xia Nuan looked at him in shock. Then she couldn’t help touching her belly and felt unbelievable.

It’s Mr. X’s...

She took contraceptive all the time except that time she could not find the pill, so she did not take...

When Ye Sichen personally told her the truth, Xia Nuan felt extremely ashamed. She lowered her head and didn’t dare to look at him. But she insisted on getting out of the bed, “It has nothing to do with you, Mr. Ye. I can handle it by myself.”

“Mr. X is my friend. He called and told me to take care of you. He will come back after a long time.”

Ye Sichen made up the lie.

He always wanted to tell her that Mr. X was him. However, they both were not willing to step back since they came to a deadlock.

Xia Nuan shook her head, “I do not need your kindness, Mr. Ye. I just want to leave.”

Sure enough, what she guessed was right. He did know Mr. X.

She wanted to get up, but her wrist was restrained by Ye Sichen, “Don’t tell me, you want to have an abortion for Lacy.”

“I can make the decision for the baby, and it has nothing to do with you, Mr. Ye.” She finally got rid of his restraint.

What she did angered him, so he fixed her on the bed, firmly laying her hand on the white sheets. But he was afraid of pressing her too hard, his body had to keep a distance from her. With his slender legs, he stuck her two restless legs.

“What decision do you have? Want your child to be an illegitimate child without a father? Xia Nuan, if you keep asking for leaving like this, I don’t mind calling Mi Ke’er to tie you up with medical bandages. I mean what I say. You are welcome to have a try.”

Damn, since Ye Sichen met her, he was always easy to get angry.

Though with tears in her eyes, she held back her tears, “I beg you, let me go, I don’t want to face you...”

“Who do you want to face? Lacy?” He pinched her chin annoyingly, “From now on, don’t even think about to see him again.”

Mi Ke’er’s assistant took the medical tray and stood outside the room. As she was about to knock at the door, she saw from the creak that Ye Sichen was pressing the girl named Xia Nuan, one at the top and the other at the bottom...

She could not help pausing her steps, and looked at it eagerly.

She was a little confused.

At this moment, Mi Ke’er came over in a serious face, “What are you doing?”

“Oh, nothing. I am ready to send the antiabortifacient.”

“Give me that, I will send it later.” Mi Ke’er took the medical tray cautiously, “I’m telling you, if you dare to leak this, you have to compensate the liquidated damages.”

The assistant kept saying that she did not dare to do that. However, when Mi Ke’er got into the room finally, the assistant took her mobile phone and went to the bathroom secretly.

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 64 - Having nothing to do with Mr. Ye