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Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 23 - Coexistence in one room

Chapter 23 Coexistence in one room

Ye Sichen stopped.

The old lady with haggard face had white temples. She seemed ill but kind.

Seeing him stopped for her, she was so excited that she pushed the wheelchair over and reached out to hold his hands, “Wei Shi, my son! I know you are still alive. They all lied to me. All lied to me. I never believed them.”

She put his hand on her weathered face.

Without pushing the old lady away, Ye Sichen allowed her to do that. Looking at her with sorrow and grief emotions, He could not help but be touched.

Xia Nuan could not bear to disturb them in the moment.

“Sorry, sir. My aunt gets ill again and mistakes you for my cousin. I feel so sorry.” A middle-aged woman dressed in a simple way came over. She’s well aware of what happened and apologized to him. At the same time, she tried to persuade the old lady to loosen Ye Sichen.

The old lady, however, held his hands and refused to let him go.

“Wei Shi, is this your wife? When did you get married? Why didn’t you tell mom?” The old lady looked towards Xia Nuan amiably.


Xia Nuan was about to tell the truth. But she swallowed her words under Ye Sichen’s indication.

He held the old lady’s hands in turn and knelt under her knees, “Mom, she is my wife. We come back to tell you that you’ve got not only a daughter-in-law, but also grandchildren.”

His voice was soft and refreshing. The smile on his face were as charming as the day in April.

Xia Nuan was completely overawed. Looking at Ye Sichen, she blushed.

Seeing him so sensible to her aunt, the woman could not help but cover up her mouth in grateful tears.

The old lady was pleasant, “Really? My God! I have a daughter-in-law! I have grandchildren!”

Ye Sichen pushed the wheelchair, approaching Xia Nuan. Xia Nuan awkwardly called her “mom”. The lady held Xia Nuan’s hands and looked at her pregnant belly, “Don’t be too tired. Take more rest! Wei Shi, you can make some nutritious food for her.”

“Sure, mom. I’ve been doing this all the time. You can rest assured.”

The old lady looked at the stroller again. Ye Sichen pulled the curtain aside, and saw that Wuyou and Nianci lay there asleep.

“The two babies are less than one year old, but her belly is so doubled. Wei Shi, you have to control yourself next time. You should not make her get pregnant so frequently. It may do harms to her body.” The old lady said to Ye Sichen motherly.

Xia Nuan’s face burned, so did Ye Sichen. “Thank you, mom.”

“Wei Shi, take your wife and babies back home. I want to make a meal for you. It would be too late if...” Her voice gradually lowered, holding Ye Sichen and Xia Nuan’s hands together. After that, her hands hung down weakly.

She closed her eyes and fainted.

Her niece whispered lightly, and then woke her up, “Wei Shi, go home with mom...”

The old lady’s niece wiped the tears and sucked her nose. She told Ye Sichen and Xia Nuan, “My aunt doesn’t have too much time left. She is either in a coma or conscious. Regardless of which condition, she always repeats my cousin’s name. Sorry to bother you.”

Ye Sichen asked her curiously, “Well, where is her son?”

“My cousin passed away more than 20 years ago. He was a soldier and died when he was sent to the western battlefield...”

Ye Sichen felt bad when he heard this.

Before they left, the old lady’s niece gave her aunt’s address to Ye Sichen, “I have to say that your appearance is very similar to my cousin. I don’t want my aunt to leave with regrets. In the past decades, I have been hiding the fact of my cousin’s death. I want to create a happy ending for her in her last days.”

On the way back, Ye Sichen kept in silence. And Xia Nuan knew that he was sympathetic to that old lady.

“How about meeting her tomorrow? Just follow this address.” Ye Sichen slipped suddenly.

Xia Nuan nodded, “Fine. It’s just, will you be available tomorrow?”

“There is no much time left for her. I will spare time to accompany her no matter how busy I am.” Ye Sichen sighed. 𝚒n𝚗r𝗲𝒂𝗱. c𝑜𝓶

Seeing him so compassionate, Xia Nuan smiled and said viscerally, “Sir, that’s very kind of you.”

In the past, he seemed to be extremely cold and grim under the aura of “King of Music”. With their present intersection, she felt that his personality charm was more dazzling than that on the stage.

Ye Sichen smiled, “I’m just doing what I should do.”

It was already eight o’clock in the evening when they returned to the villa. They went to the bedroom, holding Wuyou and Nianci asleep.

Hui and Susan monitored every little detail about them and did not leave until Ye Sichen came out from the room.

The next day, Xia Nuan was awakened by a knock on the door. It was Bill who stood outside, “Xia Nuan, are you ready? Mr. Ye has been waiting for you in the car.”

His words aroused her memory that she should visit that old lady.

She put on her clothes and stuffed a pillow within it, seeming the same as yesterday.

In the company of Bill, Xia Nuan got on the Limousine car with the two babies.

Dressed himself as yesterday, Ye Sichen sat on the second row in the car.

Hui and Susan called Luo Dai’er the moment they saw them away.

Getting the information, Luo Dai’er hung up the phone, and then stormed a mess in her house.

Her mother Fu Ya came over and comforted her.

“Mom, I’m not sitting here for the doom. That despicable woman is by his side right now! She will take him from me! I’m going to Feicheng City! I’m going there now!” Luo Dai’er felt a sense of fear when she said that.

Why should she yield to that bitch? What the hell she thought she was!

“Dai’er, calm down. It’s easy for you to go there, and then what? Are you going to quarrel with him? The more you did that, the more you push him away. Besides, what can you get from him if you go there? Nothing but only lonesomeness!”

Fu Ya forced her sit on the sofa.

“So what? Mom, if I can’t get him, no one else can! He is my husband now! How could he sleep with a woman he has never met before, but have no feelings for me! I am not reconciled!” Luo Dai’er roared shrilly.

Fu Ya responded anxiously, “Dai’er, listen to me. I have an idea. You may try it. As long as it works, she has to go away.”

“What’s that? Mom, tell me.”

Luo Dai’er could hardly wait.

Fu Ya attached to Luo Dai’er’s ear, and whispered to her with a sneering smile...


“Wei Shi, Nuannuan, how do they taste?” In the cozy room, the old lady made the dishes for Xia Nuan and Ye Sichen, “These are made by myself. The same flavor as that in your childhood. Try it, both of you. Come on!”

“Uh huh, it’s better than the past.” Ye Sichen said with a thumb up and smiled.

Xia Nuan also nodded, “Yes, the best dishes in the world come from mom.”

The old lady was happy like a child.

“I’ve already rearranged a wedding for you in the church.”

The old lady looked at them kindly.

“Don’t bother, mom. We’ve already had a wedding.” Xia Nuan refused.

The old lady sighed, “I know. But it must be very simple to hold on the battlefield. How can you call it a real wedding without me by your side? Nuannuan, I am very grateful to you for marrying Wei Shi and delivering babies for him with no regrets. After I leave the world, you promise me not to leave him.”

She was full of tears when she finished.

Xia Nuan was touched and wiped her tears, “Mom, don’t you worry about that. I will not give up on him.”

Ye Sichen walked over and took the other hand, “Mom, just for your sake, we will hold the wedding again.”

The wedding would be held the next day. The old lady arranged a room for them that night, and reminded them to rest earlier so that they could get ready for it.

When the old lady went to bed, her niece Xiu Lin suggested them staying there.

“My aunt did arrange the wedding in the church, and also booked a wedding dress and a suit for you. She dreamed of holding a wedding for her son. I am really sorry to bother you for another day.”

Ye Sichen wanted to fulfill the wishes for the old lady. So he readily agreed. But Xia Nuan hesitated in giving a reply.

However, she served for Ye Sichen, so she had to follow whatever he said.

After Xiu Lin left, there were only Ye Sichen and Xia Nuan stayed as well as the two babies asleep in the room.

There were only two bedrooms in the house. Xiu Lin and the old lady took one room, so there was only one bedroom left for Ye Sichen and Xia Nuan.

Xiu Lin and the old lady deemed Xia Nuan as a pregnant woman. They would surely not allow her to sleep in the living room. And Xia Nuan herself was embarrassed to ask Ye Sichen to sleep in the living room.

After all, he was her boss, the world-renowned “King of Music”.

Ye Sichen was taking a shower in the bathroom at this time. Xia Nuan fed Wuyou and Nianci nervously.

Coexisted with Ye Sichen, the King of Music, Xia Nuan was tensed up as if her cells were screaming.

While feeding the two babies, she looked towards the bathroom. Seeing Ye Sichen done, she tidied up her unclasped clothes, and put the babies on the bed quickly.

Ye Sichen wiped his wet hair and walked out slowly, “Don’t you take a shower?”

Xia Nuan lowered her head and made the bed, “Yes, I’ve got a cold. Sir, I will sleep on the floor tonight. You can sleep on the bed with the babies.”

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 23 - Coexistence in one room