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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 60 - Went to Lacy’s house

Chapter 60 Went to Lacy’s house

“During the concert break, someone added unknown drugs into the water, which caused severe physical and mental damage of Mr. Ye Sichen. He is about to recuperate for a time. In the meantime, no notice would be accepted. We’ll appreciate for all the fans’ understanding.”

Ken stood by the cameras and said seriously.

Numerous spotlights shone on his face, and countless questions about Ye Sichen came to him. Ken answered them one by one. The general meaning was that Ye Sichen took the illicit drugs mistakenly, which caused physical rejection. He was too weak to perform.

When the media reporters and fans heard it, they began to condemn Shang Ze who mixed the illicit drugs and got Ye Sichen drugged.

“Thank you for your concern to Mr. Ye. He is very tough, and he will get over it.” After saying that, Ken bowed humbly in front of the cameras.

Xia Nuan’s face turned grave when she saw this.

She was supposed to leave Feicheng City. But when she heard Ye Sichen was ill, she couldn’t help but worry about him.

She stepped back and forth in the room and finally thought of a man.

Thus, she dialed the phone number recorded last time.

It was Lacy.

Lacy signed on her palm the day they held the concert. Xia Nuan meant to erase the phone number, but Lacy gave her a business card halfway. For Lacy’s sake, Xia Nuan didn’t throw it away, but reserved it until now.

The call got through.

Xia Nuan was a little nervous. She covered her chest subconsciously.

“Hello? Who’s speaking?” Lacy answered lazily.

“Oh, it’s me, emm...”

“What? Why do you stammer?” Lacy was a little impatient.

Xia Nuan took a deep breath and said, “Mr. Lacy, this is Xia Nuan speaking.”

When Lacy heard it, his tone changed suddenly, “Hey, Xia Nuan, you are finally willing to call me!”

Xia Nuan smiled, “Mr. Lacy, I am afraid that I may disturb you.”

“How is that possible! I am looking forward to your call every day!”

Xia Nuan asked cautiously, “Mr. Lacy... Is Mr. Ye all right?”

“Are you calling me to ask about Ye Sichen? Xia Nuan, I thought you were looking for me. Alas! I’m so disappointed.”

Lacy sighed.

“I am sorry for bothering you, I just want to ask...”

“However, I am a warm-hearted person. Tell you what, Ye Sichen is very sick. After taking the illicit drugs mistakenly last time, he vomited blood. But now he is recuperating, and everything is fine for now.”

“Is it really serious? Why did he vomit blood?” Xia Nuan was nervous and felt more worried about Ye Sichen.

“I don’t know. Maybe it is related to his work. He works so hard. I guess he didn’t pay attention to his health at ordinary times.” Lacy’s tone was a little perfunctory.

“Is there anyone looking after Wuyou and Nianci?”

“There are a lot of babysitters in his house, but no one can take care of the two babies well. How about this? You can go to their place and look after them.”

Lacy said in a tentative tone.

Xia Nuan shook her head, “Oh, no, I have to leave Feicheng City.”

Ken said last time that Ye Sichen didn’t want to see her any more...

She had to put up with her emotions to the kids no matter how she missed them.

“How about this? During Ye’s recuperation, I can take Wuyou and Nianci to my place. Could you come here to take care of them? I know you are worried about the two babies. I also know Ye doesn’t want to see you since you betrayed him last time. In this way, you can look after them as you wish, and won’t be discovered by Ye. Do you think so?”

“I...” Lacy’s strategy seemed to make sense. By doing so, she could look after Wuyou and Nianci quietly, and avoid meeting up with Ye Sichen at the same time. But Lacy was always uninhibited. Did he have a thing for her...?

“Xia Nuan, even if I have a thing for you, I won’t force you to do anything you don’t like. After all, I am a celebrity. Anyway, it’s your decision to make. But I went to Ye’s home yesterday and found that the two little guys’ foreheads were hurt and wiped with ointments. They cried for their mother all the time, which made me feel sorry. Ye was too weak to take care of them. Could you come here to look after them for a while and leave Feicheng City after Ye recovered.”

Xia Nuan was more worried after hearing the news of Wuyou and Nianci.

“Let me think about it. I will call you whether I will go there or not.”

Xia Nuan hang up the phone. She frowned as she thought about Wuyou and Nianci.

Why did the two babies get hurt when Lian and others were there?

Xia Nuan looked at the outside. It was already twilight. In general, Mr. X wouldn’t come back at this time.

It seemed that she hadn’t seen him for a long time.

Maybe he was too busy to talk to her.

Xia Nuan decided to leave the building in the suburb. It was unnecessary for her to continue to stay with Mr. X since Ye Sichen was proved to be innocent. Although it felt like abandoning him once she got what she needed, she didn’t want to maintain this relationship with Mr. X.

Thinking of this, Xia Nuan packed her belongings and was ready to leave. But there were people who were guarding outside the door all the time, someone who cooked and delivered food to her every day, and other people who were always monitoring her.

Obviously, they were the subordinates of Mr. X.

Xia Nuan thought it over and decided to make them leave with some tactics.

At noon, the expressionless chef came to deliver the meal. Xia Nuan sat there and watched him silently. She couldn’t see any expression of the chef since he wore a mask. But her intuition told her that the chef definitely didn’t like her.

Xia Nuan locked windows upstairs and downstairs, and then went out after the chef left.

“Dudes, the meal sent to me today is a little bit bitter. Is there anything wrong with my taste? Can you help me to try it?”

Xia Nuan spoke to the two men in black at the door.

The two men looked at each other for a while and then followed Xia Nuan to enter the house.

“The meal is really bitter, if you don’t believe me, you can try it.” Xia Nuan frowned as she spoke, seeming like she was unwilling to taste it again.

In order to ensure the flavor of the meal, the two men walked over and observed the food with suspicion.

They took a bite with the chopsticks and thought the meal was delicious. It was not bitter at all.

“Ms., this meal is fine.”

They turned around and found that Xia Nuan wasn’t there. And they were locked in the house by her before she left.

The two men suddenly got nervous. They ran to the door and kept knocking on it.

Before Mr. X left, he asked them to ensure Xia Nuan’s safety, but she didn’t understand him but run away secretly. However, the two men had practiced Kungfu. They quickly smashed the glass and jumped out of the window to catch up with her.

Xia Nuan hid in the lush grass. Seeing the two men who went to different ways to chase her, she came out slowly.

She went to the other direction and disappeared into the jungle.

However, at this time, she had this feeling that someone was chasing her, so she sped up.

There were steps around the bushes and Xia Nuan could even hear the dangerous breathing. However, she herself saw the two men ran over the other way, how could they get here so quickly?

Xia Nuan hid in the bushes on the hillside. It was too dark for them to discover her.

“That’s wired. I just saw her right here. How could she disappear in a blink?”

“Are you dazzled? Maybe she ran over there?”

“That’s impossible. I saw her run to this side. We must catch the bitch. Because of her, Jin lost too much. She could’ve got a mint of compensation from Ye Sichen. But now, we not only lost the compensation, but Jin’s freedom. If I find the fucking bitch, I will try my best to torture her!”

On the top of Xia Nuan’s head, a man said with a gloomy voice.

Xia Nuan suddenly realized that they weren’t the subordinates of Mr. X, but Jin’s. They wanted to find her for revenge in the name of Jin.

Thinking of this, Xia Nuan held her breath.

The phone rang suddenly.

Xia Nuan was nervous and turned off the phone hastily.

However, it was too late. She was discovered by the two men!

Xia Nuan held the phone, and ran forward desperately.

“Catch her, the bitch is there.”

The two black shadows chased after her.

Xia Nuan knew that once she was caught by them, she would be tortured to death. Therefore, she ran ahead without hesitation. She staggered along the thorns, and her legs were hurt, and the soreness spread all over her body. But she had to persevere.

She ran to the end of the road, but there was nothing except a deep river.

She didn’t dare to jump into the river. The moment she closed her eyes, she thought of the scene that she and Ye Sichen jumped into the pool last time at church.

She was afraid of jumping, so she held Ye Sichen... 𝓲n𝑛𝓻ℯ𝗮d. 𝚌o𝒎

Xia Nuan jumped into the cold river, and the coldness shrouded her body. She covered her mouth and nose, hiding in the water.

“The bitch must jump into the river. We need to pick her up!”

“Why do you pick her up? Do you want to save her? In my opinion, she must be drowned and we could tell Xin she was drowned.”

“What if she didn’t die?”

“Shall we jump into the water for her? You can do that if you want to die in the deep water.”

The two men left and scolded each other. Xia Nuan came out from the water unexpectedly, struggling to swim on the shore, lying on the grass and watching the stars in the sky.

She threw her phone on the grass before she jumped. Therefore, the phone was not wet.

Xia Nuan took the phone and went to the dock overnight.

She bought a ticket and prepared to leave Feicheng City by ship. As for her mother, once she got everything settled in Feicheng City, she would pick her up.

Xin and his gang would definitely not give up. Since Ye Sichen finally got rid of those bad things, she couldn’t let herself drag him down.

Imagine that she went to Lacy’s place and took care of Wuyou and Nianci, they were bound to be involved.

Therefore, no matter how much she missed them, she had to leave.

Xia Nuan went to the dock, preparing to board the ship. Then she found several hired thugs of Jin. These men crossed their arms and observed the visitors who boarded the ship.

Obviously, they were looking for her.

Xia Nuan couldn’t help but stop her pace.

At this time, the phone rang. It was Lacy.

“Xia Nuan, where are you? I’ll pick you up.”

“I, I am at the pier. I’m gonna leave.”

“No, you can’t leave. There is something important that you have to come back to solve!”

“What’s up?”

“What’s up? Mr. Lacy?”

“Wuyou and Nianci are in my place. They cried for you. You have to come over, and the wounds on their foreheads are more serious than before.”

Xia Nuan was worried to hear that. Looking at the pier in front of her, she felt upset to think of Wuyou and Nianci, whose wrinkled little faces filled with tears because of the pain. Finally, she made up her mind and went to Lacy’s house.

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 60 - Went to Lacy’s house