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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 61 - Competing for a woman was interesting

Chapter 61 Competing for a woman was interesting

After Lacy hung up the phone, he wore a smug smile.

The servants played with Wuyou and Nianci who hadn’t getting used to the place since they just got here. They kept clamoring for their dad.

“Listen up, my dear. Do you miss your mother? She will come over soon. Would you just stay here with me, okay?” Lacy walked up to them and caressed their cheeks.

“Really? Mom really will come?” Wuyou looked at Lacy suspiciously.

Nianci raised her head, blinked her eyes and muttered, “That’s impossible. Mom is always with dad.”

“How is it impossible? Mom doesn’t have to be with Dad. She may be with me, your uncle, as well.” Lacy forcibly explained.

The two little guys seemed to understand his words and nodded. They did not clamor to go home as before.

After Lacy appeased them, he dialed a number, “Hello, is Manli speaking? Could you come to my house...”

He entrusted everything to his personal dermatologist, Yu Manli. Then he was about to pick up Xia Nuan.


When he was in the car, his private phone rang.

“Ye? What’s up?”

“Are Wuyou and Nianci noisy being in your place? If they are noisy, I will send someone to pick them up.” Ye Sichen asked anxiously.

He was going to do a tricky and tough task. Once it failed, it would certainly threaten his babies’ safety, so it might be better for him to place his babies at Lacy’s home.

“No. They behave very well. You don’t have to worry about them. Just set your mind at ease to do your task.”

“Well. I have to bother you these days indeed.”

“Take it easy. We are good brothers. I will treat them as my own babies.” Lacy said enthusiastically.

Ye Sichen hung up the phone and began to get down to the task. He ordered Ken, “Let’s go.”

Ken nodded.

Then they got on the car and disappeared into the night, together with several black bodyguards.

Lacy went to a dock and successfully picked Xia Nuan up.

Xia Nuan kept asking Lacy about the conditions of the babies’ wounds. Lacy only told her that they were seriously injured, which made Xia Nuan much more worried.

Sitting in the car, Ye Sichen covered his one eye with a black cloth. He wore a fake bushy beard that almost obscured his face. He looked just like an underworld kingpin. However, with a closer look at his eyes, they were still filled with a kind of softness as before. He pretended to be ferocious as a kingpin to cover his softness.

“Sir, can I pretend to be Mr. X, okay? It is too dangerous for you to do so.” Ken sat next to him and whispered.

“No, following me would be fine. I have already contacted the police. When we trade the goods, they will come by helicopter.” Ye Sichen said to him in a low voice.

He wanted to find out Long who smuggled and sold drugs.

Last time, Xin said that if Ye Sichen wanted to meet with Long, he must turn up with true identity. Of course, he would not appear before Long as Ye Sichen.

Ken nodded worriedly without any other words, “Well, you should bring more bodyguards over to ensure your safety.”

“Too many people will be very troublesome. These are enough.”

Inadvertently, he saw a familiar face passing by outside the car window.

Xia Nuan...

Ye Sichen looked over there and frowned.

He must get something wrong. At this moment, she was placed in a safe place. She couldn’t be here. Moreover, even if she wanted to leave, she couldn’t go away, because he had already sent two bodyguards to ensure her safety. After his task was done, he would tell her all the truth...

Thinking of this, Ye Sichen revealed a slight smile with a sense of expectation.

Sitting in the car, Xia Nuan was so scared that she crossed her hands.

Through the rearview mirror, Lacy looked at her and smiled, “Xia Nuan, may I ask you a question?”

“Yeah, go ahead.”

“You can’t take your mind off the two babies, or you always have Ye Sichen on your mind?”

Xia Nuan was panicked and bowed her head, “I have feelings for the two babies. I have placed them deep in my heart.”

Lacy nodded, “Well, you’d better not have feelings with Ye Sichen. Although he treats everyone with his universal love, he doesn’t have lasting affections for them. Sometimes he is very cold. I can tell you the truth that he has a lot of lovers. However, since he pays attention to his public image, it is secretive. As far as I know, he at least has five lovers.”

Xia Nuan’s heart seemed to be prickled by a needle, while she had to pretend to be indifferent with his words, “Mr. Lacy, you really misunderstood something. I was just hired by Mr. Ye. The relationship between us was not as complicated as you think.”

“Well, you are a good girl. I just want to remind you of that. Ugh! There are not a few pure ones in this field, including me. Of course, I am more straightforward. I fight for what I like and I don’t care about others’ comments. I’m not like Mr. Ye, a natural perfectionist, who always hopes to impress the world with his good side. I feel so tired of living like that.” Lacy sighed.

Xia Nuan echoed his words and said nothing else.

She felt really bad about it.

Lacy’s house was located in the eastern part of Feicheng City. It was as quiet and tranquil as Ye Sichen’s villa, which was a good place to cultivate one’s mind.

His house was like a castle, exquisite and beautiful. The surrounding scenery was picturesque as oil painting.

“Compared with Ye’s manor in Modu City, this one is really small.” Lacy said modestly.

Xia Nuan was absent-minded to answer him, and she looked around to ferret about Wuyou and Nianci.

In the living room, Yu Manli bound up the wounds on their foreheads and said, “Babies, do you want to see your mother and ask her to stay with you here?”


Wuyou and Nianci were unanimous.

“So, when your mother sees you get hurt, she will definitely stay with you. Never take off the gauze on your foreheads. If your mother knows that you both cheat on her, she will be angry and will not stay here to accompany with you.”

“Well, aunt. We’ll listen to you. We’ll tell mom that we are badly hurt on our heads, so she will not leave here.” Wuyou said cutely.

“Yeah, that’s it.” Yu Manli caressed their heads with satisfaction.

Xia Nuan’s approaching made Nianci take her breath away. Nianci waved her hands happily and ran over, “Mom!”

“Nianci, Wuyou!” Xia Nuan hurriedly greeted them and held them tightly in her arms.

When she found that their heads were entangled in gauze, she was even more distressed. She caressed them and said, “Is it still painful?”

They shook their heads, “No. We are not painful when we see you.”

“My brother and I were hurt with serious wounds. Mom, stay here and accompany with us, okay?”

“Well, I’m not leaving. I will stay with you.” Xia Nuan kissed their foreheads.

Standing behind them and looking at this scene, Lacy couldn’t help wearing a smile.

Yu Manli walked over towards them. After she made eye contact with Lacy, she left without a word.

Lacy followed Yu Manli and went out as well.

“Thank you, Manli. The injuries on their heads are very realistic. This is a five million check for you as a reward. Remember to keep it a secret for me.”

Yu Manli took Lacy’s check over and smiled, “Of course, I will keep it a secret, but I indeed feel curious about it. Are you really serious with this woman?”

As far as she knew, Lacy was bohemian. He flirted with women one after another and the number of women who were chasing after him was naturally numerous. Once he gave a slight hint towards girls, there would be women rushing over. Did he need to play this kind of trick to capture a woman’s heart?

Lacy released a sense of possessiveness, “Yeah, I’m serious. Is there any problem?”

Yu Manli was surprised. She looked at him incredulously. After a long time, she shook her head, “No. I just feel that it’s incredible.”

“Every man wants to get a nice woman, especially a stunner at the first sight for him.” Lacy wore an evil and charming smile arrogantly.

He had never seen a woman who captured his heart so deeply like Xia Nuan...

He had already flirted and got tired with numerous mistresses who had chased after him. Since he saw Xia Nuan at Ye Sichen’s place, he was interested in this woman who was at arms’ length. Most importantly, Ye Sichen loved this woman. Was it fun to compete with him?

Lacy gazed after Yu Manli to leave, and then he ordered the servants to clean the room for Xia Nuan.

“Mom, where is dad? Do you know that?”

Wuyou and Nianci raised their heads and asked Xia Nuan.

“I...” She didn’t know how to answer them for a while, then she said, “Your dad is busy now. He will pick you up later.”

Lacy said that Ye Sichen was in hospital for the treatment. It was estimated that he did not want to let the babies worry about him, so he did not tell them the fact.

“Then, will you go back together with us?”

Nianci asked.

Xia Nuan wore a bitter smile. Looking at their eyes being full of expectation, she was a little sad. She had to tell them the truth, “Listen up, babies. Your mother is Luo Dai’er. But I am not. I just looked after you when you were very young...”

“But, if you are not our mom, why did dad put your photo in front of us and said that you were our mom...”

Wuyou was eager to know the answer.

Xia Nuan’s heart jolted.

She retracted her thoughts to the private room inside the Feicheng Arena.

She saw her enlarged work photo there...

At this moment, she realized that why the babies were so young but they remember her appearance? It must be Ye Sichen who held her photo every day before them and reminded them as they grow up. He told them that the woman on the photo was their mom.

“Xia Nuan, let them play for a while by themselves. I will show you your room.” Lacy dressed himself in casual light blue and wore a charming smile on his delicate face.

Xia Nuan was not willing to leave them, so she said, “I will just live with the babies.”

“I want to be with my mom.”

“I want to be with my mom, too!”

Lacy looked at the two troublesome babies. He had no choice but to say, “All right. You can stay with your mother later. But now, I want to show you and your mom the room, okay?”

“Sure!” Wuyou and Nianci answered with one voice. They held Xia Nuan’s hands and did not give Lacy a chance to approach Xia Nuan.

The servants had already cleaned the bedroom up. The fresh fragrance blew against their faces and the breeze slowly blew away the dryness in the bedroom.

“This curtain is not properly installed. I’m going to repair it.” Seeing Wuyou and Nianci were playing hide-and-seek around the window, Lacy moved a chair and stepped on it.

Xia Nuan was unaware of Lacy’s cunning. She was concerned about Wuyou and Nianci and revealed endless drowning about them.

“Xia Nuan, could you please help me to see if the curtains are slanted?” Standing on the chair, Lacy hung curtains and tried figure out the best position for the curtain on the window.

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 61 - Competing for a woman was interesting