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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 63 - I can double the price Lacy paid you

Chapter 63 I can double the price Lacy paid you

Ye Sichen saw Lacy and a woman next to him, whose back looked like that of Xia Nuan.

His heart seemed to be suffocated and he suddenly paused there.

The woman stood up and turned around. The beautiful face that he missed day and night appeared in front of Ye Sichen.

It was Xia Nuan indeed.

She poured water for Lacy and accompanied him. Lacy smiled and said something to her, and they seemed to be talking happily.

Ye Sichen felt more uncomfortable. He stood outside the ward, with a little jealousy in his eyes.

He’s in disguise now, so Lacy did not recognize him.

Besides, Lacy only paid attention to Xia Nuan.

Lacy looked at Xia Nuan and his eyes were full of affections.

“Xia Nuan, can we be friends? If I treat you that way in the future, you can hit me on my face.”

Lacy said sincerely.

Xia Nuan smiled lightly, “Mr. Lacy, I’ve always regarded you as my friend, and thank you very much for helping me tonight.”

“Please don’t leave me. I’m really worried about your safety after this incident. I’ll send you back to Zhongshan City personally once I get better. And I got hurt to save you. You have to stay here and take care of me.” Lacy said playfully.

Xia Nuan handed him a glass of water, “Okay, I won’t leave until you get better, but you don’t need to send me back.”

Lacy temporarily kept her staying here. So, he felt happier and his eyebrows were stretched.

Xia Nuan accompanied Lacy all night out of guilt.

But Xia Nuan did not know that Ye Sichen stayed outside the hospital for a whole night.

He sat in the car with a gaunt face.

That woman had no defense against anyone but him.

The moment he thought that Xia Nuan accompanied Lacy all night, he felt upset.

“Last night, a big smuggling case was cracked. The police owe their success to Ye Sichen. Without his ingenious assistance, it would not been cracked...”

A news was broadcast on the vehicle-mounted device.

Ye Sichen was upset and turned it off.

People in the ward, even in the whole hospital and the whole world knew that Ye Sichen helped the police capture the leader in the big smuggling case.

Countless people began to imagine how Ye Sichen made the criminal leaders come out through his wisdom.

Some media even planned to write a script for him.

Xia Nuan was watching the TV news in the ward.

“Didn’t Mr. Ye get hurt?” Xia Nuan was a little worried.

Lacy instantly patched up a lie, “Yes, he did get hurt, but it’s not a big injury.” After all, he lied to Xia Nuan from the very beginning, saying that Ye Sichen was seriously injured.

Xin appeared on the TV. He was arrested by the police and became one of the important criminals.

Xia Nuan was a bit confused.

Last time, Mr. X said that he would make use of Xin to find out the one behind this, but the one that sent Xin to prison was...Ye Sichen...

Ye Sichen and Mr. X... Did they know each other?

Thinking of this, Xia Nuan was a little embarrassed.

If they really knew each other, Ye Sichen must know the relationship between Mr. X and Xia Nuan.

Thinking of this, Xia Nuan had no courage to face Ye Sichen anymore.

Lacy did not know what Xia Nuan was thinking about. He took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Ye Sichen.

“Ye, I think I find my love. You will bless me, right?”

Sitting in the car, Ye Sichen looked at Lacy’s text message. His eyes were gloomier than before.

He seemed thoughtful and looked at the front of the hospital. Then he started the engine and left silently.

Lacy’s wound could not be cured in a short time. The hospital asked him to stay in hospital for half a month, in case the wound would cause infection.

Lacy’s friends came to visit him. All of them asked about the relationship between Xia Nuan and Lacy.

Lacy only told them that Xia Nuan was his friend, but they knew that Lacy’s so-called friend must be involved in romantic relationship, so they always looked Xia Nuan and Lacy as if they were intimate.

Ye Sichen also came here.

Xia Nuan went out at that time. She went back to Lacy’s house to see Wuyou and Nianci.

Ye Sichen sat next to Lacy, looking at him with a serious expression, “What is your so-called blessing? Blessing you for playing with another woman?”

He could play with any woman who chased back, but only Xia Nuan...

Lacy smiled, looking at Ye Sichen’s melancholy eyes, “What do you mean playing with women? I am sincere to Xia Nuan and I really intend to marry her, so I want you to bless me. I will end my single days and have a complete home.”

Pausing for a moment, Lacy looked at Ye Sichen’s deep eyes and raised his lips, with a little provocation in his eyes, “She also loves me. I’m not as good as you are on the stage and there’s no denying that you’re a musical genius. However, my emotional intelligence in life is much better than yours.”

“Lacy, you can find any woman to marry, but can’t.”

“Why? Well, we don’t have to continue to argue about women. I have the freedom to choose and Xia Nuan just used to be the nanny of your babies. Her decision is none of your business.”

Lacy was somewhat unhappy, but he was still pleased with Ye Sichen, “Ye, we are like-minded in terms of creation. There is no need to make us unpleasant because of this.”

“You faked the wounds on my babies’ heads? And you deceived Xia Nuan that Wuyou and Nianci got hurt, so she came here. Lacy, you have to understand that she’s mine.” Ye Sichen’s face was full of seriousness.

Lacy was shocked, looking at Ye Sichen with a little guilt.

However, Lacy felt that it was a challenge besides shock in the face of the vow of Ye Sichen.

Ever since he met Ye Sichen, he never found that Ye Sichen said bluntly for a woman.

“You say that she is yours, but have you ever asked her about her thoughts?” Lacy casually turned on his phone and turned over photos to Ye Sichen.

Those photos were secretly taken by him while Xia Nuan did not notice.

Lacy and Xia Nuan hugged on the bed. He bowed his head and kissed Xia Nuan.

Xia Nuan fell asleep next to him in the ward, and he kissed her cheek...

Every scene was so glaring.

Ye Sichen’s hands on the knees tightened slowly and he looked away, “This may be your trick.”

“That’s enough, Ye, for a woman? Seriously? Isn’t it enough for you to have the attention of so many women? No need to mention that you still have a wife. I don’t want to lie to you. I have slept with her, and I did not force her.”

“You’d better take back what you said just now.” Ye Sichen never got angry like this. His eyes were full of anger.

Lacy was a little timid, but he did not believe what Ye Sichen would do with him.

“Why should I take it back? I slept with her before, and I will continue to sleep with her, that’s all.”

After he said it, Ye Sichen punched him.

Then Lacy’s nose suddenly bled.

“My god, you did hit me...” Before he finished talking, Ye Sichen pinched Lacy’s collar like lifting a chick.

“I don’t care if you play with others, but Xia Nuan, you absolutely can’t.” Ye Sichen’s teeth clenched. He said that word by word, with his eyes filled with anger.

“Stop! Let go of Mr. Lacy!” Xia Nuan stood at the door of the ward.

When she went back to Lacy’s house, she learned that Ye Sichen had picked up the two babies. Therefore, she was disappointed to be back. However, as soon as she came in the ward, she saw a man with a beard hitting Lacy and could not help shouting loudly.

She walked over immediately, broke the man’s hands and protected Lacy.

The moment she looked at the man, her blood all over clotted.

The man was Ye Sichen...

Xia Nuan’s anger suddenly disappeared in half, and she seemed a little embarrassed and restrained.

As soon as her arm tightened, she was dragged out by Ye Sichen.

Ye Sichen walked so quick that he almost pulled her down.

“Mr. Ye....Where are we going?” Xia Nuan was out of breath.

Leaving the hospital, Ye Sichen rudely pushed her into the car.

Xia Nuan just sat down in the car, and then Ye Sichen held her waist tightly and kissed her crazily.

His kisses were fine and profound.

“Mr. can’t...” Xia Nuan dodged, but her heart beat wildly.

The familiar breath haunted her.

“Xia Nuan, you don’t refuse any men, do you? Why are you so humble?” He pinched her chin with great sorrow.

Xia Nuan stopped struggling. She looked at Ye Sichen with her tears rushing down, “You probably know what I did when I was in Mood for Love. A woman like me does not deserve any self-respect. You’d better not touch me, or you would be dirty.”

“Other men can touch you, but I can’t, huh? How can you be a whore without any professional spirits?” He pressed her chin increasingly harder.

Ye Sichen was worried about her safety, but she got away from him and stayed with Lacy!

Thinking of it, he was very angry.

“You are the famous King of music. You can own any woman you want. Why do you have to choose a filthy? Why?” It turned out that she was so dirty in Ye Sichen’s eyes.

But what he said was also right.

“Oh, it’s really hard to sleep with you. How much money did Lacy give you? I can double the price.” He threw a bank card on her face, which scratched hard.

He really hated her like that and she was always keeping a distance with him when he was Ye Sichen.

“Sorry, I refuse to sell my body to you.” Xia Nuan got up and smiled bitterly.

She did not look at his bank card, “Because I have already been the mistress of Mr. Lacy and I am kept by him.”

She lied to him in a rage.

Oh, she was so filthy that she could sleep with Lacy so quickly in his eyes.


Xia Nuan’s face was slapped heavily by Ye Sichen. Her face was too numb and unconscious to feel the pain, but she felt heartache.

“Fuck off!” Ye Sichen said it with all his strength.

Xia Nuan bit her lips without words and silently got off the car. When Ye Sichen drove away, Xia Nuan’s tears fell like rain.

She did not know how she walked into Lacy’s ward. She was acting as if she had lost her soul, and her footsteps were somewhat unstable.

“Xia Nuan, what’s wrong with your face? Ye...he hit you?”

Lacy’s wound had been bandaged by this time, and he was about to go out and find Xia Nuan when she came in.

Xia Nuan just shook her head and said nothing.

“Ye crossed the line this time! Why did he hit you? What qualifications does he have? Xia Nuan, don’t worry. I will get back a justice for you!” He patted Xia Nuan’s shoulders, pretending to be righteous.

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 63 - I can double the price Lacy paid you