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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 62 - A familiar figure

Chapter 62 A familiar figure

Xia Nuan followed Lacy’s request and then she looked up at the window.

“Move up a little bit on the left.” Xia Nuan said to him.

“Is this okay?” Lacy stood on the chair, smiled and asked Xia Nuan.

Xia Nuan nodded.

“Xia Nuan, I feel that the curtains are of different lengths. Help me check it. Come here.” Lacy pointed to somewhere near the edge of the bed.

Xia Nuan approached him. After she stood there, she shook her head, “That’s okay. There are no differences in lengths.”

Lacy nodded with satisfaction.

At this time, he lost his balance and fell off from the chair. Xia Nuan tried to hold the chair, but it was too late.

He fell directly on Xia Nuan’s body.

“Ah...” Suddenly, Xia Nuan was heavily hit on the soft bed.

Lacy couldn’t control his feelings. In his view, the double bed was not as soft as Xia Nuan’s body.

Pressing her, his instinct as a man began to drive him to think much more.

This woman was coquettish...

Lacy swallowed a mouthful of saliva and looked at Xia Nuan affectionately. Then he slightly lowered his head and was eager to kiss her.

“Mr. Lacy, I want to get up.” Xia Nuan turned aside her face and frowned. Her hands were struggling against his approaching.

“Xia Nuan, will you allow me to kiss you?” Lacy said hoarsely in a low voice.

He almost pleaded with her.

“No, Mr. Lacy.” Xia Nuan struggled.

“Just let me kiss you once. I really want to kiss you. Just regard it as the interaction between friends.” He fixed her firmly and forcefully. Her long hair was fluffy and spread over the purple sheet, which unfolded before his eyes.

“No, I don’t have that kind of interacting habit. Please let me go.” Xia Nuan was a little annoyed.

Lacy’s inflated desire had reached its peak and he needed to be eased.

Every woman who had a relationship with him would soon surrender to him. He did not believe that Xia Nuan would be an exception, unless she had no sexual desire for men.

He flirted with countless women. When he took a fancy to a woman, the woman would be inseparable from him.

Lacy fixed and oppressed her firmly. Then he bowed his head and kissed her face. He also wanted to kiss her sexy lips.

“Dear, I will make you happy. Open your mouth.” He induced her and his hands became restless.

“Let me go. No. No!” Xia Nuan shut him out from herself extremely. As she felt the aggression from him, her face turned pale immediately.

“You will enjoy it...” As Lacy was about to go further, there was a sting on his back.

Suddenly he had no interest about her at all, as if cold water poured down all over his body. He turned around and found that Wuyou and Nianci were pop-eyed and glared at him angrily. Nianci held a pot of cactus and kept stinging towards him.

“Don’t bully my mom!”

The sound of the two little guys reverberated in the bedroom.

Lacy got up. Xia Nuan took over the cactus in Nianci’s hands instantly for fear of piercing her.

Holding Wuyou and Nianci’s hands, Xia Nuan took precautions against Lacy.

Lacy was hurt at his waist and he looked at the two babies angrily, “You are so cruel to me. I’m your uncle. I was just joking with your mom. Look what you did to me.”

Xia Nuan did not ease her anger. She couldn’t say anything in front of the babies. So, she had to walk away from the bedroom with Wuyou and Nianci.

At lunchtime, Xia Nuan was afraid that Lacy might put something unclean into the meal, so she didn’t dare to eat it.

Lacy regretted his recklessness at that time. He passionately served the meal for Xia Nuan, but Xia Nuan had no appetite.

“Mr. Lacy, I really don’t want to bother you, so I decide to leave here.” Xia Nuan said slowly.

She really couldn’t stand Lacy who behaved like just now. If she lived here and took care of Wuyou and Nianci, she must guard against Lacy every day.

However, she would miss Wuyou and Nianci once she left, but it was just a matter of time because she had to leave.

Lacy was in a panic and frowned. “Xia Nuan, I was just joking with you. Don’t take it seriously. If you felt that I scared you just now, I apologize to you for it.”

“No, Mr. Lacy, I feel satisfied when I got the chance to see Wuyou and Nianci.” As Xia Nuan said, she got up.

Wuyou and Nianci saw that Xia Nuan was going to leave. They ran over and intercepted her instantly and held Xia Nuan’s leg respectively.

“I want to go with you, mom.”

“Let’s go to meet with dad.”

They said in succession.

Looking at them, Xia Nuan wavered.

Lacy walked over to them and said sincerely, “Xia Nuan, I promise you that there will be no such thing happening in the future. Stay here and live for a period of time. Besides, Wuyou and Nianci are unwilling to let you go, aren’t they?”

However, Xia Nuan knew that Lacy had his intentions.

There was no such thing as free lunch, unless the person who gave her alms was Ye Sichen...

“Thanks for your kindness. Mr. Lacy. However, I have to be separate from Wuyou and Nianci after all, so it’s useless for me to stay here. You are Mr. Ye’s good friend, I’m sure you can take good care of them.”

Her determination to leave was very firm this time.

The more she was with the two babies, the more she was reluctant to leave.

However, long pain was worse than short pain...

“Well, since you’ve made your decision, I will not stop you. When you leave, be careful.” Lacy was very disappointed.

Hearing that Xia Nuan was about to leave, Wuyou and Nianci stamped their feet in anxious.

“Mom, please don’t leave! Please!”

Xia Nuan instantly had tears sprouting in her eyes.

“I will come to see you later. Since you are here, be well behaved and follow your uncle’s words.”

“Mom, please don’t leave. Mom, go back with us!” Nianci cried.

Xia Nuan’s heart jolted. She held Nianci tight in her arms.

After coaxing Wuyou and Nianci to sleep, Xia Nuan left silently.

Looking at the back of Xia Nuan, Lacy picked up the phone silently...

Under the moonlight, the tumbling water slapped a yacht floating in the center of the sea.

Several men in black stood on the deck. They circled around Ye Sichen and Ken.

A middle-aged man headed with a cigar in his mouth. He wore a black suit and squinted at Ye Sichen.

He was Long who was mentioned by Xin, namely, Ma Long.

Xin stood beside him and whispered to Long from time to time.

After hearing Xin’s words, Ma Long nodded.

Ye Sichen stood there calmly. He stared at Ma Long and said to him gently and frankly, “Long, I really want to cooperate with you. As you can see, I bring the money here.”

After that, Ken was very cooperative and took out a big box. He opened it so that Ma Long could trust their sincerity.

Even in the dark, the whole box of banknotes almost brightened their eyes to dazzling.

Ye Sichen took out a card, “If you agree to trade with me, this card with another 50 million yuan belongs to you as well.”

Ma Long nodded slowly and whispered a few words in Xin’s ear.

Xin delivered a message for Ma Long, “Mr. X, we surely want to cooperate with you, but I still have a question. Where did you take that little bitch Xia Nuan? Jin was arrested, which must have something to do with her. She monitored Jin quietly and then recorded the call as evidence. After that, she handed it over to Ye Sichen to prove his innocence. If I remember correctly, she had been with you during the time she monitored Jin. Don’t tell me you don’t know anything about it.”

Ye Sichen smiled, “She was with me just for money. As for monitoring, I really don’t know anything about it. But in order to show my sincerity, I controlled her in my house in the countryside beforehand. After we finished the transaction, I can take her over to plead guilty to you, Xin.”

As Xin heard the words, he dispelled his suspicion a little.

Ma Long said hoarsely at this time, “If Mr. X can take Mood for Love from Ye Sichen, I will believe in your sincerity.” Ye Sichen, that bastard, killed his time and efforts. What’s more, he sent his subordinates into prison. He would get Ye Sichen for that sooner or later!

Ma Long thrown away a cigarette end hardly, and then he stepped on it with his leather shoes.

“Of course. No problem. I will try to deal with him, but please give me some time.”

“Very good. I like your honesty.” After Ma Long finished, he seemed to think of something again, “I hope Mr. X would bring Xia Nuan over. I want to see her.”

That bitch was working for Ye Sichen. As long as Ma Long had her in his hand, maybe he could threaten Ye Sichen...

Thinking of this, Ma Long smiled.

He gave a wink to the man who was behind him. The man went forwards with a black box in his hand.

Obviously, the deal began.

Xin looked at Ye Sichen defensively.

However, the surrounding subordinates were all governed by Ma Long, so Xin was not worried that whether Ye Sichen would play any tricks or not.

“I need to inspect the goods.” Before the transaction, Ye Sichen suddenly made a request.

“No problem. No pay no goods,” Ma Long said.

Ye Sichen nodded and went forwards together with Ken.

Ye Sichen broke out in a cold sweat in his one hand.

With fastest pace, maybe he could...

The black man opened the box. The white goods were suddenly exposed before them. All of them were prohibited goods called Snow. Ye Sichen pretended to be satisfied and nodded. Then he indicated Ken to exchange it with the money.

Ma Long squinted and looked at Ye Sichen. Quick as lighting, he felt he was a bit familiar with this man in front of him and, instantly, he recognized something unknown.

“You are Ye Sichen?!” In a twinkling, Ye Sichen rotated his pace and successfully controlled Ma Long before all men in black aimed to him with weapon.

“Don’t come over, otherwise I will kill him.” He pulled the trigger in his hand.

Ma Long could even hear the calling of death. He gnashed his teeth. In the meanwhile, he had to raise his hand, “Don’t move.”

The men in black followed Ma Long’s words, and none of them dared to attack Ye Sichen.

Ken held a box of the prohibited items tightly, holding a weapon to protect Ye Sichen.

In the night sky, the sound of the helicopter rang.

The police arrived.

Seeing this, Xin took out the weapon in his hand and aimed at Ma Long, “Long, sorry. If things get out, we all have to be in prison, so I have to take a gamble on your life.” After he finished, he pulled the trigger towards Ye Sichen.

Ye Sichen made a successful dodge. Xin did not hit him successively.

Ken came over to protect Ye Sichen, and Xin pulled the trigger again towards Ken.


Ye Sichen fell down in front of Ken.

“Mr. Ye!”

“Listen, give the prohibited items in the box to the police. Hurry up. I wore a suit of bulletproof vest. I’m all right.”

Ma Long had already escaped from Ye Sichen’s restraint and prepared to fight against them desperately.

At this time, the police came here by helicopter and aimed at Ma Long and Xin...

Because of the smuggling of Snow, Ma Long was taken away by the police.

Ye Sichen covered his chest painfully, and got off the yacht under the help of Ken.

After they got on the car, Ken hurriedly drove the car to the hospital.

At this time, Ye Sichen’s phone rang.

It was called from the countryside.

The bodyguard told him that Xia Nuan had left.

“Ken, you go back first. I have to go to a place.” He was worried that Xia Nuan would be caught by the gang members after she left. If that was the case, she would be in danger.

“Sir, you are injured. I must take you to the hospital.” Although Ye Sichen wore the bulletproof vest, the strike of the attack would still hurt his chest.

Therefore, he must take him to the hospital first.

“I am in a hurry. Listen to me. You go back first.”

Ken did not follow Ye Sichen’s words, and he continued to rush to the hospital.

He couldn’t think of anything more important than Ye Sichen’s life...

Out of Lacy’s house, Xia Nuan wanted to go to a hotel for a night and then returned to Zhongshan City early next morning. She originally planned to contact with her sister Xia Yan in order to visit her mother Zeng Guihua, but now Jin and Mr. X were looking for her everywhere, she did not want to make her mother in danger.

“Beauty, are you alone walking by yourself? Do you want me to accompany with you?”

Suddenly, several bastards turned up before her and stopped her. They did not allow her to leave.

Xia Nuan took a step back and tried to bypass them.

“Don’t leave. How lonely for you to be alone. We are here to accompany you.” A tall man dragged Xia Nuan over.

After that, another man held her arm and laughed furiously, “Come on, beauty. Let me give you a kiss.”


Xia Nuan slapped on his face, “Get out of the way!”

“Bitch, how dare you hit me!” The man was angry. He pulled Xia Nuan’s hair until he dragged her into the car.

“You bastards, let go of her!” At that moment, Lacy appeared and forced away the man whose arm was grabbing Xia Nuan. Then Lacy pulled the man down and protected Xia Nuan in front of her.

The man summoned a group of men behind him to attack Lacy, and immediately Lacy’s arm was slashed by a knife and his mouth was beaten with blood!

Xia Nuan was in a panic. She tried to protect Lacy in turn, “Stop! Stop! I have already called the police. They will come soon!”

Hearing the words, they all slipped away instantly.

“Mr. Lacy, Mr. Lacy?” Xia Nuan shook Lacy ceaselessly.

There was nothing wrong with Lacy’s face, but a lot of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth. The wound on his arm was so deep that it was constantly bleeding, which dyed his clothes.

“Xia Nuan, are you okay?”

Xia Nuan was ashamed. She shook her head and tried to help him up, “I will send you to the hospital.”

Lacy rested his arms on Xia Nuan’s shoulders and said weakly, “My car is right in front of us. I will drive...”

Without finishing, he fainted.

Xia Nuan held him and then they took a taxi to the hospital.

It was very secret for Ye Sichen to go to hospital. What’s more, he wore a fake beard and no one could recognize him.

“Sir, you’d better stay in the hospital for a few days.” The chest was only slightly scratched and suffered from the shock. Although there was no serious problem, Ken was still not at ease.

Ye Sichen was a little absent-minded. He speeded up his pace, “I am fine, Ken. You go back first.”

He was uneasy as he learned that Xia Nuan had left. At this time, he wanted to find Xia Nuan to ensure her safety.

When he passed through a ward, he saw a familiar figure.

Suddenly, he stopped.

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 62 - A familiar figure